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  1. Are you kidding me!? This is too nice - well done! Didn't know IKEA has real fiddle leaf fig plant. Will have to take a look this weekend!
  2. Hey! Enjoyed your photos and posts about your home. One question - is the plant next to your sofa real? I've been struggling to keep my plants alive; partly because limited sun the plants are getting from where I placed them, but mostly I am just horrible with plants. If it's fake, can I know where you get it from and how much? I've only seen semi-decent ones from IKEA and it's quite costly!
  3. Urmph, thanks but that doesn't help. I need a contact for an electrician.
  4. Hello everyone, One of my ceiling fans stopped working and I need an electrician to inspect whether it is faulty or it was something else. Do you guys have a reliable electrician to recommend please? I'd need the person to be able to uninstall the fan (for me to send for warranty) and re-install it after I receive it back from warranty. Thank you!
  5. Some of the forumers use 3rd party forwarders and ship their purchases directly from China. For non-Chinese literate shoppers like myself, EzBuy Prime is a great alternative. I bought quite a bit of stuff and in a few incidents the goods were either shipped wrongly or damaged. For wrongly shipped items, EzBuy usually offers partial compensation if you are willing to accept the goods or full refund if you decided to return it. They will arrange someone to pick the item up from your place. For damaged items, EzBuy will give a refund but do check their T&C on their coverage and limitations.
  6. I bought all my sanitary wares from Taobao too. But didn't manage to find a black bidet spray! Bummer! Not sure how difficult to get it replaced now if I get it. Did you purchase through EzBuy Prime btw?
  7. Does the forum rule not permit ID firm be named openly? Isn't that a lot more useful that a thread with hundreds of "PM me" replies?
  8. Ah yes these! Will look for it on EzBuy then. The pot is actually smaller than I thought but it turned out to be the right size. Bigger plants can be quite expensive! Wanted to get monsterra at first but it's quite pricey. Probably just gonna get a few artificial stalk. https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000003618762.html
  9. @matchalatte Got my pot couple of weeks ago. Thankfully it came in one piece Do you happen to know where I can get dried wheat stalk (or similar) for decor? It's for taller vases. Thought of lavender too.
  10. I decided to take the risk and ship with EzBuy. Told the seller to reinforce the packaging with wooden crates; hopefully that will help! Just found out they increased the home delivery charges. Furious!
  11. Haha I shortlisted the hexagonal pot and stand as well. I don't have any big items left to buy; does it make sense to ship by container? I'm not sure how it works but I'm under the impression that unless I have big items like furniture then it may not be worth it.
  12. That's what I realised too after going to a few nurseries. Yes I am using EzBuy Prime. I asked for a quotation from SGShop to ship the pot I shared on my first post; all come up to $100+. So $60+ for the pot and $40+ for shipping. Too steep, I feel! Do you have indoor plant pots in your home? Did you also buy from Taobao? Which forwarder did you use?
  13. Hey forumers, Does anyone know where I can find "better" looking flower pots in Singapore? I've visited quite a few nurseries but none of them have good selections. I am looking at something like this: https://world.taobao.com/item/549041864061.htm#detail EzBuy is refusing to ship for me as they deem the item is too fragile and risky to be shipped from overseas. Also looked in IKEA and couldn't find anything similar. Most places do sell metal iron rod kinda stand but I'd like a wooden stand. Would be grateful for any tips! Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone, does anyone have a nursery to recommend to buy indoor plants? Looking mostly for smaller size plants to be placed on picture ledges, dining table, and in bathroom but also a bigger one to be placed next to TV console. Perfect if they have great pots selection; looking to get something similar:
  15. @Sehn82 Yeah. And to think that I have paid for the Prime membership Haha
  16. @Sehn82 No I didn't. I ended up shipping one from Taobao using SGShop. Here's the link: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=38812942718&toSite=main Cost including delivery is about $130.
  17. @andotang Sorry if this is starting to annoy you, but can you let me know where you got your Philips Hue from and price? Or can you just post it on here (if the forum rules allow). Cheers.
  18. @osiris7777 Can I have your links for the LED strip and door handles please? Thank you!
  19. Hi guys, I am in the midst of my renovation - all is going reasonably well at the moment but just received a VO from my ID charging me "supply and re-run damaged concealed piping". It's for both common and main bathrooms at $600 each. I remember clearly that he said it was damaged when the walls were hacked. Few questions: 1. Is the damage expected? e.g. it is understandable when bathroom floor is hacked then the WC will be damaged and cannot be re-used so a new one needs to be purchased 2. Shall the homeowner (i.e. me) expected to pay for this cost? 3. Lastly, is $600 sound reasonable at all for the replacement? Will be speaking to my ID about this later today but I wish today what the industry practice/norm is. Thanks!
  20. LOL I was gonna ask about this as well. I went to a bathroom sanitary shop to ask about this and got quoted $600++ for a Korean-made hanger. Too much to pay IMO. How much did you pay for this @fifteenmay?
  21. @fifteenmay Nice updates! Do you mind to send me links for your TB track lights? I am getting pendant lights from TB but not so sure about track lights. Thought of getting them in JB. Thank you!
  22. Hello everyone! I wanted to ask if any of you are placing your counter top microwave in a cabinet? Is it safe / advisable? I have initially planned for a built-in microwave but for the same price, a counter top microwave comes with a lot more practicality (i.e. features and size). Would like to hear your experience. Thanks!
  23. Hi, I am looking to replace a broken A/C in my living hall with a new 24k BTU unit. Re-sale HDB @ Sengkang. No brand preference. Can you PM me price to dismantle current unit and installation of new one? Thanks.