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  1. Hi ccchua22, how time flies! it's almost a year since we completed reno & moved in to our new home. this is one of those rare occasions i pop in here...actually..i thinking of installing blinds for the kitchen service balcony. so come here look see look see lor. I still do get pm's from ppl asking for Alvin's contact. (which I gladly give out) I have to point out again that we did not engage him as the timing was not right (he was very busy & we had a 2 week deadline to move out from the previous house) We already more or less have a clear idea of what we needed for our new home, so we paid a visit to reno firm in woodlands & discussed with the same guy who did our aunt's place. Told him our budget of 10k & timeline of 2 weeks. thank goodness he was able to hit both marks. So what started out as a big anxiety trip for us & i'm sure most of the people here, ends well. YaaYYY!!
  2. Hi ccchua22, sorry..seldom come in here nowasadays...end of year...lots of things happening at werk. can only do bit by bit...the unboxing..hahaha... just found my futsal boots last weekend.
  3. Yup, all settled..we have moved in to our new place..about a month now. but i still can't find some things..arrgghh...like my socks..screwdriver..etc.. must be in some of the unopened boxes! hahaha.
  4. in the end ....it was curtains for us....again. we were toying with the idea of getting blinds... everyone..from our reno contractior uncle to the the curtain guy..said curtains was the better choice. in terms of pricing... maintenance..aesthetics. yes..i agree with s0journer ... blinds will always remind me of ..work..office..pffftt! oh well...curtains works for us. maybe you wanna try blinds in a room first..see the effects. i have seen photos of some forummers here..who have installed blinds...looks lovely!
  5. mine was broken too...went to the BSC & got them to change to a new one. Previously, in our old flat..took out the broken screw..went round a few hardware shops..before found one in Marsiling.
  6. Hi All, just had an almost similiar tele-conversation with the auntie from Yee Sin.. "..you got see our website?.." "yah.." "its like that lor" hahaha.... anyway..they'll be coming this saturday to fix the L-shape rack. was quoted $260 for 168x168x40.
  7. Our reno contractor was quite kool.. we told him our timeline...our budget..what we needed ... he got all done in 2 weeks. he understood the timeline cos the new owners of our flat was dropping hints of wanting to move in. he would tells us what was going to be done..updated us when the work is done..all within the 2 weeks timeline...all this despite him busy preparing for his son's wedding that time. Be patient... i rather quality work than rushed job.
  8. Hi shir1307, it has been like what...3 weeks? your renovations..still more to go? we've moved in over a week now...found a lot of defects...see the BSC ppl until sian liao.. perhaps u should start to take a closer look... our skirtings got gaps here n there..low water pressure (they opened the tap..got some sang inside!)..etc etc etc.haizzz..
  9. Do away with loans ..cash is always good...1 time pain only. it was not easy for us to service 2 bank loans back then. (5 years leh..jialat!)
  10. Hi shir1307, thanks to you...i managed to swing by VHIVE last Saturday to get 2 TV consoles. yup, they still having some sales.. i went to the one at Thomson Plaza.
  11. Hi all, Thanks to Bro Eric for the successful installation of 5 units of FANCO fans (3+ 2(with lights) last Saturday. all fans & lights working fine. Huat Ah!
  12. Hi Tim, thanks for the good work done in installing the System 4 at our place in Montreal, last week. so far all units working good. We have registered the warranty online as advised by you.
  13. We are at towards the tail end of our renovations now... while waiting for the keys..you can actually list down the things you wanna do for your new place & the budget to work with. hang around here in RT for ideas, good deals...etc. we tried gettin quotes..very few responded..the moment they hear we've yet to get our keys. maybe business is brisk for these ppl..many BTO projects for the next few years...haha.
  14. ahhh..VHIVE!...how did i missed that one! we couldn't find any suitable tv consoles at IKEA over the weekend. still can't find good curtains yet...all too pricey. your reno is moving along quite nicely ya..shir1307.
  15. wahh...your reno started liao...well done! our Main Ccontractor on leave..his son's wedding this weekend..so we won't bother him till next Monday. Anyway he has scheduled the reno stuffs..kitchen cabinets..window grilles..lightings. we gonna get some lights this weekend & he will install for us next week together with the water heaters. wahh..last time..the cheque not in from the bank..our not so good reno id won't even start work..kept pestering. at least yours has started work..good for you!
  16. Hi shir1307, me is everyday after work..will drop by new place to look see the progress..painting done..wires dangling all over (L-box)..yesterday evening..saw the hood, hob & oven in liao.
  17. Hi ccchua22, the day we got our keys.. we straight away went in to our new place to check for defects. all ok..except for the windows locking mechanism..took pictures...will let them know later..can't lock properly. we really dun have the luxury of time..the buyers of our flat quite eager to move in..so we have to double time to get things done.
  18. bo pian lah... market is still on the downward.. lose a bit or wait longer & lose much more. that's why had to scale back on our renovation now.
  19. my second valuation, after the first one lapse was less 30k. The buyers of my 4 room flat must be smiling big!
  20. awesome!....white! we just need to be diligent to clean up after cooking..hahaha.. we just finished painting over the weekend.. then just now..i noticed..the walls kena scribbled & got drawing liao! contractor was there earlier..no 3D drawing...just...drawings! hahaha they'll start work on the L box & kitchen cabinets..this week. when your reno works will start?
  21. Hi shir1307, the 3D drawings looks kool. We were unable to find this ID you engaged when we were at Toa Payoh last week. Went to Blk 190 but saw the name as "Dezign" instead of Design..dunno same or affiliated or what. We are also going for white colour kitchen cabinets (bright & dun give the feeling of small) cos our kitchen looks more like a pantry or a kitchenette!
  22. Hi ccchua22, just spoke to Alvin earlier, he seems to be quite busy...can't really find time to meet up with me for a quick discussion.. anyway...have sent him my floor plan & our wishlist liao. just back from our new place...fwahh...really dusty...the kitchen...really small! if he doesn't get back to me soon..i'll carry on to have my new place painted... i dun really have much time.
  23. Hi shir1307, have you started works with Design Profession yet? kinda curious abt them. their BTO package seems standard...but i tot a bit less costly than the ones i have so far.
  24. oh by the way, same floor plan! hahahaha. now we are busy packing all our stuffs...seems we are throwing away more !
  25. Hi shir1307, Congrats on getting your home keys. We'll be getting ours next week, 2nd appt. with the buyers of our current flat tomorrow. We are also on a small budget...basically will be window grilles & kitchen kabinets.(got flooring oredi) So far we only contacted 1 guy..recommended here ..if yours if good, perhaps can share with us.