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  1. been pretty busy during the whole of CNY period, especially so when my home is still under-going renovation! So far so good! house is progressing according to planned, with constant updates to my ID every few days. Most importantly, due to my hectic schedule, I would sms him at wee hours of the night and he would almost reply immediately, if not early next morning. This really gives me a peace of mind while the whole renovation progress is going on. P/S: the material selection process is really tiring though. sooooooo many colors and patterns to choose from. see until my eyes blur
  2. this is what i intend to do also with my kitchen... open kitchen concept with glass panels..
  3. no probs! met one of Absolook's most sought ID and engaged them based on his creativity, experience and personality. thank you heaps!
  4. i'm with your father on this i'm afraid. ..looks poor workmanship
  5. guys, if you are feeling down, head down to this thread, it will surely put a smile on your face..you are one funny fellah i also liked story how you ended up with ID/Contractor A, POWERRRRR!!!!! and the side comments on other IDs who ignore you goodluck on your reno!
  6. that's good to know and re-assuring after reading some mixed reviews here! i guess it really comes down to trusting and having good rapport with our chosen IDs...happy stay in to you
  7. hmm ok.. so far, my reno running smoothly.. i hope til the end!
  8. thanks for this. good that you are safe along with your valuables! whatever happened to safe singapore? it scares me that burglars are not even worried getting caught by CCTVs!
  9. i like the paint color choices of your ID, they complement altogether!
  10. who's your friend's ID because i just engaged absolook so want to take precaution and really praying hard it's not the same ID i've signed up with!
  11. Dont know about the others....but i came to know about this forum since im collecting my keys soon. maybe they are too? who knows, some might even be my neighbour!
  12. After an extensive research and numerous visit to various ID's showrooms, we have finally decided to engage absolook for our home renovation! the ID's attentiveness, creativity, patience and service was a level above the others that we had went to. we requested to visit an actual project and really liked their products, especially the carpentry. hopefully it will be a smooth sailing process as this is the 1st time i am renovating my home....will be sharing the progress and update if anyone is interested
  13. Hi Emolimm - can you share his quote via PM pls? thank you! nice home!
  14. Hi Artist, i hope you dont mind me asking on Abxxxxxk, I'm considering them as well despite reading mix reviews here, can you pm me the ID who assisted you so if i get assigned to him, i will stay away due to lack of exp and skyrocket quote? THank you
  15. Luke - dont be too lax on them. I would insist on a compensation and detailed timeline depending on what is stipulated in our agreement.
  16. do you play sports? you can take your girl to the playground and play tag with her, it involves a lot of running after her and fun too!
  17. you two, let the mother do for her daughter, thats mother love
  18. WOWWWW!!!! very well planned, your house so lovely esp the kitchen and living room! thanks for sharing your vo tractor!