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Mansionette Owner

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Hi everyone

Been missing this few weeks. Was so stressed with my id.... giving many excuses and trying ways and means to squeeze us more on cost. :angry2:

Now having problem with railing issue. A massive headache for now. If anyone have contact for railing contractors, please share. i seriously cannot tahan already... This renovation process is definitely not a good experience for me. :(...

your Id not taking care of the railing? Waa really...i think your id learn his skill from youtube..


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Wow, I miss coming to Renotalk. Been four years since I was active (see my sig).

Anyway, on topic of EM, I have a story to tell.

We looked at a few EMs in Tampines. 1st one we saw, we fall in love. It was a rare EM, has 5 bedrooms (yes, you read it right), 3 on the lower floor, and 2 on the upper. It's located in a nice, D & B precint in Tampines. There're only 2 EMs in the whole block, the rest are 5-room or EA.

Floor to ceiling windows in the living room. Kitchen is odd-shaped but can live with it. Super huge but odd-shaped bathrooms, one on each floor.

No store room but we can make one from one of the bedroom. Current owner has turned the upstairs bedrooms into one super duper Master with WIW. Fantastic, so many things I can do with this unit to turn into the best house ever.

We saw it twice. First time, just me and hubby.

2nd time, we came with my 3 kids and my agent-friend coz want to talk business.

My problem is that I'm cash poor so I need to sell off my house before I can buy a new one.

The asking price was $800K. Considered expensive coz valuation around that area is about $700K+. But I'm so in love with it, I'm willing to still consider.

The more reason I need to sell my house first so we can use the cash from there to buy this dream home.

So it's now been a month since I saw the unit, and it's still on the market. Yay, so happy.

But a few weeks ago I saw smth that broke my heart.

No, the unit was not sold.

The owner is now asking for $920,000.

I thought it was a mistake. I watsapp the agent, ask her, seriously, is the seller asking for $920K?

She said yes.

I said that's ridiculous. Prices going down.

She asks me how much I'm seriously offering.

I said it is impossible for me to buy because the COV is not worth it. Even at $800K, it is over-priced, now asking for $920K??? Like an EM in Bishan or Queenstown?? Hello, this is TAMPINES ( no offence).

Even if it is 'super rare' and unique (ala penthouse EM), I still think it is unrealistic and ridiculous.

I still have to reno the unit because it's not in that great a condition. There's like aircon trunking hanging off the ceiling! and the master bathroom has glass walls!

I don't want my hubby to see me while I take a dump!

Sorry for my ranting. I'm so disappointed and angry at the seller's attitude. Don't think they're really serious in selling. They've moved out and living with sick MIL, so to them, I sell, ok, I don't sell also ok. Not urgent. That's why they dare ask for that kind of price.

What you guys think? Worth it to pay super premium COV for 'rare' unit? In this case, it really is rare. but no way I'm paying $200K extra for it.


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Nice to have the service balcony... and the main bedroom above the balcony..

Recently exercised option for a 5 Room mansionette... :jammin:

No service balcony... and main bedroom is the one facing the corridor..


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I believe the price can always be negotiated.

But who is representing you? It's the Agent job to fight for you. NEVER take same agent who knows each other, they will never fight for you. Engage an independence Agent who is unrelated to the seller Agent. I did so and my agent can fight for the costing, the extension, etc.

BTW, the EMs there are pretty big. :)

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HI all,

Can share how much is the motorised roller shutter for the balcony?

I called Paul Aluminium but they refuse to disclose... It is hard for me to work out my budget like that. I just need to know an estimate.

Around $2k+


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