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  1. jardim

    living room

    Hi, can u share the cost for ur blinds n where to get it? Tks
  2. Hi Bel, nice writeup! free bum to your post... Jon
  4. Any1 has lobang for the above mentioned? require for 2 toilet doors
  5. Hi, what coating did u do for your cement screed? Tks
  6. KINDLY REFER TO THE LINK BELOW FOR PICTURE. http://singapore.gumtree.sg/c-Stuff-for-Sale-Home-Furnishing-Household-Decoration-Paintings-Decorations-VINTAGE-LETTERBOX-NEW-OLD-STOCK-W0QQAdIdZ540069552
  7. Hi June, I think the 'awesomely chic couple' house belongs to us..haha.. Haven gt time to start a T-Blog.. .. Will do it soon as the reno wraps up..! Thanks Jon
  8. u can try thevintagehobby.com, the owner bel keeps alot of vintage accessories..gd luck!
  9. Tks for the info, was about to proceed with purchase but the shipping charges seem to be very expensive 232usd.. Or u ship by other method?
  10. Wabisabi care to share where did u ordered the ceiling fan & cost? Tks!!
  11. HI could you share where did u get the wire mesh? tks..it look very nice!!
  12. How much did u pay for 24 carton craft brick n cost of installation? Also if possible can share the malaysia transport n Malaysia craft brick contacts too. Tks
  13. please also pm your id details & cost of your craftbrick feature wall. tks!
  14. jardim

    K Pro

    can share contacts & quotation? Tks
  15. I m interested to take all of ur chairs. Please pm me for discussion. Tks
  16. Hi, could you pm me your contractor details & your renovation pricing for reference. Thanks a million
  17. hi, how much did you pay for the sink inclusive of shipping? so amazed by the things you bought thru amazon..I want to learn from you man!
  18. Hi there, how much did u buy the kraus sink? Local or amazon? Thanks
  19. hi, nice reno, could you share info on your id/contractor & quotation? Getting my resale flat end dec, but still could not decide where to start...thanks alot
  20. Newbie here, can u pm me Mr K Contact & quotation? Tks alot