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    Pretty neat I'd say but watch out for the following: 1. Photos seen online have been vastly photoshopped. So mood boards based on those photos you need to take 20-30% off its eventual effect - let's face it, in reality we can't photoshop the real stuff after we place them in. 2. If you are into colours as I am - make sure the little things compliment - the linen, mattress and big frames aside - small things like books, lamp shades, floor mats to even books on the shelves must have colour complimentary values - look at all the display homes and even Ikea - everything on the shelves or walls are colour coordinated ie. bookshelves look fabulous because the books, small displays and the shelf colour blends in well but in reality, no one will have white covered books only unless you buys "display" books only - which means to have "that" effect, you need to keep up the showroom setup - whether viable, I think you guys can decide better. 3. Industrial or otherwise, I think thematically nice but not to turn your very nice concept into a garage. I have seen people dunking all kinds of harsh stuff and wall tones to make their house more and more industrial - I'd say store dump more than industrial. Keep the little bits and pieces going - after all it's a home first, theme second, and never garage. 4. Clutter is inevitable - trust me. No matter what, some hiding place is needed for the shoes you do not need or dress bought on impulse. But I think you guys have gotten it - and I believe a very nice place is on the way. All the best.
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    The following is my personal experience with Bez Gallery and Pierce. I've ordered my goods from Bez Gallery on the 1st Oct and it was supposed to be delivered on 15 Nov. 15 Nov, 22 Nov and 28 Nov: Unfulfilled promised deliveries. Nothing delivered every time. 29 Nov: Promised delivery of ordered goods but in the end a loan mattress was delivered instead at night around 9pm. 3 Dec: Promised delivery, was told to wait for delivery till 11pm at night by Pierce from Bez Gallery but in the end it was a no show. 4 Dec: Received correct bed frame but mattress delivered has no brand and specs are different from what I've ordered. 26 Dec: Promised delivery of correct mattress and accessories but it was a no show again. Current Update on 27 Dec: Pierce says they will deliver the correct goods by 17 Jan if not he will do a full refund.
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    3D drawings:1st draft Some 3D drawings drawn up by our contractor based on our wish list: Living Rm: Kitchen: Mt bf hates the milky off white laminiate. So we decide to go for black and white kitchen instead. Also, think our contractor got other requirements wrong and drawn a full height glass and aluminium frame. Mr J says it's nicer but I think it will be too difficult to maintain. Also, we have intention to place a kitchen trolley or breakfast nook there, so a half height aluminum frame will be better for us
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    I absolutely enjoyed reading your t-blog and love every idea of yours! However, I would have to agree with the mess problem once you have shifted and settled in - where to hide them etc. Cannot wait to see the progression of your lovely home. Would you be able to share the budget you have set aside for renovation works?
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    What is e deminison of e sofa
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    The carpenters came over a couple of days before and did some touchups around the house. They very kindly extended their help to hang most of our decor stuff up and drilled a couple of holes in the TV feature/ console area. Work as crisp and clean as always! Just like many of you homeowners here on renotalk, we have also purchased many of our furnitures/ lightings/ etc from taobao. I guess we are one of the unlucky few who have had misfortunes on purchasing from taobao. We have gotten LED strips that melted and burnt after it has been switched on for a couple of hours. Our dining chair also had poor workmanship and wasn't stable enough for sitting - once you lean back, the chair will start giving way. Very thankful that the carpenter helped us bond it back together. We just noticed that our main door from HDB is warped and it doesn't close properly/ doesn't shut tight now. Do any of you guys have the same problem? The BSC from our estate has already been taken down so now it's a long process of waiting from the HDB side. On the side note, we have purchased our sofa wayyyy back in Oct on an impulse in order to clinch a discount deal because jottergoods rarely does sale stuff. I am not sure to even call it an impulse because we have been shopping around for a sofa that we both like alot and tried many before getting this. However, during the entire process of choosing laminates and tiles etc, our design moved to a darker feel and the sofa would stick up like a sore thumb. Thankfully, we haven't gotten the sofa delivered and we heard that the fabric we chose will be discontinued so it's lucky that we have already made a deposit for it! Is anyone interested to take over the lovely 3-seater sofa/ is planning to get anything for star living? I'll attached a picture of the sofa below for reference but the one we got is a 3 seater, not 2.5 seater. It's really pretty and such a pity that we won't be able to use it at our place.
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    WOOHOO! More D.I.Y. project Cut up some jeans that I'll not be wearing any more. Pull out leather strips from a worn-out pair of sandals. Recycled a slightly broken wooden ornament and tada...I've got myself a personalise clothes peg container Sitting nicely on my kitchen rack
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    Maybe Jessiebliss would like to share the outcome of today's delivery or postponement!
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    Sorry about your cat!! I know how losing a pet feels. Also a 3Roomer here so excited to see what y'all cook up.
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    Latest call from Andrew, claiming to be from Bez Gallery, promising to deliver on Monday 12 Jan. Lets co-operate to monitor the moves by Pierce and his company. Keep each other informed if he delivers. Also keep us informed of Bez Gallery's exhibition locations. Lets see if Pierce delivers on 10th.
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    Our Renovation Begins! Guest entry by the Spouse (part 4) The wife watched Madagascar as a kid, and she LOVED the movie. Ever since then, she has been pestering me to go on Safari in Africa. Her top three wishes are: 1. Hear a lion roar 2. Watch a zebra(s) gallop across the savannah 3. Laugh at a hippopotamus relaxing in the river Being the budget conscious person I am, for #3, I offered her a bathtub and a mirror. When she got angry, I promised to take her to Hafary. Close enough to Safari lah... hor? First Stop: Tub! And this brings me to our first renovation project. The bath tub! It might sound strange that the bathtub would be the first project, but apparently, it is quite normal to settle the tub early. You see, the pipes leading out from the air con unit are usually placed in the toilet nearest to the compressor. The condensate (water) is allowed to drain into the nearest available drainage hole. For BTOs these days, the compressor is at the air con service ledge, which is at the master bedroom. This means the nearest toilet is the master toilet. The nearest drainage hole is also the one in the master toilet. Bath tubs are usually for the master toilet only. So I'm sure you can see by now... TL;DR (Too Long, Didn't Read) version: Your bath tub fights for the same hole as the air con pipe. Bo pian. Some holes are more popular than others Timeline You may have already read in this post that we managed to practically STEAL a bath tub for $99 (usual price $300 and up). The installation of the bath tub proved to be much simpler than we thought. Here's a timeline of what happened after that. Early Dec 2014: Select and confirm bathtub tiles Early Dec 2014: Air con man had to come to lay the piping first (air con man uses the hole first) Mid Dec 2014: Plumber came to fix the pipes for the tub (plumber gets to use the hole second... eeyer ) Mid Dec 2014: Tiler came to lay the tiles we selected. Finish. It was so quick, it became somewhat anti-climatic. The bath tub came quickly. The air con man came quickly. The plumber came quickly. Every one came so quickly I started to suspect that Pfizer was having a Viagra sale. Process But anyway, here's some of the jucier details. In early December 2014, our contractor took us to Hafary, to view tiles. Hafary is an amazing place. Here are the top three amaze things that amazed me! Amazing(!) 1: SO many types of tiles! There must have been like 1,000,000 tiles! One million. MEE-LEE-ON! Rows of tiles. Colums of tiles. Tiles on top of tiles. Piles of tiles. Walls and walls of tiles. I never touch so many tiles in my life before! Before going to Hafary, the only tiles I knew were Mahjong tiles. Amazing(!) 2: None of the tiles I touch is the tile I want! Just like my luck at Mahjong... Super amazing how ugly 90% of them were! But my wife say I was mean. She say, "different strokes for different folks lah", "one man's meat is another man's poison lah". Then I realized, she made sense. I told her "Ya hor. Some people will say my wife ugly. But I think hippopotamus is cute leh, what to do? " I thought I was agreeing with her! Why she get angry at me (again) leh. Amazing(!) 3: We found the one! Super amaze! Despite being trapped in a maze (hoho. my pun so clever.) of 900,000 ugly tiles (1 million multiply by 90%; my maths good hor!), we found something we wanted! It was cute (like me), neat (like me), classy (like me), dense enough (like my wife) and black (like my wife face now)! Some women just get angry easily. Haiyah. Cannot please her. Voila! Our Tub Because everything finished faster than a 70-year old Ah Pek with hot China wife, we got no time to take "before" and "after" photos. Haiyah. Presenting photos of our finished bathtub! Actual Tub Tiles The seashells. SO CUTE omg. Loves! My wife is giving me the "are you a man or not?!" look. I don't care! I like cute things, that's why I married her. Workmanship In the close up, you can see how neatly the tiles are laid. (The top white part IS the bath tub btw) Our contractor told me this job was done by his favorite tiler. He likes this tiler so much, our contractor even tried to make the tiler a partner in his contracting business - but the tiler apparently prefers to be freelance. His own man. Freebie ALERT! Sometime in mid Dec, my contractor out of the blue came to me to tell me that he calculated there would be leftover iQuartz from the kitchen counter tops. (see this post) Based on his calculations, he figures the EXTRA pieces can be cut and fashioned into bathroom ledges! Like those you find in hotels (those put shampoo etc on it one). No extra charge. Free. As free as Madagascan zebras. Dunno why I think of zebras. Must be the bra. Its not done yet, but I will put up a photo when it's ready. That was seriously.a.great.idea! Parting Shot Final advice for those of you looking to start your renovations will come in the form of a photograph-cum-caption (Today's post alot of innuendos sia. Its a sign! Bath tub is naughty corner anyway ) Treat your renovators nicely! Happy staff = better work (My personal belief, lah!)
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    The showroom at Marina Square is vacated. There is another address at 106 Faber Drive. Postal code 129415. Bez ACRA registration expires on 1 June 2015
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    Day ? (5/1/14) Works are mostly done and will be handover to us soon. Minor touch ups in progress now. So far, we are very pleased with the workmanship. Bought our bidet from tb and it's not working now.. Water spurting everywhere once the tap is switched on. Plumber says that there is no way to salvage it, we have to get a new bidet tap. sigh! Finally received the VO today and got an unexpected 'surprise'. I will appreciate if any homeowners can share their thoughts on this with me. Our electrician quoted us a whooping $3900++. We didn't do any hacking/ concealing point works, I seriously don't even know how was the sum derived from. Before we engaged him, we went around and compared quotes, the highest we have ever gotten didn't even exceed $2.4k. Please kindly provide your input in this! Plumbing costs added up to about $800++. We didn't do much.. Change of towel bowl came to be about $150 each. Is that considered overcharged? The plumbers we have met so far previously quoted us $80 each. We will be meeting on Wednesday probably to discuss on all these additional costs. Pray hard that we will come to an agreement. Meanwhile, some pics to share. Love it so much! Dining area leading to kitchen Living room Toilets vanity
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    Can I say great minds think alike! This has many similarities to what I want for my new home -- the concrete, the removal of all walls possible, the floating surfaces, the minimalistic look... Love your mood board! Since you are seldom home, why not allocate some space in your bathroom for storage as well? I am planning to erect a large storage closet in the common bathroom since we won't have guests over too often, for the storage of bathroom, cleaning and pet supplies.
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    hurray on starting the renovations!! what an exciting christmas for you i had a few house parties for xmas at my place, feels good to not have to squeeze with the crowds!! next year your turn!! Merry Christmas Mrsjohnb!
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    Glad you like it JohnB ... one of the additional add-on I did for my home and I am satisfied until now good price and very useful. Looking forward to see your home transform into a beautiful one~
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    Loved mood board and ur daring idea to hack the whole place into a stylish studio apartment.... I would suggest to seal up the common toilet door and re open it at the service yard to give it a more clean look in that area ... But it's really a lot more to spend juz for that cleaner look (plumbing, electrical, cement work) Just sharing
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    congrats mrsjohnB!! can't wait to see more of your house. the moodboard looks great!
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    Cant wait to see how your place turn out after looking at your moodboard.
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    with a tight budget, would love to see how you achieve it
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    I really like the mood board - feels cool without being cold. Interested to see how you keep the temp of your place as cool. AC-ing the whole studio is not straightforward!
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    looking forward to ur floorplan and the actual house! xD
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    Renovation 3D Importantly, this is for us to visual how the flooring and the boxed up 'encaved wall' will look like after (as per post above) My kitchen flooring is as per pics on the post above, what's different in the aftermath is the colour of the cabinet =) and the lighting. but this is how it looks like .. roughly. This is the loft bed for our master bedroom! hahaha very unconventional but it's cause we'd like to maximize space plus, it's like our childhood dream of a room looks like. This is our first ever home, and we'd like it the way we envisioned it to be. The other room will be our guestroom therefore it will be left bare. I have no example of our wardrobe but it is going to be a pole system. Will post pics once it's up =)
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    **Sorry for not updating - been busy looking for my missing cat** Still no idea where it is =( but i'm positive one day i will meet him again... anyway let me share my tiles with you. Choosing of Tiles 28 October 2014 We went to Hafary @ Balestier to choose tiles. Spent about an hour or so in the big showroom. The idea was for us to have cement screed flooring however after weighing the pros and cons, we decided to go against it. Due to the fact that it will potentially crack in the future without proper care. For kitchen and room, we were leaning towards vinyl flooring but I was reading about the fumes that it emit (apparently some even complained that the wood emits certain smell) so we decided to go with cement screed like tiles and 3D wood tiles (it looks and feels like wood but is tiles) for kitchen. Initially, the reno cost includes pebble-wash floor for toilets. I was having second thoughts while choosing the pebbles.. one of it was the stones coming off and..the vigorous cleaning we have to embark on.. (also the fact we wanted “raw” / “industrial” so why not just leave it as it is? Without question, I will never lean on overlaying toilet floors and walls. I remembered cases of wall tiles and floor tiles popping so I decided to wait 5 years, to hack the toilet wall tiles and toilet floor tiles..so till then, we will be leaving it as it is. & with the hanging budget from the pebble wash floors, I found my husband staring at a piece of 60x60 (a combi of 4x4 small tiles) tile that had prints on it. He’s eyes was gleaming (which meant he really like those tile) so we chose the tile as our floor border. Our floor tiles! (Hafary: Firenze Grafite -darker tile below) Our Kitchen tiles! (Hafary 3D wood tiles -the one w kitchen word *sorry I forgot model name; will find out and update) Our Border tiles! (Hafary Italian print tiles) A day after, our ID gave us the final quotation for our reno including electrical & haulage. Total cost: Below $25k (below for your ref) P.S: there are certain things I do not need like cove lights, feature wall etc..so I took it out and replace with another item ADDITIONAL IN QUOTE (AS PER MY REQUEST) 1 To top up 8ft kitchen cabinet @ kitchen 2 Supply & install 3 nos of Tandembox antaro i4 blum system @ tall unit area (Terra Black 30kg weight load) 3 Supply & install 3 way track aluminium sliding grilles & 3 way track sliding window c/w lock set @ service yard 4 Supply & overlay wood strips floor tiles (150x900) @ kitchen ($3.80 psf) 5 Supply & lay border designer floor tiles @ living, Dining & walkway area 6 Supply & contruct box up encave area @ living area c/w internal wood structure (as u can see from pix on above thread) 7 Supply & install solid classic door c/w door handle & lock c/w paint finish @ 2 bedrooms 8 Supply & install aluminium P.D doors c/w arcylic panel & lock set @ both bathrooms entrance 9 Supply & construct queen size loft bed c/w laminate finish, solid plywood & side stairway c/w storage @ master bedroom 10 Supply & install BA/NA aluminium frame clear glass shower screen fix panel @ both toilet (3ftx6ft) 11 Supply & plaster partial wall at kitchen c/w sealer 12 Supply & install top up solid surface top c/w 50mm front profile & 75mm back-splash @ kitchen cabinet (3ft) Electrical Works (Proposal electricals works subjected to changes base on site requirements) Conceal Point $ 120.00 4 x per unit Relocate Single Point $ 70.00 2 x per unit Relocate Double Point $ 80.00 2 x per unit Lighting Point $ 35.00 5 x per unit 15 AMP Hood/Oven Point $ 110.00 2 x per unit Will update again! Thanks for reading
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    The $9000 hole in our pockets We bit the bullet today, and spent $9000 getting most of the electrical appliances for our home! For that amount, we got ... Mitsubishi Starmex System 4 Aircon - $4060 This was the cheapest quotes we got, considering that it was for 2x installation, 1/2" insulation, 24 gauge copper pipe, 28K compressor, 2x10K FCU, 1x13K FCU and 1x 24K FCU. We scouted the Gain City Expo sale prior to this, and for the lousier specs (all things same except 3x10K FCU instead of 1x13K and 2x10K) would have cost us at least $4500. Hopefully the installation goes smoothly and we don't regret the money saved! Toshiba Fridge (GR-W58SDAZ(S)) - $999 We got this at the Audio House fair last weekend. The fair was useful in the sense that we realised that a fridge in the 300-400L range (which we were initially considering) would have been too small for us. Seeing the actual fridge helped us make our decision to get a 554L one! 47" LG SMART TV (47LB582T) - $899 I got this as one of the hourly special deals - you know, the kind where there are only 5 sets up for grabs and you have to be one of the first to grab the card off the promoters the moment they announced the price. Yup. Can't believe I did that, but I certainly did. Got an adrenaline rush after grabbing the last card, too! 32" Philips TV (32PFH4509) - $290 Basic TV for the bedroom, the hubbs and I aren't big TV watchers but for $290, it wouldn't be too expensive a white elephant! Tecnogas Induction Cooktop (TIH 280D) with Tecnogas Hood (TH938) - $930 This was a very good deal. Scouted many places but couldn't find a price that came close! We knew from the start that we would prefer an induction cooktop - cleaning gas hobs are a nightmare for us, and since we do mostly Western style cooking, the induction cooktop would be fine. Most other places sold the cooktop for more than $1000 on its own, but we got the combo for so cheap! Beko Washing Machine (EV7100) - $390 A relatively unknown brand, but as long as it does its job, who cares about the brand! Hopefully it's as cheap and good as the uncle recommends! Supposedly made in Spain, and only recently made its foray into the Southeast Asian market. Philips XL Airfryer - $320 This was supposed to be one of the "buy later" items, but since I was at the shop and they were doing delivery altogether, why not? Philips is also having a good promo from now until the end of the year - buy $388 and get $100 in Cold Storage vouchers! Panasonic Microwave Oven (MNST342) - $115 Basic countertop model. I never knew there were so many different types of microwave ovens! ConsumerReports.org does a good intro on the different types. I initially wanted a more expensive one with inverter technology (for more even cooking) but decided to just get a basic model. Philips Vacuum Cleaner (FC9172) - $299 I hope it sucks! Toshiba Rice Cooker - $130 Looks well made, and you can apparently even bake in it! Will try it out when I can. 3 x KDK Standing Fans - $95 each Got white ones with white blades to be as unobtrusive as possible. Wanted ceiling fans initially but was vetoed by the hubbs - he insists that ceiling fans circulate the air but do not cool the person. He wants to be cool, and he doesn't care if the rest of the house is steaming as a result! Philips Hairdryer (HR4997) - $120 Tested it out and it was indeed very powerful compared to the cheaper models. Seeing as to how I have thick hair, maybe I can finally stop having muscle aches each time I blow dry my hair! Pioneer DVD Player - $50 Recommended by the uncle for its durability. Hopefully it's really cheap and good!I bought most of the stuff from Bedok Centre Electrical Co. at Blk 214 Bedok North Street 1. It's one of those neighbourhood shops with only a few items on display but everything can be ordered from the catalogue. Cheaper prices compared to the big names, but the downside is that I could not use my credit card to accumulate points! Everything was also nicely negotiated, such that we only pay the balance upon delivery, and the uncle also very nicely arranged for 2 separate deliveries - the first for the big items that need to be mounted/built in by the contractor, and the second delivery for the small kitchen appliances! Service was awesome! ! Next step? Shopping for tiles and the bathtub!
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    the most challenging task of all times for this project.. this hood. is finally up! really have to thank my very patient and swift ID who took all effort to resolve this issue, by running around, looking for matching material and custom make the extension. I'm not in his shoe, i cannot understand how tough it is fully but effort is really worth mentioning and praising. in case u guys do not know the issue, this chimney hood is an exceptionally short chimney hood with the top not able to touch the ceiling because it is suppose to connect to a venting hose from the top out to house external through a rubber tube. which obviously bto do not have this venting hole connection. show u pic to better understand: so please be noted
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    Nice suggestion bro, initially I will get a blackboard on the wall, because I have 5 pieces hanging light there as well.
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