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  1. Condition: New Colour: Grey, alum-coated, slight-green glass Cost: $350 3-room BTO service yard door that has been dismantled with care. Good for owners of HDB BTOs who are looking to replace their service yard door. Self-collection (Upper Serangoon View). Cash on collection only. You will need 2-3 strong men to carry this heavy door. Can only be fitted into large van or lorry.
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm usually a lazy person so I can't believe I'm actually here doing this. I just got my BTO flat done up and the whole process of looking for an ID, going through designs and quotations REPEATEDLY to find the right one was such a hassle. We all working adults, where got time?? Every weekend burned. I heard terrible stories from my friends and colleagues of going with the wrong ID, aside from the obvious money loss, there was also constant worrying and bad fixture of lights, tiling, and water piping issues that made things far worse than you could imagine. Waste time and waste money in the long run. To help young couples like myself or any first time ID experience, I'm going to share with you guys my amazing ID that I chanced upon. I was discussing design plans with another designer (overpriced and not good, can PM me if u wanna avoid potential trouble) at Novena starbucks when I saw Kelvin. Hubby and I noticed he was on his laptop using AutoCAD. Hubby told me this is usually used by architects. We were super impressed with what he was doing (he was shifting furniture from many angles). None of the 4 IDs we discussed with were as professional as this. After our meeting ended, we approached K and asked him if he was an ID. Indeed he was and that was how our reno journey begun. Kelvin was beyond impressive and hardworking. To put simply, his work ethics is amazing His follow ups were really super. His prices were decent and in terms of carpentry, workmanship was good and cheaper than most. We found out that he studied architecture in NUS so he had extremely good knowledge in this aspect. Our reno was extremely user-friendly with no cock ups, especially toilets and kitchens (most of my friends horror stories, were that although the design is nice but not functional in LR. problems start popping out after time, piping issues like washing machine or toilets, as a lot of IDs don't have proper knowledge on how houses are built. they only know design from being a copycat is not enough, create a lot of problems underneath the surface). One thing that really stood out was this: most IDs I work with gave us designs sketch ups or drawings that look good and impressive. This normally drawn by hand. Make a small room look super big and nice. My friends tell me this just a trick, finished product usually disappointing and lousy. when I see drawings from IDs, I get very skeptical. My hubby: The room got so big meh? ID: This design will open up your room. Seamless finishing and more windows, blah blah. For Kelvin, all his designs and floorplans were drawn to exact dimensions. This really help us with choosing the right furnitures and improve our home. No disappointments at all overall, hubby and I are super satisfied and happy with how smooth everything went. Kelvin really gave us a peace of mind, glad to avoid horror stories and start our life in our perfect home. This was longer than expected so I shall end here. If got questions on design or interested can PM me, happy to share!
  3. Recently I just got my new BTO flat at Toa payoh anyone has any good interior design firms to introduce?
  4. Hey hey I am finally starting a T-blog of my own! Have been an avid follower of this forum for a short while... Since October 2013? But this forum has really helped my fiance & I alot & we managed to learn alot about house renovation from here.. the basic technical knowledge.. like the difference betweeen laminate & veneer... quartz counter top better or solid surface better... etc etc.. So new home owners don't fret!! This forum will be your best friend with all the helpful people around! Heh heh... Well my fiance & I are just a simple young couple trying to make a life together in our small red dot... getting married soon, so we wish that HDB will quickly hand our keys over to us!! Ok disclaimer: I hope I will find the time and strength to continue to update as often as I can… ahhh nowadays quite busy.. So, here I am! Just for this space to be a record of our renovation journey & appreciate all advice given by all you renotalkers.. Thanks in advance lei.. hahaha...
  5. I personally understand the agony of finding a good responsive & responsible renovation contractor. Since I have found a good one so I was thinking to share it here for anyone looking for a reliable contractor. They were very responsive & even took the extra effort to help me managed my aircon guy who was fixing up the new aircon when I got tied up at work. I recommended them to my brother & friend. Have a look at the photos below to see the final outcome. My Living Room My walkway to the rooms My wardrobe cum partition Master Bedroom Toilet Bro's Master bedroom Master bedroom Toilet Common Toilet Bro's Living Room
  6. So how we got started on our journey or processes on our NN Loft? I must say that it all started out by proposing to my girlfriend / fiancee who is now my wife by asking her to apply a BTO flat. I know it sounds funny but isn't it a fact that some or even most couples before they get engaged, the guy pops the question of "Wanna apply a BTO flat together?" LOL! So that's where it all started...............Nov 2011. My wife and I logged in to the HDB website to see the sales launch in November 2011. There were a few locations or sites for us to choose. Punggol Waterway Banks and Ridges, Hougang Capeview and Dewcourt, Yishun Acacia Breeze, Bukit Panjang Fajar Spring and Bedok Golden Cassia. We went through all the locations that HDB launched and we decided on Punggol Waterway Banks and Ridges. This site will be located along the iconic Punggol Waterway. WATERWAY BANK AND RIDGES (IMAGE TAKEN FROM HDB WEBSITE) FLOOR PLAN OR RIDGES AND BANKS (IMAGE TAKEN FROM HDB WEBSITE)
  7. Final Product my lovely wife and i bought a house back 2011, now i just can't wait for the day we will be getting the key. Our flat is near its completion and so i decided to start researching on renovation, heres our floor plan HDB floor plan HDB suggested layout My own layout Color code: red - cabinet blue - table yellow - sofa green - wardrobe orange - bed pink - fridge i designed this layout based on the following reasons: 1. we will be living with my parents so we only need 2 bed rooms 2. Suggested study room beside living room will not be constructed as we prefer bigger living space 3. we will make a suite by joining bedroom 2 & MBR, bedroom 2 will be walkin wardrobe + study room. 4. kitchen service yard will be hacked to make kitchen more spacious, windows will be installed at the service yard my bro-in-law is an ID so he will help us draw an autocad version of our dream layout and give us some advice for the arrangement of furnitures, material to use, design etc The design we're looking for is simplicity and ease of maintenance, something like Scandinavian
  8. Hi Can any one share with me a reasonable BTO renovation package for my BTO 4 room flat by a reliable ID or contractor. I have got a bit of budget issues. If you can email me the final contract you signed would be great. My email is victornylim@outlook.com Thank you Victor
  9. Hi all, It's finally time to start this blog that I've been dying to start.. Literally, itching fingers! And here's how the story goes~ Somewhere in 2012 when my then bf was in Canada on exchange, we started talking about the "queues" for flats and how we knew of people that couldn't get a number even after 8 tries. The horror and disappointment these friends experienced were not lost to us and we decided given the lag time for building, we were going to try our luck with applications as well. It was an in thing then, I'm sure it's still the in thing now. True to the high demands back then, our first application fell through! To be fair, we weren't expecting to get it. After all it was the premium flat in Punggol with the balcony units 11x or something oversubscribed. That was one of my dream home styles, having a balcony! Well, I'll have to settle for a service yard and consider it "THE BALCONY" then. *Sighs* So when we got the it the next time with a decent queue number to boot, we were like "wow.. that was easy?!?" Imagine our embarrassment when we told the same friends who still hadn't got there flats. Fast forward 2015 It's been 3 years now and we've grown up, graduated from university, accepted that we will never get any of the carrot grants that the govt has dangled for making flats more affordable (20k then turned to 40k now), and engaged to be married next year, we are finally planning for our new home together... Ok it's really just me with the planning and the fiance to approve the plans and the budgets. I'm the one with the very specific ideas including a kitchen island (woohoo!) and he's my true blue CFO (give me the main points! chop!). As you can already tell, if you leave it up to me to decide, I'd think we'd be or at least be going bankrupt by now. There's so much to learn from the forums here that, it's also time for me to pay it forward. We've actually signed our IDs on over the weekend and I will share a little later our interview process with the 4 we picked out and how we ended up with the ONE! Hurray! *Jumps with joy*. Meanwhile, I'm sharing my floorplan so that you can guess what I plan to do with the place! You will note how interesting where the household shelter is placed unlike the convention of blocking the kitchen wall off. Till then, hasta la vista, baby! *winks* XOXO, Sapphira
  10. Just gotten a new home recently, how do i check for defects? can i get someone to check for me?
  11. We (the husband and I) are starting our renovation in three days. After months of sourcing for ideas and IDs, we have chosen to work with a contractor to create a little cosy home that we have been waiting on for three and a half years. We are not doing any hacking as we need all three bedrooms. And due to budget, we are keeping all the flooring and toilet fixtures that came with the flat. Honestly, we think the finishings are ok and count ourselves lucky for that. So, our renovation will kick off with electrical works, followed by air con installation this weekend. First things first, the all-too-familiar floorplan:
  12. Dear all fellow new home owners, I have been a silent reader for the longest time and we are estimating key collection to be somewhere around the last quarter of this year Recently we have started looking around for IDs, asking them for quotes, shortlisted a few, and so far it came down to 2 IDs: 1.) 9 Degree Construction 2.) My Design Interior Will update this space after we have chosen an ID
  13. Dear all fellow new home owners, I have been a silent reader for the longest time and we are estimating key collection to be somewhere around the last quarter of this year Recently we have started looking around for IDs, asking them for quotes, shortlisted a few, and so far it came down to 2 IDs: 1.) 9 Degree Construction 2.) My Design Interior Has anyone engaged them before recently? We would love to know some comments/feedback before we make our decision. Thanks in advance!
  14. I need help for second opinion on my quotation. Don't know to go ahead with this because is slightly of my budget but my gut feeling tells me this ID is able to execute what I want base on the past project they did. Quotation for 4-room (92sqm) 1. Erect 2" H Kitchen Cabinet Base with cement plaster on top surface and tiles at the sides (Use spare tiles provided by HDB) : $600 2. Erect 2" H shower kerb at 2 baths (Use spare tiles provided by HDB) : $320 3. Purchase prepacked materials :$850 4. Upload materials and debris removal :$730 5. Supply and lay 60 x 60 cm homogenous tiles ($3/sqf) to living and 3 bedrooms flooring come with skirting: $8400 6. Install bronze alumni clear glass sliding window at yard without top hung (3tracks-3panels) :$700 7. Install 10mm thick clear tempered 1 fixed and 1 swing shower screen at master bath with hinges mounted to wall (wall to wall) :$560 8. Install 10mm thick s/blasted glass swing door at master bath entrance (s/blasted facing outside) standard size: $660 9. Install P/coat alumin acrylic panel PD door at common bath entrance (Selected pattern, standard size): $360 10. Construct Designer kitchen cabinet (Laminate with ABS edging inclusive soft closed hinges and draws with full extension tracks), Top and bottom 2.8m, include 2 tier stainless steel rack and frosted glass panel and cutlery tray. Installation of hood and hob: $3080 11. Fabricate kitchen island without cement base in laminate finish: 1.8m (w) x 0.8m (d) x 0.9m (h): $2000 12. Fabricate quartz worktop for kitchen cabinet and island: $2080 13. Fabricate sliding panel wardrobe at master room in laminate finish. (Come with internal fitting storage system) 2.2m: $2480 14. Fabricate queen size bed frame in laminate finish (1.5m (w) x 0.3m (h)) with storage on one side: $1800 15. Painting Nippon vinilex 5000 matt finish to internal wall and martex white to ceiling. Choice of 5 max colours and multiple trips: $1700 16. Chemical wash (if applicable) and general cleaning: $350 17. Laying protection sheets for affected areas: $300 18. Supply and install 3 veneer (Semi-core) door with round knob: $870 (Top up $40 each door for solid wood) 19. Plumbing (Labour charge only) a. Sink/basin and tap x3 sets : $360 b. Bath accessories x 2 sets : $120 c. Spray gun and mini valve x 2 sets: $120 d. Extension of piping for sink :$60 e. Run exposed pipe after city gas: $360 f. Rainshower at master: $120 20. Electrical work: $1500 base cost (Any additional work will incur top up) 21. Design and space planning fees (Consultation, colour & material proposal, site supervision & coordination, perspective drawing for carpentry works, submission to HDB/BCA) :$1300 Total cost: $31660 (NETT) Confirmation fee: $2000 (Can be deducted out from final amount) + 7%GST Do help me and feel free to comment and advice how do I ask ID to lower the quote. Thank you so much
  15. Hi Fellow forum members, I would just like to feedback on my experience with Best Tech and Midea system 4. In Dec 2014, my wife and I went shopping around for air conditioner at a consumer fair. We chanced upon best tech booth and went in to take a look and was served by one of the salesperson. We were looking at a system 4 and he recommended Midea, as he was using it as well. Tempted by the price (mistake of my life) and the insulation material and 2 times installation thrown in, I signed on the paper (The Start of my nightmare) The aircon finished the installatin in March 2015 and we began using it. Before this, I placed great faith in my choice due to the confidence and branding sales talk done by the salesperson from Best Tech. On the first night, aircon was not cold!! (We had a 22K btu compressor and our room is only 12K btu). We had patience and told ourselves, the aircon was breaking in. Using the aircon for a week, my wife and I felt like a clown each night, when we have to turn on our fan at full power, coupled with the aircon at 17 degree celcius. The living room aircon is even worse. Literally, one fan at full power is more powerful than my aircon at 17 degree celcius. (I am literally typing in sweat now) Called in to Best Tech several time, each time they will request that you leave number and never got back. I have to standby the phone and insist that someone attend to me immediately, before they allowed a booking of aircon appointment (So this is singapore no. 1 company in Air Con). Cut the long story short: 1st Best Tech visit to home 5th June 2015: A pair of chinese and indian technician came. The indian technician was a second fiddle to the more experienced Chinese Technician. The indian technician keep on insisting that aircon was cold and I have to challenge him to bring a thermometer and prove to me. Chinese technician was better, he said that the aircon was not cold and check the compressor with findings that the gas was a bit low and cited that his company did not check it before installation ( , what is this?? SIngapore most trusted aircon partner). He proceed to top up, the situation did not get better. He told me to monitor and went back. During this time, the indian technian climbed my drying yard wall (dirtied my new paint!!), even though I provided the chair. 1st Best Tech visit to home 4th July 2015: Really did not get better, I called them again. The same scenario of calling and waiting and transferring happened. Fast forward -> The same pair of technicians visited us, chinese technician literally tell us that there is nothing much he can do and can only refer back to Midea (come on, as if I need you to come to my house and tell me this). At this moment, the indian technician went to check my compressor and done nothing to it, as all the gas level was right. They were here for 10 mins and decided to leave. (#&@(*^(*#&) Wasted my time to wait. Subsequently, I have to keep chasing Best Tech to make my appointment with Midea! This is a painful process, apparently they don't do emails and communicate between the principal and reseller via fax (welcome to the 21st century). Finally i got my appointment on 25th July 2015. Midea visit to home 25th July 2015: Midea technician came, measured the aircon gas, said that pressure too high because pumped too much gas inside ( ). He released the gas and set it to normal. Next he checked the cooling coil and measure it with the thermometer. He mentioned that the cooling coil is doing the work of blowing air but not efficient (i.e not strong enough), however the cold air is absence and takes a long time to feel cold air. (Yeah, I experienced that right from the start). He mentioned there is a problem with the compressor and will inform his company to send down rectification solution. ** wait ** and wait** and wait ** and more waiting !** MIDEA DON"T CALL and when i called the customer service, they told me they have reflected the problem as compressor low aircon gas, I was like WTH! OH COME ON! Seriously, come to my house and enjoy the aircon suana!!. This customer service guy is call jason.He said he has faxed to BEST Tech and they need to come back to my house and top up the gas ( ). I called twice and still waiting..... Today is 7th of Sep 2015 and I am still waiting for MIDEA OR BEST TECH to GET BACK TO ME! My advise to fellow homeowner Go for a established brand like mistubishi and also reseller. I am humbled by my experience and will continue to wait. Anyone who reads, constructive help will be good. If the operation manager of BEST TECH is reading, I am still waiting for your guys and soaked in my sweaty T shirt!! CONTACT ME to fix my problem! if not, offer my to trade up to a Mistubishi aircon.
  16. Hi, we've finalised our layout and received the following quotation from our ID. Is it reasonable for a 3-room BTO (68sqm), and how else can it be improved? We're not looking for absolute cheapest because we believe in design and quality. But if there are items which jump out as unreasonably expensive or something missed out, please help us to flag. Do note our layout is not the traditional 3-room layout as our Master Bedroom will takeover the space in the existing Living Room, and we will hack the walls between the existing bedrooms to form 1 big Living/Work room. So the measurements may be a bit strange. Thank you in advance.
  17. Selling brand new epic gate digital lock for hdb/bto gate. - Made In Korean - Unlock by using card, password or remote control - Register up to 30 user card - One Time Password - Scramble Code Function - Easy Installation Letting go as i bought 2 sets by accident. Self collection at yishun. Whatsapp/ SMS 81554069 to deal or request for more pic/video
  18. Hi, I'm getting keys to my 4RM BTO soon and collecting some quotations for my renovation. Among 2-3 IDs that i have met, i chanced upon this contractor through referrals in my office. Can anyone who done adequate research give an opinion if it's a good offer?
  19. Hi All, I have been looking for quote to do simple reno on my 5rm BTO. This is a quote i recently obtained. Being a noob, I would appreciate your comments on the quote below.. Many thanks in advance..
  20. Hi guys! So we got the keys to our 5rm BTO flat in October, waaaaaaay ahead of expectation. Both of us are the rather chillax kind, so we did not really do any research on reno stuff beforehand. We are in our BTO FB group and were quite amazed that people actually signed reno packages even before they got their keys . For me, I need to have a feel of the physical space before deciding anything. So, we only started reading up on renovation stuff one month before we got our keys. Our theme for the house was unanimously decided long ago: Scandinavian with essentials of wood, grey and white. Despite being an overly-done theme, it is something that we both hold dear, and one that works for us. This is our floor plan: Living room Floor--at first I had decided on vinyl/HERF because of the nice woody look. But she was concerned whether there will be a smell from the plastic in the long run, and also whether it is truly waterproof (since they are assembled using the clicking system). A valid concern; so we decided to go for wood-grain tiles instead for the whole house (incld bedrooms). Sofa/TV console/Feature wall-- We had a long discussion about this and finally decided to put our TV along the wall adjacent to Bedroom 3. There will be a feature wall of long vertical woodgrain tiles (1.8m high each) that look like wood planks. And on top of that line of tiles, we will install a thin ledge for us to place photo frames or posters. Something different from the usual brick walls. Something like this for the feature wall, just that it doesn't go all the way to the ceiling: Example of photo ledge: Dining table-- It will be placed along the wall opposite the TV console. She wants a really biggggg dining table, so we are prolly getting a 1.8m long one, with a bench to match. Planning to place a bar table against the household shelter wall as well. Built-in storage/display cabinets-- I personally hate having storage/display cabinets in the living room, period. The HDB living room is already too small for my liking (heng we chose a 5rm), having any sort of gigantic cabinets in the living room will just make it look even more cramped. So there will be none. Except for a shoe cabinet that we are planning to build into that recess to the right of the main door. False ceiling/L-box-- None of this too. It will just lower the height of the ceiling even further. Lighting-- Planning for track lights above the feature wall area. And a black ceiling fan. Hanging "spider" lights above the dining table. Track lights along room corridor. LED near the main entrance. Kitchen We are going to hack away the whole wall facing Bedroom 3, and build a kitchen island in the middle . Both of us like to cook, and can't stand claustrophobic kitchens haha. The island will be 1.8m x 1.2m, and the side nearer to Bedroom 3 will feature a counter with stools. There will not be any glass partitions or doors between the kitchen and living room. Yes it will be open but we are not worried about the smell! We don't do heavy frying anyway. There will be kitchen cabinets on both top and bottom on the other wall, and we are planning to get either Kompacplus or Pacnel countertops. Leaning towards Pacnel tops because as of now, they have more colour choices! As for the cabinets, we prefer the surface to be less "flat", contrary to the usual sleek, contemporary laminate surface. After Googling, we found out there's actually a name for this kind of design: it is called Shaker style. An example below: We are leaning towards dark grey cabinets with light grey Pacnel countertop. Along the wall adjacent to the toilet until the service yard window, we are going to build a bottom side-board cabinet; on top we are going to put stuff like my Nespresso Pixie, toaster oven, Hurom etc. Bedroom 3 We are hacking away the whole wall facing the kitchen and replacing it with a black aluminium-framed glass wall/door, to make the whole house feel even more spacious. This will be the gaming/study room! Going to put my PS4, a 40inch UHD TV with a Yamaha soundbar in there. Master Bedroom Making a L-shaped full height wardrobe! Was contemplating the idea of a platform bed, but decided it was too expensive and the ceiling will be too low (planning to put a ceiling fan). Going to put the usual queen-sized bed frame! Toilets Going to install a vanity top with mirror box cabinet for both toilets! Prolly going to use black Pacnel top for the vainty. For the MBR toilet, there will be a glass shower panel (not door), separating the shower area from the toilet bowl. Cos I feel having a sliding door is too claustrophobic. For the common toilet, there will be a shower kerb with IKEA's shower curtain rod (no shower panel, to save costs). Panel only: Contractor We met a grand total of one contractor and one ID. We invited the contractor to our new house and told him about our plans and ideas, and to give a quote. The moment I spoke to him, I knew I could trust this guy. There was rapport, we could click, and he was clearly experienced in his field. He suggested alternatives when our ideas were not feasible. We were very comfortable with him and were eagerly awaiting his quotation. It came back to be around $48K! At first it was shocking. But after calming ourselves down and looking at the things we wanted, we concluded that it was a reasonable (though not cheapest) pricing. (We later changed some stuff and the price dropped to $46k.) On the other hand, the meeting with the ID was unplanned. I chanced upon this FB post of a so-called renovation "open-house", where various companies will be there to showcase their reno materials (kitchen tops, cabinets, tiles, lights etc), so that we can have a better idea of what materials to choose for our reno. So I thought to myself, why not? Upon reaching the place, there was a group of young people smoking in the stairwell right outside the entrance to the openhouse. Impression down We walked in, one young guy approached us, and introduced himself as an ID from ___ company, and offered to bring us around. At this point, we knew it was not such a simple affair. He brought us to see all the materials, tiles, tops etc. Along the way, he kept emphasizing on how credible and accredited his company was (rolling eyes at this moment ). At the end of the tour, he made us sit down and listen to him intro his company's reno packages. Upon first glance, the pricing looks reasonable. But upon closer scrutiny, we realised the package was super basic (plain white tiles @ $3 per sq feet etc). So if we add on the things we wanted, it will prolly add up to a substantial amount. Then he suddenly whispered to us: if we sign today and give the deposit, his boss will waive the 7% GST. Ermigawd. Are you freaking kidding me. That's like the lamest sales pitch ever. Everybody knows you have already factored in the GST into your pricing right?! We walked out without signing anything. The silver lining was that our time was not totally wasted; we learnt quite a fair bit about the materials TL:DR version : Not impressed with ID company, signed with contractor.
  21. Hello! You're cordially invited to RenoTalk Live, our inaugural gathering for new homeowners. Held at V Hotel on 7 Jan 2017 (Sat), the 4-hour event will see subject experts speaking on various renovation topics. Our esteemed t-Bloggers will also be on hand to share their renovation journeys and dish out home renovation tips and advices. For those who are more adventurous, don't forget to participate in our hands-on workshops. Bring your floor plan to get free consultations with established interior design firms and extra chances in our lucky draw (more details in the link). https://goo.gl/forms/bxynqiEesapQD2ab2
  22. Hi all, I would like to know if it's possible to have renovation bank loan with 2 different contractor. Example Contractor 1 - Quote $10,000 Contractor 2 - Quote $15,000 Reno bank loan of $25,000 Thank you in advance!
  23. Hey guys! We have just started our renovation journey and thought to share with everyone who reads this forum! Everyone has been exceptionally helpful and assisted us a lot on the journey to finding our contractor as well as furnishings and such. Very excited to get the party started! Located just beside a huge canal, it kinda reminds us of a lake...... therefore the name: "Lake" House We collected our keys in May 2014 and spent a total of approximately 4 months settling our defects. At the same time, we were finding a contractor whom we are comfortable with. We already had our rough designs ready and needed someone to execute it confidently with professional suggestions along the way. We were really pleased to come across MrJ & MrE. They replied promptly and professionally to all of our doubts and understood what we wanted as soon as we had our first discussion. First up, here is our floor plan Our "Lake" View Day 1 (06/10/14) Signed at MrJ & MrE's factory and had a discussion with the both of them regarding all our designs and layout. MrJ did a sketch on all of our carpentry works and understood what we wanted. He then passed us a couple of booklets of laminates for us to browse through. Day 4 (09/10/14) Met with MrE and electrician; ironed out all of our doubts and did planning of lighting and other electrical works. Electrician was really helpful and provided some really good suggestions. Thereafter, we caught up with MrJ at the Lamitak factory to view bigger pieces of the laminates that we shortlisted(a whole bunch of them!) We had serious problem deciding on what laminates to use as the range was massive; when we always thought that a certain design was exactly what we wanted, we will come across another that wavered our decision. Looking at the bigger pieces really helped. It looked so different than when it was in a little sample piece in the booklet. Just when we were about to part our ways, we were informed that the electrician has already started work! How efficient Meanwhile, here's our styleboard Day 6 (11/10/14) A really fruitful day! Met MrE at Hafary (Eunos branch) to select bathroom and kitchen tiles. We were overwhelmed by the wide varieties of tiles. Thankfully MrE introduced us to the sales executive there and she was really helpful. Some pictures of the place There's a good variety of tiles which were in our budget, enough to drive us crazy while finalising our tile, therefore we would advise homeowners to not venture to too many stores to look at more choices because this would only confuse you - making your selection process a nightmare. MrJ met us soon after and we discussed on a couple of changes in our designs and they were really flexible about it. We were glad that they were not the kind who would request for a topup when informed of any changes. Looking at how confused we were, they also gave us ample time to finalise our tiles and laminates.
  24. From the album: Kitchen Design from Designer House

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