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  1. Recently i just did my flooring as well & i agree with homelover. Rather spend more than settle on something cheaper that might give problems later. especially when flooring is so crucial.
  2. I'm also trying to shortlist ID firms, normally i decide based on reviews and all by homeowners. Nothing beats word of mouth from others! Maybe you can check out their facebook or listing to look for more reviews about them. Hope it helps!
  3. Hi, do you mind Pm me your contractor details? thank you
  4. lorennzo


  5. Please drop a message here if you are keen & probably share some recommendations!
  6. Looking forward to seeing your renovation process! Will you be getting tv or speakers? looking for recommendation from home users!
  7. Seems like taobao is really a popular choice to purchase home furnishing...... i will be purchasing tv and sound systems, are you looking into that? any recommendations?
  8. was wondering will you be getting Tv or sound systems? wanted to ask recommendations from home owners like yourself.
  9. Good luck to your renovation! can't wait to see how it will turns out. Are you looking at Tv or any sound systems? cause im actually seeking for recommendations!
  10. hi, are you gonna be getting any new TV or sound system? was hoping for some recommendations if you are getting one.
  11. well, im sure you will be very excited to start planning for all the renovations and purchasing of furnitures and electronic items. haha
  12. Hi, would be glad to receive some recommendations from home owners.
  13. Hi there, anyone had any good brands to recommend? have been looking between Sony and Panasonic but not sure which is good. Anyone also looking at these brands? Appreciate some feedbacks!
  14. Wow, your house designs look really nice. enjoyed reading those posts and looking at the pictures keep on posting i guess the best part about renovation is getting all the furniture like sofa etc or televisions. haha.