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Found 66 results

  1. Hi there, we are moving into our new condo soon and though it's 13 years old, all the infrastructure, renovation and maintenance inside the home looks really beautiful and new. Only problem is the aircon units looking very old and yellow from the outside, while they are still working fine! Is there any way to refurbish them instead of changing a whole new aircon unit which is very costly? We have 8 aircon units there and would cost a leg if we change them all brand new! Thanks
  2. Hi Fellow forum members, I would just like to feedback on my experience with Best Tech and Midea system 4. In Dec 2014, my wife and I went shopping around for air conditioner at a consumer fair. We chanced upon best tech booth and went in to take a look and was served by one of the salesperson. We were looking at a system 4 and he recommended Midea, as he was using it as well. Tempted by the price (mistake of my life) and the insulation material and 2 times installation thrown in, I signed on the paper (The Start of my nightmare) The aircon finished the installatin in March 2015 and we began using it. Before this, I placed great faith in my choice due to the confidence and branding sales talk done by the salesperson from Best Tech. On the first night, aircon was not cold!! (We had a 22K btu compressor and our room is only 12K btu). We had patience and told ourselves, the aircon was breaking in. Using the aircon for a week, my wife and I felt like a clown each night, when we have to turn on our fan at full power, coupled with the aircon at 17 degree celcius. The living room aircon is even worse. Literally, one fan at full power is more powerful than my aircon at 17 degree celcius. (I am literally typing in sweat now) Called in to Best Tech several time, each time they will request that you leave number and never got back. I have to standby the phone and insist that someone attend to me immediately, before they allowed a booking of aircon appointment (So this is singapore no. 1 company in Air Con). Cut the long story short: 1st Best Tech visit to home 5th June 2015: A pair of chinese and indian technician came. The indian technician was a second fiddle to the more experienced Chinese Technician. The indian technician keep on insisting that aircon was cold and I have to challenge him to bring a thermometer and prove to me. Chinese technician was better, he said that the aircon was not cold and check the compressor with findings that the gas was a bit low and cited that his company did not check it before installation ( , what is this?? SIngapore most trusted aircon partner). He proceed to top up, the situation did not get better. He told me to monitor and went back. During this time, the indian technian climbed my drying yard wall (dirtied my new paint!!), even though I provided the chair. 1st Best Tech visit to home 4th July 2015: Really did not get better, I called them again. The same scenario of calling and waiting and transferring happened. Fast forward -> The same pair of technicians visited us, chinese technician literally tell us that there is nothing much he can do and can only refer back to Midea (come on, as if I need you to come to my house and tell me this). At this moment, the indian technician went to check my compressor and done nothing to it, as all the gas level was right. They were here for 10 mins and decided to leave. (#&@(*^(*#&) Wasted my time to wait. Subsequently, I have to keep chasing Best Tech to make my appointment with Midea! This is a painful process, apparently they don't do emails and communicate between the principal and reseller via fax (welcome to the 21st century). Finally i got my appointment on 25th July 2015. Midea visit to home 25th July 2015: Midea technician came, measured the aircon gas, said that pressure too high because pumped too much gas inside ( ). He released the gas and set it to normal. Next he checked the cooling coil and measure it with the thermometer. He mentioned that the cooling coil is doing the work of blowing air but not efficient (i.e not strong enough), however the cold air is absence and takes a long time to feel cold air. (Yeah, I experienced that right from the start). He mentioned there is a problem with the compressor and will inform his company to send down rectification solution. ** wait ** and wait** and wait ** and more waiting !** MIDEA DON"T CALL and when i called the customer service, they told me they have reflected the problem as compressor low aircon gas, I was like WTH! OH COME ON! Seriously, come to my house and enjoy the aircon suana!!. This customer service guy is call jason.He said he has faxed to BEST Tech and they need to come back to my house and top up the gas ( ). I called twice and still waiting..... Today is 7th of Sep 2015 and I am still waiting for MIDEA OR BEST TECH to GET BACK TO ME! My advise to fellow homeowner Go for a established brand like mistubishi and also reseller. I am humbled by my experience and will continue to wait. Anyone who reads, constructive help will be good. If the operation manager of BEST TECH is reading, I am still waiting for your guys and soaked in my sweaty T shirt!! CONTACT ME to fix my problem! if not, offer my to trade up to a Mistubishi aircon.
  3. So. I'm considering a replacement aircon. Was considering getting from coolserve. But Just got a quote from Star Cool and the offer seems pretty good. Anybody here who tried them out wanna share their experience?
  4. my partner and i are not high usage of aircon. if day time hot, probably 2-4 hours usage. if hot at night, then just before we sleep we may switch on about 1-2 hours to cool down the room and sleep. currently we are the only two who will stay in our BTO so we will stay in the master bedroom. thinking if we should install system 1 only in the master bedroom or install system 3 in all 3 bedrooms. any advice?
  5. I am looking for a system 2 aircon, one for my room one for the living room, i am not familiar with aircon, but money is my first priority then the overall performance or quality of the aircon, except the 1 and 2 ticks, which others do you guys recommend? i wish hassle-free though, let said there are 2 models A and B, price is $100 different, but generally B is better but more expensive, i will still go for B becasue price not much different, i wish hassle-free... haha... alright, then i came across this company, https://www.facebook.com/DIYAppliances it seems good, have good rating on facebook too, they even replied every single comment on fb and google review, if anyone of you who had experience with them, could you guys recommend the salesman that you engaged with to me? i want honest one, haha.. i really really appreciate!! so, which one do you recommend? actually what is mitsubishi heavy? it sounds like more industry usage for me though... is there anything i need to consider? anyway, my house has aircon already and need to be dismantled and they provide this service too
  6. Hi fellows, may I know if there is water continuously dripping from my FCU at the corner depicted in the illustration, what's going on, & how do I stop it? It's dripping steadily even though I've powered down the aircon (no compressor running).
  7. Just want to alert everyone looking to install aircon. Do not use NAT Aire Builder & Distribution Pte Ltd. They are so unprofessional. See what they do to my conduit. Any reasonable person will not consider this as "nice" or "acceptable.
  8. Aircon not cold!! Called up Young Enterprise Group Holding Pte Ltd through the flyer I received. They responded very fast and came to my house. Price very reasonable and fast in response. Would recommend this
  9. Just to share a bad experience with all of you. A couple months back my aircon started acting up and I wanted to get someone to take a look at it asap. I tried a few recommendations but all were too busy to come by. Searching on Google I came across “COOLCLEAN AIR-CONDITIONING”. Called them and they were almost immediately available. When the “technicians” arrived (more than an hour later than the scheduled time), they took a look at my air-condition unit and immediately said I needed a ‘chemical cleaning’. 1st quote that they gave was $200 (for that single unit). Previously searching on the net I saw other quotes going at $180 so the initial quote was more expensive but not terribly so. After spraying some solution on the unit and general cleaning, he said the job was done. I turned on the unit, it was still not blowing strongly and then the technicians claimed that a further cleaning of the compressor linked to the set as well as topping up of gas was required. At a further quote of $100 (so we’re up to $300 at this point). At the time I was thinking that it was excessive but I wanted to get it over and done with. The ‘special’ cleaning that they needed to do was basically to spray the compressor clean with water. At the same time they claimed to top up the gas. After all that was done, they declared the job done. I tested my bedroom unit against the split unit in my dining area and the dining area was blowing so much more strongly. When I pointed this out to the technicians, they declared that ‘more work’ was needed as they needed to take the bedroom unit off from the wall to clean it further. This was at a further cost of $100! Taking the total to a whopping $400!!!!! Now on hindsight, shouldn’t they have taken the unit off straight away as I already paid for the full chemical wash? The unit finally blew strongly (or at least much more strongly than before they removed the unit for a proper cleaning). They left after collecting $400 and when I asked them what should I do If I faced further issues, to which they answered ,’don’t worry… the cleaning can last 2 years! But any issues just call our company. It’s a big company and will definitely settle it for you’. I guess after collecting their loot, they’d promise just about anything. Unfortunately, less than 2 weeks after the cleaning, the air condition unit started to lose strength significantly. When I was finally (was traveling and didn’t want the technicians coming to my place without me around) able to contact the company to arrange for someone to come and take another look at the unit. Their company’s admin stated that they’d need to charge me again for another visit , after questioning her about the fact that I already forked out $400 for an ‘extensive’ cleaning, she agreed to contact her boss (this was early June) who was traveling till the month end and I just had to be patient. On 1st July, as expected they did not contact me and I contacted them again to arrange for a visit from this ‘boss’. Finally on 9th July, this ‘boss’ came to my place… took 1 look at the unit (he didn’t even open the cover), turned it on, shined a torch at it and declared that the ‘motor’ was faulty. When I asked what made him think so, his response was that he was an experienced technician and could tell. So when I asked him why his technicians did not have that same diagnosis and just went for the kill, he didn’t have anything to say. To end the conversation, he admitted that he wasn’t the boss and that he couldn’t make any decisions (so much for waiting for a month for the ‘boss’). He told me that he’d get his boss to call me to settle my issue before leaving. I followed up by messaging the COOLCLEAN admin but to this day, I’ve not got any response. To finish off, I just want to strongly recommend to all family and friends to avoid COOLCLEAN AIRCONDITIONING (BRN 53321501C)!!!!!! Stick with tried and tested recommendations instead!!
  10. Can anyone educate me on the advantages and disadvantages of different air-conditioning systems? Or point me in the right direction? THANKS!
  11. I am going to renovate my new BTO flat at Compassvale Mast, Seng Kang from next month. However, I am puzzled about the installation of aircon FCUs. As most of the internal walls in my unit are dry partition wall, I am worried that even the walls are able to fix the FCUs now, after a certain period, for example maybe half to one year, the anchorage/wall plugs may become loose as the partition wall is not as strong as brick wall, and there might be continuous vibrations from FCUs during operation time. Has anybody experienced this, and can you be so kind to share your points/experiences? thank you very much.
  12. Hi, I recently received a complaint letter from hdb lodged by my neighbour sharing the same bedroom wall as me. They claim that their bedroom wall is dripping wet due to condensation caused by the wall being too cold and it is caused by my aircon being too cold. Hdb is requiring me to lower the strength of my aircon and point it away from that wall. The letter also state that they have surveyed and determined that this is the cause of the issue and remind me that hdb laws states that owners are allowed to install aircon on the basis that they are in proper working condition. My question is firstly, what kind of survey did they do to determine the cause without coming into my flat to check at all? Secondly, why would my aircon affect their wall if hdb have built our flats well enough to isolate each unit to their own to uphold the quality of the build promised by the government and to protect our privacies as owners? Thirdly, in such a case, who is judging and appointing that the fault and solution lies with me solely and not shared and/or if the hdb is also partially/fully liable? Lastly, are there actually laws that govern such neighbourly disputes and are they actually applicable to this issue? (The letter says I can use my aircon as long as I maintain it in proper working condition and it seems like the complaint is that my aircon is working too well...) Last year around the same period (May-June) I did receive such a complaint before and from July onwards there seems to be no such complaints anymore until now. I believe that the issue has to do with weather changes and rise of humidity, and will be solved after the wet season passes. But as a courtesy, I'm currently planning to insulate my side of the wall to prevent thermal transfer, hoping that it will help the situation. I'm not well verse in such matters so I'm not sure if the insulation should be done on my end or my neighbour's end, but I'm willing to do it anyways. I have my reasons to maintain a cool temperature in my bedroom and it will be rather disruptive to my family if I were to lower the aircon. I'm asking for advise and help from you guys to determine if my actions are correct or am I actually not liable. And is there help that I can seek from my standpoint to resolve this issue as apparently the hdb thinks that the issue is my fault (and I guess global warming is real and it's also my fault...) Please help, thanks!!!
  13. Hi All, I need an opinion on choosing between Mitsubishi Starmex and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon. Requirements: Aircon in 4 rooms (1 living and 3 bedrooms) Usage: Living room (high usage) Master Bed (high usage) Other 2 bedroom (very limited, only when there are guests) This is what I have booked with GC, though I have an option to change it. ==================================================================== Mitsubishi MHI System 4 Inverter SCM80ZJS (outdoor unit) with 3 ticks [can support upto 31K BTU] 3 x SRK35ZMAS (12K BTU) [Bedrooms] 1 x SRK71ZMS (24K BTU) [Living room] Upgrade to 1/2" SYS 4 (CLASS 1) Upgrade Copper G23 to G22 ==================================================================== Other Aircon I'm considering: Get 2 System 2 units (both 5 ticks) Mitsubishi Starmex: Master Bedroom and one other bedroom System 2 Inverter MXY-2G20VA (20K BTU) - outdoor unit 2x MSXY-FJ10VE (9K BTU) - indoor unit Living room and remaining bedroom System 3 inverter MXY-3G28VA (28K BTU) - outdoor unit 1x MSXY-FJ18VE (18K BTU) - indoor unit 1x MSXY-FJ10VE (9K BTU) - indoor unit I'm wondering if I should go with just one System 4 or split to 2 System 2 If I choose MHI, then I can only use the Aircon in Living and Master bedroom concurrently. if I turn on any more units, the cooling efficiency will deteriorate. Starmex costs more and I would be using 2 outdoor units concurrently, which is not cost efficient. Thanks for the assistance.
  14. My neighbor has bad sweating at the casing ruining along his bathroom. I think his 1/2" insulation should not be the cause of sweating. Any clue?
  15. Hi there, Could anyone explain to me how air-conditioning installation works for HDB? I'm waiting for my BTO T.O.P in 2018/2019 and I have no clue about the requirements for HDB regarding the air-conditioning. I want a really cold aircon but I know that there are some restrictions to installing certain air-conditioners in HDB. I'm considering on a total of 2 condensers and 3 air-con units in my flat, anyone can help? xx Sarah
  16. Hello, I am intending to hack the wall between the master bedroom and bedroom 2. The combined size of the room is 6170mm x 3590mm, wall to wall. What aircon BTU should I purchase for my bedroom? I went through several aircon sizing calculators online but all of them shows a different result. Seems like the usual bedroom aircon is at 9K BTU.... Thanks!
  17. Hi all I want to replace my current air conditional with new. I do have System 3 now and I plan to install aircon to my living room to avoid the haze situation (hopefully that it wont happen yearly). There is some option that I have here: Option 1: - System 4 to include all 3 rooms and living room. - Question will be what BTU is needed for living room (standard 5I HDB flat) Option 2: - System 3 for 3 bedrooms - single unit for living hall Any input is good and if you have any prefer contractor do recommend me. I'm looking in quality of work and cost. Thanks for viewing and thanks for input in advance.
  18. Hi all Apart from lucky khoon what other companies provide similar products and services? Most impt is to provide competitive pricing and good after sales service. I just gotten my resale flat and undergoing reno in oct. Any helpful suggestions will be more than welcome. I'm looking at the following: Hob n stove (saw fujioh LK quoted me $868 for white glass 3 stove + the air ventilator) Joven 35l Bathroom accessories for 2 toilets Led lights ($28/m i think) downlight (3 types of lights $58) n track lights $68) Taps n toilet bowls shower accessories
  19. Panasonic casement 9000BTU aircon must sell As I am changing to split unit aircon on 25/9/15, selling away 1.5 years Panasonic 9000btu casement aircon for $180 fixed including blacket. I brought new at $750. Seldom switch on and buyer will borne the dismantle and assembly of the unit or pay $60 to my aircon contractor on 25/9/15 for dismantle. The rest is up to you to neg. Model: CW-C99JH Sms or whatsapp me at +6591880059.
  20. Midea Air-con Review: Terrible Quality, High Repair Cost.Dear all, If you are looking for new Air-con, my suggestion is DO NOT choose Midea. I have purchased one Midea air-con (system 4) 2+ years ago from All Best. The outdoor unit breakdown at least 6 times within 2014, the same parts spoiled again and again. (total 6 Valve spoiled, 4 Valve have been repaired or replaced and 2 outdoor unit has been replaced). But the problem seems never been fixed. Unfortunately, the same problem happen again last week with my unit and I have to pay S$260 just for replace the Valve, because it already out of warranty. (After I complain to their customer support, they wave S$60 transport fee for me.) Now, I decide to buy a new air-con if the existing one spoil again. The unit is totally beyond repair. Maybe Media have the rights to not responsible for their product after warranty period even it is a totally faulty product. But I don't think it is worth to pay S$3000+ for just 2+ years life span Air-con. If anybody want to see the prove, please email me pingzimumu@gmail.com, I will show you all my service form. 3rd season 2013: One Valve Failure 2nd season 2014: Three Valve Failure 2nd season 2014: Replace the whole outdoor unit after Valve Failure again after replacement 3rd season 2014: One Valve Failure 3rd or 4th season 2014: Replace the whole outdoor unit again after valve failure again same day after replacement 2nd season 2015: One Valve Failure again. (User have to pay)
  21. Im looking for aircon that has min 4 ticks for energy saving. Since NEA revise the energy savings, it harder to get aircon that has 4 ticks
  22. Freb

    aircon ledge

    From the album: Freb

  23. Hi all, I can't find much info on air con. Like to check if anyone has any comments on the following brands, the bills from operating the air con 8 hrs per day, say, 2 rooms. 1. Mitsubishi starmex sys 4 2. Mitsubishi industrial sys 4 3. Daikin sys 4 anyone any comments on the following companies for installation and maintenance? 1. gain city 2. Supreme air services (lor 4 Toa payoh) Thanks in advance.
  24. Good day all, I've just bought aircon for my resale flat. When the aircon guys came to install the aircon, they saw the area where the condenser unit was supposed to be fixed outside the master bedroom window and said the normal brackets cannot be fixed. The reason was that the previous owner had modified the space. Where the wooden panel used to be, was replaced by a window and according to the aircon guys, the metal beam is now missing. Without this metal beam, they cannot install the brackets to support the condenser unit. Is there a metal beam in the first placw for hdb flats? Kindly advise as to what should be done now in order to get the aircon condenser unit fixed.
  25. Hi all, Wts used EuropAce portable aircon.(EPAC 12J Portable Air Conditioner(12,000BTU)). Reason selling due to moving to new place hence portable air-con not needed. Retail price :899SGD Selling at 450SGD( slightly nego) Please contact eight one 8 zero 36 three 2(msg or whatsapp or call)- Ding Seldom online , so contact me through mobile devices. can check out the link for picture and specs http://europace.com.sg/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50 Thank you ! Regards, Ding