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Found 114 results

  1. hi, recently one of the contractors quoted me for overlaying the floor tiles in our 5i resale bathroom (both toilets). however, we prefer to hack the floor tiles altogether as my best friend experienced a problem when she initially chose to overlay. the neighbour's bathroom ceiling started leaking. so they had to stop work and then redo the entire thing by hacking, thus incurring double cost. so which would you suggest? overlay floor tiles or hacking? this is for a resale flat. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  2. Hi All, I would like to share one of my upcoming project which is an 5 room resale flat located @Cassia Crescent. Concept Layout Living Area perspective Dry/Wet Kitchen perspective Thanks for viewing.
  3. Finally decided to start a thread after hanging around for couple of months though my reno has started closed to 1 mth already hehe...Think it will be like a reno diary! Let's begin with the original house floor plan. It's a very simple 2 bedroom unit, with a service yard & a store room @ Bedok area. After several weeks of research, i was pretty clear in the design direction I like a modern them, not a very "woody" person..and i dont want industrial or scandi. Also, i managed to find a studio design that i really like. 1. Layout with requirements 2. My reference studio design!!
  4. Selection of the unit was kinda fast. It only took me 1 day of viewing to decide on the flat. (I think the property agent must be thinking this client is easy earned commission). Actually the property agent was recommended by one of my colleague. I contact the agent and he arrange for flat viewing. On that particular day, he arrange for 7 unit around the area I told him I would preferred. The first 6 was really not to my liking. The last unit, it was the only one that is situated at high floor and its a corner unit. Although the unit was not in a tip top condition, it did not really bother me much cause I have already intended to do a entire overhaul of the flat before moving in. The moment I step into the house, there is just this feeling that this is the one. To cut the story short, I put up an offer to the seller on the same night and he agreed. 5 Months later I am the owner of this house. During the 5 months (1st appointment and completion date), I have been to 7 Interior Design company and to be frank, I did not know that renovation can be so costly. To hack walls, rebuild walls, change the entire unit flooring (Living, bedrooms, kitchen, toilet), rerun entire water piping, rewiring the entire house electrical wiring.
  5. Hello all! Been stalking this place for a couple of years and it is finally our turn to start a t-Blog for our first home! We are currently in the sixth week of our renovation already, will try to recap and share as much as possible. Opps, we digressed for a few weeks because the to-do list is never-ending..... and we, or maybe myself, are/is very very very fickle. Renovation is full of life-changing decisions which will be cemented onto or nailed into the house, quite scary since these decisions might stay with us for the rest of our lives (if we don;t move)! Also, the need to balance between quality, aesthetics, practicality and price is very very very challenging. We can be pondering over the same issue for weeks, visit many many different (or the same) shops and look at many many different brands/designs for each item before we can finally make a decision. Our contractor is constantly chasing us to tell him our choice of colors, chasing us to buy the items and etc, but I guess we are pretty lucky that it is not the other way round hahaha! Contents (will update when there are new posts) Our story + About the flat + "Before" photos Our Theme + Moodboard <future posts> <future posts> ...
  6. I have been following this reno blog for 1-2 years to lookout for renovation ideas as well as ID recommendations and it’s finally my turn to start my own blog . In November last year, hubby and I placed deposit for a 4-room resale unit in Jurong West. 1. Floor plan for our unit: 2. ID Selection: While awaiting for key collection which was scheduled in March 2017, we meetup with close to 15 IDs/contractors recommended by this reno blog/from other bloggers/ from friends/ from Reno road show. After 1st meeting, we shortlisted 2 IDs and it was a tough decision on which one to select as both has their pros and cons. ID 1: Could not remember where I got the contact of this ID, probably from some blog/forum. During our 1st meeting, he provided us with some good space planning ideas and most importantly he also pointed out some technical issues which all other IDs did not spot. As my living room is in between bedroom 2 and main bedroom, there will be some air-con piping issues and if we insist to install air-con in bedroom 2, some modification (installation of false beam, piping going thru my main bedroom wardrobe thereby I might need to dismantle the wardrobe, dismantling bedroom 2’s door) will be needed which mean additional renovation cost. He provided us a very comprehensive quotation within a week, included some optional items we mentioned we might be interested in, as well as some modification required if we were to install air-con in bedroom 2. Some of the items were priced higher as he prefers to use quality materials such as caesarstone tabletop and big frame toilet doors. He explained that he prefer to use more durable material since he provides longer warranty on workmanship so we would not need to keep looking for him haha ID 2: Recommended in Facebook Group “Budget Reno”. Contacted this ID as we really like the design of his BTO project as posted in the Facebook Group. During our 1st meeting, we were impressed by his strong design idea and good space planning. He promised to provide us with quotation in a week or so but we did not received it. Upon chasing for the quotation, he rushed it out the next few days and meet with us to explain the quotation personally. During the meeting then only we realized that he was down with fever yet still took the effort to meet with us. However, the quotation was not comprehensive and did not include costing for electrical works and aforementioned optional/modification works. In addition, as we would like to keep cost low by hacking bathroom floor tiles only, he is unable to do it. If want to hack must hack the whole bathroom. Final decision: Even though our heart side ID 2 as we really like their design idea but our mind told us to play safe so we decided to engage ID 1, reason being 1) To keep cost low. ID 1 is able to hack bathroom floor tiles only while keeping the wall tiles. Doing so would save us quite a lot. 2) We do not like bill shock. ID 1 quotation is quite detailed so that we know how much we are paying for every items. 3) We feel that ID 1 is more experience in resale projects. A lot of patching work needs to be done for resale house such as patching part of the false ceiling, hack away fridge & washing machine base to replace with similar tiles etc. Most ID specialize in BTO projects are not willing to take up patching work, some advised us to dismantle the whole false ceiling and rebuild new one which will cost double. We engaged ID 1 in early December which he provided us with 3D drawings about 3 weeks later. The 1st draft was unsatisfactory but after 3 changes, he got what we want. 3. Existing conditions/ Work to be done a) Kitchen (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) We would like to keep the wall and floor tiles of kitchen as it is still in good condition. To have a neater looking kitchen, our ID suggested to get a front load washer and slot it in beneath the bottom kitchen cabinet as shown in the 3D drawing. Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing cabinet + fitting 2) Hack off fridge and washing machine base and replace with similar tiles. The existing kitchen has fridge base and washing machine base which we think is redundant. Imagine if we kick on the edge it’s gonna be really painful 3) Install kitchen cabinet with caesarstone work top and crystal white tempered glass backing between top and bottom cabinet 4) Our kitchen is quite small which we feel lack of storage space so we decided to install a low height cabinet next to fridge area b) Common Bathroom Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing floor tiles ,lay new homogenous floor tiles and construct shower kerb 2) Dismantle existing sanitary, toilet accessories and install with new one 3) Dismantle existing door and install new Big Frame Aluminium PD door c) Master Bathroom Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing floor tiles and lay new homogenous floor tiles 2) Overlay wall with homogenous wall tiles 3) Dismantle existing sanitary, toilet accessories and install with new one 4) Dismantle existing door and install new Big Frame Aluminium PD door 5) Construct shower kerb ,install shower screen with swing door d) Master Bedroom (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) Major works to be done include: 1) Dismantle existing L-shape cabinet 2) Install 3ft dressing table. As I do not like exposed mirror, I quite like the top part of this dressing table design with storage swing door and embedded mirror so requested ID to design a similar one 3) Hack off existing wardrobe and install new 6ft wardrobe with full height mirror. 3D drawing for wardrobe: e) Bedroom 3-Study room (Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing wardrobe and modify existing L-box. As the existing L-box is built in a way that is in line with the wardrobe, dismantling the wardrobe will make the L-box look odd. Therefore, modification on L-box is required to make it in line. 2) Install 9ft study table with drawer and power point area finishing (hidden power point so looks neater) f) Living Room(Top being 3D drawing, bottom being existing condition) We did not take much picture of the existing living room as it was quite empty, only has a feature wall & TV console. Major works to be done include: 1) Hack off existing feature wall & console 2) Install low, medium and full height shoe cabinet with full length mirror starting from kitchen door entrance 3) Install low height TV console with storage (continue from the aforementioned shoe cabinet) g) Air con As our air con piping is a more complicated, we decided to engage air con contractor recommended by our ID so that he can coordinate closely with the contractor on installation. Price quoted for Mitsubishi Starmex (MXY4A28VA) system 4 was comparable to gain city pricing. In addition to dismantling masterbed room wardrobe, some additional modifications needed to make way for air con piping as follows: 1) Hack off existing door frame and door for bedroom 2 and install with a new door and door frame 2) Construct false beam to box-up air-con piping in living room
  7. Hi Everyone, We finally collected our keys at the end of March and we hurriedly carried out all the necessary rituals (door opening & 动土) so that technically we have done what we should before Qing Ming festival. Hacking started on last Monday and we are so looking forward to completion and moving into our own place. My fiancé works in the architecture industry so he’s the brainchild of our place’s design. We will only be engaging contractors and doing all the coordination on our own. In order to get me involved and make me have a “we created this place together” feel, he asked for my inputs and we'll be doing some DIYs for our home as well. Our journey starts from here…. Floorplan: Draft design by the fiance: Original condition of the house. Good thing that it’s chui since we will hack everything away: Original condition of Living Room: Original Condition of Hallway to rooms, dining area and kitchen entrance: Original Condition of Kitchen: . Original Condition of Master Toilet: Since we are the one doing all the coordination work, the poor fiance had to do all the measurements and works himself Self measurement indications for the reno contractors: The works has started and all the floor tiles are gone by now. We are currently waiting for the rest of the permit to go thru before further demolition can be carried out. Can't wait!!!!
  8. Hi, we'd recently gotten our keys to 5room resale flat. Didn't want to do any renovation until a year later to save up on reno budget. However, the kitchen cabinets was quite in a bad shape as the flat was left empty for more than 4 months. So was thinking of engaging contractors for the reno works. Type of work required - hacking of whole house - tiling - plumbing - rewiring - carpentry at kitchen
  9. Hello everyone! May I ask if anyone could let me know whether this quote is reasonable? (: It is from a contractor and not an ID for a 38 year old 3 room resale HDB flat. Total is around $35k. I have read the forum to see some could go as low as $18k, however this is quite an old apartment which has not undergone renovations since 30 years ago! Not too sure how much difference would that make. Thank you so much! Flooring Cost Tiles (living room + 2 bedrooms) and skirting 5000 Kitchen Cement screed and plaster 2200 Tiles (flooring) 1800 Sink parapet wall and plaster 800 Sink cabinet 300 Doors Bedroom: timber door frame and veener doors 1150 Seal up top door frame with hollow block and plaster 300 Plumbing Stainless steel piping (kitchen and living hall) 380 Sink and basin tap connection 80 Run new sink, basins, washing machine inlet, outlet piping 250 Carpentry Kitchen cabinet, sink door, stainless steel dish rack and box up piping 3700 Solid worktop 1350 Installation to wall and side skirt 400 Wardrobe 3120 Tv console 800 Window 1920 Hacking 3800 Ceiling L box ceiling? 750 L box gas pipe 300 Others Painting 1600 HDB 300 House protection and cleaning 350 Wall plaster 1600 Rubbish chute 280 Metal gate 680 Cloth hanger 65 Electrical rewiring 2500
  10. https://coffeebeanrenoblog.wordpress.com/ Bought my resale flat, and started to plan my reno. Created a blog to save my encounters and stuff. Going online to buy some reno and furnishing stuff as well, gonna update on the blog. https://coffeebeanrenoblog.wordpress.com/ =)
  11. If you ask me which ID looking for your renovation, I will strongly suggest Local Inn.terior. I was met 7 ID company before I engage them I would like to suggest Vincent if you like industrial/cafe style for your lovely house. Vincent give creative ideas to renovate my 30 yrs resale HDB, from old house to fresh look! During the renovation, whn thr is any hiccups, Vincent will be thr to help me settle all the problem without any delay. Good JOB!!! thx for the hard work! I believe photo wins thousand words! pls see their hard work as attached.... Price : 4.5/5 Renovation speed: 4/5 Idea/creativity: 5/5 Responsibility: 5/5
  12. Hi All, I am in the process of getting a resale flat. This is our (wife and me) first time buying and renovating a house. The first appointment is over and now we are waiting for the second appointment. Currently sourcing out for contractors for our renovation. The idea is to keep the house as simple as possible. As much as possible, no built in carpentry other than the kitchen cabinet of course. We do not have any kids, therefore, the 2 common room will be of the least priority. Do note that it is more of hacking / re-instate the unit to its original condition. I like it simple. Easier to clean and replace. No cookie clutter. Plumbing and electrical can be done on my own. So no issues for that. Is 15K a realistic budget to set for the following? Your advise is appreciated. Thank you.
  13. SOLD Affordable HDB 5Room Choa Chu Kang Crescent 110sqm / 1184sqft 11years first owner. Spacious layout with no odd shape. Well kept corner unit. Near by primary and secondary schools, Minimart and coffee shop. Opposite block childcare center and PCF. Walking distance to MRT, Yew Tee Point, NTUC, wet market. All races/ SPR eligible. For viewing or enquiries, please PM 3months extention required View to appreciate
  14. Hi All This is my first time trying out a blog. I figured that we should document our journey of metamorphising our resale EM into our dream Sky Parlour. Kindly pardon if we get our formatting wrong. This is something very new to us. Just a bit of background. We have been married for many years, and have been living in a small 4-room HDB. Recently in the last few years, 2 little people suddenly appeared, and started running around in our house. There is a need for a bigger house for all our belongings now, as well as for the 2 little people to run around in. Hence we decided to move to a bigger house. But Singapore is so small, all our houses are merely pigeonholes, and getting private/ landed/ condo is definitely within the "Only in our dreams" category. So we decided to get an Executive Maisonette. This is only affordable after we sell our 4 room. But after taking all the financing / bank loan/ 20% down for the EM, we realised "Oh $#!Ϯ We forgot to budget in the renovation!!" Hence here we are, reading other people's experiences in their journey hoping to learn more. And now we're blogging our journey. Floor Plan Cheers!
  15. Greetings fellow renotalk forum members, I bought a resale 5RM HDB and the previous owner actually built a water feature in the living room which is no longer in use now and it is not in a good condition. Basically there is a full height metal plate covering the entire wall behind the platform and it was built as the water feature where the water pumped in from the sucker below will flow into the wall and exit from 3 of the water spouts into the pool. The pool is place right at the middle of the wall..Actually we quite like the platform and would like to keep it except the metal wall plate and the water pool. 1. Any idea/ suggestion on how to modify these ? 2. how much will it cost to remove the metal water fountain on the wall? Please help lol any comment/suggestion is welcome because i need some inspiration for this.. It will be great if you can recommend me a carpenter/ contractor who can fix/ modify this thing
  16. SENGKANG HDB 4-ROOM MODEL 4A UNIT FOR SALE! * No agent fees Very well maintained and clean unit Marble and parquet flooring Convenient and accessible location - 1 min to LRT station, 7 mins to Sengkang MRT station Plenty of amenities around including Sports Complex, supermarkets, shopping malls, eateries, ATM and movie theater Within 1km from Nan Chiau Primary/ High School All races and Permanent Residents (PR) are eligible Please drop me a private message or call me at 8170 7241 for a discussion.
  17. Hello Friends and Forumers, like others, I have been lurking and hovering around all the wonderful t-blogs and asking all the seniors here for advice and tips... To mark my own renovation journey i'm starting very own t-blog! There will be no extravagant designs nor WOW effects, just a simple place i called HOME. Here's the floor plan: My first appointment is a month away from now so this give me sometime to decide on the long list of items to b done for a new place. This is a 30 years old resale so i reckon i will need to overhaul the whole place. I'm setting the budget as below: Budget for Renovation: $50-60K (was told it's going to be at least $50k for a resale) Budget for Furnishing and Electrical appliances: $20k Let's see if i can stay within this!
  18. Hi fellow Renotalkers, I have actually been silently browsing through the renotalk forum for quite some time now, soaking in ideas and getting information and tips on what to do or not do during reno, and also what to buy and where! Having learnt alot through the t-blogs and posts here, I figure I should also share our renovation journey and perhaps some things experienced along the way. Perhaps 1 or 2 of you may also take something away, be it an inspiration or a practical lesson. Our story begins on the 14th of April 2013, when I successfully proposed to my then gf, now wife (who shall henceforth be affectionately referred to as "E"). Having successfully sealed that part of the deal, we set out looking for a place to call home, which as a lot of you know isn't the easiest thing in the world. Some of the factors we considered were as follows: - Near to either E's or my parent's home (easy for childcare needs in the future) - Within 0.5 km of an MRT station, especially on the North East Line (so that E can get to work easily) - Size of the apartment must be at least 1100 sgft (E grew up being used to lots of space at home) - Toilet must not be in the kitchen! - A yard area separate from the kitchen - Preferably North/South facing (so you don't get the evening sun) - Has to have sufficient natural light! We didn't want to ballot for a BTO because that would mean we would have to wait very long for our unit, but we were willing to do so for an EC. In particular, we tried balloting for some return units at The Topiary, but after umpteen failed attempts at balloting for 4-rms, 3 rm dual keys, we decided to look at resale flats instead. Plus, it's easier on the pocket. Our search was narrowed down to the following locations: - Upper Boon Keng opposite Kallang MRT (superb location for both private and public transport; flats which just finished MOP; but friggin expensive for a HDB) - Serangoon Central (great location but relatively old flats; expensive as well) - Potong Pasir (again, great location but the oldest flats out of our shortlist) - Sengkang (not as busy as Punggol, and valuations seem to be the cheapest here. Flats are also bigger) For those of you with more money and want to buy a HDB, you should really consider Upper Boon Keng and Jalan Membina in Tiong Bahru, but that's just my opinion haha. We viewed over 20 flats before we stepped into our current home. In fact, we put in an offer for 2 other units before this one. The first unit that we liked had a condo style layout on a high floor, relatively close to Sengkang MRT. BUT, the owner was then asking a COV of 100k (crazy!!). I think it was because he had marble floors through the living room and real parquet elsewhere. We put in an offer which was slightly in excess of half that amount, but was rejected. On hindsight, it was good that he didn't accept because that would be an insane amount just to pay for COV. The second unit was a fair bit away from the MRT, but the layout, space and facing was just superb. We put in a bid for less than their asking, but was quickly told that somebody offered them their asking. A bit of regret felt on not being able to get this unit. We were starting to get a bit tired and exasperated with the search when our agent suggested another area in Sengkang which we had not personally scouted in Prop*rtyG*ru, and we went down not expecting much. You know that feeling where you step in and feel so comfortable that you know it's home - that's the feeling that we got when we first stepped into our new home. It also helped that the former owners were very warm and nice people. We sealed the deal that evening when the owners accepted our COV offer which was a bit less than their asking. It isn't by any means the perfect home in terms of fitting all of our criteria, but it certainly comes close to it. Sorry for being long winded, so without further ado, here's presenting our floor plan: Uploaded with ImageShack.usTo be continued on my next post..
  19. Hi all Just want to highly recommend Daniel Wong (9661xxxx) from New Nyew. He is in the finishing stages of doing a full renovation of our apartment. We have been very pleased with his drive and style, and overall build quality. Unlike some others in the industry, Daniel does not impose his taste, and takes the customer's input seriously. Daniel is well-trained - he is a NAFA graduate. I would urge those interested in engaging a well-priced interior designer with good taste to consider Daniel Wong. If interested, please contact him directly to view high-quality photographs of this project. Please also do not use the sample projects on New Nyew's webpage as a gauge of Daniel's work - this project looks very different. I have no stake in New Nyew or any of its interests. I am also not related to Daniel Wong. I just want to help profile an upcoming and talented designer. This is also my second project with Daniel. I was his first confirmed customer in 2011, for a much smaller HDB renovation. I secured his services again, having been happy with the first project. For less than the price of an entry-level Japanese car, this is the range of work Daniel did for us. - Hacking of 6 non-structural walls for bedrooms and kitchen. Replacement of all these non-structural walls with glass walls or sliding doors. - Relaying of all existing floors, using only designer Italian non-homogenous tiles. Tiles were laid in staggered patterns. - Removal of false ceiling, and incorporating of a 6m-high void with raw brick surface as a design feature. - Remodeling of kitchen. Blum hinges. Corian private collection solid surface. Full length glass backing for island. Installation of dishwasher, oven, ceramic induction hob. - Toilet works. Replacing of normal WCs with suspended/concealed WCs from top brands. - Work for two balconies, one of which was a 300 sq ft roof terrace. Replacement of canopy with an aluminium-polycarbonate canopy. Installation of bathtub on roof terrace. - A lot of other solid surface. All Corian. Solid surfaces for four bay windows. - Pelmets. Both window curtain pelmets, and tiled pelmets for concealing glass door mechanisms. - Doors. Replacement of toilet doors with glass sliding doors. Re-laminating of ugly bomb shelter entrance. - Lighting. Full LED lights. Cove lights, down lights, outdoor. - Carpentry. Full wall bookshelf with LED lighting, kitchen carpentry, queen sized bed set with glass surfaces. - Full electrical work. Schneider switches. Happy renovations! (Daniel has the capacity to take on new projects now!)
  20. Hello, I'm looking at hacking of my kitchen wall to make it a open concept kind but I'm worry that it is very expensive. Any one has any idea how much it would be ? I have attached my floor plan A price range is good..
  21. Hello! I just completed submitting my option fee & deposit & now waiting for my 1st appointment (Only in end September). Intending to seek help from a Feng Shui master but I'm just wondering when the survey of the Feng Shui master should be done? I heard from my agent that we can only arrange after the 1st appointment but I believe we should consult the Feng Shui Master first before looking for the interior designers right? Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi all, Would need some good "lobangs" to do only kitchen renovations. Recently i went to check out this id and he is quoting me 12k for a 5000 by 3450 Kitchen size. Its not within my budget. Im thinking of having it around 5-6k. Any good contructors or id to recommend?
  23. Hi to all renotalk readers, I have started my make over weeks ago and finally I created an account here to share the process. So far, it's an enjoyable process. From amending the 3Ds design to choosing of tiles and laminates. I'm a cool person the tiles and laminates are all Matt finishing. Nothing is glossy. My ID brought me to Hafary to select the tiles. This is floor tiles option 1. This is floor tiles option 2. Decided for option 1 as the other looks kind of boring. This will be for living and kitchen flooring. ID suggest to lay 300x600 for kitchen as the exposed floor area is not much. Look nicer in this way. I'm ok lo.. Trust him. Mention that I'm not into gloosy finishing. My bathroom tiles will be in Matt too. This will be bathroom flooring. This will be bathroom wall. I always love the idea of having subway tiles for kitchen. So I shortlisted these few, will decide after 3D is out. It's a tiring day choosing the tiles. Can't imagine when it come to choosing laminates. To be continued.....
  24. bought a 5I resale, very tempted to do a t-blog....