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Our Dream Home @ Woodlands Meadow

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Getting really excited! 3 more days to go!

Meanwhile, have been doing some planning about what I need to buy and where I will be buying..

Thinking of buying my bathroom + kitchen accessories from Royal Fanco. Read many good feedback / review online. Willing also be calling sforshor's LED contact for my down lights + checking out an AMK neighbourhood store highly raved by my neighbours.

Bathroom Accessories

2x towel holder

2x toilet paper holder

2x bidget

Sink (not sure 1 or 2, see what HDB provides first)

WC (not sure 1 or 2, see what HDB provides first)

Not getting for bathroom

Mirrors and vanity cabinet (Included in my reno work)

Using solid surface as corner racks in both toilets as shared by Harriette (Must check with ID)

Not changing the showers

Kitchen Accessories

1x undermount sink

1x mixer

Already purchased

Hood - EF CH9202

Hob - Brandt TG1273B

Oven - Bosch HBN331E2J

Fridge - Samsung RT35FDACDSL


13x downlight for living room, dining area + passageway

3x LED lights for bedrooms

2x LED lights for toilets

1x LED light for kitchen

1x LED light for service yard

1x LED lights for bomb shelter


1x ceiling fan (aiming for fanco aroma)

1x safe (need recommendation!)

1x wine chiller (need recommendation!)

Decided not to get dining lights in the end as I am contemplating getting the "spaceman" table introduced by Ning Ning. If that's the case, my dining table will be moved around when I invite people over. The dining light will look very out of place once the table is shifted around.

Have I missed out anything that is essential for reno for kitchen, toilets, ceiling fan and lights? Or any other recommendations to buy the items?

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Happy Updates

Opened door + sister in law gave birth today! Double happiness!

It was a pretty siong day for us. Busy for the entire day and talked until our saliva dry (peeps, remember bring water bottle along when open door next time, especially if you are meeting FSM to discuss house FS and ID to discuss defects!)

Just a brief summary of what we did.

0930 - Reach HDB hub apply fire insurance (topped up for additional 5 yrs contents insurance)

0945 - Took queue for signing of lease + collect keys

0955 - Entered to collect keys (signed the most number of signatures at one go in my entire life lol)

1040 - Sign up for SP services

1045 - Left HDB hub for lunch

1115 - Chiong to new house open door

1130 - Start the auspicious door opening ceremony as advised by FSM

1200 - ID arrived to check defects

1215 - FSM arrived to do FS audit

1330 - Went through house FS audit + Bazi analysis

1600 - Continue check and mark out defects

1700 - Report defects

1730 - Leave our dream home

1800 - Visit our niece!

Long day today indeed. Update more on the specifics tomorrow!


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Congratulation and happy for you. I have signed up the same ID as you. Eagerly anticipate the progress of your flat ID.

Thanks! Hope Jason gave you a good quote too ;)

congrats! :dribble: haha what a pack day u have~ have a smooth reno!

Thanks neighbour! Ya lor, packed until these few nights vvv tired!!!

congrats on the key collection!!

So exciting, hope your reno works go smooth and according to expectations!

Thanks mrslee ;) Yes, hope everything will go smoothly and reno will come out really nice!


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More Updates

Today was another long day running outside.

Started discussion with ID at 10am on paint colour / laminates choice / revision to drawing according to FS etc and ended the conversation 4.5hrs later.

I thought I was very efficient and fast liao leh. Go through the entire house carpentry + all choices! But hubby still say I too lor sor :~

As of today, we are left with deciding on ABS trimmings + colour of our settee cushion + wardrobe configuration.

Apart from that, meeting on-site on Friday to run through and confirm on additional electrical points + air con trunking.

After that went to buy new broom and dustpans (advised by FSM) and headed over to our house to clean up the fruits offerings, rice, beans, tea leaves etc. Imagine our surprise when we see a worker inside working on our defects! *thumbs up - very efficient* He was still working on it when we left 1/2 hour later. Hope it was a job well done :lol:

Headed down to Mega Discount Store after that to look for our wine chiller. But found no suitable ones. Later after considering most are made in china + easy to spoil + we can chill the wine in the fridge or use a ice bucket, we dropped the idea. Save the money.

Shopped at Song Cho at Kallang Leisure Park since it was near to Mega Discount Store after that. Bought the following for $800+ (*cries v ex!*). All grade 304 stainless steel and life time warranty. Since toilet is high water usage area, thought it is best to spend on good quality SS items.

2 x toilet roll holder

2 x bidget

2 x corner rack

2 x towel holder with top rack (1 single and 1 double towel holder)

1 x glass platform for common toilet as it has no mirror storage

After Song Cho, headed down to Lightings.com.sg at Geylang to look for LED down lights by my ID recommendation. But didn't find anything we want. Phillips down lights are so ex!!! The ones that are cheap are energy saving lights only. Left without buying anything.

Went into Heritage (along the same stretch) to look at toilet sink, WC and kitchen sink. Looked around a bit and left as thought of buying from Royal Fanco instead since it has better and lots of good reviews online.

Drove over to Jalan Besar to visit Royal Fanco. Small shop with friendly uncle there. Though not much items on display, the combo set for toilet sink and WC + kitchen sink are about same price as Heritage (or i think was slightly more ex).

Left without buying also.. as was contemplating whether to spend money to buy new sink and WC when HDB already provided. But I really don't like what HDB have :( Thought about it for quite a bit, and decided, rather spend the money and be happy whenever I enter my master bedroom toilet, den question why didn't I change daily for the next 5 years. So.. DECIDED TO BUY! Prob head down tomorrow.

Royal Fanco was our last stop for the day. Was already really tired by then. Made lots of decisions in a single day and it is really really draining.

I think hubby & I may be overly ambitious. People take many weekends to research / finalise / buy reno-related stuff, we are trying to cramp them all into a week :jawdrop: Lucky I have been researching and scouting around RT for quite sometime and more or less know what we need and where to get the things from. Otherwise I cannot imagine how we can ever finish buying and discussing what we need for the reno. OMG.

Aside from heading to Royal Fanco tomorrow, will also be calling sforshor's contact tomorrow to arrange to look at the LED downlights. Cross fingers he's available and we are able to find what we like then.

In the meantime, I need to catch my beauty sleep! Another long day tomorrow!

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Good day Sis,

I am looking for ID for my resale unit at Jurong West too.

Follow through your thread, your ID seems doing a good job with reasonable cost.

Can I request the ID contact? Many thanks in advance :)


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Good day Sis,

I am looking for ID for my resale unit at Jurong West too.

Follow through your thread, your ID seems doing a good job with reasonable cost.

Can I request the ID contact? Many thanks in advance :)

PM-ed you :)


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Did not head out today as wasn't feeling too well, and baby niece was home for the first day! had a mini celebration for her homecoming :wub:

Completed my wardrobe configuration today though! Have 8 doors (approx 13ft).

Hubby only requested for 2 doors, 1 will be used for "storage" for common stuff like bed sheet etc. He doesn't understand why he need more than 2, and I don't understand how he can do with just 2. But anyway, I get the remaining 5 doors :dancingqueen:

Hmm. Photobucket isn't loading. Shall share my planning tomorrow. Pretty simple layout actually.

Tomorrow got to meet ID at 9.30am to go through my electrical plans and air con trunking! Thankful that he managed to gather them together with such last minute notice since it shld usually be tough to coordinate everyone.

After that will discuss my wardrobe + settee colour + ABS trimmings i think. and maybe visit a few neighbours flats who engaged him :rolleyes:

Then we will have to go buy our toilet stuff + LED lights liao! Cannot drag anymore! But not sure they open or not tomorrow....

Oh and my FSM came back with a suitable auspicious start reno date! It will be this Sat! *YAYS!*

Train of thought is jumping everywhere as there is simply too many things going on at one go. fast and furious gogogo!


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