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  1. hi! how are the malm drawers holding up? thinking of getting these for to hold my children's clothes but still unsure.
  2. Hi Dorayme, 1) How are the ikea malm drawers holding up? Still not sure if i should get these for my bedrooms. Thanks 2) Also loving your kitchen cabinets. Are they in matte or glossy finish? Any reviews so far?
  3. Hi Kenjo, love the white kitchen. May i know how is the maintenance like so far? Is the finishing in gloss or matte?
  4. Hi loving the cabinets! How has maintenance been so far?
  5. Hi is the white cabinets in matte or glossy finish? How has maintenance been so far?
  6. Hi! Are the white kitchen cabinets in matte finish? How's maintenance been so far cos thinking of doing white too
  7. Hi! Are the kitchen cabinets in matte white or glossy? How's maintenance like thus far?
  8. Hi! May i know where you purchased the toilet mirrors? Or were they customised?
  9. hi where can i purchase those mirrors? Thanks!
  10. hi! where could i get similar mirrors? or did customise them?
  11. Hi all, Has anyone utilised the above facility by HDB? Care to share your experience? I will be selling my current 4rm HDB and buying a 5rm flat. Not using an agent. Quite confused now as I saw there is contra as well as enhance contra facility. What is the difference? Also if I'm taking up the HDB loan for the second time, will it be mandatory to put in 50% of sales proceeds from sale of my flat?
  12. Hi! Care to share new pics of the kitchen? I'm interested in kompacplus too and wondering how it will hold up
  13. Hi Pipsqueak! so loving those wooden tiles you chose for the house! Is the reno completed and do you have more pics of the flooring? I am in the midst of choosing best tiles for our next house. Hubby prefers homo tiles but I'm thinking these wooden looking tiles look really cozy. You reckon maintenance will be easy?