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  1. Hi, My opinion... I would think that an aircon in the living room would be necessary due to possible haze from neighbouring country. This is especially so if you have young kids/babies, unless you can constrain them to the bedroom. While there are additional costs to a system 4 + inverter compared to a system 3, if you spread out the cost over 10 yrs or so, i think it will be worthwhile installing. Cheers
  2. Hi all, My 5-room HDB is currently tenanted out until early Apr 17. The plan is to do a complete overhaul for renovation and move in before mid Jun 17. I would like to ask when I should start to look for IDs? Just some background, this is my second renovation. The first was done on a tight budget more than 10 years ago. Basically, my wife and I just accepted most of what the ID had proposed which in hindsight was not such a good idea (we thought that since he is a professional, he should know better). So this time, we would like to be heavily involved in entire design of the unit (from the selection of the final design, selection of all materials used, the internal configurations/measurement of the carpentry, layout of aircon pipes, etc) and what IDs should be delivering at the end of the day. We expect the entire design process to be highly interactive and would probably be challenging for both ID and us as well. Hopefully at the end of the day, it will be a fulfilling process for both parties (We get the dream home at a reasonable cost, and the ID would have something worthy to showcase in his/her portfolio) However, we am quite busy during the weekdays and weekends are usually spent with family and kids. Working backwards from the expected move in date (mid Jun 17) and assuming renovation starts immediately after we take control of out unit (estimated 2 months for the entire renovation and furnishing process), I would like to seek your advice on when we should start talking to IDs, considering the level of involvement that we would like and how much time we have in reality. How much time should we budget for discussing the design portion of the renovation process? Should we start in Dec, or Sep or even now (seems too kiasu right?) We have some IDs whom we have in mind that we would be approaching based on past recommendations. However, we do not want to approach them too early so as not to waste their time (although we don't mind talking to them early to get more ideas though). Any advice? Thanks and regards Roland PS: If you are an ID and would like to discuss with me your ideas, I seek your kind understanding of the above timeline. I am in no hurry to renovate or sign any "special price packages". I would only be signing the package if and only if (1) I am comfortable and confident in your ability to deliver nearer to the date and (2) when the design is more or less finalized. If you are agreeable, I would be more than happy to discuss with you my requirements and listen to your proposals.
  3. Hi, Just to add to the list (based on personal experience): Electrical sockets which are low (ie near to the floor) - might be dangerous to curious kids Furniture and/or applicance which are easy toppled (ie high centre of gravity) - eg standing fan, stools Some furniture made of wood might have splinters over time after knocks.. Cheers
  4. I think you can call your town council for help. Each unit (if I'm not mistaken) can ask town council to help dispose 1-2 large items per month foc (but always good to tip the workers for their efforts by giving them some small tokens of appreciation/drinks etc..)
  5. I got mine from simwinliang.. Quite solid and stable, made of galvanized steel... you can look and order online, but you need to do proper measurement.
  6. Hi, Just wanted to solicit some ideas how to mount LCD TV and place routers for a minimalist and uncluttered look for my future renovation. TV I am contemplating with the idea of having no TV console, and use a floor to ceiling stainless steel pole structure to mount my LCD TV. Advantages would be less cluttered, and ability to sting swing the TV around to change the angle of view. Wires can be hidden within the pole. Easy to clean since no TV console to wipe/maintain.. My questions... can I mount the DVD player together with the TV? Does such pole come with a sort of holder for the DVD player? Routers/Modems Nowadays, we will have two pieces of equipment, one ONT and one wireless router. My question is to how to place/position them so that it is technically reasonable, but yet take up minimal space? (I understand that there are discussion online on how to place the router so that every corner in the house can access wifi etc, but such discussion will inevitably suggest that the router to be placed uncovered in the middle of the house for maximum coverage and speed which will be an eye sore so I am not going down this route). Placing the ONT and router on some cabinets etc will collect dust and spoil the minimalist look (especially with so many wires and cable connected to both equipments). It will be troublesome for future maintenance as well.. Just some thoughts, is it possible to mount the router upside down on the ceiling or wall like what has been done in some universities? Will there be a great inconvenience if I intend to replace the router every 2-3 years etc and if the router will spoil easily? Any thoughts if the above is possible or any better ideas to achieve my aim?? Or am I just being plain silly? Cheers
  7. Hi, I agree with toapayohflat 100%. Really need to be very careful. I have a tenant (a family of 2 adults 2 kids)... Before renting, they seems quite ok, keep assuring me that they are a very simple family, absolutely no trouble...blah blah... After renting to them, quite a number of issues 1. Spoiled 2 washing machines within 7 months (I have been using one of them for 7-8 years without issues. They spoil it within 2 weeks. Get a second hand one, spoil it within 6 months. Even wanted me to cover their laundry charge... $#%#@$@%#). Once may be a coincidence, but twice seems suspicious... 2. Late payment each and every month.. Supposed to pay by day 0, always pay around 6-8 days late. Every month need to remind them to pay rental. One of the months, I reminded them on day 5, they complain that they have already transferred on day 4 and I should have waited. 3. Spoiled my heater within 5 weeks (I gave them warranty of 30 days as per normal rental contract). Requested me to change one, saying that they are unable to get their property agent to reach me in time. 4. Insisted that I have to help them put back the sofa cover after I have send them for dry cleaning when I first rented to them (saying that they are too tight, don't how to put it back) There are still other minor things which are too minor (but pesky). I won't have rented to them if I know their pattern... sianz.. Now can only hope that they refuse to pay me rental (so that I can evict them legally) or wait till the rental agreement has lapsed..
  8. Hi, I am looking for someone to do defect inspection service for a newly TOP apartment which I have recently purchased. Does anyone has any recommendation with a reasonable and affordable pricing? Thanks and Regards
  9. Another vendor is www.i-one.sg Disclaimers apply as well...
  10. Just saw from another post that HAP has those touch screen switch - http://www.hap.sg/home.html Disclaimer: I'm not from this company, cannot vouch for their product/service/safety Not sure if they are approved for use in Singapore - all switches need to have the Safety logo if I'm not mistaken. Spring Singapore has a list of controlled items which require this logo and wall switch/socket is one of themBTW, if you use them or install other touch screen switches from other companies, can you share your experience and cost for the benefit of the renotalk community please? Thanks
  11. Hi, I rented my house to a family of 4 and somehow they managed to spoil two washers in 6 months.. The first is an Electrolux washer which I have used for 8 years. No issue when I am using it. But within two weeks of renting my house, they spoil it. According to the agreement, I replaced it with a second hand Samsung which was in a reasonable condition. Spoil it within 6 months... Can anyone recommend me a new CHEAP washer within $200, including delivery. No preference for brand, size, model, top/front load.. just cheap will do. Or does anyone know what is the usual cost of repairing a washer? Is it more than $200? Any contact for a good repair man? Thank you Regards
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    Hi, Can I have Vincent's number as well? Thank you!
  13. Hi, I agree with deepakvali. If I were you, I would (1) give warning for the panel to be removed by a certain date (tenant must comply) (2) after the deadline, if tenant does not comply, kick him out with immediate effect and forfeit his deposit (3) If he refuse to move out and yet refuse to remove the partition, call the police. You may want to discuss with your agent to see what is the best way to approach this. Ideally, you should get the agent to go with you, so that he can be your witness. Cheers
  14. Hi, Can you share J&E's contact with me as well please? May I know how do you find the workmanship? May I also know if J&E is registered under HDB - which company are they registered under? Thank you
  15. I guess it depends on your design theme.. but I personally prefer using frameless tempered glass as the railing instead. I saw some pic online and it has a very modern and minimalist look - very classy as well Cheers
  16. Hi, Not sure if all hardware shops sell them, but I usually go to Shanghai Tong Lee at Textile Centre to buy fittings such as hydraulic stays etc. Price wise is quite reasonable.. The safest way would be to remove one of your current hinge and bring it down to ask them for a suitable replacement, Cheers
  17. Hi, For my case, the ID will do a chemical wash for the entire house and hand over the house to me. When this is done, he would remove the number lock and I will replace with my own lock. Only then, I will ask for the appliances to be delivered. Of course, I will need to be there for any rectification to be performed.. I won't trust the contractors/ID to be careful with my stuffs. Even if you are sure that they did damage your stuffs, it will be difficult to prove it. Cheers
  18. I guess that depends on your kitchen cabinet's color and style.. I personally prefer white (without the tint of green). Does your contractor recommend you a suitable color?
  19. Hi RetiredInteriorDesigner, Probably another sensitive question... based on your experience, what is the best way we can bargain with the ID/contractors, if let say we like what they propose, but the costing is an issue? How do we know that the ID/contractor has done their best in their quotation without lowering the quality? I understand that they need to make a reasonable margin to survive, but it will be too much if the margin is ridiculous. Thanks
  20. Hi, For the clothes hanging bracket, I remember seeing something similar in DIY shops like Home-Fix or Self-Fix. At least, the one in Marina Sq does carry it when I passed by a couple of weeks back. But of course, the price is not cheap. Cheers
  21. For electrical switches, it must come with the safety logo as switches are considered control goods. Spring website has a list of controlled goods which states the items which required testing for minimum safety standards. Switch and sockets are covered under these. I am toying with the same idea (Livolo touch switches) for my next major renovation in 1-2 years time but was disappointed that this is not allowed...
  22. Hi Zenarc, Your design and rendering are awesome!! What software did you use? All the best for your reno! Cheers
  23. Hi, Can any folks advise the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel and glass backsplash (white opaque)? Which one would be warmer, easier to maintain etc.? Will white opaque glass backsplash discolor over time? If I opt for the stainless steel backsplash, it will not extend to the full length of my kitchen (i.e. only the hob area (probably 4-5ft while the rest of the length (ard 8-9ft) will still be glass backsplash). Cost wise, how will it compare to a full length glass backsplash? Cheers
  24. Hi treehousevilla, Can you share the contractor's contact? Does he do any designing (simple one will do)? After more than 6 months, i assumed you have moved in. How's the workmanship so far? Great if you can take some pics and share with us. Cheers
  25. Hi, I saw some posts somewhere that say exhaust fans is not allowed for hdb - anyone can confirm if this is true? Thank you