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  1. any reason why change from Kangen to UltraStream?
  2. looking good, is the aircon able to cool the TV area properly in that position?
  3. so i was there and this uncle was asking.. if make alkaline water, will have acid water as byproduct, where does it go? do i need a container to collect the acid water? and if i don't, won't it be wasting of water? didn't stay around to listen though, cos nobody was available to serve me.
  4. hello.. for the products mention here like Jupiter Alphion MX, KempSmart i7, Mavello JP-101MX, Vesta..... what is the frequency to change the filters(on average)? i only read about the units displaying filter life, but can't seem to find the cost of changing and whether we can change on our own.
  5. able to PM the list? much appreciated
  6. oops probably inbox full. i delete my messages thanks for the PM
  7. Hi, could you please pm me J&E's contact? Thank you!
  8. very detailed blog with pictures and useful info Mind pm me your id contact and how much was your Reno ? Thank you . by the way, whats this on the left?
  9. so the MBR door opens to a mirror? would you mind pm the contacts?
  10. there aren't many 4k content to go around to truly enjoy 4k, ur viewing distance needs to be near, and screen should be at least 60"
  11. very impressive. just the kinda theme i like
  12. but most contents are hosted on oversea servers, which the intl speed of most ISP are not more than 20-50Mbps, Gigabit is not necessary.