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  1. mine is about $24k.. inclusive of shoe cabinets and shower screens for both toilets which i did not have the photos.
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    Less is More

    Simplicity of Beauty
  3. jchin1228


    From the album: Less is More

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    Air Trunking 2

    From the album: Less is More

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    Air Trunking 1

    From the album: Less is More

  6. From sourcing from almost close to 15 IDs, contractors to finalising one ID, to getting 3D drawings, to key collection and now renovation starts...
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    Study Room

    A place for work, study and surfing
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    With restricted space, white help to brighten the space. However maintenance will be tedious. :) 
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    Master Bedroom

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    Living Room

    Going for a Less-Is-More Theme which is good for my little renovation budget.
  11. Hi, I am interested. Hope that this post is still valid. I had been to their furniture exhibition at BITEC Thailand a couple of months ago. Have to admit that their prices are on the higher side. Any chances for lower prices if we mass order together? Thanks!
  12. Hi Kelvin, can PM your electrician contact? Do you have the hack and conceal charges too?
  13. Hi Aron, I try to call you and Ah Boon but no answer. Want to check with you whether it is ok to hide the air-con ducting in the false ceiling? Is there any ways to minimise the sweating? for example, by having thicker insulation? Do you provide 1/2 inch Class 1 Armaflex instead of Class 0? For the Mitsubishi Inverter system 4, do you have a larger BTU for the unit to be used in living room? Thanks!
  14. Hi Kelvin, can pm your contact? I am getting my keys soon. btw, your quotation is on the lower side.
  15. Hi, do you have any wallpaper that is suitable for the bathroom walls?
  16. Hi Phylux, Can PM me the price for 1. Philips dimmable downlight, model: 61033 (x8 units) with dimmer switch (x2 units) 2. Philips LED downlight, any model: non-dimmable type (x2 units) 3. Philips myBathroom ceiling light, model: 320663176 (x1 unit) and 320673176 (x1 unit) 4. Philips ceiling light, model: 333463166 (x1 unit) 5. Philips ceiling light, model: 305113166 (x2 units) 6. UFO 54 white fan (x1 unit) *I will need to one more ceiling light for kitchen and one more ceiling light for service yard. Please do let me know whether you can provide installation as well. If yes, what will be the charges? Thanks a lot!
  17. Hi bro, do you have UFO 54 (white)? can PM me the price and installation charges (install to actual ceiling)? Thanks!
  18. Hi, I am planning to get my keys first and have the ID to view the place before placing deposit. Two reasons:- 1st is to get the renovation loan and 2nd is to avoid any form of disputes or misunderstandings.
  19. Hi, I am getting my 4rm BTO at Anchorvale Harvest somewhere in 3rd quarter. All will accept the floor plan from HDB and they will use it for their quotation. Just make sure that none have hidden costs. Check whether they charge you haulage fees, electrician costs, etc. I was charged between $200 to $800 for the haulage fees depending on ID. In fact, what I learn is that if you have minimum renovation, the haulage fees are quite low. You can pay directly to the HDB site office instead to the ID. Lightings and accessories are not included in my quotation. Some ID requests for 10% downpayment before they proceed to do the 3D. Only one requests $500. This is my personal preference. I will only pay downpayment upon receiving keys and have the ID or contractor to confirm the area. I just want to minimise any forms of disputes or misunderstanding. I did not approach any of the ID mentioned above so no comment. I have not-so-good feelings with two of the ID who I approach. Happy researching.
  20. http://www.nipponpaint.com.sg/services/professional-painting-service/pricing a good reference for the price
  21. Hi Dylanchua, I will strongly recommend my ID from Ideal Design Interior. I feel that he is quite professional in his advice. However, my house is BTO 4-room at Sengkang so less things to do then yours. I think your haulage fees will be a bomb so be careful on that.
  22. Hi, I strongly recommend my ID from Ideal Interior. I decide to engage him for my new 4-room BTO at Sengkang. I had went to four different ID but quite satisfied with his quotation and another company's. We decided on him because we feel comfortable with him. Let me know if you are interested. He is able to bring customer to see ongoing renovation projects too. My wife and I will be going to one on the 27th April. Cheers.