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Found 21 results

  1. I decided to write about my "resale flat" reno (I lump under this category as flat is 16YO!) which cost us less than $10k for - 2 new bathrooms - 1 slightly remodelled kitchen, - 3 new cabinets - whole housepainting excl ceiling which was painted 4 years ago - plus miscellaneous like hacking and dismantling Hopefully, this will help homeowners on a budget save money, and I'm also hoping to do a good one for my contractors and to give credit to these good contractors, many of whom are not tech-savvy and do not know how to promote their biz! Good things must share right? ? first, to clarify, the reno is akin to that of a resale flat cos my 5-room is 15 1/2 years old. We stayed for 6 years, rented out for 9 years, then decided to move back. We have always DIY-ed our reno and this time is no exception. No doubt interior designers may give a more polished look but they charge a 33% premium, and I'd rather stretch my dollar to do more stuff! Of course, these disgusting toilets had to go first! The tenants have trashed them up so badly, they are worse than public toilets! Sorry if I spoilt your appetite for a meal! I nearly threw up when I came to inspect the premises!? 
  2. Hi Would like to share and records my renovation journey Our new house is a 5-room BTO in AMK and here's our floor plan: Gotten key on Jan 2017 view from service yard View from aircon ledge
  3. We are looking for help to complete the following, as it is so difficult to look for decent help, we been through alot and many quote ridiculous hefty pricing to fix these after knowing the sh*t state previous irresponsible company put us in. Especially this company: "windowsdxxr.com.sg", saw his brochure in my letterbox that says accept all job big and small, den when call say this dont do that dont do. when I plead further, den briefly quote us high to fix and give bad attitude like we want this problem for ourselves. DONT TAKE THE JOB IS ONE THING, i think the worst is this guy have foul mouth, will make lotsa assumption like he know everything. Making assumptions like "aiya u all owner want cheap then kenna all this la dont know why u all always blablabla" before I even say anything! When I only ask him if he fabricate and install just door panels and drawers! Talk like a owe him anything with no patience at all. I choose to expose him becos he is the worst, talk alot of unnecessary stuff bad attitude! The brochure say until so user friendly everything big small also do, but end up can nicpick project one. He is the reason ppl dont trust brochure. lol Some just ignored, and most say dont take small project or minor work. Some waste my time ask me provide all information photos drawings, ask me sent everything whole chunk alrd den just reply no schedule. wow. A few that reject nicely is kind enough, at least they have courtesy! Just sharing the above for home owners who are sharing the same plight with me. Cant give up at all.. stuck seriously stuck. Back to the problem.... ****if someone will help us, we will be so so so grateful to u and spread good words like wildfire not just because u help. BUT BECAUSE if you can resolve sick problems like that, ppl can and will trust u for big thing. I believe other home owners definitely would trust you with their home even more! Existing carpentry all have body carcass up and laminated but no drawers and door panels! Trust me ppl there are many screw up company out there. Nothing to do with the price too. If they are dishonest, they will always be! Doesnt mean u pay them more and they wont screw things up! I wont give up, I still believe there will be good price with good service out there. We hope we can meet one! Our situation is the last thing u need for renovation! 4 piece of black tinted glass flip and pocket in door panel. est. (W500mm × H250 /pcs) 4 horizontal drawers for study desk and 2 pull out drawers for bottom vertical hole 8 horizontal drawers for chest drawers by the window est. W2100mm. Towards far right of the image needed: a flip up door panel, and a flip right door panel. 2 vanity sink area (W850mm & W900mm respecively) need door panel and 1 drawers. (front exterior view, door is divide equally into 3, 1 for drawers and 2 is flip door) Lastly, there are other parts that need door panels too but didnt wanna post all up. And, Our wardrobe have no hanger rod as well. a wardrobe that cant hang clothes. May God bless me with a samaritan to help us. Kindly contact me at or inbox me here also can. Thanks in advance for ur call !
  4. Hi Just wanting to check base on all your experience an i getting a Fair deal. Basically i am removing this build in table and drawer (they are one pic altogether stuck to my wall) And then I am going to redo only the drawer part making it into a sliding door. The whole length of the Drawer is 9.5Ft I am Q $950 for this. For both removal and redo of the drawer, he say that he already did not charge me the removal fee already don't know how true that is. What do you all think?
  5. Anyone use thecarpenter.com.sg before? They seems to be very good but I can't find any review here. If you have seen any, kindly post the link please. Thank you in advance.
  6. Guys...need help...any carpenter to recommend for something need to rectify at home. After 10years...i am planning (or shall i say I need) to change my bedroom aircon... The problem is during the early days, it leaked and it was resolved by putting PU foam on the trunking...So now i need to change the aircon, some of the trunking are boxed-up...so we need to remove 3 items... 1. Walkway boxed up pillar - Less of an issue... 2. Bedroom Feature wall (toilet side) 3. Wardrobe - trunking pass through I think it is not impossible but doable but we need someone to assist (carpenter)... Any recommendation??? I've seen other post...but all seems to be doing new furnitures...care to help???
  7. hoe&ixe painting service we provide painting for all type houseing hdb 3room 4room 5room landed condo we do provide handyman work all type of interior exterior painting and all houseing reonvation work specialise in nippon and ici paint free quotation call 87199217
  8. Hi All I am looking for a tiling contractor to do overlay of wall tiles in my kitchen walls. Also make good the kitchen ceiling because of spalling concrete. Anyone has a contractor you have used before who is able to do the work, i do not intend to look for an ID because it just small work in kitchen area only. Also need a carpenter to fix new kitchen cabinet because i have just complete the HDB HIP recently and the kitchen cabinet was affected and remove. Thanks in advance.
  9. Just sharing my direct carpenter's contact as I felt he did a good job and very reasonable pricing. I have to state upfront that he is not an ID, but what I did was to show him pictures from magazines and he could sketch them out and fit in the measurements to my customization. I customized my son's bed with bottom storage drawers and a full-height bookshelf at the head of the bed. I also did laminates on top of my bay window ledge which were bare concrete. Small job but I really saved a lot by using him as his pricing was like 50% less than some IDs! Terrible... Im sure the end-product is about the same. More importantly, this carpenter is a young chap (helping out in his dad's furniture carpentry) but honest and responsible guy. He will not delay the date you set, and will complete on time. Just sharing - I am in no way related to this person/company. Just a happy customer.
  10. kayuman


    From the album: Bits & Pieces

    Flat bar waiting for wooden handrail to be installed.
  11. kayuman


    From the album: Bits & Pieces

    Wooden handrail after installation from HUP HENG WOODWORKS.
  12. kayuman


    Wall border combined to form larger piece using AM-series collection trimmings from HUP HENG WOODWORKS.
  13. kayuman


    Wall border combined to form larger piece using AM-series collection trimmings from HUP HENG WOODWORKS.
  14. From the album: Bits & Pieces

    Wooden trims and ornaments from HUP HENG WOODWORKS.
  15. Hi Renotalkers, I'm about to embark on a reno for my 4-rm resale flat kitchen and 2 toilets hack-away and re-do. Got some queries that I need experienced hands to give me ur 2 cents' worth. Haven't chosen ID yet though have spoken with a few firms already. 1. For the kitchen wall at the cabinet area, is it possible for me to do the tiling on only the exposed wall area between the upper and lower cabinets? Or is it a standard procedure to have to tile up the entire wall including the wall behind the upper and lower cabinets? As my kitchen is very big and I plan to run my upper and lower cabinet up to a total length of 40ft, if I only need to tile up the area between the upper and lower cabinets, this would be a significant cost saving. 2. I intend to get the contractor/ID to construct a standard 50mm cement base for the cabinet. Should I do the same for the washing machine and fridge, or is it better to leave them on the tiled kitchen floor and not the base? What are your experiences of the pros and cons of each? Cost savings won't be much as I only allocate 3ft each for fridge and washing machine. 3. My kitchen layout means that my cabinet has an L-shaped corner, which I intend to include a carousel at the corner to "revive" the dead space. If you look at the Ikea kitchen, they have the carousel. Does anyone know if Ikea can come over after the cabinet installation is done and install the carousel? Cos the ID firms so far don't have the type of carousel I want. It seems only Ikea has it. 4. I was thinking of installing a door at the entrance between the kitchen and the living room as I intend to aircon the living room and don't want to over-burden my aircon by making it cool down the kitchen as well. Are there any restrictions (fire-safety or the like?) on putting up doors where there never was a door previously? 5. Lastly, the previous owners are leaving behind a built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom, which I intend to "refresh" by changing hinges, shelves and doors maybe. On top of that I intend to fabricate a small cabinet-cum-bench(10ft) to put below my living room windows to serve as extra storage and seating space. Should I engage a carpenter to do that separately or should I include under my reno package (which I think the ID always takes a cut right?)? Which is cheaper usually? Thanks in advance for all ur patience and help. May you be rewarded in some way or another for your good deed.
  16. Hi all, I have just done up my kitchen cabinet. And the outlook of the laminates i have chosen did not turn out ideal. Because its a brand new cabinet i just need to relaminate a top cabinet about 5ft plus a few doors to white.any ideas or lobang for this? Another problem is, if i change all my cabinets to white, i wish to change my solid top too. Its also brand new, the thin 12mm type. I am looking for a solid wood solid top and i found it at ikea. But my challenge now is: 1)my contractor has installed the cabinetry but not the solid top and fittings yet. But i cant cancel it already so i still have to take it.if i installed it now and just use first, can i remove it in say a few mths later without damaging the cabinet? 2) ikea solid top needs fabrication and installation. Are there any one or carpenter who can help me relaminate someparts of the cabinet, and remove my solid top and fabricate and install the ikea wooden solid top for me over 16ft of bottom cabinets. Any help,suggestions, contacts or direct carpenters are welcomed. I am open for items to be done seperately or better still altogether. Josh
  17. Hi all, I am a newbie ! I hope someone can help with true recommendation on good painter and carpenter company. I had used a few contractors but all are those typical irresponsible contractors. I am staying at bukit panjang condo, I would like to do painting for the whole house including ceilings. I am also planning to get good carpenter to do a small short cabinet in one of the room. Please.... begging all the experts house owner to give me the contact of GOOD and Responsible contractors. Thanks in advance !