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Estimated Cost For Renovating Terrace

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Hi rolex

Have just pm you. I'm getting keys in late December and hope to start in January (I know there will be a lapse during CNY), hope to move in by July. Timeline to finish is important as I"m renting a temporary place during renovation.

Thank you!

Do you want me to pm you my builder? For another quote?


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You should manage your expectation a little. 200k is not going to be sufficient for the scope of work that you require. Staircase are structures and structural works are not simple. Same goes to extension works. Generally, A&A stipulates no more than 50% change in Gross Floor Area and overall facade. if you intend to do more than that, it will be a reconstruction or even rebuild, where setback requirements will be imposed on you.

Different companies can provide you with different quotes as they might be good in certain areas and not others. For example, some are good in interior design and architectural design while others might focus a little on design but is very familiar with construction project management and will be able to manage your project really well.

Do get sensing from the various builders and talk to them to understand where they are coming from and you will get a better idea of how you can match your expectations with what the builders can do for you. Then you can manage your budget accordingly. If you have not already done so, you can try those that I have approached below. All have their pros and cons. Do check them out if you are interested.

1. Eurobuilders

2. Nic n Wes

3. KLW builders

4. The carpenter's workshop


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Hi yuansong78

Thank you for the builders' names. I've contacted Nic&Wes and waiting for their response.

200k+ was the initial budget for interior renovation only. However I'm also exploring the cost for adding space into the existing house, and am wondering if all those works plus renovation can be done around 400k instead of 650k+.



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Hi vee,

U mean have u signed up with them or not yet? Yes, I agree that during the initial quotation stage is terrible! I shown at least 10 or more builders my place and only got about 3 or 4 quotes in return. Think they all prefer to do reconstruction rather than a&a jobs.

I can't agree more.. This is what I am facing too..

Edited by onion

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I have ever invited nic and Wes to my place and pass them my floorplan but they did not return with quote. Did not bother to nudge them further for quote. Builders that I met but did not bother to follow up with quote, I just strike then out fr my list.


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Hi rolex & onion,

Thank goodness, I have not signed up with any.

If their initial quote process is any indication of their work ethics, then I'll in for a major headache.

Some sent me wrong quotes, for pools and roof terraces which I did not request for or own.

I agree that they seem more interested in reconstruction than A&A, may be more lucrative and/or straight-forward.

Just process of ITQ run its course but chances are, I'm going for one who followed up and seem keen to work on my project, even if his quote is higher.

Btw, apologies to Max for the hijack.

If it is of any help, my works are not as extensive as yours and I have quotes ranging from 170-370K.


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Hi Madmax,

I think the 100K budget for reno is a little under tagged.

I'm doing a quite similar stuffs like yours but maybe lesser. the quote i got already exceed 100k excluding the electrical and accessories that i have to purchase.

When shopping for A&A now, do consider the time frame you need them to complete. Many have jobs that last them til CNY and they are working to meet dateline. Any more new jobs will be secondary to them. That could make them increase their quote in-order to squeeze you in.


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Hi Madmax

Just want to share with you my recent experience.

I just recently hacked away the insides of a 3 storey terrace (about 2400 sqft) and below are the things that I did.


Ceramic flooring for living/dining

Change main wooden door

Change old sliding door to 1 panel glass door (full glass with 4 panel foldable)


Dry Kitchen cabinets and hardtop (about 4m long)

Wet Kicthen cabinets (3m long)

Hack floor/wall tiles

Install ceramic/homogenous floor and wall tiles


Re-contruct Wall Partition for a Granny room

Re-contruct Wall Partition for a maid room

Re-contruct Wall Partition for a toilet


Overlay laminate flooring over parquet (1500 sqft)

Change toilet x 3

Walk-in wardrobes for Granny and Master bedroom


New Toilet (floor to wall) x 3

Relocation of 1 toilet bowl

New Stairs Railing (Full Glass)

Car auto gate

Piping with hot water heaters

Repainting interior and exterior of house

Relocation of Airconditioning and new aircon piping

Features wall for Dinning & Living

Painting (Interior and Exterior)

New Electrical wiring and power points

New Windows Panels x 6

Total Cost = $145K

In essence of time, we do not want A&A and managed to get it completed in 4 months (July this year). We went to ID firms with credentials in Landed Properties experience and we found out that we did the right things because in Landed renovation, there are just too many considerations which we are not aware until the ID told us so. Oh btw, we asked for 3 ID quotes and chose the one whom we are most comfortable with. In my opinion, the price we get are pretty good.

I did asked about redoing the roof/front porch and staircase, it will cost about 35K and 15K respectively. For Marble flooring, it is just top up additional 8K.

Based on the scope of work you have given, I don't think the 200K budget will fit quite well, unless you got a very special price or you compromise on the materials used or worst still, your contract will compromise you with lesser materials.

As fellow forumer suggested, I did the following before confirming my contractor.

1. Talk to the contractors with our requirements

2. Arrange for a onsite visit. I space them out about 30 mins and make sure they see each other before they go. They will quote more competitively when they know they got competition.

3. Get the first quote

4. Understand what is necessary and what is not necessary (aka not good for value item)

5. Finalise the items that you need

6. Get the final quote from 3 parties

7. Negotiate for a final price.

You have to be careful about variation order. These will be very expensive. So, you must know what you need and minimise changes where possible.

Good luck.


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Thank you curryfishhead!

This info is very useful and gives me a very good idea of the estimate cost. I understand I will have to budget more for the materials I intend to use.



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Renovation is never fun.

isit...i had a fun time doing up my last year. After i moved in early this year, got a little bored. Thought some areas i could do better. So checking out some old terrace, SemiD and even conservation ones this weekend, embarking on a new project.


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Envy...so fun doing renovating...i think i'm going house hunting this weekend see if i could find something cheap, trade in my newly renovated unit for something old and redo again.

M & A, join pieces to whole then sell and buy pieces again...

Beware cash flow, interest rate, exchange rate, good/bad news, ms rule, age. We're approaching 6 million "head count" liao. Remember Steve Jobs's right hand rule: " be hunger back to beginning".


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