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What's in it for me? 5 Quotations (up to) from reputable interior designers FREE Curated Renovation Packages 24 Hour quick turnaround Join the growing 46,923satisfied homeowners
Send me goodies, exclusive deals, and Inspiration for my home! We pinky promise not to spam your mailbox! Sign me up
"I Saved Up to 30%" Muhammad Fahmi, Homeowner "I used RenoTalk's method of getting quotes and received many attractive packages without hassling & bargaining! I even gained an extra 30% value and better service from the Renovators!"

RenoTalk Articles: LIVING & LIFESTYLE

From beauty and health to matters of the heart, take a look at these lifestyle options

Spread The Love This Christmas

Feed the world,Let them know it's Christmas time again~ Do They Know It’s Christmas? ~Christmas is portrayed as the ‘season of giving’. Gift exchanges are popular during this time and the must-h… [read more]

5 Trends Set To Reshape Consumers’ Lifestyles in 2021

(Guest Writer: Antoine Besseyre des Horts, Leader, LIXIL Global Design, Asia)COVID-19 has significantly altered the course of the world. As we look back at 2020, the pandemic has shifted and transform… [read more]

Vitamin C Infused Shower For Health and Beauty

Did you know that the MGM Grand Hotel at Las Vegas offers a Vitamin C Shower System in its Stay Well rooms? We investigate the benefits of bathing in this vitamin-infused water.   We’ve all h… [read more]

10 Things To Get From IKEA’s VINTER 2018 Collection this Christmas!

IKEA Singapore’s VINTER and VINTERSAGA collections are back this Christmas! Dosed in reds, whites, and golds, these are ten things that you can take away from IKEA this holiday season: 1) DRYCK BUB… [read more]

DIY Floor Lamp Planter

When it comes to sprucing up your home, you don’t have to be limited to the furniture store. Hand making your own furnishing can be a fun way to add more personality and flavour to your space. D… [read more]

He Builds Own Furnishings from Scraps

Witono Halim with the floor lamp that he built out a wheel rim and an exhaust pipe. Halim builds his own furnishings out of unwanted materials in a bid to move away from the 'buy and throw away' cult… [read more]

Christmas Gift Ideas from COURTS

10 Things To Get From COURTS This Christmas!Christmas is the season of giving, and COURTS Singapore has numerous recommendations on gifts for your loved ones! Here’s our top ten picks from COURTS fo… [read more]

Uncommon Ways To Lessen Noise Pollution In Your Home

Living in a bustling city has its own advantages, everything you want or need is easily within reach. But of course there is a downside too, busy streets everywhere equates to an ample amount of noise… [read more]

7 Cool Pop Culture Items To Bring Home

Previously, we had written about how to attain a “pop culture” style of interior décor for your house. Today, we will be discussing how to integrate interesting elements from pop cu… [read more]

According To Feng Shui Masters, This Is How Your Work Desk Should Look Like

We’ve covered Feng Shui topics relating to the home in our previous articles, and we’re back by popular demand with another Feng Shui favourite! If you’re looking to move up the… [read more]

How To Add A Secret Room To Your House WITHOUT "Blowing Your Budget"

Secret rooms serve many purposes. It can be a safe haven/safe room, store room or a fun and cozy hidden private space. More and more people are looking to have secret rooms built into their homes.The … [read more]

5 Types of Knives Every Kitchen Needs

Using the right knife is winning half the battle in the kitchen. While you don’t need a fancy set that will eventually collect dust in your drawer, we believe every home chef should have these knive… [read more]

8 Amazing Ideas For Your Garden

If you think it's difficult to come up with home decor concepts, imagine brainstorming for unconventional ideas for your garden. It's a tighter space compared to the interior of your home, and there a… [read more]

Wonderwall: 7 Cute Things That Will Spruce Up Your Walls

Are you bored of staring at your seemingly lifeless and insipid walls? What you need are magnificent accessories to infuse a dose of pizzazz, personality and a whole lot of fun into your bare walls. W… [read more]

5 Super Simple Christmas Decorations Using Jars

Once December hits everyone's in a frenzy, especially if you're hosting your very own Christmas party. 24 days is hardly enough time to get presents, food and decorations in order, so here are several… [read more]

5 Ideas That Let You Sleep Suspended

For most people, their beds become their sanctuary. It's where they feel the most at ease, a place to burrow under the sheets and casually forget stressors. So it only makes sense to put a little more… [read more]

5 Family-Friendly Activities for Mother's Day

Public service announcement: it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday (May 8). If you haven’t already decided how best to spend the weekend, fret not. We pick out some great activities that the… [read more]

5 Ways To Stylishly Exhibit Your Home

What makes a home truly a home? We asked a couple of Singaporeans who were strolling through the booths at Stylexhibit, a home and living fair organised by RenoTalk, to share their thoughts. “A… [read more]

Serving Love On a Plate

Founded in 1748, German tableware maker Villeroy & Boch opened its first Asian flagship store in Singapore last year. The 140 sq m space at the equally historic Capitol Piazza carries the brand&rs… [read more]

10 Home Upgrades To Help Elderly Parents Living At Home

Being Asian, we know how important it is to care for and respect the elderly. All of us have been indoctrinated to care for our elders when the time comes. So, it’s not uncommon for us to care for o… [read more]

Original Moments 2015: Build A Home You Can Truly Call Your Own

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’d know that something happened on the 23rd of July that would keep homeowners at the edge of their seats. As a media partner, RenoTalk was … [read more]

Mind-boggling Optical Illusions You Absolutely Have To See

If basic renovation doesn't score high enough on your satisfaction meter, then maybe revolving your home around a wacky optical illusion theme might. Make your pad look like it's encased by an aquatic… [read more]

Amazing Renovation Restoration Completely Transforms 40-Year-Old House | Before and After Photos

Never doubt the magic of a good renovation job, as evidenced by the transformation of this old house in Taman Kampar, Ipoh. Charmed by the vintage floors and window grills of this 40-year-old house,… [read more]

JIDA Designer Awards 2019 Finale – Gala Night Awards Ceremony | Interior Design Awards Malaysia

17th May 2019, Johor Bahru: The final day of the highly anticipated JIDA Design Awards 2019 took place today to celebrate the crowning of the best interior designers in Malaysia as guests, students… [read more]

What Is Your Sleeping Position?

Research shows that there is a relationship between sleeping positions and their personalities. Let us decode your sleeping style.Foetal sleepers are the most common with 41% of the 1000 in the resear… [read more]

Air Purifying Methods To Remove Harmful Air Particles

After renovation, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as adhesive emitting from construction materials and furnitures can secrete harmful gas. While it may be impossible to keep VOCs out, we can ve… [read more]

4 Simple Feng Shui Tips for Creating a Conducive Study Room

A study room is perfect for work. It’s also ideal for rest, contemplation and rejuvenation. Because the study room plays such a diverse role at home, choosing the right location for it and decid… [read more]

10 Things To Get From IKEA’s SOLGLIMTAR Collection For CNY 2019!

IKEA’s SOLGLIMTAR collection has everything you need for every Chinese New Year celebration you are having, whether it is a family reunion dinner or a small get-together with friends. This year, you… [read more]

6 Items From Royal Selangor To Make Your Home Shine

What is Royal Selangor? Since its birth in Kuala Lumpur in the 1930s, its spread to Singapore in the 1960s, and its eventual international expansion, Royal Selangor has risen to become one of the worl… [read more]

Soaring Temperatures: Smart Ways to Escape the Heat

Warm and humid weather is expected to continue in the second half of May, said the Meteorological Service Singapore. The climate in Singapore is characterized by uniform temperature and pressure, h… [read more]

Society of Interior Designers (SIDS) 2019 Symposium 1: An Exploration Into ‘Designing Spaces, Changing Lives’

SIDS calls for more membership as regional interest grows in the Interior Design industry. The Society of Interior Designers, Singapore (SIDS) held its fourth annual Symposium at ‘The Designers … [read more]

Unusual Christmas Gifts You Can Get Under $30

Only a few more days left till Christmas! Don’t go into a crazy frenzy just yet, here are some unusual but awesome gift ideas that will have everyone think you’re an amazing secret Santa. … [read more]

10 Facts You Absolutely Need to Know about Singapore’s Newest Airport

Have you heard of Singapore’s latest icon in the making – Jewel Changi Airport? Due to be completed in 2018, Jewel Changi Airport is going to be one enchanting destination with many things… [read more]

Yes, You can now Live like Batman with eVida Smart Home Automation

We’ve all watched the futuristic movies where characters live in awesome headquarters kitted out in the latest technology. (Batcave, anyone?) And what is one thing these hi-tech hideouts have in… [read more]

11 Die-Die-Must-Try Staycations for 2015’s Long Holidays

2015 is right around the corner, and we know many of you (us included) are eagerly anticipating the long holidays coming up next year. And what better way to usher in the new year, than with a round u… [read more]

10 Things To Get From COURTS For CNY 2019!

Go red with COURTS this Chinese New Year! With every new year, comes new opportunities to liven up your living space. To celebrate the lunar new year with you, COURTS has several promotions and colle… [read more]

Interior Designer vs Contractor - How are they Different?

Home renovation is never an easy decision to make and the sensible thing to do would be to engage the services of an interior designer or a contractor. But how are they different? Though they seem to… [read more]

6 Things You Need to Know to Keep A Pet in HDB Flat

We may not always enjoy sharing our living spaces with fellow humans, especially if you are a human who loves their peace and quiet. But if there is a nagging gnaw in your heart for companionship, you… [read more]

6 Common Interior Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Interior design is an art and science of its own. While cultural preferences will always influence design styles to a degree, there are best design practices that everyone will agree on. However… [read more]

5 Reasons Why Your Career Advancement Depends on Home Environment

(Guest Writer: Estelle Liotard)Everyone dreams to advance in their career one day. Ambition and the desire to get promoted and receive a higher salary are part of the human’s identity. However, ca… [read more]

Fireproof Your Workspace: Design and Safety Tips to Keep Your Office Safe

(Guest Writer: David Tan) After investing years of resources in establishing a successful business, the last thing you want is a deadly fire in your office premises. As entrepreneurs, our main co… [read more]

5 Awesome Home Related Apps To Download

With our dependence on technology growing, phone applications have evolved to cover a multitude of functions we never thought possible. That's why we're constantly obsessed, spending a large number of… [read more]

5 Cat Cafes in Singapore

With the huge success of popular cat cafes in Japan, Korean, Taiwan and Bangkok, Singapore has finally caught up with the feline frenzy – with 5 new cat cafes hitting our shores. Calling all fel… [read more]

5 Achingly Romantic Places to Dine this Christmas

Give the love of your life an unforgettable time with a special dinner date this Christmas. With your bellies filled and hearts bursting with love – an enchanting time awaits at one of the … [read more]

Designing With A Heart

Loren Lim with his winning entry for the IKEA Young Designer Award 2016 competition: the Oneware series consisting of a silicone mat, a table pad and a coaster. He designed it to make the work of doi… [read more]

She Designs Furniture for IKEA

Critiquing the work of her more senior colleagues, going onto a river to collect raw materials and learning how to make a chair in a village – it’s all in a day’s work for IKEA&rsquo… [read more]

Top 10 Cafes in Singapore Your Kids will Love

Want to know where you can go for great food, and actually enjoy your meal without worrying about the kids? We’ve picked out the top 10 kid-friendly cafes in Singapore, with wonderful kid facili… [read more]

5 Ways to Create A Safer Home for the Elderly

Do you live with your parents or in-laws? Or are you planning to move out (or have already moved out) after getting married? Either way, each of us probably has a loved one who is or is becoming an el… [read more]

33 Amazing Places for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Singapore

With so many brides-to-be and grooms-to-be on Renotalk, and wedding photos popping up on Facebook and Instagram – we decided to break up our daily renovation articles with something slightly refresh… [read more]

Pet-Friendly Ideas Good to Have in Your Home

Pet-Friendly Home Elements You Need To HaveIf you are reading this, you probably are an animal lover who are looking for pet-friendly home designs. You have scoured many online websites and material f… [read more]

Interview With Mossingarden: Mini Gardens Of The Modern Home

Admire nicely manicured gardens and shrubbery but too space-trapped or time-strapped to have green fingers? The modern day answer arrives in the form of the terrarium. Self sustaining and taking up li… [read more]

5 Themed Hotels That Will Knock Your Socks Off

A case of wanderlust has no doubt hit most of the current generation, and as travelers, it's common practice to constantly be in search of intriguing accommodation. We've found five stunning hotels fr… [read more]

5 tips to organize your kitchen and get more space

(Guest Writer: Jeremy Hood) Clutter. There is nothing worse than a kitchen full of clutter. I remember my days of having to nose dive into a mountain of pots and pans to find that one last non-stick … [read more]

Work and Play - Assembling a Conducive Home Office

Work and Play Assembling a Conducive Home Office ARTICLE BY: DCRS – DECORATIONS Today rapid technological advances has revolutionised the job industry as more people look for freelance work to … [read more]

5 Creative Ways To Display Photographs

We're all secretly guilty of snapping one too many photographs at every special occasion, before printing them out to display at home. Over the years, what we end up with are too many images and a lac… [read more]

Refreshing Lifestyle Changes For A New Year

The new year has finally arrived, and we're sure quite a few resolutions must have been made! If by any chance some relate to pumping up the interior of your home, here are a bunch of suggestions you … [read more]

Yusheng Idioms and more Chinese New Year Favourites

Starting to prep for Chinese New Year (CNY) coming up on 19 February? With CNY night markets popping up in the heartland and stores selling CNY décor and goodies (Hello Daiso and your delightfu… [read more]

4 Popular Water Features & How to Use Them to Get Good Feng Shui at Home

Win a FREE personal '八字' (Ba Zi, or Eight Characters) reading* worth over $200!      Ba Zi refers to the eight Chinese characters that guide your destiny. Your potential i… [read more]

How to Enjoy the Ultimate Staycation for Free

Instead of spending money on hotel stays, why not create your own vacation at home. Imagine coming home to a relaxing sanctuary every single day. The ultimate staycation is one that is nothing but com… [read more]

What did this Mother Do for Her Autistic Son's Future?

In celebration of SG50 and all things good, we decided to take up a cause this year, and found A Mother’s Wish (AMW), a registered social enterprise founded by Ms Choo Kah Ying, mother to Jean-S… [read more]

A Few Advantages of Renovation Contractors over an Interior Designers

A lot's been said about the advantages that interior designers offer over renovation contractors. But there has to be a reason why contractors remain popular! This article is an attempt to make sense … [read more]

Wearable Tech For The Smart Home

The future of home that we often witness on television shows in the past such as The Jetsons is now here! You’ve probably heard of smart homes. And you’ve probably heard of wearable devices. But d… [read more]

The Living Room to Die For - Here’s How to Do It

(Guest Writer for this post: Matt Attenborough)Living rooms work for various purposes for different people. Some people get around in the living room most of the time, whereas others are only using it… [read more]

4 Design Trends To Follow In 2016

In preparation for the coming year, we've rounded up what seems to be a few of the top interior trends for 2016. In case you're planning to do up your home in the coming months, then perhaps these gro… [read more]

JIDA Announces Finalists for JDA 2019 - JIDA Design Awards and Gala Night 2019

Following their announcement of JDA 2019 last April, the judges of the event have announced the first five finalist for JDA 2019. Chief Judge, Dr. Leong, was invited to announce the first five … [read more]

Design Essentials For Your Home Office That Will Set You Up For Success

(Guest Writer: Ivas Cristian)You’ve heard people say “you are what you eat?” Well, that same logic applies to your environment too. Have you ever been at home or out somewhere where there was a … [read more]

How Is Sleep Deprivation Affecting Your Everyday Life?

(Guest Writer: Stacey Morgan)(This is a republished version of the article originally posted on Mattress-Guides.net.)While it may not sound too serious, sleep deprivation is currently affecting a larg… [read more]

7 Quick Tricks For Holiday Packing

It's not difficult packing for an overseas trip per se, but once in awhile we do run into a tiny problem or two. Although they aren't exactly crucial, wouldn't it be nice to have a simple way around t… [read more]

5 Ways To Avoid Visual Clutter

Spaces in Singapore are rapidly shrinking, and as much as we detest the fact, homes will continuously decrease in size. The only th… [read more]

15 Chinese Customs for Moving into Your New BTO Flat

One of most common fengshui topics in the Renotalk forum is the set of Chinese rituals/customs for the move-in ceremony that officially marks the start of living in your new home.    For a q… [read more]

Who Keeps the Home Cleaner: Men vs. Women

  You’ve finally tied the knot with your other half, and are moving in together soon. Your parents have stopped nagging at you, and you’re no longer the subject of awkward questions … [read more]

These Tiny Tips Will Save You Money At The Supermarket

Once we start tossing unnecessary items into our grocery cart, things can easily go downhill and rack up a humongous bill at the end. However, there are certain tricks to grocery shopping that’l… [read more]

Top 10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Bedroom That You Need to Follow

The key to acquiring a perfect bedroom isn’t just about having the best design. It is also about bringing in positive energy into your place of rest, and using it to benefit your general well-be… [read more]

Evolve Your Home With Singapore Design Week 2019!

Every year, local design takes a step forward, aspiring to do more for society than just come equipped with a combination of aesthetic and function. As our homes change, design techniques are employe… [read more]

Bodega Living: Customising Your Very Own Little Wine Shop

Bodega Living Pte Ltd is a homegrown company in Singapore distributing and marketing wine cellars and wine related accessories that bring pleasure, conviviality and comfort to established partners acr… [read more]

Omtänksam: Ikea’s Simple Approach to Home Living

Omtänksam: No Fuss Home Living You want a simple, unpretentious home and don’t want an over-elaborate household. Ikea has exactly that answer to what you are looking for. With their Omtänksam ran… [read more]

4 Super Smart Methods To Deal With Awkward Corners

Have you ever encountered a problem with awkward corners? Where there's not enough space to do anything major with a corner, yet it looks strange and bare when left empty? Here are four simple solutio… [read more]

Stay Fresh and Store More With Electrolux’s New Range of Refrigerators and Washing Machines!

12 July saw Electrolux’s centennial celebration of its innovative household appliances, as well as the launch of a smart washer dryer and two refrigerators - the UltimateCare(™) 800/900 Washer Dry… [read more]

Evoking the Arabesque: How to Bring the Moroccan Style to Life

Born in a country with a wild mixture of cultural influence, the Moroccan style is the epitome of the exotic, a blend of African, Arabic, French and Spanish aesthetics. We probably can’t turn… [read more]

Soccer Fans Seeking A Bathroom Makeover, Look Here

Soccer Fans Seeking A Bathroom Makeover, Look Here You may have spent extensive potty time catching up with your late-night soccer matches. So why not have your bathroom wares designed after your f… [read more]

Shhh... Only Home 2016 Was A Café Confidential Affair

This year, RenoTalk’s very own Only Home fair made a comeback on the 22nd to 25th of February due to popular demand. But this time round, it took on a completely different spin. The second insta… [read more]

5 Unromantic Moves To Avoid When Wooing A Woman

After planning and budgeting for the new home and all the renovations, some guys may decide to be ultra frugal and super practical. Yet, even though you may have paid through the nose for everything s… [read more]

6 Unconventional Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs That You Haven’t Thought Of

The chocolate eggs that adorn the supermarket shelves are delicious reminders that Easter is arriving. They’ve got crème eggs, colourful eggs, mini eggs, and eggs wrapped in gold foil. Be… [read more]

10 Best Household Hacks That You Absolutely Must Try

We live in the age where we literally have everything at our fingertips. Almost anything can be obtained with a few clicks on our phones or laptops, but it doesn’t hurt to make life even more co… [read more]

10 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces from the #extraIKEAcatalogue

Two IKEA catalogues in the same year? That’s a first.To celebrate space-saving painted with bright, bold colours, IKEA will be releasing two catalogues in the same calendar year, with the first alre… [read more]


Bleach is a must-have disinfectant at home. The main ingredient of bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which can degrade the protein of microorganisms, thereby killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Bleach w… [read more]

5 INCREDIBLY AWESOME Staycation Spots In Singapore

You don't necessarily have to get out of the country for a well deserved breather, there are some of the most interesting hotels right here in Singapore you can kick back in. We've rounded up 5 beauti… [read more]

9 Dreamy Hammocks You’d Love to Chill Out In

Is there anything more soothing and holiday-like than a hammock to nap in? If you’re craving a weekend getaway but can’t afford to book a hotel room, then hang a hammock and have a staycat… [read more]

Chinese New Year Customs You Must Follow To Bring In Luck And Fortune

The season of pineapple tarts, love letters, and red packets is here! Chinese New Year has a long history of customs and traditions dating back to thousands of years ago that are still widely practice… [read more]

Why Only Home 2016 Will Be The Best One-Stop Fair For Renovation

Good news to all you people looking for a home revamp! We have a one-stop fair coming up on the 22nd – 24th of February that will be everything you’re looking for. Here’s why you sho… [read more]

10 Storage and Organisation Ideas Under $10

Storage doesn't have to be expensive. With just a couple of dollars, you can buy substantial storage and organisation solutions that use space better. Although they aren't particularly large or e… [read more]

Get Into Some Serious Local Flavour For Singapore's National Day

    Feeling proud to be a Singaporean on National Day? Celebrate the holiday with these distinctive products for some true local flavour.   Kiasu Stout and Singlish Ale   Yes, you … [read more]

6 Reasons to Stay At This Gorgeous Boutique Hotel in Bugis

  What about hotels excite you the most? Their perfectly made beds and soft, warm sheets? The alluring décor you can snap shots of and show off on social media? Whatever your answ… [read more]

4 Ways To Get Rid Of Bugs Hovering Around Your Lights

Although the rainy season is providing us with a break from Singapore’s usual humidity, it does come with its own set of problems. For starters, many homeowners are noticing an increase in the n… [read more]

2017 New Year's Resolutions For The Home You Must Follow

Everyone’s champagne glasses are up, and all eyes are on the clock. Only a few seconds till 2016 ends! Your mind flashes to the resolutions you made earlier this year. How many have you accompli… [read more]

What Your Home Might Look like in The Years 2020, 2030... And Beyond!

The future is here! Well, it will be… Right now! Or how about… Now!? Time indeed waits for no one. What we thought was a distant and faraway era is now on the horizon. And we are now ever closer t… [read more]

Top 5 Smart Homes Around the World

“There are indeed no limits to how smart homes will and can be” RenoTalk Editor    Image via: Quartz  A Smart Home is a home in which you can monitor, control and track variou… [read more]

Money Not Enough for Home Renovation?

(Guest Contributor: Etiqa Insurance)Many millennials in Singapore place great emphasis on having quality of life (so do we!), but is creating an Instagram-worthy home more important than saving for re… [read more]

How To Use Your 5 Senses At Home

A complete home experience doesn't only relate to how the interior looks and what decorations should be used to make it look good. Your home is your haven, so move around using all your five senses in… [read more]

8 Effective Home Workouts To Burn Off That CNY Bulge FAST

As much as we love stuffing our faces with bak kwa, pineapple tarts, and prawn rolls, there’s always a nagging feeling at the back of our head reminding us of the calories from this sinful Chine… [read more]

6 Scandinavian-Style Design Brands To Love On Instagram

There’s no denying the popularity of Scandinavian design among Singaporeans. The clean lines and minimalist appeal of Scandinavian design make it a clear favourite among homeowners. We bring you six… [read more]

The Best Ways To Clean Up Spills And Stains

The holiday season is upon us, which means endless fun and endless gatherings. But add a bunch of happy (and tipsy) people into the equation, and you might just have to bear the brunt of a cleaning ni… [read more]

If You Love LINE FRIENDS You'll Love This Hotel

If you’re heading to Seoul anytime soon, you might want to consider staying at Golden Tulip M Hotel. They’ve recently opened up a range of themed rooms related to LINE FRIENDS, featuring … [read more]

Innovative Ways To Make Profits Out Of Your Home in Singapore

Yes, it's the same old chestnut about the rising cost of living in Singapore yet again! It's not exactly news any more, but it remains just as true as it has ever been. Food prices, property taxes, pr… [read more]

iQuartz Idol: Interior Designers Who Can Sing

Annual company D&Ds are so passé. It’s all about thinking out of the box in this day and age. Tony Chia, Managing Director of iQuartz, explains how the idea of iQuartz Idol was born. … [read more]

Top 5 Smart Home Devices

28-03-2019Before he gave his keynote speech, AI For An Even Better Life, at CED 2019 on January 7 in Las Vegas, LG Electronics (LG) president and CTO Dr. I.P. Park asked, “Is technology making your … [read more]

This Infograph Is The Ultimate Guide To Living Room Feng Shui

As a 'public' space, the living room differs greatly in Feng Shui guidelines as compared to the bedroom. Feng Shui is all about circulating positive energy in a space, and when done right, can be bene… [read more]

What Your Bedroom Says About You

  Unlike in the olden days where bedroom is simply a place where you rest and sleep for the night, bedroom takes on many hats today due to the changing nature of society. A bedroom may be purely… [read more]

7 Great Interior Decor Home Improvement Ideas

(Guest Writer: Ivas Cristian) You’re never really finished on modeling your house, are you? There is always something to add here, some new items to put on the shelf or a new remodeling idea floa… [read more]

Helping The Community Through Project Container

One of RenoTalk’s goals is to reach out and help homeowners everywhere, especially the underprivileged and disadvantaged members of our community. We also aim to bridge the best renovators in town w… [read more]

Commune: In Motion - Enter the Future of Furniture Shopping With AR!

In recent years, brick-and-mortar stores have taken a backseat due to the rise of e-commerce. As consumer demand changes with technological advancements, retailers are finding ways to keep up with the… [read more]

Smart and Inspiring Home Office Makeovers

Nothing shouts productivity quite like a good setup. Whether it's a well-organised home office, or a conducive study area, we bring you 6 of the best ways to do up your workspace. Go ahead, choose the… [read more]

Make the Most out of Your Sound Systems!

Hands up if you're ready for the best entertainment experience yet! Accoustic Integration has the solution that complements your expensive sound systems – especially for those who simply lo… [read more]

A Homeowners Gathering You Absolutely Cannot Miss!

What's happening? Get set for our inaugural gathering for new homeowners, which is designed with you in mind. Held at V Hotel on 7 Jan 2017 (Sat), the 4-hour event will see guest speakers who are exp… [read more]

All About Stone Amperor

“As precious as it is, a stone can define you.”RenoTalk Editor Image via: Stone Amperor Human technology has evolved from the dawn of our species to the present day. Arguably, the dominant f… [read more]

Zen Bedroom – 10 Ways to Create a Stress-Free Ambience

(Guest Writer: Holly Schaeffer)Unlike the living room, kitchen, and dining room, the bedroom is exposed to fewer eyes. That’s why we usually pay less attention to its design. However, sleep is immen… [read more]

5 Awesome Child-Friendly Ideas

It may feel exhausting planning for a child friendly home, especially with a seemingly endless list of guidelines to follow. But ultimately we think the best method is to avoid over thinking, and inst… [read more]

7 Most Effective Ways To Save Money Around The House

Bills aren't fun to deal with, especially when you realize you're cutting it a little too close to your monthly budget. We've got a few steps which could help you save more, and they're all simple met… [read more]

Philips Hue Play - Lights To Immerse You In Your Entertainment

Lighting plays a very important role in the definition of a space, from setting the mood to indicating the space’s usage. It is vital to have the right lighting in any situation, whether you are pla… [read more]

4 Burning Questions About Renovation Answered By Experts

1. I really like the look of high ceilings, but my apartment only has a height of 2.7m. How can I achieve the appearance of high ceilings in my home? Photos from Urban Habitat Design Pte Ltd Most p… [read more]

6 Cartoon Characters' Bedrooms That We Want

No matter our age, we will always love cartoons. There is something about the power of animation that pulls us from this world and into another, entering an entirely different realm of colour, sound,… [read more]

8 Upcoming Christmas Happenings In Singapore You Cannot Miss Out

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We can already feel the festive vibe in the air (and weather) with all the dazzling yuletide trimmings on the streets. Tons of exciting Christmas events… [read more]

Retail 2.0 – An Integrated Design Experience

 Online Shopping has transformed consumer behavior. Today’s consumers do thorough research online, have access to information, understand the products they want and make informed choices.E-co… [read more]

Effective Ways Of Constructing A More Productive Home Office

If you've had the luxury of owning a home office, you'd know the joy and inspiration it can garner if done right. And even though it's built for work, it isn't always about the practical stuff. What's… [read more]

Guide to Your Dream Walk-in Wardrobe

If you’ve always dreamt of a walk-in wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex and the City – and have room for one – go for it! A walk-in wardrobe keeps your clothes, shoes, bags… [read more]

Here's What Went Down At Our Very First RenoTalk Live Event

We held our very first RenoTalk Live event last month, and were glad to be graced with the presence of many enthusiastic homeowners. Meant to help these homeowners have a better understanding of… [read more]

Feng Shui Master Reveals The Best Colours To Paint Your Home This CNY

For the year of the ‘Fire’ Rooster, Master Goh of Way Fengshui Consultancy suggests utilising the colour blue to invite a harmonious balance of energies within the home. And AkzoNobel’s ColourF… [read more]

Themed Rooms: Movie Night!

Tired of your bland, old entertainment room? Need new ideas to spruce up an old space? Or perhaps you’re enamoured by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? If you answered yes to any of the above, th… [read more]

Imperial Harvest Advises on Decoding 81 Flying Star Combination

Working from home has become the new norm for many of us, this makes our home Feng Shui more important than ever. In this article, Imperial Harvest’s Master David Goh will share: 1. How to d… [read more]

Local Feng Shui Master Reveals Best Colour And Tips For All Zodiacs 2016

You may know that this is the year of the Monkey, but do you know that it is specifically the year of the Fire Monkey? Famous Feng Shui master Jet Lee, founder of Yi Culture explains, “As the Ye… [read more]

Refrigerator 101: 8 Easy Tips to Organise it in 10 Minutes

The refrigerator is perhaps one of the best modern inventions of all time. It keeps our food fresh and in optimum condition, so we no longer need to purchase our groceries daily. Over time though, ref… [read more]

The 7 Best Hotels That Cater To Sports Lovers

Ah, sports. The pinnacle of human athleticism. For as long as the human race has been evolving, so have our sports. You’ll find a myriad of different sports channels to tune in to today compared to… [read more]

7 Proofs That Creative Thinking Is A Key To All Interior Design Problems

(Guest Writer: Frank Hamilton)Interior design, like any other area of design, is impossible without creativity. Yes, of course, each of the design areas has its own rules and canons, which are used by… [read more]

5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means! It's time to unleash your shopaholic spirit and swipe some awesome gifts off of their shelves for your loved ones! But in case you hav… [read more]

Designing The Perfect Games Room

(Guest Writer: James Green)For many of us, life is all about entertainment. We go to work to pay the bills, but when the essential bills are paid, we want to relax and have a little fun - whether that… [read more]

Protect Your Home With Tiq Home Insurance by Etiqa!

If you have crossed that enormous financial hurdle of securing money for your home renovation, whether via a loan or from your savings, congratulations! You now have your new home! Purchasing and … [read more]

Quartz Vs Granite Countertops: A Scientific Face Off

(Guest Writer: Michael Anderson)As a common man, you must have done much research while choosing worktops for your kitchen. However, knowing the scientific facts behind different materials and doing a… [read more]

Home Hacks: Essential Oils at Home

As homeowners, we’re constantly on the lookout for useful things to help maintain our homes, to keep it clean and fresh. One great alternative that comes with a wide range of benefits, essential… [read more]
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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Hair Studio

For Ming Huei and Josie, founders of Vellus Hair Studio, a successful haircut isn’t all about the end result. It’s also about service excellence and increasing their customers’ co… [read more]

10 Incredible Disney Hotel Rooms

Disney-inspired Hotel Rooms - The Most Magical Place On Earth (That You Can Stay For A Night!) The word “Disney” evokes a sense of magic and whimsical fancy. It is a word that you will immediatel… [read more]

5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Home

(Guest Writer: Katherine Rundell) As a homeowner, the value of your property will have a huge effect on your life when it comes time to sell. That means that home improvements are an economic imperati… [read more]

Big Ideas for Small Living Spaces

(Guest Post From: AkzoNobel) Space is precious in our little red dot of a nation, and this means that living spaces are constantly shrinking. However, having a small home does not mean that you hav… [read more]

Highlights of the Colours Symposium at SIDS Fest 2019

The Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) had their annual event - the SIDS Festival - as part of the Architecture & Building Series Expo at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, which ran from 1 to 3 … [read more]

ArchXpo 2019 SFIC Booth

The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) had a booth at the recent ArchXpo 2019: The International Exhibition for Architecture & The Built Environment. The expo was held at Marina Bay Sands f… [read more]

In Conversation With Litewerkz, the creators of Tessellations Of Time

In Conversation With Litewerkz, the creators of the hit Night Festival piece Tessellations Of TimeThe latter half of August 2017 saw the Bras Basah. Bugis precinct come alive in a flurry of dazzling f… [read more]

This Is How You Achieve Five-star Comfort At Home

Ever felt so comfortable in a hotel bed that you were too reluctant to climb out of it? We understand that feeling all too well. And it’s actually possible to recreate the same level of comfort in y… [read more]

Here's How You Can Make Ironing An Easier Process

Wash, spin, dry – and hello rumpled pieces of laundry awaiting the iron. Did you know that heavy duty ironing can be minimised simply by tweaking your typical washing routine? Read on, and take … [read more]

Outstanding Interior Design Talents to be Recognized at JIDA Design Awards (JDA) 2019 - Media Partners MOU Signing Ceremony

Showcasing local interior design talents in Malaysia! Bigger and better than ever, the second JIDA Design Awards (JDA) 2019 Gala Night is coming! With the help of international judges, the chosen w… [read more]

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Are you a gamer who can’t live without video games?Or would you like your friends and family to join you in interesting arcade games but you do not have a specific space for them?Here are some amazi… [read more]


Moisture prevention and dehumidification are the issues that Hong Kong people have always been concerned about. As Hong Kong locates in the humid area, whenever Spring comes, the humid environment not… [read more]

New Chapter Design: Reliable Interiors and Renovations

New Chapter Design is a seasoned interior design company established in Singapore. They have over 15 years of experience in satisfactorily delivering customer needs and wants. They are confident in pr… [read more]

Discover The All-New Karcher SC 3 Upright Easyfix Steam Mop

The All-New Karcher SC 3 Upright Easyfix Steam Mop Makes Cleaning A Breeze!New from heavyweight cleaning giant Kärcher Home & Garden comes the Karcher SC 3 Upright Easyfix steam mop, which uses power… [read more]

Awarding Excellence In The Built Environment Industry (BEI) The BEI Asia Awards 2017

AWARDING EXCELLENCE IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT INDUSTRY (BEI) THE BEI ASIA AWARDS 2017A pioneer in the industry and the first of its kind in Singapore, the BEI Asia Awards recognise, reward, and honour … [read more]

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Us At Our Upcoming RenoTalk Live Event

Following the success of our very first RenoTalk Live event, we’ve decided to host it yet again this coming April. A chance for homeowners to gather and learn more about interior renovation, th… [read more]

5 Ways To Childproof Your Home

Drew Barrymore isn’t just a Charlie’s Angel. She’s a mother angel who puts her kids’ safety on top of her priority list. Those iconic hair ties you often spot around her wrist?… [read more]

IUIGA - 5 Ways To Do Up Your Living Room

Since RenoTalk’s first conversation with home-grown furnishing firm IUIGA back in 2017, it has become one of Singapore’s top go-tos for furniture shopping. IUIGA has become nationally renow… [read more]

Launch of Cosentino's 2 New Colours - Exclusive Tour

Members of the media were treated to an exclusive tour at Cosentino Center, the warehouse holding Cosentino's colours and surfaces.This exclusive tour coincides with the launch of Cosentino's two new … [read more]

How to Use Lighting to Improve Your Living Room Décor

(Guest Writer: Emmy Noel) The right lighting can help to set the mood in your home. Having the right amount of light, especially when it is in balance with your circadian rhythm, can have a positiv… [read more]

Home Decor Ideas and Tips

(Guest Writer: Stella)There is no place like home, a sure answer from most people after a long day at work. A stressed person will surely be relaxed if they saw their house, especially with added home… [read more]

The Wall Luxury from Samsung - More Than Just A Display!

Samsung has just launched The Wall Luxury, a super-sized display screen to bring entertainment immersion to the the next level.The launch took place via a light media luncheon with speeches at AV Inte… [read more]

Top 3 Ways To Clean Your Tiled Floor

(Guest Writer: Pamela Andrews) Tiled flooring is a preferred and durable choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas at home that may get wet. If properly taken care of, tiled flooring could easi… [read more]

Carpet Replacement Design Tips

(Guest Writer: Zachary Weiner) What equates to the comfy and leg-warming feel of a carpet? – Probably nothing, right? Carpets provide a luxurious soft feeling that many homeowners crave for and l… [read more]

Keep Calm and Shop at Sony's New Store at Westgate!

November 1st saw not just the beginning of a new month, but also the opening of Sony Singapore's latest outlet at Westgate.Step into lush greenery complete with little trees, looming leaves, and even … [read more]

Kitchen Design Suggestions That You Can Use in Your Renovation

(Guest Writer: Nikki Kingsley)As one of the most common home improvement projects, a kitchen redesign can be an overwhelming project and a project that puts a huge dent in the home improvement budget.… [read more]

Extravagant Hotel Interior Design Inspiration For Your Home

We can’t help but feel a tinge of envy when looking at hotel interiors. Just the lobbies themselves are elegant enough to leave us gob smacked, let alone the rooms, which have a tendency of outc… [read more]

How to Install Storm-Resistant Plexiglas Windows

(Guest Writer: Nimra Kianat) Introduction to Plexiglas - Shatter-resistant Glass You must be wondering what a ‘Plexiglas’ is or what sort of glass is it. Let me clear up one thing: it's not gla… [read more]

Official Launch of GANI Singapore Showroom And Sustainable Design Forum

What is green design? What is sustainable design?How can interior design and the environment go hand in hand for future projects?These were discussed at the Sustainable Design Forum, which happened al… [read more]

Tips on Designing a Home Workspace

(Guest Post From: AkzoNobel) Working from home has a lot of perks – better work-life balance, zero commute time, and an opportunity for comfort as well as efficiency. However, designing an eff… [read more]

Which Curtain Fabric Suits Your Home Best?

(Guest Writer: Javed Soni) While decorating your home, one must not simply overlook their windows and leave them as is. They are still a part of your home. Decorating them properly would help as a n… [read more]

Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

(Guest Writer: Kay Mills) Is your dog a major part of the family? If you answered yes, you are certainly not alone. Many dog owners consider their dogs to be their best friends. So much, in fact, tha… [read more]

Cheap Ways To Design Your Apartment

(Guest Writer: Cynthia Young)Is your home due for a design update, and you don't even know how to go about it? If you are on a shoestring budget like most of us, it can be a somewhat intimidating tim… [read more]

11 Ways To Design Your Baby Nursery

(Guest Writer: Alistair) Imagination is running rife through the 21st Century child’s room! Calming splashes of colour adorn the walls, met with a tropical landscape for your baby to stare at as th… [read more]

Explore The Future of Lifestyle and Tech at SITEX 2019!

If you are curious about how tomorrow’s technology will impact how we work and play, visit SITEX 2019! Singapore’s only tech-lifestyle exhibition has returned this year, running from 28 November (… [read more]

Singapore’s First Smart Blind Gallery mc2 Is Now Bigger

Your curtains and blinds just got smarter.On 29 November, local curtains-blinds retailer mc2 saw the expansion of its smart blind gallery from 4,200 square feet to now 7,000 square feet, along with… [read more]

Best Decoration Tips For a Stunning Home Office

(Guest Writer: Tess Cain) Having a home office means you have to strike the fragile balance between aesthetic appeal and distraction-free productivity. The trickiest part of having a home office is se… [read more]

5 Coffee Table Books To Add To Your Library

Coffee table books are excellent visual communicators and a great source of anyone seeking information on a particular topic. Think of coffee table books as a upgraded version of a magazine or a perio… [read more]


Air conditioner is the largest power consumption electrical appliance in Summer. It is difficult to resist not turning it on in hot days. Yet it gives you a headache when you see the power bill every … [read more]

The Guide To Moving House In Singapore (checklist included!)

(Guest Writer: iSwitch)This article originally appeared here: https://iswitch.com.sg/house-moving-guide-checklist/ If you are moving house soon, one of the greatest challenges you might face is the… [read more]

RenoTalk Live: An Educational Experience For Homeowners

Whether you’re a new or existing homeowner, readying yourself for your renovation journey can feel a little daunting – but not when you’re supplied with adequate professional advice… [read more]

7 Renovation Estimating Tips To Help You Save More

(Guest Writer: Nichelle Antoque) After making comparisons on whether to build or renovate, you may end up settling on renovation as the perfect option for you. That is because renovation tends to s… [read more]

The Smart Affair with Smart Home Solutions Seminar on December 6 2019

Smart homes are the trendy homes of today, but how smart are we willing to make our home?What does it mean to have a smart home? How challenging is it to turn an existing home into a smart one? Th… [read more]

Imperial Harvest Advises on Annual Feng Shui Afflictions 2020

Time flies at this time of the year, and as we face our daily hustles and bustles, it can be hard to believe that 2020 is less than a month away. As we know, Feng Shui plays a major role in our lif… [read more]

CASE - What To Do If Your Renovation Goes Wrong?

Getting your dream home may be on your bucket list and is one of many life goals in this age. However, your dream house may turn into a nightmare if something drastic happens during your renovation… [read more]

5 Small Touches You Can Add to Your House for a Quicker Sale

(Guest Writer: Bethany Seton)You’ve decided to sell your home and of course, you’re hoping for the best possible outcome. Not only do you want to get your investment back, but you need some additi… [read more]

Renovating Your Home? Check Out These 7 Decor Trends That Will Rule 2020

(Guest Writer: HappyShappy) Put your hands up in the air if you just don't care. Or, on a serious note, if your home is a continually evolving mix of all the things you love – as it should be. Just … [read more]

5 Benefits Of Renovating Before You Move In

(Guest Writer: Amanda Wallace) Have you just bought a new home that needs a couple of updates, a fresh coat of paint? Or, maybe the entire house needs a total redo? If you have found yourself in this… [read more]

What To Look For In An Interior Designer

(Guest Writer: Hamish Ash) Are you planning to move into a new home? Or do you wish to revamp your old home? Investing in an interior designer can be a great idea. If you think an interior designer w… [read more]

Tips to Style Your Bed Like a Designer

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle) From ultra-sleek minimalist style to warm modern rustic decor schemes, here are some basic and foolproof tips and tricks to style your bed like a designer. 1. I… [read more]

Shopping Guide: 8 Adorable Items For The Quirky Homeowner

Do you find yourself constantly on the prowl for peculiar home décor products? If the answer’s a resounding yes, we’re guessing you’ve got a colourful character and aren&rsquo… [read more]

10 Steps To Post-Purchase Home Improvement

(Guest Writer: Jennifer Holland) Several reasons warrant a home remodel. Some people renovate a house before relocating to increase its monetary value in the market, while others renovate to increase … [read more]

8 Interior Design Industry Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

(Guest Writer: Michael Gorman) We’ve had a long year in 2020, but thankfully we are getting to the end of it, and we can now start looking towards 2021, knowing it will be better. We had some excit… [read more]

5 Highlights of the SIDS Design Convention 2020

“2020 has been a strange year, a year of change for all of us. In a time like this, we just have to keep moving forward.” Moving Forward - the theme for this year’s supposed Singapore Interio… [read more]

What 6 Animated TV Bedrooms Would Look Like In Real life

(Guest Contributor: BudgetDirect.com via NeoMam Studios)Maybe you remember some time back when we daydreamed, on this blog, about the cartoon characters’ bedrooms that we would love to have in real … [read more]


When diving into each kitchen renovation, everyone wants a durable countertop that comes with aesthetically pleasing designs. There is no doubt that picking out a countertop material that can withstan… [read more]

How Are Quartz Formed?

Image Source: : https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/rotator-stone-italiana-21-2yrqmmych4slav8mj3eo00.jpgYou're probably curious about how the quartz is produced when you're ga… [read more]

5 Highlights from the SIDA 2020 Awards Presentation Ceremony

The Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2020 Awards Presentation Ceremony was the evening event that commenced after the SIDS Design Convention 2020 on 3 December 2020. Like the Convention before,… [read more]

8 Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Home before the End of the Year

(Guest Writer: Kristina Marshall) Our homes are meant to be an oasis where we can vanish away from the world. This year, more than any before, we've had to put that to the test. Everyone's homes fe… [read more]

The Curtain Boutique - Protecting Your Windows and Balconies

Are you looking for the latest looks for your windows? Do you want to secure and spruce up your balcony? Are you looking for ways to keep heat, wind, dust, and insects out of your home? Looking for… [read more]

Atelier Architecture - What 8 Buildings From Famous Paintings Would Look Like In Real Life

(Article Source: Atelier Architecture: What 8 buildings from famous paintings would look like in real life) Everybody wonders whether the real Mona Lisa’s smile was so enigmatic, or whether the fi… [read more]

Audio House Singapore Launches in Ubi

Audio House Hub has launched at Ubi! Sporting a whopping seven storeys and over 100,000 square feet of space (including a high-tech Online-to-Offline (O2O) showroom, a warehouse, and office space), t… [read more]

5 Efficient Cleaning Hacks That Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze

(Guest Writer: Nora Mitchell) It can be a constant battle to keep your house as clean as it can be. I know I’ve been there before, finding myself taking hours and hours just to get everything … [read more]

Fire Prevention Month - Preventive Measures And Exit Panic Devices

(Guest Writer: Rosette Monell) Source of image: Pinterest Fires are the leading cause of home injury and death. Other regions aside from The Americas, Western Europe, East Asia, and Oceania… [read more]

25 Incredibly Simple Bedroom Storage Tips

(Guest Writer: Susanna Balashova) The winter holidays are a great time to start planning, dreaming, and changing your life, as well as your home interior. As it’s getting colder and colder ou… [read more]

8 Best Interior Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

(Guest Writer: Michael Gorman) Since the COVID-19 lockdown and the eventual rise of more people spending time at home, everyone seems to have taken up an interest in redecorating their homes. There a… [read more]

3 Tips for Singaporean Homeowners to Optimize Outdoor Spaces, Independent of the Weather and the Heat

In the season of the COVID-19, health authorities have advised the public to spend time outdoors rather than indoors, as fresh air is good for the family. With Singapore’s humid and unpredictable we… [read more]

10 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

(Guest Writer: Beatrix Potter) Moving into your dorm room is an exciting time. But fitting all your essentials in it, whilst trying to create a functional and stylish space, can be a tricky task. Her… [read more]

Start Up Your Smart Home With Domo7!

With smart home systems being in trend today, there are many retailers offering products that will wire up your home for the future. Whether it is through weather-sensitive sensors, lights that activa… [read more]

10 Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

(Guest Writer: Molly Gibson) Are you a student and worried about your room décor? Here are some exciting ideas for you to design your room. Ideas that will help you relax, have fun, and work in your… [read more]

The 5 Best Indoor Plants for Decorating

(Guest Writer: Kurt Walker) Have you grown tired of your lifeless interior? Or maybe you moved into a new blank house that is waiting for you to add some colour in all the rooms. The best indoor pl… [read more]

FortyTwo - 9 Furniture Must-Haves for Every New Home

Moving into a new place is always exciting, especially if you are moving into your new home. Whether you are single or a newlywed or just entering a new phase of life, decorating or customising somet… [read more]

Buying Furniture from Home

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle)The process of interior design is a long one, and getting from conception to the finished product is often much harder than it looks. Alongside circuit-breaker measure… [read more]

A Stay-Home Hari Raya

(Guest Writer: Luigi La Tona, Chief Operating Officer, StorHub Self Storage)The first few months of 2020 have not been the easiest, but when it comes to festivals and holidays, a celebration with our … [read more]

Housewarming - How to Equip Your First Joint Family Nest

(Guest Writer: Jessica Vainer)Purchasing a new place is probably the most thrilling time for a family. After so much effort collecting the cash, it feels like the most challenging step to accomplish. … [read more]

SIDS Symposium - IFI World Interiors Day 2020

2020 has become an interesting year for Singapore’s interior design industry. With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, the economy has slowed which led to manpower shortages, postponement or cancelling of… [read more]

D'SOL Deco – The Heart of Eclecticism

Our home means many things to us – and it would mean even more with the right ambience and atmosphere. But in a world replete with a limited variety of designs and styles, it's possible, amidst the… [read more]

Top 10 Furniture Designs For Your Living Room

(Guest Writer: Claudia Jeffrey)Do you spend most of your time, lounging? Are you bored with your old style living room? Are you looking for ideas to ramp it up? If you answered 'Yes' to the questio… [read more]

Self-Storage Rental With Work + Store!

About Work + Store Work+Store Space offers a variety of “Work & Storage” spaces and “Self-Storage” spaces of exceptional sizes and features for rental, catering to different needs of any indi… [read more]

8 Fantastic Tips For Home Renovation And Extension

(Guest Writer: Lucas Smith) Without a doubt, home extension renovations are among the most expensive things you can do with your house. There is no room for mistakes when a considerable amount of mon… [read more]

Excel Hardware: Hardware Trading to Concept Designer

Excel Hardware is a Singapore premium furniture hardware wholesaler and distributor founded in 1998.  They started as a hardware supplier with 50 humble products, and today they provide quantity … [read more]

6 Short Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

(Guest Writer: Luigi La Tona, Chief Operating Officer, StorHub Self Storage) The Need For Space - How Can Occupants Do More With Less? 6 Short Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free Ever since the Ci… [read more]

FortyTwo - Furniture Shopping During COVID-19

For homeowners, new and existing alike, 2020 has become an impactful year for buying homes and planning renovations. When COVID-19 hit our shores, many plans were put off due to the rise of coronaviru… [read more]

3 Space-saving Tips for Families

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle) With the overall size of HDB flats getting smaller over the years, many Singaporeans have found themselves cooped up at home with multiple family members without any… [read more]

How to Start A Herb Garden Indoors

(Guest Writer: Tudor Constantine)Growing your own food is good not just for your health, but also for the environment. Even if you don’t have a yard or a lot of space, you can start small and make t… [read more]


Apart from being an owner of a restaurant, he is also a pet owner for 4 big dogs. In order to be a pet-friendly home, he decided to decorate his new home in his favorite Nordic style.In order to give … [read more]


Wallpaper is a commonly seen at home for decoration material. As it has a good visual effect and it is easy to hang, therefore, many people like having it for wall decoration. However, as time goes, p… [read more]
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8 Feng Shui Myths Debunked - 8000 Years of Feng Shui Wisdom for Modern Living

Getting Your Home Feng Shui RightFeng Shui can significantly improve your life when practised correctly. But with so many information and teachings about Feng Shui floating around, it's quite tough fo… [read more]

FAQ For Saving Space In A Small Home

(Guest Writer: Luigi La Tona, Chief Operating Officer, StorHub Self Storage)Our families may be growing, but not our homes. To save space on our tiny island nation and to meet a growing population, ma… [read more]

Traditional Chinese Paintings VS. Western Paintings

Now that interior design and house renovations have inspired homeowners today to add a touch of art and elegance to their homes, perhaps you are inspired to give your own a makeover? One of the e… [read more]

Life Hacks- How To Organize Your Belongings

Have you gotten angry before upon seeing a messy bedroom?It might be frustrating if you have to tidy up your room after a tiring day of study or work.We totally understand your concerns so solutions a… [read more]

Imperial Harvest Advises on Combating Missing Sectors with Imperial Feng Shui

Based on the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, the ideal shape of a piece of land is that of a square or rectangle. The term “Four Point of Gold” (四点金) was coined to describe the ideal piec… [read more]

Paradise For Gourmet - Food-inspired Household Items

Food is very important and essential to us as it is our main source of energy and nutrients. To allow us to keep growing and stay energetic and healthy, we need to consume sufficient amounts of health… [read more]

The Sofa Diaries

Sofas have existed for longer than we could imagine. Millenia ago, thrones were created for the sultans of ancient Arabia, leading to the creation of our modern-day sofas. The ancient Egyptians had al… [read more]


What is a trap? Each apartment has multiple dewatering levels. They are usually the dungs connected to the building. If there is no trap between the two, the odor and bacteria of dung channels can be … [read more]

Open Electricity Market Sees Competition Among Electricity Providers

From November, all 1.4 million electricity consumers in Singapore can choose their preferred retail electricity package from as many as 12 providers.Starting 1st November 2018, SP Group will compete w… [read more]
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Sleep Study by OSIM Singapore (OSIM uLove 2 Launch)

OSIM Singapore ran a sleep study with 300 respondents during the launch of the OSIM uLove 2 in a bid to find out the value that participants placed on sleep in relation to the impact that sleep (or th… [read more]

8 Simple Wallet Fengshui Tips to Attract Wealth

Whether you believe it or not, there's no harm checking out these interesting wallet fengshui tips. Apart from helping to usher in wealth, these tips will also help you to be more organised, along wit… [read more]

Cleaning Away COVID-19 With Sureclean

In a post-COVID-19 era, basic hygienic practices such as washing hands, wearing masks, and cleaning surfaces after use have become the essence of daily life. While COVID-19 spreads mostly through air… [read more]

6 Best Ideas for Effective Remote Learning At Home

(Guest Writer: Ryan Pell) Recent events around the world have changed our lives in more ways than one, leading to many people spending much more time at home. Workers have been forced to adapt thei… [read more]

SIDS Launches Operation De-COVID-19 To Support Migrant Workers

It is a known fact that 2020 has strongly impacted the globe, with the appearance of COVID-19 throwing many lives and economies into disarray. With the virus still lurking on our shores, most of us ha… [read more]

5 Important Things Before Choosing A Childcare Centre

(Guest Contributor: Childcare Renovation)Having an excellent early childcare environment for their kids is what every busy parent would ever ask for, and also serves as a parenting milestone. A good c… [read more]

7 Energy Efficient Home Upgrades That Will Pay for Themselves

(Guest Writer: Susan Melony)It’s been a tough winter for a lot of places in the U.S., including some unlikely destinations. For example, Texas experienced record-low temperatures, rolling blackouts,… [read more]

10 Tips For Architecture And Design Students

(Guest Writer: Heather Clark)If you are a design student, then late-nights and project crams may have become your best buddies. As you manoeuvre this important stage of your life, what are some tips a… [read more]

How To Get More Business As A New Architect

(Contributed Post) Finding business opportunities as a new architect can be quite difficult. It’s a competitive market and a lot of professionals are vying for the same clients. However, there are … [read more]

How the Pandemic Is Reshaping Interior Design

(Guest Writer: Tiffany Harper)The global pandemic took everyone by surprise. All the trends that were predicted for the last year gained little momentum or not at all. And this is because no one could… [read more]

5 Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Tips This 2021

(Guest Writer: Mike Powell)Did you know that more than 60% of U.S. households, which amount to 85 million families, have pets? According to the National Pet Owners Survey, more than 60 million househo… [read more]

Plant Power: 5 Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep Better

(Guest Writer: Holly Schaeffer) We all want to design the perfect space for ourselves; however, as we’re not professional interior designers, we often don’t know where to start. Sometimes the sim… [read more]

Top 5 Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners

(Guest Writer: John McGill) The profession of an interior designer can help you earn money remotely. In addition, you can also study online remotely, only occasionally ordering architecture assignmen… [read more]

How to Protect and Upkeep Your Hob and Hood

(Guest Contributor: Turbo Italia Singapore) Planning to whip up more home-cooked meals for your family? The prolonged use may inevitably cause wear and tear to your hob and hood. However, with proper… [read more]

Chromesthesia Décor - Living Room Colour Palettes Inspired By 10 Music Genres

(Article Source: Chromesthesia Décor: Living room colour palettes inspired by 10 music genres) Imagine a world where colour and music go hand in hand — where each note has a corresponding visual s… [read more]

6 Tips for Writers to Equip Their Working Room

(Guest Writer: Daniela McVicker) Whether you’re a novelist, a freelance blogger, or a copywriter, an adequate work environment can be beneficial. This is why equipping your working room properly… [read more]

The Home Office: 5 Factors For Creating A Comfortable Place For Productive Work

(Guest Writer: Carrie Duncan) Today the home office is no longer a luxury, but an everyday necessity for many people. The reason for this is the rapid development of information technology: people … [read more]

4 Mistakes You Can Make When You Are Moving Home

(Contributed Post) Are you thinking about moving home shortly? This is a big change in your life and it’s definitely easy to make some mistakes here. The good news is that it’s possible to avoid … [read more]

How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing on Furniture

(Guest Writer: Steffi Trott) Chewing is normal behaviour for dogs since they use their mouths and noses to explore things around them. But chewing can happen for a number of reasons, and when your p… [read more]

Purify Your Air With Bio-X Kleanze Air!

COVID-19 cases are on the rise once more, and with the revelation of the coronavirus being spread via airborne transmission, it is time to invest in good air disinfectant products.Spread Through The … [read more]

FortyTwo - Enjoy FortyTwo's First Great Furniture Sale in June 2021!

As the iconic Great Singapore Sale takes place online, local furniture firm FortyTwo is joining the fun with its first GFS - Great Furniture Sale. What is The GFS? FortyTwo’s Great Furniture Sal… [read more]

The Complete Guide to Renting an Apartment in Singapore

(Guest Writer: Adrian Lomezzo) Singapore is one of the most attractive cities in the world. Whether you are in business or sent to work in the city by your employer, Singapore will meet and exceed yo… [read more]

10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Kitchen Smarter

(Guest Writer: Colin Matthews) It is no secret that the families that consistently eat main meals together, will build strong, emotional, and personal bonds – both collectively and individually. … [read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Home with Virtual Tour

(Contributed Post) Are you thinking about renovating your home to increase its value before listing it for sale, to make it a more environmentally friendly place to live in, or to restore its former … [read more]

SIDFest 2021 Opening Ceremony

After an unfortunate postponement due to tightening measures against COVID-19, the Singapore Interior Design Festival (SIDFest 2021) opened on 18 June 2021, with the opening ceremony held on 17 June&n… [read more]

10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Level Up Your Home Office

(Guest Writer: Anna Johnson) A home office is an investment into comfort and productivity. However, it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to have an exquisite working space. In some cases, it is … [read more]

How to Protect Your Home from Damage When Moving

(Contributed Post) One of the things you need to make sure when moving home is to not cause any damage to both your old and new home. If you are renting your old place and you cause any damage to it,… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] 5 ways to clean thermos bottle

Table of ContentsUnused thermos bottles cleaning methodUsed thermos bottles cleaning methodPrecautions for using thermos bottleSome say drinking warm water can improve wellbeing and many use a thermos… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] Kitchen cleaning: 6 easily-ignored black spots

Table of Contents1. Range hoods2. Cooking stove3. Brick and countertop stone4. Cutting Board5. Kitchen wipes6. Sink and faucetEveryone adopts different methods and steps when cleaning up the house. Wh… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 300-sq.ft Apartment with Wooden Simple Style, Bringing the Nature into Living

Table of ContentsBasic informationWooden elements integrate into the home to combine the two bedroomsWooden tree pattern feature wall, an imitation of Japanese shoji, but more durableEntrance glass … [read more]

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Leaving Your Home Unattended

(Guest Writer: Kenneth Reaves) The home is often our safe space. This is where we live, sleep, and spend time doing things we love. Our homes are filled with our most precious possessions, and we t… [read more]

How to dry clothes under the humid weather? 5 ways for you!

In the summer rainy season, it is not feasible to dry the clothes on the terrace. We can only dry the clothes indoors, but they can’t be dried easily when the windows are closed. Let Deco-Man teach … [read more]

[Mosquito Repellent Strategy] 4 Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes in humid places are active, especially in the SE Asia. Everyone tries their best to kill mosquitoes at home or use natural mosquito killers such as baking soda to make their own mosquito ki… [read more]

Aurasink - The Revolutionary Sink From Aurastone

Leakage is a pain to deal with, no matter where it happens and what tools you use to try to fix it.Many a time, we may have looked on in horror as little rivers of water mysteriously materialise on yo… [read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Cleanliness

(Contributed Post) A clean kitchen is an integral part of a healthy home. This is where you cook meals, spend time with family and friends, and where you also eat a few of your favourite foods. It… [read more]

What makes CrownLivin different from its competitors?

When CrownLivin was founded in 1991, it was a modest TV cabinet maker. Today, the company has evolved into a world-class modular furniture producer, distributor, and retailer. With more than 30 years … [read more]

6 Scenarios Where Lalamove's Delivery Services Can Help

These last 12 months have been a year like no other which drastically changed our regular lifestyles in many ways, and made daily home deliveries the norm. These days, whether you’re still staying a… [read more]

Exercising More Autonomy Over Your Home Space

(Contributed Post) When people learn to drive a car, they learn how to operate it, but not necessarily how to take care of it. However, any driver learning to check their oil levels, fill their tyr… [read more]

[Pest Control!] How to Get Rid of silverfish at home?

Have you ever seen some holes on the clothes in wardrobe, which you haven’t worn for a long time? Or have you ever seen a long-shaped insect working fast when you open a book? The insect is actually… [read more]

[Typhoon Season] What to do When Typhoon Arrives? 3 Stages of Precautions

What should I pay attention to during rainy typhoon season? The typhoon always catches houseowners by surprise. Why don’t you take measures to prevent leakage before the typhoon hits? Let Deco-Man s… [read more]

If 6 Disney Characters Joined the Tiny-House Movement

(Article Source: Angie's List - If 6 Disney Characters Joined the Tiny-House Movement) Adults may think they’ve outgrown their beloved Disney characters, but the truth is their childhood games of… [read more]

Debunking Myths: Working From Home Is Less Productive Than Working From Office

(Contributed Post) As we prepare ourselves for this festive season, we wonder: Will the restrictions be extended yet again? Is Christmas going to be cancelled? With social gatherings still kept at tw… [read more]

FortyTwo - Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 Storewide Sale

Whether you are waiting to move into your new home or waiting for a chance to revamp your current one, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend is a great chance to go furniture shopping and enjoy huge d… [read more]

Why Co-Living Will Trend in 2022

You may have heard of places popping up all over Singapore comprising fully furnished bedrooms with shared facilities like kitchens and bathrooms. Some of these bedrooms may have their own kitchenette… [read more]

7 Easy Ways To Go Green At Home

Why a Green Home? You may have heard of green homes and how they revolve around sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental conservation. But there are equally essential yet lesser discusse… [read more]

Highlights of the Singapore Interior Design Convention 2021

The Singapore Interior Design Convention (SIDC) 2021 was held in conjunction with the Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2021 on 17 December 2021 at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and via a Zoom live… [read more]

5 Steps to Make Your Flat a Yoga Room

Do you have a yoga mat at home not used for long? In recent years, yoga sports is so popular that it attracts people from all ages. During the worst pandemic period, people cannot do outdoor sports, a… [read more]

Highlights of the Singapore Interior Design Awards 2021

The Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2021, also known as the fifth edition of SIDA, was held after the Singapore Interior Design Convention (SIDC) 2021 on 17 December 2021 at Shangri-La Hotel S… [read more]

What Education is Needed to Become an Interior Designer?

(Guest Writer: Pearl Holland)Becoming an interior designer requires great expertise. Their goal is to make any place aesthetically pleasing. An interior designer plans and researches to manage a proje… [read more]

Pandemic Precautions & Tips For Sanitizing Winter Clothing

As the COVID pandemic strikes our city again, it’s time to raise our alertness and keep on fighting.  Let’s revise some of the vital precaution measures in order to prevent infection and goin… [read more]

11 Tiny Homes To Stay In During Your Australian Vacation

Tiny homes are in trend, whether they are stand-alone on a plot of land, parked near the sea, up in a tree, or on wheels. They have become popular due to their ability to maximise space in creative wa… [read more]

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict's Effect on Singapore's Construction Sectors

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia escalates, how will Singapore's building sector be affected? The cost of energy is one key area that will greatly impact the renovation industry. Pump price… [read more]

How To Keep Cool and Comfortable with Solar Films

With climate change around the corner, temperatures are not going down. Research has shown that Singapore is one of the countries with rapidly rising temperatures; maximum daily temperatures can reach… [read more]

Xiaomi to Open its Latest Authorised Store at Waterway Point

Xiaomi to Open its Latest Authorised Store at Waterway PointSpecial launch promotions of up to 50% off selected AIoT products available SINGAPORE, May 12, 2022 – Global technology leader Xiaomi w… [read more]


LG’s New Soundbars Deliver Immersive, High-quality Audio,User-friendly Features, and Eco-conscious Design SINGAPORE, 10 May, 2022 — LG Electronics (Singapore) announced the rollout of the 2022 … [read more]

Homegrown Luxury Brand Marano Furniture Launches New Collection Inspired by The Flow Of Time

Discover timeless artistry with nature’s kaleidoscopic creations, the passing of an age etched in the canvas of timeSINGAPORE, 12 May 2022 — Local luxury furniture brand Marano Furniture is launch… [read more]

EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION: AmpQuartz Aluminium Festival(AAF) 2022

Time to renovate your kitchen? If you are looking for aluminum-based sliding door and window panels, you wouldn’t want to miss our promotion at our AmpQuartz Aluminium Festival (AAF) 2022.… [read more]

8 Easy but Effective Basement Organization Ideas

8 Easy but Effective Basement Organization Ideas Featured image.Alt-tag: A woman and a man sitting on the floor labeling and taping cardboard boxes.Basements, both finished and unfinished, tend t… [read more]

Two BTO Projects Affected By Greatearth Completed

After a long arduous wait for their homes, 782 owners of units in Senja Ridges and Senja Heights have received keys to their new homes. These two BTO projects have finally been finished; they were tw… [read more]

[Cleaning Tips] 4 important steps to clean for a window

Table of Contents1. Plastic edge cleaning2. Window frame cleaning3. Window hinge cleaning4. Glass cleaningWindows are an important source of light in the home, so it is very important to maintain the … [read more]

Christmas Gift Guide - 15 Gift Ideas For A Cozy Merry Christmas

Christmas 2021 is around the corner; no matter where you are spending it, it’s a season for gifting and a season to be jolly! Here's a gift guide for 15 gift ideas for you and your loved ones to hav… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] Purchase tips + 7 rules to pay attention when using non-stick pans

Table of ContentsAdvantages of non-stick pansDisadvantages of non-stick pansHow to choose a safe non-stick pan?What should I do if the non-stick pan is burnt?Non-stick pans maintenance methodNon-stick… [read more]

RUHENS Introduces Singapore’s First Multi-Temperature Water Dispenser with Icemaker

In Singapore’s sweltering heat, a cold drink of pure water is one of life’s best little pleasures. On 12 May 2021, RUHENS, one of the top retailers for water dispensers in Singapore, launched RUHE… [read more]

Top 5 Benefits Why You Need To Buy A New Office Chair

(Guest Post)You know the situation right? Coming home on a Friday evening after a full week of 9-5 and overtime, you’re worn out, can’t think straight and, most annoyingly, your back is achin… [read more]

Top Things to Consider When Moving In Your Newly Purchased Home

(Guest Post)It's challenging to describe the feeling of holding the keys to a new house. A house is more than a real estate investment; it is something you build your dreams around. Buying a new place… [read more]

Pinstay – A Sneak peak into how a this Property Management company 5X their Company During MCO(while everyone is dying)

We had the opportunity to speak with Wong, founder @ Pinstay, a pandemic survival in the homestay industry. To unravel the core behind their success. Sabah, well known for its tourist traffic for… [read more]

Create A Sustainable Living Style With SWIFT Home Lift

A home lift is now becoming a part of modern living. It has increased accessibility, improved safety, and promoted the luxury lifestyle of house owners. As a home technology company, SWIFT, was founde… [read more]

How Building and Design Firms Can Do Their Own Digital Marketing

(Contributed Post) In today’s world, being digitally active and successful is an absolute must for any company that wants to stand out in the highly competitive marketplace. That said, it should not… [read more]

Graphic design freelancers: 11 Tips for a great portfolio

Graphic design freelancers have a unique opportunity to showcase their work and attract new clients. Having a great portfolio is essential for success as a freelance graphic designer. This article pro… [read more]

New Ariston WI-FI Electric Storage Water Heaters Now Comes with Voice Control, Pairable with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Ariston launches its full new range of WI-FI electric storage water heaters: SL2 20/30 LUC-D WI-FI, ANDRIS 2 15/30 LUX-D WI-FI and ANDRIS LUX 15/30 WI-FIAll new and existing Ariston WI-FI models now c… [read more]

What Is Water Tank Storage?

Water tank storage is a crucial aspect of water management and conservation. It involves the collection, treatment, and storage of water for various purposes, including drinking, irrigation, industria… [read more]

Interested To Go Legoland Malaysia But Unsure How To Go From Singapore? Let's Find Out How.

Legoland Malaysia is a well-known tourist destination in Malaysia. It is situated in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, is a famous vacation spot for some Singaporeans.Without a doubt, Legoland is a better place… [read more]

HERA Bathroom Launches Experience Center

Customers can play at being spatial designers to create their dream bathroomsSINGAPORE, 19 May 2023: HERA Bathroom uneveils its highly anticipated Exp… [read more]

Managing Everyday Life with the Help of Massage

(Article Contributed By iPrima Media)In today's fast-paced world, stress has become an inseparable part of our lives. The demands of work, personal relationships, and constant connectivity can leave u… [read more]

When Should You Replace Your Mattress? 8 Signs To Look Out For

(Guest Writer: Dimple Malhotra) Mattresses are often a significant investment, so people try to use them for as long as they can. But that is not healthy. Another thing that people believe is that yo… [read more]

Create a Bedroom Conducive to Sleep

Had another sleepless night? Read on to find out more on how to create a bedroom that promotes good sleep. Many studies reflect that a large percentage of people around the world are not getting su… [read more]


LG Presents an Eco-conscious Lifestyle with itsEnergy-Efficient Home Appliances in the ‘LG Sustainable Village’ BERLIN, 8 Sep., 202… [read more]

Little Chefs, Big Fun: Unleash Culinary Creativity with Kids Cooking Parties in Singapore

Singapore is known for its diverse range of tastes and is considered a gourmet paradise. This little island nation has created a wide variety of mouthwatering delicacies over the years, all thanks to … [read more]

Holiday Camps: The Fusion of Knowledge and Fun

In a world that constantly demands more from our children, where the pressures of academics and extracurricular activities seem never-ending, there emerges a haven of enlightenment and joy: holiday ca… [read more]

Harnessing Positive Energy: The HOSEIKI Luxury Jewelry

In a fast-paced world filled with stress and uncertainty, it’s no wonder that many people believe in Feng Shui to bring balance and positivity into their lives. One such avenue is the use of the Hos… [read more]

Buying a House or Renting an Apartment: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Getting your own place to live is an enormous step towards independence. It carries both excitement and nervousness at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a house or renting an apart… [read more]

Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA) 7th General Assembly in Conjunction with Reka Campus 2023 by Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID)

The Asia-Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA) convened its highly anticipated 7th General Assembly in conjunction with the … [read more]

How to Maintain a Clean Workspace: 3 Ultimate Steps to Follow

Ensuring the workspace is well-organized and consistently spotless is crucial if you want to achieve productive work. More than that, a clean and orderly work environment can also help to foster a pos… [read more]

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