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  1. I am doing my kitchen cabinet as well, same as yr 1side top/bottom 1 set bottom only I got my quote at top $110/pfr bottom $120pfr My is from contractors so not much of fancied design. Which sengkang project u from i from rivergrove
  2. hi neighbor, can i know where you got yr tracking light from? taobao or local? thanks
  3. Any feedback for the ceiling fan? Been eyeing fanco fan, Bt scare it spoilt easily.
  4. Anyone can advices, If annual income is less than 24k(said only 20k) Any chance to take bank renovation loan? Or anyone took renovation loan b4 with less than 24k per annual income? TIA
  5. Hi freakerz can i have the link for the rain shower from tb. Thanks.
  6. Hi chiffon it me again. Can i know where u buy the fanco fan and which model is that? And i know the counter bar is from taobao, u have any link pls. Thanks.
  7. Thanks chiffon, the pic look bright enough. My main problem will be the living room and mbr doing ceiling fan (bt no light) so think have to go for tracking light. Thanks again.
  8. Hi chiffon, Saw u use alot of track light, Can feedback arenthey bright enough? Like for the walkway i think kitchen also. Thanks. Kelvin
  9. Can pm for a quote for ME system 3 pls. Thanks.
  10. Hi aron just wonder the price is it include boxing up the cable/pipe
  11. Hi ongal, Can gv me the contact for the person u got yr tv from. Thanks.
  12. Thanks onehome. Will get to check it out.
  13. Thanks pdark. For joint applications as u mention, not sure if 1 party is having bad credit(like my case) dont know will it approve for the reno loan.
  14. Thanks so much. Look like need to really to check with bank. Another qus. How to get reno loan going? I need to summit quotation from id and prove of house ownership, Bt if comfirm quotation and loan not appoved than how har?
  15. If husband having bad credit with bank, Will it affects wife credit acc? ( my wife have never sign up any credit card etc) Thanks if anyone know. Worry about the reno loan.
  16. Can i get a quote for ME sys 3 for new bto flat 4room. 9kbtu x3 (for 3room) Thanks