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  1. Which company did you eventually use?
  2. Hi, Can quote for the following: Fujioh Gas Hob FG2792SVGL Fujioh Gas Hob FG772SVGL Rinnai Gas Hob RB3CG Thanks
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply! Was considering chalkboard but worried about the chalk powder flying everywhere. Glass looks good!
  4. Hi, is this tempered glass? Can share how much is it?
  5. Oh I see...thought I need to confirm like qoo10 then I get the points? Haha.. If it's not no necessary then it's fine. Save me the trouble too.
  6. When I click to confirm receipt, it ask me to key in the 支付宝密码 which I have to create by linking to a tel no. But that tel no has to be China tel no as it doesn't recognize spore tel no. So how do I confirm receipt then if I can't create the pin no?
  7. Hi Ocean, do you 确认收货 after tracking showed received or after confirmed with amcon they have received? They have like 10 days for you to confirm receipt of the goods. If you don't confirm then what happens?
  8. I've signed up with Evorich during the Modern home fair. Whole of my 5 room, excluding toilets cost about $9k. Yours is definitely cheaper! I think it looks nice without skirting. But my contractor says over time the wall will darken when you mop and of course dust gets collected at the edge...so I'm still thinking whether to go with or without. I do not want laminates, Tiles will be expensive. Only choice is veneer as recommended by my contractor. By the way, I've just gotten a set of samples from kompacplus for me to "abuse". And they have 2 new colours that they've just release, 1 is cement screed looking.
  9. Hi, can PM me your quote for ceiling fans? Am looking at 4 for bedroom, 1 for living. Preferably black. What are the options if I want fans that comes with light?
  10. Hi Aron, can quote for my resale flat? 4 bedrooms. There are existing aircons in the rooms.
  11. Hi, can share how much is it for your flooring? And what is your experience with it so far?
  12. Hi, can share the pricing for the kompac top? And your supplier's name? Thanks!