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  1. Hi, I am also sourcing for contractor to do something like what you wants to do. The only difference is, my house is ready to move in but no storage except the kitchen cabinets and a standard shoe cabinet and a built in open wardrobe from the original store room. Have you got any quote from any ID or contractor?
  2. I bought some cabinets from IKEA and wardrobe from a furniture shop. The fall back is, these ready made stuff, even though is call "full height", it cannot covers till the top of the ceiling, leaving a gap and can collect dust. But, sometimes, it can still slots in some thin stuff. I think this is the reason why the bloggers here all custom made their wardrobes and I am also thinking the same but if after comparing the price (whether to seal up the top or don't mind the little gap), the cost for custom made is rocket high compare with getting from IKEA or ready made furniture shop, I will go for the later.
  3. Hi, can share the finished product of the bookshelf? I have many books too and wanted to "display" it..
  4. Isn't the signal weaken by putting into the DB Box? Have you tried to open the door, do a speed test at different part of the house (especially in the toilet ), then close the door and do the test again?
  5. $168 is it the online price? Your picture is from Homefix and is selling $238??
  6. Hi, Puffin, saw your taobao purchases and I also bought the led lights. Can PM me your electrical contractor and the bidet spray in chinese to me?
  7. I refer to this "Kwikset Kevo" lock and was wondering, if someone stole your phone and knew where you stay, means they can enter your house with the phone?
  8. Dear Zynn, Since you bought the system in year 2010 and is already giving you problem, I would suggest you to remove and reinstall the trunking as it's already 2016. Aircon gas can only last for 1 month means the gas is leaking somewhere. I am not aircon technican but such leaking they might be able to check on the spot as after they top up the gas, the aircon will be cold. The 5 years warranty for your aircon has expired and it's no point for you to call in the original brand company for checking as if it's the compressor problem, then you will need to pay for the repair cost and it might not worth it.
  9. Hi, Lux and Sapphire, After reading both of your lock experience, I think I also felt safe to get this P910 from qoo10 but I couldn't find this model in SG to compare with. The shops here selling P718 @$999. May I know the lock for the gate where Sapphire got from AN Digital, what is the price and what is the price that they charged your to install both P910 and the gate lock? After the installer sync for you, can you use 1 rfid to open both locks? I just try out the cost in qoo10, even there is a time sale of $339.90 + $49 (Push from Outside), without any option keys, is already $388.90. Can I have the contact of your contractor as well?
  10. Hi, read through this post from pg 1 and finally saw your shower. This shower head is sooooo cute!! Where do you get from? How's the water pressure coming from it?