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  1. Commune L-shaped full leather sofa: selling @ $2800 Each seat can be separated for easy moving and connected back with a catch device Bought in end Dec 2015, fairly new and well conditioned. Condition: 9/10 Measurements: 255 x 101 x 66cm Retail price: $3897 (http://www.thecommunelife.com/store/item/CME-PRD-267/gardiner-sofa) Interested please PM me, cheers~
  2. Hi there! can i know if managed to resolve the problem and how? As i'm facing the exact same problem now!! Do advise, thanks!!
  3. Hello Can provide me the quote for the following: - Crestar 53" starlite DC (white) - Crestar Icol 46" (Antique brass) - Fanco UFO 54" (either white or yellow) add one more: - Acorn Futuriste AC-308 (do you have the limited edition wood color? else can quote me other colors) All to come with remote and tri-color LED~ If you have any good/chio ceiling fans with lightkit to intro do let me know too And pls let me know the installation costs for new bto as well~! Gam sia!
  4. Hi hi can i get the following quotes: - Mitsubishi inverter system 4: 24kbtu + 9kbtu X 3 (preferably models: , MSY-GE24VA, MSY-GE10VA x 3 / MXY-4A28VA ) - Mitsubishi inverter system 2: 12kbtu + 9kbtu (pls recommend) Pls quote with Armaflex class “O” 1/2 inch thick insulation,G22 copper pipe,keystone cable,16mm drainage pipe and 2 trips installation. Also pls advise me the model numbers + compressor model recommended, and also what the warranty covers Thanks!
  5. Absolutely true story about ugly sink also must wash so might as well wash a pretty sink! Some more is a gorgeous sink, mai tu liao!
  6. Hello hello~ Love your eggshell white floor! I'm also getting vinyl flooring, mind if can share the procedures of appealing for foc screed and also your appeal letter? Also need your advice on this, i will be hacking a couple of walls first, so if i appeal to hdb upon collection of keys, will they allow me to choose date for the screeding ie after approval of hacking plus actual hacking of wall...? You were suggesting if vinyl is 5mm, then should have an offset of 7mm, can i ask what does this offset means? Is it referring to the screed request from HDB to top up to 7mm? Hope im not too much of a hassle!! Thanks!!
  7. count me the third person to compliment on your wood tiles and enquiring the same thing! the gap really looks small, do pm us the cost and info if possible! TIA!
  8. Love the feel of your house and very very nice toilet screens with black frame! did your id source it for you? can let me know the price and installation cost? Love the gold door hinges too!! Somehow has a frenchy feel~~
  9. Sorry for the super late respond but wow thanks for the info! i was thinking of coffee money also haha, Can i know if your screed was done smoothly in this case? and how long did the whole process take? This really helps too! so this means no point talking much with the workers, must really "sa kah" the supervisor in this case huh? I'm really hoping to pay my contractor for screed instead of taking HDB's after so many complaints read, but boh bian, when one has limited budget, one has to tahan a bit more.. But your carpentry is looking great!! Looking forward to more pics~!
  10. morning dear! Lovely kitchen accessories to suit the theme, so you la~ & those plates are soooo nice! Btw can share your acrylic panels info (costs, where etc) and tips of removing it as well? TIA!!
  11. Love the tiles! I remembered you were saying that you guys were contemplating vinyl/laminates. Can i check if these are vinyl or homogeneous tiles? If homo tiles, are the grout lines manageable? Can pm me how much your id quote you for cement screed + tiles/vinyl seperately? Thanks!
  12. your muji toilet cover is soooo cutes!! I WILL HAVE TO GO JAPAN!! Btw is that shampoo etc holder all from ikea? Will it shake shake when you are "pumping" the shampoo? sounds awful but you geddit.. right?? p/s: i just voted for you too~~
  13. hello! understand tat you did laminates for your flooring and got HDB to do cement screeding~ is there a need to increase the screeding height (hdb provides height of 40mm) and at any additional cost? Thanks thanks in advance!
  14. hey there~ lovely home! If possible, can you pm me their quotes? Appreciate it!
  15. Wow your house is looking to be very much like a frenchy country home now, esp your living room! very nice!!
  16. woooo! Nice racks you have there ~ *pun totally intended* haha! In all serious biz, can you gimme the racks + curtains contacts pretty pls?
  17. OOOH~ That's so loft like! Very nice!! Actually i did consider the ikea bed frames (i adore the Hurdal model) but... most of them are better suited for queen size mattress (and i'm getting a king sized mattress) and you know la, Ikea is so funky, their bed frames are better suited for their own Ikea mattresses due to their unique sizing... In any case whilst getting annoyed searching for nice bed frames for the right mattress size, I might just go back to platform in the end hahaaha~ Never heard of the superstition before but if there is, just take it that i've never heard it before!! *act blur live longer*
  18. yay! super cute sofa~ and yeah i agree wood peg legs are definitely a must for a scandi home! *thumbs up!* By the way, for your mbr bed, previously i understood you had forgo platform to lower cost, so in the end did you buy a bed frame instead? with storage? I'm looking around for bed frames currently in case platform with storage might be out of budget for me too hahaha, looking at your t-blog for inspiration!!
  19. me me me too pls! if can share contractor contact will be great too~~ tks!!
  20. omg i super love the panel-design kitchen cabs! its exactly what i'm looking for and i was so so worried that the contractors might not be able to replicate it! They really done a great job i must say!! and the trimmings on your wardrobe? i think we have the same style in mind now hahahaha
  21. i love the wainscotting and the ceiling cornices! so cosy cottage-like~ thumbs up to your contractor and looking fwd to the end result!!
  22. oh the carpentry looks really awesome especially the bookshelf! looks like a mini library! Really nice~~!