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  1. Congrats on getting your keys!time to park here and wait for yr updates! Love yr kitchen tiles!
  2. The boomjoy mop is best investment ever! The bath mat is interesting! Can i have e link pls?
  3. interesting kitchen combi! i think nowadays alot of pple moving away from conventional colours! bold choice!
  4. thanks! i wanted to make the balcony like a " stone garden" with "stones" lol
  5. reno for resale is really chor~ but i think you got a good budget! good luck on your reno!
  6. Part 2 bought a carpet for the study room to prevent scratches on the parquet floor peg board for memories knife set and joseph joseph sponge holder and soap bottle holder from ezbuy bedside table for masterbedroom. solid and heavy. suits my room's theme. fake flowers for my boutique-hotel masterbedroom toilet. hubby enjoying a movie in his new home.. so that wraps up my reno journey. Review on An...satisfied with his services and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. he was on the ball on almost everything and correct mistakes as soon as he knows about them. our reno was smooth and some items was delivered ahead of schedule some of the time eg shower screen. glad that my reno was smooth and the result was up to our expectations. An even gave a follow up wa msg asking if everything was ok after a month of moving in. really loving our new home now!
  7. Soft furnishings Finally my last ezbuy parcel is here! Softening the house with knick knacks.. kids's room carpet is here artifical orchid to brighten up the living room love the welcome mat! small stool for daughter to sit and wear her shoes lightbox and fake lavender plant at the shoe cabinet side table in tiffany blue that i could not resist to bring some colour into the house! pebbles cushions to lounge at the tv area after browsing many many cushions' designs, finally decided to keep it simple with just two important messages... to be continued...
  8. nice furnishings! i got the same kitchen tap! love it too!
  9. thanks for the compliment! pmed you my id's contact~ pmed!
  10. Room curtains Kids room.. Had alot of compliments for this.my girls love their curtain! Both study and master bedroom curtain is the same but different colour.apparently this curtain is a korean style and alot of sellers have it. I purposely chose a two tone curtain as i had only one curtain rod in e rooms and i wanted a two curtain look. Masterbedroom curtain in beige Study room in grey Curtain review:cheap and good!
  11. Thanks thanks! Marble floor also got some cons that we din know til now.. Slippery when wet and porous! So no drinking of wine in my place..lol.. Curtains cloth are good quality so sgd622 is very worth it! Happy with the material
  12. My biggest achievement in this reno journey is getting custom made curtains from taobao! My chinese is cannot make it one but have to say becos of taobao,my chinese is from f9 upgrade to at least c6! My chinese teacher wld have been so proud! I liased with the.sellers on aliwang asking them abt the price for the length and height that i wanted.Once confirmed price,i engaged ezbuy buy for me services and they help me to order and ship it over.cldnt use prime as the sellers i chose werent on prime. I wanted binds but i worry about my kids playing with the binds string and strangulation.. Mothers always worry.. Also i realised that curtains wld suit my house better,softening the look and creating a cozier environment. Ordering curtains fr taobao was really tempting as they had lots of options and were really really much cheaper! I really mean it when i say much cheaper! All in all, i had day and night curtains in living and dining room and curtains in all 3 rooms.total cost? Sgd622!! My mum who had offered to make the curtains for me was shocked at the cost as the sgd622 was inclusive of cloth and workmanship.she said that if we had bought the cloth here,it wld have been ard that price liao! Here s presenting my dining and living room curtains! Day and night curtains Day curtains Softens the house's look Night blackout curtain-have abit of shiny feel to it. Really pleased with the quality and price of the curtains..Will reveal the other curtains soon!
  13. thanks! am glad that our marble floor's pattern is quite nice too and we din need to spend too much money on the floors..a repolish was all it needed to bring it back to its shining glory! because of this marble floor, we cldnt go for the scandi look, but in hindsight, i like my house theme better!
  14. i think marble floor not so popular liao in this time. everyone going for vinyl and scandi look.. for us, we thot we hit the jackpot when we found this place with marble floor and parquet in the rooms..
  15. Great tb loots choices! I have e memory foam bathmats and they r great! V plush feel! Have e bathroom robe hooks too and e toilet bar..we have e same taste. Are u using storage heater or instant heater? I bought a rainshower fr tb but in e end cannot use cos i was using instant heater. So something for u to take note..i cldnt buy a toilet vanity cabinet fr.ezbuy prime leh.. They din wan to take e risk of damage so i bought mine fr spore instead.
  16. Oh why!!! I wanted this badly when i was lookong for a morror in my common bathroom! Its perfect size and colour..I cldnt get it from taobao and i gave up! Oh shucks..i settled for a boring ikea mirror instead!! Cries...
  17. @KFC1189 Thanks!yes tt s one of the reasons why we decided to upgrade. More space for the girls.. Yes, marble floor from previous previous owner. Just repolished.. Now i understand why pple like marble floor.. V cooling!