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  1. nice layout, nice concept 5 years ago I have a bachelor pad with raw industrial look. the down side having tough time letting go of my place embarking another journey to a new place, but with family. hopefully can have enough time to share my next project here
  2. Brand new (old school) tumbler switch self collect near central area. interested please contact 8442 3530 or email at dskc70@gmail.com also selling this used lamp $40 each (have 3 qty)
  3. Fabulous pad u have there like the pipe thingy idea....
  4. money quite well spend, from the look of things you had done. happy reno.... cheers.
  5. sleek design care to share, wat the cost of ur reno???
  6. where the location??? weird shape, but wif good space planning it wil turn out to b stunning
  7. hv not login to RT for quite some time. ur place really looking fab..... but ur bed room look beri small hor....
  8. look easy than b done, but there's skill required. some wallpaper dun come cheap. i recommend u to engage skill person to install, unless u have extra wallpaper and $$$ for trial and error jus my 2 cents tot....
  9. u can use hairline stainless steel feel formica.... if 100% stainless steel too costly.... i believe it will look gd... cheer
  10. cool place u have there 28k reno with this keep of condition.
  11. like this part of ur kitchen.... look sleek....
  12. welcome to RT how come no pictures and layout to show? cheers