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Found 27 results

  1. We're looking for electrician to move the meter in HDB recess area. It'd be on the same wall, shifted to the right side for about 2 meters. So far all the electricians we contacted do not provide this service. Kindly please share or pm me contact details for qualified electrician, other information and helpful tips like cost, constraint, and guideline are also welcome. Thank you in advance. To Mod: Sorry for the similar post in the wrong sub 🙏
  2. We're looking for electrician to move the meter in HDB recess area. It'd be on the same wall, shifted to the right side for about 2 meters. So far all the electricians we contacted do not provide this service. Kindly please share or pm me contact details for qualified electrician, other information and helpful tips like cost, constraint, and guideline are also welcome. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am planning to explore the DIY route for my BTO renovation and would like your help to get some contacts of reliable contractors. Mainly, I need contractors for Tile laying, carpentry, minor masonry (hacking of a small wall at half height) and electrical. Please PM me or directly reply to this message (if the forum allows it). You can also email me at sreejithb@gmail.com. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you everyone.
  4. Any good Handyman, Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Renovator to recommend? We are not agent. Find us here at www.ServiceManApp.com
  5. Dear all lovely residents, we are one of the local contractor providing renovation service with varies workscope. 1. Carpentry 2. Build new walls, alteration wall 3. Plastering and skim coat 4. Painting 5. False ceiling and cornices 6. Drywall 7. Windows and doors 8. Plumbing 9. Electrical 10. Tiling work Contact me @ 94483512 Johnny Ong for further enquiry & quotation website: www.leongyik.com.sg email: johnnyong@leongyik.com.sg Leong Yik Engineering & Contractor Pte Ltd 樑益工程建筑私人有限公司
  6. Hi Would like to share and records my renovation journey Our new house is a 5-room BTO in AMK and here's our floor plan: Gotten key on Jan 2017 view from service yard View from aircon ledge
  7. Hi, Just to share a good electrician worked for my unit full restoration of electrical wiring. Cost less than 4k. he charge by per item: single power point $50 double power point $55 light point $30 heater/AC point $100 install light $10 He might not be the cheapest, but his workers workmanship is commendable. And he is quite responsive when requesting for changes, giving ideas.
  8. Lucky Khoon, A&S Lighting is a humble bathroom, kitchen and lighting company opened by a small group of friends who are plumbers and electricians. We believe that with our decades of expertise, we can excel in providing better products that are durable, easy to maintain and, most of all, value for money for our customers. After six years, we have expanded into 2 showrooms : Enterprise One @ Kaki Bukit, and Tradehub @ Boon Lay. Lucky Khoon currently operates a small fleet of plumbing and electrical contractors, dedicated to providing you quality service. Visit our showrooms at 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #01-01/02/03/04 Enterprise One Singapore 415934 Locate us 24 Boon Lay Way #01-72, Tradehub 21 Singapore 609969 Locate us Websites luckykhoon.com.sg aslightingsg.com Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/luckykhoonbathroom https://www.facebook.com/aslightingpteltd/ With your support, we will continue to offer great products at great prices.
  9. Kim San Electrical Engineering has serve my home electrical and plumbing needs for years. They have more than 40 years of experience, reliable and efficient. Their port folio includes the electrical works for all the Sheng Siong minimarts, not to mention many residences. They sell lights, water heater, ceiling fan and home appliances too. Their shop is in Blk 9004. #01-112 Tampines Industrial Park A, St 93. S 528838 (Near the famous Lobster Nasi Lemak) contact number 67847226.
  10. Installing a power outlet enhances the outdoor area of the house and one can fully enjoy the open air. Everyone loves to stroll outside the house and relax in the fresh air comfortably. The best thing to do is to add an electrical outlet in the outdoor living space area and follow the below-given suggestions: 1. Lighting- One should always experiment with different type of lighting to match the mood and enhance the excitement. For example, set the outdoor area with illuminating bright light and enjoy playing games with the whole family. Moreover, one can put magical strings of fairy lights to dazzle up a late night party. 2. Cool and heat- To provide a comfortable temperature outside the house, one can plug in a gentle mist cooling system or a weather-resistance outdoor fan. One can even install an outdoor rated heating system by taking help of an electrician electrician to enhance the outdoor living space during winters. 3. Work- An outdoor outlet provides convenience for the garden tools to operate without any problem. The trimmers, leaf blowers, etc operate easily with more power than the batteries and without any noise, mess, and hassle that one gets while putting fuel into the gasoline. 4. Play- One can easily enjoy and play the favorite musical instrument like electric guitar, keyboard or kazoo by connecting the instrument to the outdoor outlet. 5. Cook- There is nothing better than cooking in the garden amidst the beauty of the flowers. By installing an outdoor power outlet, one can use the small appliances to whip up the favorite treats. Making use of an electric grill is the best option as it heats up fast and is easy to clean. Moreover, it is safe to use as it does not cause any off-gas fumes and carbon-monoxide like charcoal or propane. Before setting out the power outlet outside there are few things which one has to decide. The first thing is whether to run it overhead, which is easier but prone to damage easily, or to keep the wiring underground, which is a bit difficult to install but safer. The second thing is where to position the outlet, which should be decided wisely to avoid any problem. One should take help of a professional electrician to set the power outlet with ease. ______________________ Please share your opinion. Thanks! Electrician Palo Alto Electrical Contractor Redwood City
  11. Hi, I would like to share my recent experience with an electrician named Tan. He cheated my mother of $1450 and I don’t want anyone else to fall victim to his scam tactics so please be aware and help to spread the word. The main power of our house had been shorting out at random times over the past week or so. My mother found Tan's ad for electrical services in the newspaper and called him to come and check what was causing this on 6 December. He came over to our house and checked the main circuit board. He said it needed to be replaced and that it would cost $1450 to replace some circuit breakers and a copper wire. My mother said $1450 was very expensive and asked if he could give a discount. Tan refused repeatedly then started using scare tactics, saying the problem was “serious”, “the circuit breakers were all “black” and that “the house could have burnt down”. My mother is a retiree and she was alone at home that day. When she heard these things, she got scared and agreed to his price. Tan then proceeded to replace the circuit breakers, but started displaying a lot of bizarre behaviour. He started complaining that the house was “very hot” and that he was “tired” then repeatedly stepped out of the house to the common corridor, saying he needed to “rest”. He took a grand total of 30min, INCLUDING his repeated breaks of stepping out to “rest”, to fix the circuit board and said he would give her a one-year warranty on the circuit board parts he replaced. After Tan left, my mother was very upset and called to tell me what happened. I was extremely angry that she did not call me earlier to discuss this, as I even though I am not familiar with an electrician’s typical pricing, I know that $1450 is a ridiculous amount to charge for less than 30min of work replacing a few circuit breakers and one copper wire. I would have told her to have at least gotten a second opinion and to definitely not agree to such an outrageous price. I asked my mother why she agreed to Tan’s price and she said she got frightened when he said the switch board could catch fire and burn the house down. Tan took advantage of my elderly mother, and the fact that she was alone at home with no one to help advise her that this was 1) an unreasonable price, 2) she should get a second quote, and used scare tactics to scam her. His tactic of scaring my mother into acceptance was completely unethical and the fact that he charged so much for such little work was so utterly reprehensible. To make matters worse, the power in the house shorted out again the very next day – three times! When she called Tan to inform him and asked him to come back to check, he said he was busy settling “personal matters” and was not free to come back. He then had the audacity to tell my mother that the wiring of one of our electrical appliances may be faulty and we should “call an electrician” to “settle our problem” before calling him back. My mother told me what he said and I was furious and shocked at the nonsense Tan was spewing. He is an electrician. He was hired to check and fix the electrical fault one day ago. He overcharges by a crazy amount and then it turns out the problem had not been fixed at all. Then he refuses to come back even and tells us to hire “an electrician”?! Where is the logic in that? Clearly he did not do a proper job in the first place and clearly he is not honouring the one-year warranty he guaranteed. I asked my husband to call Tan to talk to him. Tan gave the same nonsensical answer that he was not free to come back until maybe one week later. Tan also said he would have to charge us again if he were to come back. My husband pointed out to Tan that it was his job to check everything that day to find what was causing the short circuits but he clearly didn’t do that and if so how he could have charged $1450. Tan insisted that was just for replacing the circuit breakers and that if we were not happy then “don’t call him back”. My husband told Tan that he was clearly cheating my mother of her money and if he refused to make good on his service and warranty, my husband would report this to the police and CASE. Tan then cursed my husband with a string of Hokkien vulgarities and hung up the phone. This incident has left my whole family feeling cheated and scarred. Not only was my mother cheated of $1450, we now have to hire another electrician to do the work that Tan did not do in the first place. And my mother is ashamed that she got cheated by Tan and traumatised by all the lies and trouble this crook caused. I’ve reported this incident to EMA and CASE, but CASE said it is unable to help because Tan is an individual not a company. I’ve attached a pic of Tan’s newspaper ad. Please do not engage his services and fall victim like we. I do not wish for anyone else to get cheated by this crook and he needs to taken to task for scamming an elderly lady of so much money. EO
  12. As title, looking for electrician contact, also advise for quotation and price for following Light-switches: 3 switches plate = 2 2 switches plate = 3 1 switch plate = 3 Lights: Down-lights = 26 - 30 Ceiling lights = 6 Socket: double-socket = 15 single-socket = 2 Other: ceiling fan = 2 LAN Cat6 = living to 3 bedrooms Builtin Oven = 1 Builtin Microwave = 1 TV point = 1 A/C socket = 1 Replace/Relocate DB Box Flat 4 Room HDB Resale.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for reliable and recommended Electrician, Plumber and Aircon Service guy. Thanks for Pm me..
  14. Are you looking for the best electrician in your town to find the solution to all your problems regarding your electricity? JT Electricals offer the very best solutions in electricals and solar services in Hollister, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and San Juan Bautista. Visit http://jtesolar.com for more details.
  15. Do you need electrician for your office or home for repairing or maintenance of your electricity? JT Electric is a full service commercial, residential and industrial electrical and solar contracting company having many years of experience.
  16. Are you looking for an electrician for your house or office? I would like to suggest this site for all your electrician need.
  17. Hi, I would like to install a local LAN in my new place. I am looking for an electrician whom is familiar with such installation. Do anyone has someone to recommend?
  18. Hi, I have engaged an interior designer to work on my new home. This designer was from a reputable design house in the east and has been in the industry for quite some time. They are always in Singapore expo during furniture fair. The prior experience has been positive and things can always be worked out, until we have signed on the line. For a home reno, the first step is to get the electrician to do up the necessary lighting points. I gave the ID free play on the design, lighting etc. To save him some trouble, I even agreed to use his electrician, if the ballpark price he offered was 3K plus. When the electrician came down, he looked through and gave a quote of 5K, which is after a discount of $4XX dollars. To make matters worst, I asked for a quotation and the pricing in the quotation was wrong. This made me hunt for another electrician for a second opinion. The second electrician price quoted was at least SGD 1K difference. Out of due respect, I decided to offer the quote to the ID and his appointed contractor. I offered 4K max sum. But they did not give in. Now the ID said that if I were to get the third party electrician, he will not warrant the damages to the flooring, carpentry, walls etc in the cause of renovation as these damages maybe caused by the electrician. The whatsapp message was very threatening, in my opinion. Any suggestions on what I can do?
  19. Hi all Apart from lucky khoon what other companies provide similar products and services? Most impt is to provide competitive pricing and good after sales service. I just gotten my resale flat and undergoing reno in oct. Any helpful suggestions will be more than welcome. I'm looking at the following: Hob n stove (saw fujioh LK quoted me $868 for white glass 3 stove + the air ventilator) Joven 35l Bathroom accessories for 2 toilets Led lights ($28/m i think) downlight (3 types of lights $58) n track lights $68) Taps n toilet bowls shower accessories
  20. Hello Could anybody direct me to an electrician or plumber who can install an under the sing garbage disposal Thank You
  21. Hi, I recall last time I came across a post here that someone said their electrician charged only $10 per point for changing such light switches n power sockets. I've bought 20plus for the house and want to change like 6 as soon as possible. Does anyone have any reliable contacts for this? Actually, I can do myself I think..but may be very slow. And not sure also if I will do it correctly. So please intro to me if you have frm your recent reno. Much appreciated!
  22. Hi Guys, There is a big danger in engaging those cheapo unlicensed electrician. I had a chat earlier with HDB and also a family financial planner . They mention that in the event of fire or other accident, if your house has no PUB testing cert you will have hard time to file a claim and compensation. Next, How do you find direct electrician .. https://elise.ema.gov.sg/elise/findworkerservlet?Operation=GetOffer&Item=EL Its easy as that, Best if you can find one near your house and insist to view their cert. Usually their quote is lesser then ID . Good luck.
  23. If any one has a decent and fairly priced electrician to recomend please send me his contact. Need to do up DB box and electricals for my office. Had taken qotes from 2 contractors, and they are asking $90 and $78 per double socket electrical point. i beleive this is high in reference from the othe forum posts? Much appreciated!
  24. Hi guys, just wanted to share my experience with you all and possibly get some advice. I got the keys to my resale HDB flat in May this year. After which, I started looking for an electrician. I checked quotes online as well as had a couple of electricians recommended by friends. I met up with one guy upon my friend's recommendation. He came down on a Saturday and gave me a rather reasonable quote. He also mentioned that the trunking cost will be minimal and will be added in after the work is done because he can't gauge how much he will need to use. So, I asked him to please work with my contractor on the schedule. She feedback to me that he was very uncooperative. Didn't keep to his schedule, turned up as and when he felt like it. I am a single, working woman so I could only head down on weekdays after work and on weekends to check the progress. My contractor also kept me in the loop through the phone. The renovations commenced end on the second week of June. It was scheduled to end on 18 July, I was to move in on 19 July. The weekend before it was scheduled to end, I checked with my electrician on the status and requested that he complete everything by 15 July. He told me it was not gonna be a problem. The contractor handed over the house to me on 18 July in the evening. I had gone down for a final look and realised that one of the twin sockets was incomplete. Some others were crooked and not aligned. So then I contacted the electrician and asked him when he would be completing everything, he said he will arrange again but he cannot do weekends. He can only do on weekdays between 9am to 5pm. So that meant I had to take a day off work to see that everything is completed, which is unfair to me. Over the next couple of weeks, I tried to arrange for a time. There was one weekday that my friend was gonna be around so I dropped him that he could come on a Friday, so just let me know if he can make it. I dropped him that message on a Tuesday. There was no sight, no sound. Then 2 weeks later, he emailed me and told me that I have overlooked payment, I replied him that it was not an oversight but that the work has not been completed. Subsequently, we kept missing each other's calls. When I finally did manage to speak to him, he started shouting at me and I couldn't get a word in so I passed the phone to my friend who was with me at the time. I did tell him that he can even come and fix in the evenings after 6pm. His response was "who works at that time?". He was adamant about not being able to work on weekends. In the first place, before I agreed to engage him, it should have been made clear to me that he cannot work at certain times. Its absurd because the first time we met was on a Saturday. When my friend was talking to him, he was shouting at her too and saying that he does not work on weekends. She did offer to pay half of cost for the incomplete and crooked ones, he told her to go and give the money to God. After that very unpleasant situation, I spoke to the friend who had recommended him and she also saw the incomplete and crooked work done. She said that he was actually recommended by her colleague. So she spoke to her colleague who said that she would have a word with him but after that, nothing. This happened on 18 Aug. 2 days ago, he emailed me and asked me to settle everything by this week. He is denying everything mentioned before and is accusing me of shouting at him instead. This guy is so very dishonest and has a terrible attitude. In his quotation and invoice, it is stated that a deposit is required upfront, which has been paid. The remaining amount is to be paid upon completion. However, because it was not complete and some of the crooked ones were not rectified, I feel that its unfair for him to demand full payment. Now, he is saying that I am the one who shouted at him and I am the one who is inflexible with the timing. Can anyone advise me how I should go about dealing with this?
  25. Any electrician or have good contact of electrician kindly pm me. I am asking this for a friend, wanting to - dismantle 6 current downlight - Install 6 new downlights ( 3 of them hole must add fibre board for false ceiling ) - Add one new lighting point and install one hanging light. Kindly pm me for the quote, thanks!