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  1. It's best to get the HDB contractor to remove it as it was their work. This will minimise any unforeseen arguments in the future. Although I don't think it's a very big deal, should be removed in no time.
  2. 10 does sound like a lot. I would guess maybe 6 but that would depend on how bright you like it to be and the natural light you get from your windows. Do take note that larger wattage track lights may mean that it is larger size in nature and fitting 10 maybe very in your face for your kitchen.
  3. One lady's meat another man's poison, right? What style is your preference?
  4. Congrats... Look on the bright side, serious reno means you get a place tailored exactly to your taste.
  5. Hi, Where did you get you gate and bathroom doors? I have been looking for unique doors for my new HDB.
  6. Hi, I didn't want to post bomb your tblog, but your mailbox was full. So can you please share your LED contact and Javerson's contact with me? THanks
  7. Why don't you do a digital lock for your gate too? Problem solved... Google interlock Singapore. The answer there may suit you.
  8. Hi Sharon, Great house you got there. We are having almost the same floor plan, except for the kitchen entrance. We were advised against having 2 A/c multiplied units in your apt. Do you still have your trunking and water pipes plans for the A/c lying around so that I can referenced it? Cheers..
  9. Dear Tim, Can you quote Mitsubishi Starmex inverter 2 units system 2? Unit 1 Living + Bedroom 3 Unit 2 MBR + Bedroom 2 Is there a comparative brand with silent blower and 4 ticks? Please include: - 2 times installation - 0.5" armaflex - G23 copper - 16mm water pipe - Unlimited trunking & piping
  10. Hi, can you PM me your contractor's details as well?