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  1. Is small leh, difficult to fit in king bed in mbr. Kitchen barely fits two. Living room buy sofa also need to measure carefully.. Nothing like the old 3 rooms!
  2. ..Continued.. Common bathroom Master bathroom The shower space in both bathrooms is quite tight.. Anyway.. my favourite part of my shoebox is this.. The view enjoyed from living room, MBR and common room.
  3. Taking forever to get these photos up as renotalk gallery says I have no more space even though I've only uploaded a couple of photos.. Anyway.. without further ado here are pics of my shoebox: Living/dining area \\ Passageway (view from MBR) (don't know if you can see but my bomb shelter door is dented! gotta get them HDB people to do something about that...) Kitchen Service yard ( the HDB 'geniuses' strike again! why on earth did they make drainage pipe so far from the wall!! )
  4. hello neighbour-in-next-town and fellow 3-roomer!
  5. absolutely love your layout - it is so customisable! looking forward to seeing end results!
  6. Helloooo Yes got already! In Sembawang riverlodge! Are we indeed neighbours? When collect keys?
  7. hi virieslove! Thanks! But whether ID can assist to make this happen is another thing. My ID I think got different taste which is worrying.. but work has started so too late for regrets! Yours is a super big 5 room, I can't wait to see what happens with your B&W theme!
  8. Hi kindaichi! Mine is around 160k+.. guess it is considered cheap? Then again, it is at Sembawang where most people consider too ulu. Anyway hubby and I quite blessed lah, I really like the view of this place. We are lucky to be able to 'qualify' for a 3room... Where will your 3room be and how much did you pay?
  9. Yesyes I love legs! The wooden kind! Got our idea 1-2 weeks back, and work has started already (a bit too fast for me!) so hope to post pictures soon when less busy with work, family, etc.
  10. Wow your living room area looks really big. Before photos please? Can't wait to see what happens with the space!
  11. hi zihui wondering if you could share how the fanco fan is so far? came very close to buying it last weekend then realised the motor sounds very loud. not sure if due to poor installation in the shop i was at, or really the fanco fan too powerful. thanks!
  12. Nice toilet tiles! Your description of it made me laugh!
  13. Bedroom: Very scandinavian.. I like the combination of wood floors + white walls + wallpaper + random pops of colour here.. At the same time, also like the full height side table mirrors here, but this is a totally different 'feel'.. Wonder if it would be possible to mesh both styles? ..As you can see I am super excited to start the reno process! Right now it looks like it will be a bit of a challenge to decorate our 3-room the way I want because the space is so tiny and the layout is quite fixed (almost no walls can be hacked!).. plus did I mention budget also not very big... Hopefully we can somehow incorporate at least some of the above! When I can I will try to post some photos of my empty flat before reno works start.
  14. More ideas/inspiration... Kitchen: For kitchen, would love to have everything white, or have raw wood cabinets.. Dining area: I like the wood colour and the wall paper here! And how the dining table is super simple.. Like the raw woody floors and clean simple table. Wish I had such gorgeous windows to let this much natural light in! But I am really living in a shoebox.. Bathroom: This is a dream bathroom! Subway tiles, cool flooring, wood, big ceramic basin, even bigger mirror!
  15. Thanks jus4fun! Very excited to start my journey. Fingers crossed everything go smooth smooth.
  16. ...continued.. Really really like the dark matte flooring. Wonder if I could do the same in my teeny tiny 3 room flat... would it be too dark? would it make the living area look even smaller than it already is? This flooring is really nice too! I can't wait to pick my floors...
  17. It has been a while since my first post as hubby and I have been super busy with sourcing for ID, purchases, work, and life in general. I will share a bit about how we finally chose our ID.. but first, thought I would share some pictures of how I would love my home to look like. (Of course not everything is feasible lah, but still, a girl can hope...) Living Room: First time I saw this picture, I thought - I must have this! My main door opens directly to a view of my ENTIRE living room area.. so this will give us some (very stylish) privacy. I really like the furniture in this photo. Clean and neat lines, very neutral with pops of colour. I like the idea of having photos above my sofa. Think I dig the mid-century modern look quite a bit. I like the furniture and the cosy feel of the house.. but too many colours for me! Again mid-century modern furniture - can't get enough of those legs.. and really digging the wallpaper.
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