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  1. It is entirely possible if you work with : 1) Architect with their team of QS, QP and M&E Engineers, Civil & Stuctural Engineers. 2) Developer 3) URA / SLA and BCA 4) Bank Build a mixed development of co-working offices and co-living residences, an eco-system of designers, entrepreneurs, artists and R&D Labs. These are people who hate to commute and love to work where they stay.
  2. Good day. All LED lights require drivers, only that some are built in. It is unlikely LED strip will be able to have the driver built in. With the driver, they are actually quite easy to install, and easily bought in hardware stores and lighting shops.
  3. Nowadays, you only use incandescent for ambiance (dining, cozy corners etc). Else, just use LEDs. ( Cheaper, conserve more energy easier to replace.) As bulbs are now regulated products as well, you may find that buying incandescent replacements will be very difficult in years to come. However, you will be able to find LED bulbs that fit your E27 light holders, and some offer RGB and tone adjustment function to achieve similar ambiance results. These tend to be quite pricey.
  4. Depending on the size, changing all the pipping works typically do not take more than a day. However, due to the age of the installed products, changing the pipes can reveal existing issues that can lead to complications which in turn, will incur longer downtime and costs. (to buy and replace heaters, taps etc) Currently, the popular materials used are copper pipes, stainless steel pipes and PVC. (in the order of popularity) All 3 materials are very durable, the main difference is actually the products used and workmanship of the plumber. Also ensure quality copper, stainless steel or pvc are used, as all 3 materials have their own grades as well.
  5. Teka's latest promotion is on! Chimney hood + Glass hob at special bundle prices! With purchase of any bundle, grab the latest Hydroclean 70l litres Oven with 8 cooking functions at only $899! While stocks last! Hurry and visit our showrooms today!
  6. The electrician probably just needed to ensure they do not lose money on materials (wires, switches etc) which are very costly these days. I wont be surprised if the materials cost around 30-50% on their own.
  7. 1) Some of the customer feedback is that they no longer need to close the door to the living room when cooking, as opposed to before using same model from Fujioh as the living room floor used to become oily after cooking. Even the kitchen floor felt cleaner. 2) Depending on the size of your kitchen, the setting helps you to regulate your energy usage. 3) You can wash the filter. In fact, the silicone coating helps to clean it easily. Replacement is not required unless damaged. * Suggested reading from Fujioh's website : SILICONE COATED Filters that are coated are protected from oil damage. The thin coat of silicone prevents the oil from solidifying and keeps it in an emulsified form so they can be easily removed. UNTREATED MATERIAL The Fancy Clean Silicon Coated Slot Filter is a technological evolution due to its small silicone coated gap slit. It traps twice as much smoke as compared to other filters in the market. Innovated and made in Japan, the uniquely designed Fancy Clean Silicon Coated Slot Filter is the best way to effectively resist oily build-ups. Galvanised sheet with silicone coating. The Fancy Clean Silicon Coated Slot Filter is washable. Cleaning is quick and easy. Upon contacting the silicone surface, oil particles in the smoke gets trapped in the filter, and disperses on the silicone coating. Since silicone has a higher density and also a stronger bond than oil, the oil turns into tiny droplets. And then, they can be easily wiped up becuase of their minimal contact surface area with the filter. All Fujioh filters are dishwasher-friendly. Oil particles in the air and smoke fumes stick to the filter material and may discolour the metal material.
  8. Looking to fit your kitchen with quality on a budget? Enjoy great prices with Franke Kitchen Sink & Mixer promotion. For walk-in customers only. Visit our showrooms for more details. While stocks last.
  9. Are you looking for electric instant heaters or storage tank heaters?
  10. If it leaks when you pour water into your shower drain, the water proofing around the pipping for the shower drain is faulty. The water proofing for the floor includes the water proofing for the pipes as well, unfortunately. The responsibility is on your bathroom flooring.
  11. Try to avoid white countertops. Though it is a trend, it not very easy to maintain.
  12. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Thank you for all the kind support we have received, we wish all our customers and partners a prosperous and healthy 2017! Please be advised that all our outlets will be closed on the 22nd Jan 2017 (Sunday) for corporate event, as well as 25th Jan 2017 till 6th Feb 2017 for Chinese New Year celebration. Huat ah!
  13. You can always visit our showrooms for latest promotions, and discounts, for vanity cabinets and toilet bowls. 61 Ubi Road 1 #01-35/36/37, Oxley Bizhub 1 Singapore 408727 Locate us 24 Boon Lay Way #01-72, Tradehub 21 Singapore 609969 Locate us 377 Balestier Road Singapore 329791
  14. Dear Uchi Since you are changing your WC, just have the supplier supply the suitable pan collar as well. Some things are not suitable to be re-used, and this is one of them.
  15. This is quite normal, just get a 6" S trap WC with a 1 inch offset pan collar.
  16. The location looks like the where the pressure release valve (or multi function safety valve) is. This could either be the heater releasing pressure or a loose heating element. There is no leaking from the valves at all? You could call Ariston Singapore service hotline @ 6305 0899 for them to check the heater. It could prove to be more cost effective in the long run.