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  1. Mould are always the worst because they always keep coming back and you have to make sure to kill all the mould spores so that mould never comes back on your tiles or walls
  2. Then the other type of polishing is for those harder materials like granite i presume?
  3. When you say polishable area of the tile you are talking about the the enamel of tile right?
  4. The only thing you can try for this is either to steam the area to remove the glue stain or some sand paper, both which are the cheapest solutions
  5. That means if its the same material the polishing rates should be the same?
  6. This usually happens i think if there are gaps in the cement, in other words contractor trying to save cement
  7. Personally i would hack the parquet floor and then put the vinyl tiles. But one question why do you want to remove the parquet tiles?
  8. Hardwood does take some maintenance but it will look definately nice
  9. Seems more to be moisture and not leakage. Yes from what i know you can keep the wall tiles if waterproofing is done
  10. You can try Jalan Besar area where they have alot of carpentry shops situated, they should be able to help you
  11. You can check at Jalan Besar, they have many carpentry shops there, they will be able to roughly guide you on your needs