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  1. Hi, Can share with me your quotation and Mr K's contact too? Many thanks.
  2. Hi Ivy, So sorry. I did not receive it. Can you send it to me again? Many thanks in advance. And so paiseh for asking you again. Tks.
  3. Hi Ivy, Thanks so much for compiling the bad list. May I have it too? Tks.
  4. My experience was totally different. Good and friendly service. Set aside stuff that we ordered. No stock also inform us upfront. Prompt delivery too. Been using the stuff for 5 months already, still good.
  5. Haha. Tks. Actually illusion lah. Angle of camera.
  6. Mine is placed like this. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?s=...st&p=565823 Target mine very long liao. Bought it in April at Best Denki when they had their 25th anni sale. So happy.
  7. Mmm... I got a similar Healsio. Smaller version. Not bad. Got super steam, steam, bake and grill oven, microwave. My 12-yo son use the oven bake pizzas!!
  8. Hi, congrats to getting a new home. You can pm me for my contractor/id details if you like. Think he's quite ok. You can view my home in my signature.
  9. I used ariston 30L for 7 years in my old flat. Didn't leak but the joints somewhat rusty. Now my new flat, I also use ariston 30L. Since it worked well for me previously, I use the same brand again. Anyway, cos I also like that it's rather compact
  10. Great service. After first purchase, made changes to lights wanted. No questions asked, no problem at all. After second purchase, change dining light twice, also no problem. Delivery super prompt, on the dot. When unpacking, realised 1 glass frame broke for the room light. Called them, they readily delivered and replaced the broken part.
  11. Mmm... mine 5i 122sqm -> 2770 hack floor for living, dining, passage way kitchen service balcony discard existing door frame in kitchen hack off bathroom floor and wall tiles and 2 doors discard kitchen cabinet and clear off site discard ktichen and toilets sanitary fitting hack and discard living built-in cabinets hack living false ceiling/L-box and rooms' cornices supply sand and haulage material to door step clear deris off site acid wash floor protection
  12. Hi, I just sold my 4A at Street 24 too. I think the bamboo sticks can be shorten to the length you want. I used to have the pull up/down thing too but I usually use hangers to hang clothes and then put up onto the rods. So never pull down at all... unless hang bedsheets... Now I use water pipes! Cut to length and also never take down. Like the silver colour.
  13. Bankrupt sellers can sell 5rm or smaller without OA permission. Proceeds also can keep, no need to go to OA. However, some bankrupt sellers may have many caveats lodged on the flat making the selling part complicated. So actually, even if genuine seller is undischarged bankrupt also not a problem. Procedure as normal. Those who want to play play and be funny then I don't know lah.
  14. Mine also 5i. only keep bedroom floor. hack and throw the rest. plaster kitchen walls. built-in kitchen cabinets and 3 bedroom wardrobes. Abt 30k. You might like to save on carpentry. U have quite a bit there. Also you have lots of false ceiling, so lightings would definitely cost quite a lot. going to do downlights for rooms as well? Consider cost of each light point and to install light.
  15. I'm using a gas hob both burners are big and tempered glass backsplash. So far ok.
  16. According to the screenshot you posted, 10% cash is for taking bank loan. If take HDB loan, downpayment can use CPF, but must give back 50% net profit. But you might like to confirm with HDB what they want exactly. Some stuff from MAS Increase the Minimum Cash Payment from 5% to 10% of the Valuation Limit for Property Purchasers with one or more outstanding Housing Loans 8 Previously, property buyers have to make cash payment of at least 5% of the valuation limit5. With effect from 30 Aug 20106, the cash payment is increased from 5% to 10% of the valuation limit7. This measure is applied only to buyers of private residential properties, Executive Condominiums, HUDC flats and HDB flats (including those under the Design, Build and Sell Scheme, or DBSS flats) who are taking housing loans from financial institutions regulated by MAS and who already have one or more outstanding housing loans at the time of applying for a housing loan for the new property purchase. Decrease the LTV limit for housing loans granted by financial institutions regulated by MAS from the current 80% to 70% for Property Purchasers with one or more outstanding Housing Loans 9 The LTV limit is lowered from 80% to 70% with effect from 30 Aug 20108 for borrowers who have one or more outstanding housing loans (whether from HDB or a financial institution regulated by MAS) at the time of applying for a housing loan for the new property purchase. Borrowers who do not have any outstanding housing loans continue to have an LTV cap of 80%. These rules apply to housing loans granted by financial institutions for private residential properties, Executive Condominiums, HUDC flats and HDB flats (including DBSS flats). 10 Loans granted by HDB for HDB flats (including DBSS flats) will still have an LTV cap of 90%. HDB loans are offered to eligible first-time flat buyers and second-timers who are right-sizing their flats to meet their housing needs. They are required to utilise all of their CPF Ordinary Account balance before HDB loans will be granted. Furthermore, those taking a second concessionary HDB loan must use the CPF refund and 50% of the cash proceeds from the sale of their previous flat before they are granted an HDB loan. This is in line with HDB's home ownership policy of helping eligible buyers, especially first-time buyers, purchase public housing in a financially prudent manner.
  17. I think I would prefer to hack. Overlay may make the space feel smaller. Also since it's a wet area, think if bottom tiles are affected , may affect your new tiles as well.
  18. I don't like slippers. I put cloth on the floor to dry feet. But my toilet got partition, so only bathing area wet, the rest dry. Some of my friends/relatives also got put slippers, but slippers also wet, so makes no difference to me.
  19. Hi, Why dun u ask your contractor? Think u need to know how big is your oven compartment. Might be 15 ft bottom, 2 ft for top oven cabinet and 2 ft for middle oven cabinet and the other 3 ft for the box up area there cos it's jutting out? Cos I have a similar oven unit like u and my id told me he count like that. But for your sink area, that I don't really know. Maybe some other ppl can advise u better.
  20. I think singpost one cheaper than extraspace. But I got mine from my mover. $2 to $3.
  21. Haha. Ya, thanks. Actually, still got some cartons. Those are for the books. Too broke to buy bookshelf to store books! Must pay ID balance liao.
  22. Thank u thank u. I'm sure your house will be very nice too when completed. Wah! You also got orange! Whew! So qiao. Orange and lots of glass. As for my orange, my id got panels of small pieces of colour glass. Then he tell me that I can choose, this, this, this and that. So I just point the colour to him.
  23. There are some stuff I think that one should take note of when doing reno. 1. Choosing tiles When we went to Hafary to choose tiles, the tiles displayed there all look so nice. At first we chose some tiles based on what we saw but luckily we asked for mini samples. Cos when we put the samples under a different lighting, the effect is different. Quite a few times, we realised that the colours we initally chose was not what we wanted. So in the end, we just asked for samples of specific tiles and took them to look under white light before agreeing to the choices. 2. Pipes I have always dislike the sight of water pipes and my bb gal tends to step on them. So for my new home, to prevent pipes from crossing all sorts of walls, I drew a pipes plan and gave it to my id. I told him how I wanted the pipes to be run and how they should be as hidden as possible. Otherwise, I believe the plumber would just happier run the pipes anywhere and everywhere. Why am I so sure? Cos I requested for an extra water point for my washing area in the service balcony, and I did not have time to explain how to run it. Sure enough, the plumber just ran it across the wall waist level and then drop down to knee level and then plant a tap there. Still an eyesore! 3. Electrical I also drew up a plan to explain where I want all my lights, switches and plugs, and how the wires to be run. So where possible, wires and casing are hidden from sight. 4. Shower area I realised that I could request for a bigger shower area when they are making the shower drop. So silly me. So I asked for 900mm instead of 800mm. More space to move around in the shower area. More later...
  24. Bedroom 2 Wardrobe Bedroom 3 Wardrobe