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What's in it for me? 5 Quotations (up to) from reputable interior designers FREE Curated Renovation Packages 24 Hour quick turnaround Join the growing 46,923satisfied homeowners
Send me goodies, exclusive deals, and Inspiration for my home! We pinky promise not to spam your mailbox! Sign me up
"I Saved Up to 30%" Muhammad Fahmi, Homeowner "I used RenoTalk's method of getting quotes and received many attractive packages without hassling & bargaining! I even gained an extra 30% value and better service from the Renovators!"

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Our Complete Home Solutions - provides you with the wide range of choices at affordable prices, enabling you to create your dream home in a cost efficient yet classy manner.

5 Trends Set To Reshape Consumers’ Lifestyles in 2021

(Guest Writer: Antoine Besseyre des Horts, Leader, LIXIL Global Design, Asia)COVID-19 has significantly altered the course of the world. As we look back at 2020, the pandemic has shifted and transform… [read more]

For The Persistent and Optimistic -- Ideal Interior Design For Disabled People

Based on the definition from the CRPD (United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities), disabled people are individuals with long-term physical, language, hearing, mental, intell… [read more]

Hidden Doors & Secret Spaces

Secret Rooms & Doors! Now you can own a Harry Potter house. A must watch before you plan your renovation. Hidden Doors & Secret SpacesSecret Rooms & Doors! Now you can own a Harry Potter h… [read more]
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It’s the time of the year again! Are you ready to have renovation and change the interior of your lovely abode so you can be more prepared for the Year of Pig in 2019? We, A Star Furnishing woul… [read more]

5 Exciting New Household Products That You Haven't Heard Of

Following up on our article about the environmentally-friendly Punggol Northshore smart home, here are some perfect household accompaniments that will bring you closer to the natural surroundings! &nb… [read more]

How To Make A Super Easy DIY Wine Bottle Lamp

As much as we like seeing a delectable leg of ham at Christmas dinner, a lot of the table’s appeal also comes from its decoration. A well-adorned setting will enhance the room’s ambience, … [read more]

Interior Decorating With Your Child

A makeover interior design project for your child's room is a very precious parent-child bonding opportunity. Interior Decorating With Your Child   A makeover interior design project for your ch… [read more]

Advance 3D Panel : Wall of Fame

Not only is your home a sanctuary of serenity, it is also a reflection of your discerning taste. A stunning space speaks volumes about your sense of style, and who wouldn't love to come back to a beau… [read more]

Top 3 Trends We Can't Keep Our Minds Off

In our fast paced society, ideas come and go in a flash, and so do trends. We've picked three distinct ideas from the pile, of which we can't stop obsessing over at the moment, and we hope to have you… [read more]

Exploring Different Types Of Wood

  A chunk of the furniture we purchase is made out of wood, which works as a lovely choice especially because of its natural beauty. But how do we tell what kind best suits our needs? Below we f… [read more]

Scandinavian Renovation With A Twist

When you think of a Scandinavian themed home, you think of an in-your-face minimalistic approach with a mixture of muted tones and sleek design. Yet with this 5 room HDB flat in Bedok, their home is d… [read more]

4 Types Of Window Furnishings You Can Explore

Populating windows within your home seems like one of the most trivial tasks, but sometimes the effect is far greater than you can imagine. Although they may not be the core focus of a room, your choi… [read more]

Choosing the Furniture for your Home

Choosing the furniture for your home renovation   Everyone loves pretty things and wants them – be it people shopping for items or apparels, or homeowners buying furniture for their home. E… [read more]

Area Rug Dos and Don'ts For Small Spaces

The list goes on the wonders of home decorating with area rugs and carpets but here, we highlight how rugs can be used to enhance small spaces. Below are our decorating dos and don'ts on making the ro… [read more]

Which Headboard Style Do You Prefer?

Taking pride of place at the top of the bed, the headboard serves an aesthetic purpose by being the focal point of the bedroom. It also doubles as a rest for midnight bookworms - to prop your back for… [read more]

4 Super Solutions For Small Spaces (Part 1)

Space constraints can sometimes cause a problem for home owners, but there are ways around what may initially seem like an impossible issue to solve. A smaller home doesn't mean less to experiment wit… [read more]

Gorgeous Work Space Interiors

Work spaces aren't the most crucial parts of a home, but believe us, when you do utilize it and a deadline is looming, you'd wish you made it able to serve you better.    Many times producti… [read more]

Amazing Renovation Restoration Completely Transforms 40-Year-Old House | Before and After Photos

Never doubt the magic of a good renovation job, as evidenced by the transformation of this old house in Taman Kampar, Ipoh. Charmed by the vintage floors and window grills of this 40-year-old house,… [read more]

6 Ways To Create A Sci-Fi Inspired Home

Star Wars is returning to the big screen, and fans worldwide have been going wild with anticipation. You constantly see the franchise's merchandise everywhere, and that got us excitedly thinking about… [read more]

Interior Design Ideas For Dividing A Room

Creating divisions between the different zones in your house need not be boring. Here's how you can make it brilliant.Just by being a bit creative, you can transform your simple looking room into a mo… [read more]

10 Creative Vintage Ideas To Decorate Your Home

If you are looking to create a vintage look for your shop, home or an office, why not try out these brilliant home decor ideas?     1. OLD BICYCLE VANITY TOP       2. TURN OLD… [read more]

5 Awesome DIY Ideas For Your Home

Nothing feels quite as satisfying as putting hours of hard work into a DIY project. It definitely gives your home a more personal touch, while constantly challenging your creativity skills. Sounds lik… [read more]

Johor Furniture Fair 2019 - Your One-Stop Solution Home Fair in Johor Bahru

Need new furniture or appliances for your next home improvement project or interior design makeover? Then you're in luck because the Johor Furniture Exhibition is back again - and it promises to be o… [read more]

6 Items From Royal Selangor To Make Your Home Shine

What is Royal Selangor? Since its birth in Kuala Lumpur in the 1930s, its spread to Singapore in the 1960s, and its eventual international expansion, Royal Selangor has risen to become one of the worl… [read more]

5 MUJI Furniture Sets to MUJI-up Your Home

MUJI stores are rather distinct, their facades similar to other lifestyle outlets such as Miniso and Uniqlo. One only needs to stand outside and recognize this Japanese household name from its open sh… [read more]

4 Ways To Cosy Up Big Houses

Large spaces are great; you always have room to move around and storage is never a problem. But sometimes, we forget to think about their disadvantages before hacking down walls and combining rooms, o… [read more]

Home decor trends for 2014

With 2013 quickly drawing to a close, it is time to look at trends that will influence our home décor in the year 2014. As per the ancient Chinese calendar, 2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse w… [read more]

Colour Your Home Happy

Visualise colours like orange and yellow in your mind and, more likely than not, you would feel happier in some degree. That’s the basis of colour psychology, which is the study of colour and it… [read more]

Elements of a Good Home Office

Working from home offers an opportunity for real comfort and efficiency, but if the home-office is not organised, or isn't clearly separated from the home environment, productivity may be lost. What&r… [read more]

10 Finds at Space's Furniture Sale

  Space is holding a mid-year sale.   From now till 12 June, the retailer of designer furniture is offering up to 50 percent off furnishings, lighting and accessories from brands such as B&… [read more]

7 Simple Tricks for a Luxurious Home

Whether you’re on a budget or not, everyone can afford a luxurious-looking home with a few simple tricks.             #1: Decorate your walls with nicely framed pic… [read more]

By the Kids, For the Kids

Recently in the fashion realm, celebrities were seen flaunting specially customised items. From Kim Kardashian’s Hermes bag personalised with a special touch of bright finger-painting – to… [read more]

Interior Designer vs Contractor - How are they Different?

Home renovation is never an easy decision to make and the sensible thing to do would be to engage the services of an interior designer or a contractor. But how are they different? Though they seem to… [read more]

6 Common Interior Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Interior design is an art and science of its own. While cultural preferences will always influence design styles to a degree, there are best design practices that everyone will agree on. However… [read more]

Bertoia Bar Stool Graceful Casualness that Captivates the Eye and Enhances the Interior

(Guest Writer: Kristin Lewis)Designed in the 1950s by Harry Bertoia, this unique bar stool combines the opposing influences of a long, tubular, stainless steel base and the curved seat. Unlike most ba… [read more]

What You Need To Know About Invisible Grilles

Ever heard about invisible grilles? Read on to find out more! Undoubtedly, when people shop around for window grilles, they will prioritize safety and aesthetics as the main criteria when choosing the… [read more]

How to Create a Beautifully Cosy Home with 5 Simple Boho Chic Decorating Tips

If you're like us, and you're looking for something different from the usual choice of Scandinavian/Industrial style of renovation that's been so popular recently, why not get on the Bohemian bandwago… [read more]

Modern Living Home Expo 2019

Planning a home shopping spree shopping spree? Then get your credit cards ready because Modern Living Home Expo 2019 will be happening from 15th to 17th of March, 11am to 9pm @ Persada Johor. And i… [read more]

Top Tips when Restoring Antique Furniture

(Guest Writer: Jessica Williams)Antique furniture boasts a personality that can hardly be matched by modern and generic designs. Not only were these items built to last, but they can often have a mass… [read more]

Work and Play - Assembling a Conducive Home Office

Work and Play Assembling a Conducive Home Office ARTICLE BY: DCRS – DECORATIONS Today rapid technological advances has revolutionised the job industry as more people look for freelance work to … [read more]

Modern Furniture For the Contemporary

The word contemporary gets thrown around quite a bit these days: contemporary dance, contemporary art, contemporary interior design. What does contemporary exactly mean? And does it mean the same thin… [read more]

Soundproof your Doors And Windows

Sound can get in a house through doors, windows and to a lesser degree, ceilings and walls. Soundproofing them add on costs to renovation, and careful planning is essential. Noise pollution affects ou… [read more]

How To Handle Noisy Neighbours

Noisy neighbors can cause disturbance and stress, affecting your sleep and mood at home. There are many ways to handle this without angrily confronting the neighbour as they might be clueless about th… [read more]

Buying Art: Original or Repro?

Undecided about buying original artworks or reprints for your home? Here are a few factors that you should consider when buying decorative art for the first time.   Purchase price While it is tru… [read more]

Local Furniture And Homeware Stores You've Got To Check Out

Although mega stores like Ikea and Crate and Barrel are highly popular with our local crowd, home owners sometimes leave a portion of their interior absent of such big brands, preferring to fill them … [read more]

6 Unique Features for a Beautiful & Practical Bathroom

The bathroom may be a narrow space, but dressing it with elegant yet practical elements is no less important – given that the bathroom is where you begin your day, and are likely to make a beeli… [read more]

The Cheat Sheet to Stylish Shelf Display (6 Easy Tips!)

We all have our little collections of the things we love. Some collect Hello Kitty collectibles, and others collect books, plants, toy figurines, candles, snow globes, crystals, and so much more. &nbs… [read more]

The Living Room to Die For - Here’s How to Do It

(Guest Writer for this post: Matt Attenborough)Living rooms work for various purposes for different people. Some people get around in the living room most of the time, whereas others are only using it… [read more]

5 Clever Ways To Blend The Old With The New

You may cringe at the idea of traditional looking furniture, feeling they may be a little too gaudy for your taste, but there are some pieces that would actually fit in flawlessly with modern interior… [read more]

Design Essentials For Your Home Office That Will Set You Up For Success

(Guest Writer: Ivas Cristian)You’ve heard people say “you are what you eat?” Well, that same logic applies to your environment too. Have you ever been at home or out somewhere where there was a … [read more]

A Guide To Lighting Your Home

Lighting the home is more than about flooding the home with light when night falls. An effective lighting strategy provides the necessary illumination for safety, as well as enhancement to the aesthet… [read more]

Fabric vs leather sofas – Which is Better for You?

If you’re trying to decide between a getting a fabric or leather sofa, we hope this guide will aid in your decision-making process. Sofa shopping can be confusing. Choices are aplenty, and … [read more]

The Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale is here! What are the renovation and household items you should look out for? Here are some hot bargains.   City Gas City Gas has the Triple Delights offers from 1 June t… [read more]

7 Creative Ways To Create Space For Your Shoebox Apartment

Shoebox apartments, affectionately known as Mickey Mouse units, are typically defined by a house that's under 500 square feet in size. Tight space is a constant challenge for families living in it, he… [read more]

Custom Vintage Furniture With Old Pallets

The great thing about wooden pallets is they are so versatile.  They can be recyled into any furniture from a table to a wine rack to a headboard.  All it takes is a little creativity and a … [read more]

6 Ways to Turn Your Child’s Room into a Playground

A bedroom to most, is an intimate place of retreat. Especially after a long day at work, or simply when we seek an undisturbed moment of rest. However, children bedrooms are different compared to adul… [read more]

Guide to Owning a Built-in Wardrobe

There are essentially 2 types of furniture; Stand-alone or Built-in. If you are in the midst of moving into a new home, or just thinking of refurbishing your place, chances are you’re also havin… [read more]

Evolve Your Home With Singapore Design Week 2019!

Every year, local design takes a step forward, aspiring to do more for society than just come equipped with a combination of aesthetic and function. As our homes change, design techniques are employe… [read more]


What is Taisho roman interior design? After the Japanese retro Showa-style interior design, I will share the “Taisho roman” interior design in this article. The Taisho era is different from the ot… [read more]

Stay Fresh and Store More With Electrolux’s New Range of Refrigerators and Washing Machines!

12 July saw Electrolux’s centennial celebration of its innovative household appliances, as well as the launch of a smart washer dryer and two refrigerators - the UltimateCare(™) 800/900 Washer Dry… [read more]

Evoking the Arabesque: How to Bring the Moroccan Style to Life

Born in a country with a wild mixture of cultural influence, the Moroccan style is the epitome of the exotic, a blend of African, Arabic, French and Spanish aesthetics. We probably can’t turn… [read more]

Soccer Fans Seeking A Bathroom Makeover, Look Here

Soccer Fans Seeking A Bathroom Makeover, Look Here You may have spent extensive potty time catching up with your late-night soccer matches. So why not have your bathroom wares designed after your f… [read more]

5 Practical Tips For Buying Furniture For Your Small Home

5 Practical Tips For Buying Furniture For Your Small Home With so many of us living in small apartments in Singapore, it’s time to rethink how we buy furniture.  Living with limi… [read more]

How to Choose a Good Office Chair

Back pain is a common complaint among office workers who spend hours at a stretch seated at the desk. When not corrected, the pain and injury caused not only affect productivity, but also our quality … [read more]

Wallpaper adds another layer to home decorating

If the thought of repainting makes you cringe, we've got the perfect solution – wallpaper. Like the name suggests, wallpaper is a material used to decorate walls.  Generally, they are verti… [read more]

16 Mindblowing Ideas for Your Unique Home in Singapore

Now that the Chinese New Year holiday is over, it's back to work! Get some fresh inspiration for your upcoming renovation with these gorgeous interior design ideas. With some creativity and innovation… [read more]

Guide to Owning a Freestanding Wardrobe

Following up on our article about Built-in wardrobes, here are certain things you need to know about their freestanding counterpart. Hopefully by getting a deeper understanding of both types, you… [read more]
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Amperado | Your Ultimate Luxury Indulgence

A home is where your story begins. Amperado believes in that and they want to be a part of the beautiful journey to make your dream home a reality.Founded in 8th August 2017, Amperado is a luxury ho… [read more]

10 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces from the #extraIKEAcatalogue

Two IKEA catalogues in the same year? That’s a first.To celebrate space-saving painted with bright, bold colours, IKEA will be releasing two catalogues in the same calendar year, with the first alre… [read more]

Single-coloured Interior Design

Have you ever imagined your home being painted in just one colour?Ever dreamt of having an interior design that is extraordinary and attractive?Not a fan of complicated and overly-decorated interior d… [read more]

Things You Don’t Know You Can Do with Your Kitchen Cabinet

Improving your kitchen cabinets can be impactful on the overall look and functionality of your kitchen. Since storage is a crucial element in designing a kitchen, contractors pay a lot of attention to… [read more]

5 AWESOME Home Accessories You Probably Can't Find In Singapore

No matter how done up your home is, with the perfect wall colours and impeccable furniture, there will be smaller spaces you eventually need to fill up with accessories. They aren't the easiest to sco… [read more]

Outrageous Halloween Decorations That Will Scare Your Guests (Part 1)

Halloween's just around the corner, so if you're planning on hosting a party at home, you're going to need some sort of decorations. Purchasing them is going to cost quite a bit, so here are some easy… [read more]

AWESOME Halloween Decorations To Dress Up Your Home With (Part 2)

Witches are getting ready to ride their broomsticks and goblins and ghouls are about to roam the streets. With just a few more days until Halloween, children and adults alike are preparing to dress up… [read more]

How to Choose Paint Colours

Looking at a paint catalogue and couldn't decide from the wide spectrum of colors? Most people feel less confident on whether the paint color will suit their home. Going to the paint store before deci… [read more]

How To Mix Vintage and Modern Elements in Your Home Renovations

(Guest Writer: Megan Hudson)There aren’t any rules when it comes to renovating your home, only that your end goal should be to have a space that reflects you and your family. If you want a ceramic t… [read more]

All You Need is Coffee: Chill Out with the Café Interior Style

The proliferation of cafés is a distinctly urban phenomenon. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, quiet cafés are like oases in a dry, scorching desert. Cafés often have interesting and creati… [read more]

Iconic Design Series: The Wishbone Chair

  The Wishbone chair by Hans Wegner remains popular for its authentic expression of Danish design   Think of Scandinavian furniture, and the Wishbone Chair comes to mind. The… [read more]

Interior Design That Stimulates Learning

Famous Chinese philosopher Confucius once said to his mentees, “You do not open a book without learning something.” Since thousands of years ago, learning has always been such an important part of… [read more]

7 Items You Thought Were Trash - Moving Into A New House

Are you preparing for the move into your new abode? Before you decide whether your stuffs go straight to the bin or into the mover's box, take a moment to read up on some uses you could do with goods … [read more]

One Simple Way to Revamp ANY Space

So you've been living in your beautiful home for a few years now, and you're thinking maybe it's time to do a little revamp. The Upper Room and its amazing selection of wallpapers gives you 5 perrrfec… [read more]

Top 5 Smart Home Devices

28-03-2019Before he gave his keynote speech, AI For An Even Better Life, at CED 2019 on January 7 in Las Vegas, LG Electronics (LG) president and CTO Dr. I.P. Park asked, “Is technology making your … [read more]

Designing A Junkyard-Industrial-Styled Home

Heard of the junkyard-industrial style interior design? Are you a fan of vintage or junk items? Ever dreamt of making a wonderful space for your precious antiques? Ever wanted an industrial-styled … [read more]

7 Great Interior Decor Home Improvement Ideas

(Guest Writer: Ivas Cristian) You’re never really finished on modeling your house, are you? There is always something to add here, some new items to put on the shelf or a new remodeling idea floa… [read more]

Why Build Custom Furniture For Your Home? | Carpenter Werkz

So you're looking to fill your new home with space-transforming furniture and have been told that getting custom furniture built for it is the way to go. But, why buy custom furniture? In this art… [read more]

Commune: In Motion - Enter the Future of Furniture Shopping With AR!

In recent years, brick-and-mortar stores have taken a backseat due to the rise of e-commerce. As consumer demand changes with technological advancements, retailers are finding ways to keep up with the… [read more]

Designing a Home with Personality

Have you ever visited a friend’s housewarming party only to see many furniture and accessories that you too have at home? Avoid the nondescript home by adding personal touches here and there. In thi… [read more]

Exciting Ideas for the Perfect Garden Home

There’s nothing like having plants in your home. They purify the air, radiate life, lift your spirits, and make your home look great. Did we also mention they’re good for the eyes? Especia… [read more]

Modern Living Room Ideas

Are you having trouble figuring out which interior design style works best for your living room?The living room is often seen as the highlight of home improvement, so many homeowners do not hesitate t… [read more]

Stunning Bubble Walls

Put together the idea of a transparent wall, LED lighting and water fountain and it gives you a fascinating LED bubble wall. Bubble wall is a great alternative to water fountains and plain glass walls… [read more]

Is THIS The Future Of Chairs?

You’ve heard of expandable tables and beds, but have you heard of expandable chairs? Introducing this revolutionary function into the market is Canadian inventor Daniel Chiriac. “This is a… [read more]

Get the Luxe Look: Druzy Crystal Accents

In case you didn't already know, druzy crystals have been quite the hit in the world of design! Admired for their gorgeous appearance and strikingly raw appeal, designers have been scrambling to creat… [read more]

O2O Home Expo + Carnival

Just moved to a new house and have yet to purchase any furniture or decorations for your home?Having trouble using or maintaining old electronic appliances, floor tiles, or wallpapers?Created a wishli… [read more]

Cool Ripple Faucet

Ever wonder if there is an indicator that tells you if the water flowing from the tap is hot, cold or just nice? The Ripple faucet does just that. It creates a new, fun way and the interaction with wa… [read more]

Asia Excel Singapore: Your One-Stop Bathroom & Kitchen Solution

Established in 2001, Asia Excel is one of the most preferred retailers and one of the most leading specialists in Singapore dealing with bathroom & kitchen services. The company has been improving th… [read more]

6 Reasons To Use Soft Furnishings

Like the name suggests, soft furnishings are textiles made from a variety of materials as wool, cotton, linen and leather. While soft furnishings are used primarily to enhance the decor of a place, … [read more]

Lighting Types to Transform Your Home

Know the difference between ambient and task lighting? Check out these lighting ideas to liven up your home!           Chandeliers For attention-grabbing lighting, you won&rs… [read more]

Can you find the cup in the picture?

No matter if you're a culinary queen or a weekends-only chef, there's no reason not to impress your loved ones with a home-cooked meal served with style. Out with those dated and chipped plates you bo… [read more]

Which Countertop Is Best For You?

(Guest Writer: Nikki Kingsley) How to Choose Which Countertop is Right for You Remodelling is always a fun project, but it can be difficult to choose the perfect countertop. Most homeowners wind u… [read more]

5 Sports To Inspire Your Living Room Makeover

The 2020 Summer Olympics may be a long while away, but for some of us avid sports fans, no great meet will ever be too far off when we got all that excitement in our veins. We may even be breathing mo… [read more]


In previous article, we mentioned the Nordic style and mid-century modernism. In this article, we will talk about Shabby Chic, the retro girlish style.Shabby means shabby, and Chic means elegant and c… [read more]

Tropical-Styled Interior Decors

Ever visited a tropical rainforest for an amazing tour and got fascinated by the beautiful natural sceneries?Do you know that you can be in a tropical rainforest without having to travel for hours?In … [read more]

What Your Interior Design Style Says about You

(Guest Writer: Kelly Roland) Even though it is true that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it is becoming increasingly obvious that in some ways clothes do make the man. Whether what dr… [read more]

5 Ways To Bring Out The Best In Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are intimate spaces, most times becoming your favourite part of the house and a personal haven. And for such an important role it should be treated with extra effort, so here are some suggest… [read more]

Designing The Perfect Games Room

(Guest Writer: James Green)For many of us, life is all about entertainment. We go to work to pay the bills, but when the essential bills are paid, we want to relax and have a little fun - whether that… [read more]

You Must Read These 6 Tips on Kitchen Remodeling

(Guest Writer: David Huner)Kitchen remodeling does not need to be a complicated thing. It also doesn’t have to cost too much money. If you’re wondering how’s this possible, the answer is that it… [read more]

Quartz Vs Granite Countertops: A Scientific Face Off

(Guest Writer: Michael Anderson)As a common man, you must have done much research while choosing worktops for your kitchen. However, knowing the scientific facts behind different materials and doing a… [read more]

DIY: Plant a Dreamcatcher

Ever heard of a living dreamcatcher? Featuring the first of our brand new DIY series, we made a hanging planter out of a wood frame, some twine, wood chips and air plants!        … [read more]

Man Smashes Luxury Condominium Due to Defects

In an area graced with stunning architecture, The Residences at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, may be the latest condominium development. The skyscraping 55 floors condominium was cast in a bad light afte… [read more]

5 Mickey-Mouse-Themed Furniture You Can Fit In A Small Space

The world of Mickey Mouse has filled us up with its timeless magic, unforgettable characters, and exceptional story-telling. It fills up our childhoods, lives, our dreams, and our memories, whether go… [read more]

5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Home

(Guest Writer: Katherine Rundell) As a homeowner, the value of your property will have a huge effect on your life when it comes time to sell. That means that home improvements are an economic imperati… [read more]

Scandinavian Interiors - Big NO NOs

(Guest Post From: Möbler) Our interior style is such a misconceived phenomenon. Since we at Möbler - Scandinavian Vintage, often receive the question what Scandinavian interior style really is, w… [read more]

Big Ideas for Small Living Spaces

(Guest Post From: AkzoNobel) Space is precious in our little red dot of a nation, and this means that living spaces are constantly shrinking. However, having a small home does not mean that you hav… [read more]

Highlights of the Colours Symposium at SIDS Fest 2019

The Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) had their annual event - the SIDS Festival - as part of the Architecture & Building Series Expo at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, which ran from 1 to 3 … [read more]

ArchXpo 2019 SFIC Booth

The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) had a booth at the recent ArchXpo 2019: The International Exhibition for Architecture & The Built Environment. The expo was held at Marina Bay Sands f… [read more]

Amazing Kitchen and Storage Solutions at Alustil!

How to avoid termite infestations, ugly mould and clutter? Easy. Quality home furnishings using premium materials and smart design will help to eliminate most of these problems. Imagine spending all t… [read more]

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Are you a gamer who can’t live without video games?Or would you like your friends and family to join you in interesting arcade games but you do not have a specific space for them?Here are some amazi… [read more]


After the millennialism and American town style, we will talk about Mid-century modern style (MCM).Where does the modern popular minimalist interior design come from? It is Mid-cen… [read more]

New Chapter Design: Reliable Interiors and Renovations

New Chapter Design is a seasoned interior design company established in Singapore. They have over 15 years of experience in satisfactorily delivering customer needs and wants. They are confident in pr… [read more]

Affordable European Furniture That Will Change The Way You Live!

On October 17, German-Singaporean joint retail partnership IBC Asia (working with SFIC) launched flagship stores featuring 3 well-known high-end European furniture brands - Bert Plantagie, Koinor and … [read more]


After the MCM style and millennialism, we are going back to simple and basic. Scandinavian is an interior design style that focuses on simplicity. It can split to two branches, one of which is Hygge. … [read more]


Lighting is one of the indispensable elements at home. Different kinds of lamps have their ownadvantages and disadvantages. How many types of lighting are there? How should I choose? Which lighting is… [read more]

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is furniture that realizes new or other functions based on the original functions of traditional furniture. It is basically a redesign of furniture.The four distinctive feat… [read more]

IUIGA - 5 Ways To Do Up Your Living Room

Since RenoTalk’s first conversation with home-grown furnishing firm IUIGA back in 2017, it has become one of Singapore’s top go-tos for furniture shopping. IUIGA has become nationally renow… [read more]

How to Use Lighting to Improve Your Living Room Décor

(Guest Writer: Emmy Noel) The right lighting can help to set the mood in your home. Having the right amount of light, especially when it is in balance with your circadian rhythm, can have a positiv… [read more]

Home Decor Ideas and Tips

(Guest Writer: Stella)There is no place like home, a sure answer from most people after a long day at work. A stressed person will surely be relaxed if they saw their house, especially with added home… [read more]


We have talked about the retro girlish style and warm Nordic style in previous articles. In this article, we will talk about Southwestern style.The origin of Southwestern style is the mix of American … [read more]

Top 3 Ways To Clean Your Tiled Floor

(Guest Writer: Pamela Andrews) Tiled flooring is a preferred and durable choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas at home that may get wet. If properly taken care of, tiled flooring could easi… [read more]

Carpet Replacement Design Tips

(Guest Writer: Zachary Weiner) What equates to the comfy and leg-warming feel of a carpet? – Probably nothing, right? Carpets provide a luxurious soft feeling that many homeowners crave for and l… [read more]

Kitchen Design Suggestions That You Can Use in Your Renovation

(Guest Writer: Nikki Kingsley)As one of the most common home improvement projects, a kitchen redesign can be an overwhelming project and a project that puts a huge dent in the home improvement budget.… [read more]

Sports-Themed Interior Design

Do you like sports?Unfortunately for many sports enthusiasts, the rise of COVID-19 in many countries have led to many sports activities being limited. Interior design is a creative way to bring y… [read more]


After the southwestern style and retro girlish style, we will introduce the playful Memphis style.Memphis style first appeared in the 1980s. It was promoted by a group of quirky Italian designers t… [read more]

How to Install Storm-Resistant Plexiglas Windows

(Guest Writer: Nimra Kianat) Introduction to Plexiglas - Shatter-resistant Glass You must be wondering what a ‘Plexiglas’ is or what sort of glass is it. Let me clear up one thing: it's not gla… [read more]

Official Launch of GANI Singapore Showroom And Sustainable Design Forum

What is green design? What is sustainable design?How can interior design and the environment go hand in hand for future projects?These were discussed at the Sustainable Design Forum, which happened al… [read more]

Minimalist Furniture With Maximum Impact Episode #001

If you’re looking for simple and tasteful pieces of furniture for your home that can withstand the whirlwind changes in home trends, look no further as we have the answers just for you: Minimalist F… [read more]

Which Curtain Fabric Suits Your Home Best?

(Guest Writer: Javed Soni) While decorating your home, one must not simply overlook their windows and leave them as is. They are still a part of your home. Decorating them properly would help as a n… [read more]

Designing A Homestay Interior

During this Covid-19 pandemic, most outdoor activities, including travelling, have been limited.Although we are unable to enjoy our trip across the borders freely, for now, we can turn our home sweet … [read more]


The colour scheme of Tribal Chic styleWhenever we mention Africa, you may think of a wild thatched house and a large area of earthy land. Therefore, linen, earth colour and desert colours are the main… [read more]

Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

(Guest Writer: Kay Mills) Is your dog a major part of the family? If you answered yes, you are certainly not alone. Many dog owners consider their dogs to be their best friends. So much, in fact, tha… [read more]

Cheap Ways To Design Your Apartment

(Guest Writer: Cynthia Young)Is your home due for a design update, and you don't even know how to go about it? If you are on a shoestring budget like most of us, it can be a somewhat intimidating tim… [read more]

ArtDecor Design Studio Pte. Ltd: Your First Choice For Interior Design

ArtDecor Design Studio offers high-end interior design solutions. They are a Singapore based company. The company is involved in every single stage of the design process. They're there from consulting… [read more]

eDD+ Singapore: Furniture and Decor Designed By Nature

eDD+ Singapore will change the way you see furniture. Bet you never knew furniture could be so sexy. All of their pieces are inspired by nature. You get the great outdoors and experience earth’… [read more]

Dressing Your Windows The Right Way

You know what kills the fun of home renovation? The fear of making bad choices when picking out products for your abode. However, at Window Image & Interior Furnishing Pte Ltd, that fear won&rsquo… [read more]

11 Ways To Design Your Baby Nursery

(Guest Writer: Alistair) Imagination is running rife through the 21st Century child’s room! Calming splashes of colour adorn the walls, met with a tropical landscape for your baby to stare at as th… [read more]


If you like spacious, well-lit and airy spaces, you will want to jump on the bandwagon of open-plan layouts. But this lack of visual and physical boundaries can mean that they aren’t the easiest to … [read more]

Explore The Future of Lifestyle and Tech at SITEX 2019!

If you are curious about how tomorrow’s technology will impact how we work and play, visit SITEX 2019! Singapore’s only tech-lifestyle exhibition has returned this year, running from 28 November (… [read more]

Singapore’s First Smart Blind Gallery mc2 Is Now Bigger

Your curtains and blinds just got smarter.On 29 November, local curtains-blinds retailer mc2 saw the expansion of its smart blind gallery from 4,200 square feet to now 7,000 square feet, along with… [read more]

5 Types Of Doors To Consider For Your New Home

5 Types Of Doors To Consider For Your New Home Homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to doors-there's just so many to choose from. However, one must be careful in their selection: factors as … [read more]

6 Design Tips for Beach Vibe House Decor

(Guest Writer: Kay Mills)Depending on your home, you may want to make it fit into a certain theme that appeals to you. Some people will try various modern themes, but there is a charming appeal about … [read more]

4 Design Tips for Kindergarten Interior Design

INTRODUCTION According to the international ‘Kindergarten Work Regulations’, a kindergarten is an institution that provides care and education for preschool children aged three to six years old. … [read more]


Air conditioner is the largest power consumption electrical appliance in Summer. It is difficult to resist not turning it on in hot days. Yet it gives you a headache when you see the power bill every … [read more]

The Smart Affair with Smart Home Solutions Seminar on December 6 2019

Smart homes are the trendy homes of today, but how smart are we willing to make our home?What does it mean to have a smart home? How challenging is it to turn an existing home into a smart one? Th… [read more]


In order to separate toilets and showers, shower screen is the popular choice. Even in public housing, shower screen has become the mainstream. There are many types and styles of shower screens. In th… [read more]

5 Small Touches You Can Add to Your House for a Quicker Sale

(Guest Writer: Bethany Seton)You’ve decided to sell your home and of course, you’re hoping for the best possible outcome. Not only do you want to get your investment back, but you need some additi… [read more]

Renovating Your Home? Check Out These 7 Decor Trends That Will Rule 2020

(Guest Writer: HappyShappy) Put your hands up in the air if you just don't care. Or, on a serious note, if your home is a continually evolving mix of all the things you love – as it should be. Just … [read more]

5 Types Of Chairs You Should Chair-ish

Chairs are the bastions of comfort and coziness in your home; at the end of a long, hard day, chairs are where you fling all your belongings and sinks your weary body into its plush refines before you… [read more]

12 Attractive Horoscope-themed Interiors

In this article, we are going to take a trip to the world of horoscopes. The horoscope-themed interior has become popular recently so let us take a closer look at it and get some design tips for the r… [read more]


In the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a fierce space race. Research has shortened the distance between humans and space, making cultural and artistic design obsessed with spa… [read more]

5 Benefits Of Renovating Before You Move In

(Guest Writer: Amanda Wallace) Have you just bought a new home that needs a couple of updates, a fresh coat of paint? Or, maybe the entire house needs a total redo? If you have found yourself in this… [read more]

Tips to Style Your Bed Like a Designer

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle) From ultra-sleek minimalist style to warm modern rustic decor schemes, here are some basic and foolproof tips and tricks to style your bed like a designer. 1. I… [read more]

8 Interior Design Industry Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

(Guest Writer: Michael Gorman) We’ve had a long year in 2020, but thankfully we are getting to the end of it, and we can now start looking towards 2021, knowing it will be better. We had some excit… [read more]

What 6 Animated TV Bedrooms Would Look Like In Real life

(Guest Contributor: BudgetDirect.com via NeoMam Studios)Maybe you remember some time back when we daydreamed, on this blog, about the cartoon characters’ bedrooms that we would love to have in real … [read more]

The Curtain Boutique - Protecting Your Windows and Balconies

Are you looking for the latest looks for your windows? Do you want to secure and spruce up your balcony? Are you looking for ways to keep heat, wind, dust, and insects out of your home? Looking for… [read more]

Aurastone Gives You 8 Terrific Terrazzo Colours!

Terrazzo has been around for quite a while. You may have seen this flooring type in schools, community centres, offices, and even airports. You may have even walked on one in your childhood home. F… [read more]

2 Tips for Picking Out Kitchenware to Match Your Interior Design

(Guest Writer: William Davis) So, you've recently built or renovated a shiny, brand new kitchen or decided your kitchenware needs upgrading. Don't get overwhelmed by endless choices and narrow down t… [read more]

Audio House Singapore Launches in Ubi

Audio House Hub has launched at Ubi! Sporting a whopping seven storeys and over 100,000 square feet of space (including a high-tech Online-to-Offline (O2O) showroom, a warehouse, and office space), t… [read more]

3 Tips for Singaporean Homeowners to Optimize Outdoor Spaces, Independent of the Weather and the Heat

In the season of the COVID-19, health authorities have advised the public to spend time outdoors rather than indoors, as fresh air is good for the family. With Singapore’s humid and unpredictable we… [read more]

10 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

(Guest Writer: Beatrix Potter) Moving into your dorm room is an exciting time. But fitting all your essentials in it, whilst trying to create a functional and stylish space, can be a tricky task. Her… [read more]

Start Up Your Smart Home With Domo7!

With smart home systems being in trend today, there are many retailers offering products that will wire up your home for the future. Whether it is through weather-sensitive sensors, lights that activa… [read more]

10 Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

(Guest Writer: Molly Gibson) Are you a student and worried about your room décor? Here are some exciting ideas for you to design your room. Ideas that will help you relax, have fun, and work in your… [read more]

The 5 Best Indoor Plants for Decorating

(Guest Writer: Kurt Walker) Have you grown tired of your lifeless interior? Or maybe you moved into a new blank house that is waiting for you to add some colour in all the rooms. The best indoor pl… [read more]

FortyTwo - 9 Furniture Must-Haves for Every New Home

Moving into a new place is always exciting, especially if you are moving into your new home. Whether you are single or a newlywed or just entering a new phase of life, decorating or customising somet… [read more]

Buying Furniture from Home

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle)The process of interior design is a long one, and getting from conception to the finished product is often much harder than it looks. Alongside circuit-breaker measure… [read more]

A Stay-Home Hari Raya

(Guest Writer: Luigi La Tona, Chief Operating Officer, StorHub Self Storage)The first few months of 2020 have not been the easiest, but when it comes to festivals and holidays, a celebration with our … [read more]

D'SOL Deco – The Heart of Eclecticism

Our home means many things to us – and it would mean even more with the right ambience and atmosphere. But in a world replete with a limited variety of designs and styles, it's possible, amidst the… [read more]

Top 10 Furniture Designs For Your Living Room

(Guest Writer: Claudia Jeffrey)Do you spend most of your time, lounging? Are you bored with your old style living room? Are you looking for ideas to ramp it up? If you answered 'Yes' to the questio… [read more]

Excel Hardware: Hardware Trading to Concept Designer

Excel Hardware is a Singapore premium furniture hardware wholesaler and distributor founded in 1998.  They started as a hardware supplier with 50 humble products, and today they provide quantity … [read more]

FortyTwo - Furniture Shopping During COVID-19

For homeowners, new and existing alike, 2020 has become an impactful year for buying homes and planning renovations. When COVID-19 hit our shores, many plans were put off due to the rise of coronaviru… [read more]

3 Space-saving Tips for Families

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle) With the overall size of HDB flats getting smaller over the years, many Singaporeans have found themselves cooped up at home with multiple family members without any… [read more]

2020 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Interior design has recently become more popular. In fact, the pursuit of beautiful homes is no longer limited to traditional interior styles anymore.There are already many different and … [read more]


Wallpaper is a commonly seen at home for decoration material. As it has a good visual effect and it is easy to hang, therefore, many people like having it for wall decoration. However, as time goes, p… [read more]


It is the bounden duty of interior designers to highlight the distinctive personality of the owner of the home in a limited space. In this small apartment, the design team made use of calm colours and… [read more]

For The Young and Pretty——Ideal Bedroom Design For Girls

How many of you have dreamt of being a princess living in a luxurious bedroom in a castle? In this article, we are going to help you make your dreams come true by sharing some useful tips in doing up … [read more]

For The Bold and Handsome——Ideal Bedroom Design For Boys

Speaking of interior design, many women may have plenty of design ideas for their home, but it is often easy to ignore men’s ideas sometimes. In fact, men also have a lot of expectations for interio… [read more]

Smart Home 101 - Must-Use Items For Your Futuristic Home

Have you ever wondered what the future will be like?Have you ever hoped for an easy lifestyle which does not require you to do everything by yourself?If the answer is yes, you are in luck, because we … [read more]

Ingenious Products That Save Space in Your Home

Singapore homes are constantly dealing with the uphill battle of maintaining liveable square footage. Your battle is about to meet a few game-changing weapons. When conserving space in a home, you wil… [read more]


The owners of this apartment are fashion bloggers. In the beginning of the home design, she specifically requested to have a space for photo taking at home. Later, the couple found some photos on inte… [read more]


In order to let the retired parents to enjoy their life comfortably, the owner bought this apartment and requested the designer to design a cozy space for the retired parents to live in. The designer … [read more]

Traditional Chinese Paintings VS. Western Paintings

Now that interior design and house renovations have inspired homeowners today to add a touch of art and elegance to their homes, perhaps you are inspired to give your own a makeover? One of the e… [read more]


Lighting is a must-have must-have element for every home, but most people despise the influence of lighting on the overall design and atmosphere at home. To understand the effect of light to peop… [read more]

Paradise For Gourmet - Food-inspired Household Items

Food is very important and essential to us as it is our main source of energy and nutrients. To allow us to keep growing and stay energetic and healthy, we need to consume sufficient amounts of health… [read more]

FortyTwo - How Many Interior Styles Can You Get For Your Home?

How many interior design styles can you name off the top of your head? Over the past decade, we have seen many different styles appear in homes across the world, with some making their way to our isl… [read more]


When it comes to French-style decoration, everyone will think of elegant, luxurious and exquisite antique decorations, or the flashy Rococo style. However, if the French style is combined with the mod… [read more]

Designing A Bedroom for Your Little Ones

“Great design answers a question, offers a solution, and solves a problem,” Dana Hughes, an Australian interior designer, once said.Some parents have playful kids at home who refuse to sleep or ta… [read more]


When it comes to Bohemia, you may naturally think of a big tent in the field. And then the gypsies lay on the cushions and carpets with pattern and sing. You may think that the structure of houses in … [read more]

The Sofa Diaries

Sofas have existed for longer than we could imagine. Millenia ago, thrones were created for the sultans of ancient Arabia, leading to the creation of our modern-day sofas. The ancient Egyptians had al… [read more]


Many people like to stay in hotels because the spacious room. But in a typical 400-foot apartment, how can we design our home which is similar to a serviced apartment? Here are some tips.1.Hidden stor… [read more]

Sustainablility-Eco-friendly Interior Design

As life is precious to us, we should strive to make the quality of our lives better. To do so, we must first give our respect and love to our Mother Earth. Due to global warming and climate change, ou… [read more]

Eye-catching Colour Ideas for Your Home

Do you know that communicating without words is possible?Colours are everywhere and there are approximately 10 million colours in existence. In fact, they play a vital role in our lives as they form a… [read more]

9 Charming Ways to Vastly Improve the Look of Your Kitchen

(Guest Writer: Michael Murdy, Founder of Robust Kitchen)Kitchen aesthetics can feel like a constant work in progress. Even after you think you’ve perfected the look of your kitchen, styles get old, … [read more]

24 Ways to Alter Your Floor Plan for Maximum Space

Thinking of ways to alter your floor plan and maximise space in your home? How about room dividers? They’re great for creating efficient layouts so your home can better meet your family’s needs. W… [read more]

6 Types of Doors for the Home and Office

These days, a door is not just a panel that swings open and close for movement and security. Plenty of options out there cater to the function and aesthetics of the home. Available in various sizes an… [read more]

FortyTwo - Find Your Best Furniture Online!

We have a love-hate relationship with online stores. On one hand, there is the convenience of not having to walk all the way to a brick-and-mortar set-up and scrolling through multiple items at once.… [read more]

FortyTwo - Homely, Your Life-Sized Interior Moodboard!

This year, 2021, some of us may finally see our new homes complete their renovation. For others, it may be heading out to the showrooms and stores for interior design inspiration. Of course, for some … [read more]

10 Interesting Solutions to Store Books in Small Apartments

(Guest Writer: Michael Gorman) Life can be hard for enthusiastic readers living in small apartments. If you love reading, you probably know that books mean more than just a leisure activity. They are… [read more]

How To Incorporate Old Furniture Into A New Home

(Guest Writer: Hanna Matthews)Moving to your new home can often be a daunting and stressful task. There are so many things to think about, from paperwork and packing to relocation itself. And one of t… [read more]

5 Superb Home Decoration Ideas

(Guest Writer: Mirela Boston)Are you starting life in a new city but aren’t sure how to decorate your new home in an innovative and streamlined process? Or you have been living in the same place but… [read more]

3 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home More Comfortable

(Contributed Post) If you are changing up your home and you are trying to come up with ideas for that, one of the things to consider is how comfortable your home should feel. Being at home is when yo… [read more]

How To Organize Your Kitchen In 5 Easy Steps

(Guest Writer: Mirela Boston) Just like a car’s steering wheel, dashboard, and levers fit around the driver, the space and kitchen cabinets around your oven and hob must be comfortable and easy for… [read more]

Plant Power: 5 Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep Better

(Guest Writer: Holly Schaeffer) We all want to design the perfect space for ourselves; however, as we’re not professional interior designers, we often don’t know where to start. Sometimes the sim… [read more]

Chromesthesia Décor - Living Room Colour Palettes Inspired By 10 Music Genres

(Article Source: Chromesthesia Décor: Living room colour palettes inspired by 10 music genres) Imagine a world where colour and music go hand in hand — where each note has a corresponding visual s… [read more]

6 Tips for Writers to Equip Their Working Room

(Guest Writer: Daniela McVicker) Whether you’re a novelist, a freelance blogger, or a copywriter, an adequate work environment can be beneficial. This is why equipping your working room properly… [read more]

The Home Office: 5 Factors For Creating A Comfortable Place For Productive Work

(Guest Writer: Carrie Duncan) Today the home office is no longer a luxury, but an everyday necessity for many people. The reason for this is the rapid development of information technology: people … [read more]

4 Mistakes You Can Make When You Are Moving Home

(Contributed Post) Are you thinking about moving home shortly? This is a big change in your life and it’s definitely easy to make some mistakes here. The good news is that it’s possible to avoid … [read more]

10 Ways To Create An Instagrammable Bedroom

(Guest Writer: Alicia Burmeister) With a new season, most people desire some changes in their life. Of course, this also applies to the interior. But how to do everything without resorting to repa… [read more]

How to Bring Your Kitchen Into The Future

(Guest Writer: Sarah Hollenbeck)Out of all the rooms in your home, you likely spend the most time in the kitchen. From whipping up dinner for the family to experimenting with a new dessert recipe, the… [read more]

How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing on Furniture

(Guest Writer: Steffi Trott) Chewing is normal behaviour for dogs since they use their mouths and noses to explore things around them. But chewing can happen for a number of reasons, and when your p… [read more]

Why A White Metal Boltless Rack Is The Best Choice For Your Storeroom

(Contributed Post) The trend for young BTO couples is moving towards white, boltless, metal racks for their HDB bomb shelter. The installation is done after completing their renovation. These racks… [read more]

Top 5 Frameless Wall Mirrors Shapes For Your Home

(Guest Contributor: Fab Glass And Mirrors)Frameless wall mirrors come in many unique shapes and sizes. They are a beautiful and minimalistic way to display your reflection in any space around your hom… [read more]

Which Type Of Light Bulb For You?

With the advancement in technology, picking the right type of light bulb can also mean savings in energy consumption. We take a look at the most common types used in homes.   A variety of lig… [read more]

FortyTwo - Enjoy FortyTwo's First Great Furniture Sale in June 2021!

As the iconic Great Singapore Sale takes place online, local furniture firm FortyTwo is joining the fun with its first GFS - Great Furniture Sale. What is The GFS? FortyTwo’s Great Furniture Sal… [read more]

A Mediterranean-Styled Home With Silestone's Sunlit Days

The breezy wind and salty air of the Mediterranean sea, and the lighthouses that once watched over it. The warm, inspired touch of a carpenter on his craftsmanship. The strong clay soil that gives l… [read more]

10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Kitchen Smarter

(Guest Writer: Colin Matthews) It is no secret that the families that consistently eat main meals together, will build strong, emotional, and personal bonds – both collectively and individually. … [read more]

Minimalist Design Ideas for Your Home Office

(Guest Writer: Jennifer Archer) The global Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things in all spheres of our lives. It has also forced us to change the way we do almost everything. One of the areas t… [read more]

How to Protect Your Home from Damage When Moving

(Contributed Post) One of the things you need to make sure when moving home is to not cause any damage to both your old and new home. If you are renting your old place and you cause any damage to it,… [read more]

How to Tighten Kitchen Faucet Nut Under Sink

(Guest Writer: Sahzadi Sarah) A faucet is an essential sink fixture secured with a nut. You will find the nut under the sink. Mostly, a kitchen sink in butcher block countertop is busy and effective,… [read more]

[Know More about Renovation] Points to note for getting a tiling quotation and buying tiles

Table of ContentsPoints to note for getting a tiling quotationPoints to note when buying tilesSelf-inspection of ceramic tile quality methodThe cost of tiles and tiling take up quite a large proportio… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] Kitchen cleaning: 6 easily-ignored black spots

Table of Contents1. Range hoods2. Cooking stove3. Brick and countertop stone4. Cutting Board5. Kitchen wipes6. Sink and faucetEveryone adopts different methods and steps when cleaning up the house. Wh… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 300-sq.ft Apartment with Wooden Simple Style, Bringing the Nature into Living

Table of ContentsBasic informationWooden elements integrate into the home to combine the two bedroomsWooden tree pattern feature wall, an imitation of Japanese shoji, but more durableEntrance glass … [read more]

4 Useful Tips To Make Your Laminate Cabinets Last Long

(Guest Writer: Kathleen Sharp)From cost-effectiveness to durability and low maintenance appeal, laminate finishes are becoming increasingly popular for kitchen cabinetry, countertops and other inter… [read more]

4 Kinds Of Modern Lighting To Achieve A Better Home

(Guest Writer: Tifanni Ong, Illuminating Asia) When it comes to installing lighting fixtures inside your home, don't use the same kind of lighting throughout the entire area. Different parts of your … [read more]

[Mosquito Repellent Strategy] 4 Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes in humid places are active, especially in the SE Asia. Everyone tries their best to kill mosquitoes at home or use natural mosquito killers such as baking soda to make their own mosquito ki… [read more]

Aurasink - The Revolutionary Sink From Aurastone

Leakage is a pain to deal with, no matter where it happens and what tools you use to try to fix it.Many a time, we may have looked on in horror as little rivers of water mysteriously materialise on yo… [read more]

What makes CrownLivin different from its competitors?

When CrownLivin was founded in 1991, it was a modest TV cabinet maker. Today, the company has evolved into a world-class modular furniture producer, distributor, and retailer. With more than 30 years … [read more]

Exercising More Autonomy Over Your Home Space

(Contributed Post) When people learn to drive a car, they learn how to operate it, but not necessarily how to take care of it. However, any driver learning to check their oil levels, fill their tyr… [read more]

Silestone Ethereal - Ascend Your Countertops!

What do you think the colour of Heaven is? If Heaven is your kitchen or bathroom, what will it look like? Should a white countertop or marble-looking wall be on your must-haves for your home renovat… [read more]

If 6 Disney Characters Joined the Tiny-House Movement

(Article Source: Angie's List - If 6 Disney Characters Joined the Tiny-House Movement) Adults may think they’ve outgrown their beloved Disney characters, but the truth is their childhood games of… [read more]

Debunking Myths: Working From Home Is Less Productive Than Working From Office

(Contributed Post) As we prepare ourselves for this festive season, we wonder: Will the restrictions be extended yet again? Is Christmas going to be cancelled? With social gatherings still kept at tw… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 350 sq. ft. Public Housing Transformation With Warm and Simple Interior Design

People who are living in public housing in Hong Kong always feel that there are many restrictions, so few people bother to decorate their homes. This time, Deco-Man takes you to visit the housing unit… [read more]

FortyTwo - Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 Storewide Sale

Whether you are waiting to move into your new home or waiting for a chance to revamp your current one, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend is a great chance to go furniture shopping and enjoy huge d… [read more]

8 Creative Book Display Ideas For a Small Apartment

(Guest Writer: Michaela Wong) If you live in a small apartment, you know how important it is to make the most out of every space. Decluttering, buying multi-functional furniture and optimizing yo… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 440 sq. ft. Unit in Discovery Bay with Simple and Exotic Interior Design

Hong Kong people love to travel. It would be better if they could bring the exotic style home, but how can we incorporate the exotic beauty into the home interior design without feeling messy? Deco-Ma… [read more]

7 Easy Ways To Go Green At Home

Why a Green Home? You may have heard of green homes and how they revolve around sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental conservation. But there are equally essential yet lesser discusse… [read more]

Pandemic Precautions & Tips For Sanitizing Winter Clothing

As the COVID pandemic strikes our city again, it’s time to raise our alertness and keep on fighting.  Let’s revise some of the vital precaution measures in order to prevent infection and goin… [read more]

Why Nippon Paint COOL-TEC? Keep Cool, Save More!

(Guest Writer: Angel Chai)In recent years, according to research, climate change and global warming have become increasingly urgent concerns.Located on the equator, Singapore has a tropical climate. T… [read more]

7 Stylish Storage Solutions For Your Tiny Home

Storage solutions are a must if you live in a small home, from cabinets to shelves to concealed units in or under furniture. If built-in storage is not your thing, you can look to soft furnishings to … [read more]

If Our Tap Water is Safe, Why Water Dispensers? [Giveaway Included!]

Thanks to the efforts of Singapore's Public Utilities Agency (PUB), we have highly potable water that is easily accessible via our taps and outdoor water coolers. Treatment plans such as the NEWater p… [read more]

Top 5 Benefits Why You Need To Buy A New Office Chair

(Contributed Post) You know the situation right? Coming home on a Friday evening after a full week of 9-5 and overtime, you’re worn out, can’t think straight and, most annoyingly, your back is … [read more]

How To Keep Cool and Comfortable with Solar Films

With climate change around the corner, temperatures are not going down. Research has shown that Singapore is one of the countries with rapidly rising temperatures; maximum daily temperatures can reach… [read more]

[Cleaning Tips] 4 important steps to clean for a window

Table of Contents1. Plastic edge cleaning2. Window frame cleaning3. Window hinge cleaning4. Glass cleaningWindows are an important source of light in the home, so it is very important to maintain the … [read more]

Christmas Gift Guide - 15 Gift Ideas For A Cozy Merry Christmas

Christmas 2021 is around the corner; no matter where you are spending it, it’s a season for gifting and a season to be jolly! Here's a gift guide for 15 gift ideas for you and your loved ones to hav… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 450-sq.ft Apartment with Japanese Industrial Style

Table of ContentsBasic informationCompartment changes: Positions of kitchen and toilet are swapped, utilising the space more wiselyVisual levels: Japanese space culture cleverly divides regions by h… [read more]

RUHENS Introduces Singapore’s First Multi-Temperature Water Dispenser with Icemaker

In Singapore’s sweltering heat, a cold drink of pure water is one of life’s best little pleasures. On 12 May 2021, RUHENS, one of the top retailers for water dispensers in Singapore, launched RUHE… [read more]

Singapore’s Largest King Koil Gallery & Ashley Furniture Flagship Megastore Celebrates Milestone 1st Anniversary

The megastore turns one with the arrival of King Koil’s latest 2023 Key Collection of mattresses, sofas and beddings, complete with accessories including pillows and linens.  Singapore, 30… [read more]

When Should You Replace Your Mattress? 8 Signs To Look Out For

(Guest Writer: Dimple Malhotra) Mattresses are often a significant investment, so people try to use them for as long as they can. But that is not healthy. Another thing that people believe is that yo… [read more]

Are You Choosing A Bedroom Mattress That's The Right Fit For You?

We spend at least a quarter of our lives asleep and another quarter wishing we could be. Since that’s the case, doesn’t it make sense for us to invest money in a quality bedroom mattress? It’ll … [read more]

Castlery Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Launch of Reimagined Classic Designs

Veering from a neutral colour palette, Castlery celebrates a decade of design excellence with the vibrant and rejuvenated 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection, featuring a fresh interpretation … [read more]

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