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What's in it for me? 5 Quotations (up to) from reputable interior designers FREE Curated Renovation Packages 24 Hour quick turnaround Join the growing 46,923satisfied homeowners
Send me goodies, exclusive deals, and Inspiration for my home! We pinky promise not to spam your mailbox! Sign me up
"I Saved Up to 30%" Muhammad Fahmi, Homeowner "I used RenoTalk's method of getting quotes and received many attractive packages without hassling & bargaining! I even gained an extra 30% value and better service from the Renovators!"


When it comes to using an interior design consultant, you want to ensure that they are going to be able to bring what you need.

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Bathroom reflexology

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Luxury Homes in Singapore - Nic & Wes Builders

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5 Steps for a Minimalist-Industrial Look

Pictured: A 3-bedroom maisonette in Clementi   It seems odd to combine these two beloved interior themes. After all, the industrial style has a knack of exposing structures such as pipes and bea… [read more]

5 More Ways to Separate Spaces in Style

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Platform Beds Are All The Rage Now And This Condo In Serangoon Proves It

Instead of getting regular bed frames, many homeowners are now jumping on a new trend that’s taking the slumber world by storm – platform beds. Mounted onto a leveled podium, the mattress … [read more]

2019 Predictions for Home Decor

Images via dwell.com, indecortrends.com, housebeautiful.comAs far as home decor goes, 2019 is shaping up to be a great year in the biz. We believe that 2019 is the year that promises the influx of fre… [read more]

5 Wallpaper Trends That Say 2019

In 2018, wallpaper trends experienced a revival, with tropical wallpaper covering some of the most stylish interiors on Instagram and Pinterest. Having said that, wallpaper is a relatively simple upda… [read more]
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AURASTONE: Creating Beautiful Countertops, Perfectly

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home – no question asked. It provides the heartbeat of every happy household. It is where a family feeds; not only on physical nourishment, but … [read more]

SIDS Annual Dinner: Celebrating the Distinctions and Talents in Interior Design

This upcoming 8th March 2019, Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) will be organizing the Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) & Gala Night 2018/19 at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore Sout… [read more]

5 Bedroom Ideas Your Kids Will Adore

It is no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom. Used for sleeping, playing and studying, it follows that their space should be a reflection of their little personalities. However… [read more]

Kid-Friendly Entertainment Rooms You Need

Rooms You Need Right NowImage via PixabayHaving kids can either be a blessing or a nuisance sometimes. You worry what will become of your kid when they play outside. The people and environment they ar… [read more]

Beautiful Renovation Projects Under $40,000

Purchasing a house and getting it done up may not come easy when you're on a budget, but if you work smart and search for the best possibilities pertaining to your ideas, your place can look way more … [read more]

8 Instagram Inspirations For The Interior Hungry

For a quick interior fix while you're on the go, Instagram seems to be one of the easiest solution. It's an effective method to turn to while you're in the middle of a hectic day, possibly leading to … [read more]

7 Super Solutions for Small Spaces (Part 2)

Land is not infinite, and in our Little Red Dot, homes seem to be shrinking in size by the day. The benefit of having a smaller place is having less area to clean, but the downfall is that we’re… [read more]

5 Creative Natural Decors for Contemporary Homes

Some of us crave the exciting vibe of a city life, while others prefer a more relaxing suburban escape. Why not combine the best of two worlds? Living in an urban space shouldn’t prevent your cr… [read more]

Here’s How This Interior Design Company Produces Top-notch Furniture

  Wood is by far one of the most popular materials used in home renovation, but how can you guarantee the wooden furniture you’re paying good money for is exceptional in quality? Two is B… [read more]

Amazing Renovation Restoration Completely Transforms 40-Year-Old House | Before and After Photos

Never doubt the magic of a good renovation job, as evidenced by the transformation of this old house in Taman Kampar, Ipoh. Charmed by the vintage floors and window grills of this 40-year-old house,… [read more]

5 Kitchens That Amateur Chefs Would Love To Cook Up A Storm In

The kitchen is an integral part of the house, especially for those of us who love to relax by putting together a scrumptious meal after a long day of work. In order to inspire the inner chef in all of… [read more]

JIDA Designer Awards 2019 Finale – Gala Night Awards Ceremony | Interior Design Awards Malaysia

17th May 2019, Johor Bahru: The final day of the highly anticipated JIDA Design Awards 2019 took place today to celebrate the crowning of the best interior designers in Malaysia as guests, students… [read more]
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Renovation Story: A Dreamy Scandinavian 4-Room HDB Resale Flat

It can get pretty tiring when you have to juggle between work and housework. Imagine if you have an all-white interior. Sounds like a cleaning nightmare? Apparently not, according to Rosliani, wife to… [read more]

This Condominium In Bishan Is Every Minimalist’s Dream

White is a colour that represents purity, and is often associated with cleanliness, so it’s no wonder many homeowners like to explore the use of this shade in their renovation project. When done… [read more]

These 8 Renovation Budget Hacks Will Save You A Lot Of Money

Many new homeowners have the misconception that the more expensive a renovation project is, the better it looks. But after seeing so many beautiful homes that were designed on a budget, we beg to diff… [read more]

Green HDB Home Checklist

Aspiring to have a green home? Bear in mind that you need to first look at your house a whole system – changes made to one area may affect another. With proper planning prior to renovation, you … [read more]

A Country Cottage Style Haven

In this country cottage theme bungalow, one-of-a-kind vintage treasures and memorabilia pepper the rustic and oh-so adorable abode of this family. Director of a media company, Angus is not only the ho… [read more]

Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

It may be the tiniest living space in an apartment, but the bathroom ranks as one of the most used for rather obvious reasons. Who’s to say you have to compromise style to get your washing room … [read more]

Eclectic Haven - Singapore Homes Design Inspiration

This open-plan excutive mansionette is home to a pair of lovebirds and their eight furry friends. See how an immaculate renovation transform this abode to a spacious and charming vignette that you see… [read more]

Customise Your Cosy Home with COURTS 2019 Furniture Collection!

RenoTalk had the privilege to preview COURTS Singapore’s 2019 Furniture Collection on 25 October 2018. Several pieces from this new collection were displayed in a mundane home setting to show us the… [read more]

Bringing ‘Hotel’ Into Your ‘Home’

How To Make Your Home Like A Hotel?Prepare to fall in love with Sentosa all over again, especially with what Far East Hospitality has in store for both locals and tourists. Come mid-2019, visitors to … [read more]

7 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Heavy Rain!

We all know that Singapore weather is unpredictable. Heading into the end of the year, the rainy season is upon us. Although we like the cold weather, there are some things we need to prepare beforeha… [read more]

7 Colour Combinations You'll Fall In Love With

Scandinavian homes with monochromatic vibes rose to the top last year, but those craving for colour need not worry, because trends be damned, since you're the type to usually think out of the box anyw… [read more]

4 Simple but Creative Ways to Organise Your Wires

No one likes wires. But they are an inescapable part of that home appliance that you just spent hundreds on. Fortunately, with just a little creativity, you can still make your wires work for your dec… [read more]

Beautify Your Home With These 8 Creative Pegboard Ideas

We love pegboards for their multiple uses, each effortlessly functional and uniquely stylish. So if you have any empty spaces at home that need to be filled, pegboards work as brilliant solutions. The… [read more]

He Brings Artwork Into the Kitchen

Interior designer Ken Beh (right) poses with first-time flat owner Xavier Tan (left) and the portrait that he hand drew for Tan’s kitchen backsplash. Beh hopes that his works will encourage local … [read more]

Lovely Ideas That Will Make You Crave An Indoor Garden

Living in a city filled with high-rise flats, it's sometimes hard to grow a garden with the absence of a large yard. Those with green fingers have to keep their blooms mostly indoors, scattered around… [read more]

Pantone Hotel's Colourful Getaway

Heard about Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium? The ultimate fantasy for every design geek, Pantone now has a space dedicated to their super collection of colours. Perfect for that upcoming honeymoon,… [read more]

Living Well with Smart Wall Protection

Asia’s unforgiving weather and soaring temperatures brought on by global warming can wreak havoc on your well-being even when you’re home if your house is not carefully safeguarded. Thankfully, th… [read more]

What Does the Colour of Your Home Say About You?

Fiery red, melancholic blue and unfussy white. Colours don’t just make your home come alive – they define the identity of each room as well. But do you know that colours also reveal your p… [read more]
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6 Reasons We Love This Modern BTO Flat In Punggol

Embracing an edgy and contemporary vibe, the BTO flat of newlyweds Winston and Wendy is everything a modern-style lover would want in a home. Designed and constructed by the innovative minds at Design… [read more]

Top 10 Predictions for Furniture in 2019

A new year has just been ushered in and everyone feels it’s an apt time for “out with the old, in with the new”. Are you looking to add some new flair to your home with a little revamp? Or looki… [read more]

8 China and Cutlery/ Flatware Sets That Will Leave Your CNY Guests Green With Envy

CNY is just around the corner and you know what that means. It's party season. You'll be busy entertaining guests and enjoying festivities. So, is your home ready to entertain? You may have already pr… [read more]

Amazing Home & Design 2019

Have had an unforgettable experience with Home Inspirations 2019 Fair that happened last January? Or simply having not enough mind-blowing ideas for your dream home just yet? Look no further! This upc… [read more]

6 Interior Design Tips To Bring Your Elderly Parents Back In Time

Do you remember what your home looked like when you were younger? Local housing has changed tremendously since then, but some design tips and tricks from the past remain. Have your parents ever remi… [read more]

Top 8 Themed Bedroom Designs Your Teenager Will Love

Has your teenager outgrown their bedroom that you last decorated when they were a kid of eight years old? Or, your teenager may be going through a “new year new me” phase. And, want to transform t… [read more]

How To Create The Perfect Playroom For Your Kids

It can be quite challenging to create an exclusive space for your children’s playtime, especially if you do not live in a large space. But that should not stop you from turning an area of any size i… [read more]

4 Interior Design Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home

We all renovate our homes with the dream of creating that perfect living space for ourselves. But too often the emphasis we place on aesthetics and comfort alone means that we often overlook a very… [read more]

5 Tips For Wallpapering Your Home

  Sometimes painting alone doesn't quite cut it, especially if you wish to give your house that bit of a punch. Wallpapering your home is fun to experiment with, but of course there are aspects … [read more]

5 Brilliant Ways To Make Use Of Balconies

Sometimes balconies are heavily underused, or simply neglected as a whole, but why waste the space when you can turn it into something beautiful? The area might seem like an unnecessary attachment to … [read more]

Cool Office Spaces You'll Want To Work In

If you think about it, we spend most of our week tucked away in our work quarters. Therefore, a well done up office is actually as important as a nicely decorated home. Enjoying the environment you're… [read more]

Renovation Story: A Quirky Open-Concept Home

Compartmentalizing homes are a norm, specific rooms have specific purposes and are usually walled up and isolated from the rest. But perhps taking it a step further and hacking down some walls could m… [read more]

A Stunning Swedish Interior Design That Will Inspire You

  Many of us lust after the simple styles of Swedish homes, even going as far as transforming our own interiors to mirror theirs. So here's a little treat from an incredibly gorgeous house locat… [read more]

Johor Furniture Fair 2019 - Your One-Stop Solution Home Fair in Johor Bahru

Need new furniture or appliances for your next home improvement project or interior design makeover? Then you're in luck because the Johor Furniture Exhibition is back again - and it promises to be o… [read more]

6 Items From Royal Selangor To Make Your Home Shine

What is Royal Selangor? Since its birth in Kuala Lumpur in the 1930s, its spread to Singapore in the 1960s, and its eventual international expansion, Royal Selangor has risen to become one of the worl… [read more]

5 MUJI Furniture Sets to MUJI-up Your Home

MUJI stores are rather distinct, their facades similar to other lifestyle outlets such as Miniso and Uniqlo. One only needs to stand outside and recognize this Japanese household name from its open sh… [read more]

Transform Your Home Into A ZENith of Calm With These Zen Tips

The stresses of our lives leave us searching for repose from the hustle and bustle of deadlines, meetings, projects and other soul-draining commitments. We are in need of rejuvenation of our minds, bo… [read more]

4 Trendy Colour Combinations For 2016

We're slowly easing into 2016, and with a new year comes a new set of trendy shades. And where wall colours are concerned, there are a few combinations which have been predicted will become hits in th… [read more]

4 Methods To Liven Up White Walls

White walls have always been one of the most popular picks, but for some home owners it might begin feeling like too flat a choice after awhile. To prevent this from happening, these are some suggesti… [read more]

Maintenance Checklist For the HDB Home

Maintenance is the act of keeping something in proper condition, like for example the appliances in your home. We say let's not wait until your house gets into a hot mess before doing something about … [read more]

Choosing a Renovation Package

Renovating decisions are decisions that require careful considerations. After all, it's not something that can be changed overnight.     Renovating decisions are decisions that you need to… [read more]

Kitchen Design Inspiration - Making Small Kitchens Bigger

Most newer HDB or condominium kitchens are smaller in size and limited cooking space becomes a problem for larger families who dine frequently at home.We take you through how Omus Living interior desi… [read more]

Whimsical Wonderland – Homes Abroad

Contrasting bright colours, loud prints, and graphic illustrations come together in an irreverent statement that defies the traditional notion of interior design. Located in Germany, this whimsical wo… [read more]

What To Look For In Your Interior Designer

Once you have decided to engage an interior designer, you are then faced with the daunting task of choosing the right designer. This is especially important as making a wrong choice could lead to… [read more]

6 Tasteful Kitchens Your Inner Domestic Goddess Will Love

Besides eating, cooking takes up part of the joy that food brings. It’s fun to whip up meals together with your loved ones, but it’s even more fun to do it in a stunning and organised cooking area… [read more]

6 Simple Tricks to Make Your Room Look Bigger

60 to 65 sq m, 90 sq m and 110 sq m. Those are the sizes of a three-, four- and five-room BTO flat respectively, according to the HDB. You could use a larger space, we know. While you can’t tech… [read more]

5 Ways to Separate Spaces In Style

Walls separate rooms from each other. A shelf in the middle of the room divides the study area and the bed, while a wardrobe hides the changing area from view. Barriers are widely used for good reason… [read more]

Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Home

Did you know that colours can make or break the look of your home? In home renovation and interior design, one of the many things homeowners will learn is the importance of colour. Deciding on the bes… [read more]
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Get a Designer Home on a $29,900 Renovation Budget

Have you ever considered this alternative, cost-effective way of renovating your home? Giving more meaning to D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself), TilamKing did it himself and showed us just how much bang he … [read more]

5 Fun Home Decoration Ideas for the Book Lover

A burgeoning literary collection can be as much of a bookworm’s nightmare as it is of a gleaming pride. What happens to the extra books once you inevitably run out of space on the bookshelves in… [read more]

5 Industrial-Style Homes with Retro Touches

Singapore is today a thriving city, but it had begun life as a collection of kampungs. To celebrate #SG51, we visit these industrial-chic abodes that pay homage to the yesteryear in more ways than one… [read more]

Nothing Straightforward About This BTO Flat In Sengkang

Gleaming white and spacious to a fault, the five-room BTO flat of parents Kenny and Serene could easily be mistaken for a luxe condominium apartment. Indeed, that’s the surprise that the couple … [read more]

10 Brilliant Ideas Just In Time for Your Upcoming BTO Renovation

If you’re about to get your keys or have already gotten your keys – congratulations (!) and listen up. (Yes, we’re looking at you, Punggol Waterway Terraces and Waterway Banks, Hougang Capeview … [read more]

How to Decorate For CNY | Top 5 CNY Decorations for an Auspicious Home

Image via PexelsChinese New Year is just around the corner! You hear it coming even before you see it. Time to get your house ready for the Spring festival, and deck it with traditional Chinese Ne… [read more]

5 Unique Decorations to Impress Your Guests For Open House this Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is approaching...which means ‘tis the season for open house again! As Chinese communities usher in the Lunar New Year every year, we continue the traditions of this part of the worl… [read more]

Interior Designer vs Contractor - How are they Different?

Home renovation is never an easy decision to make and the sensible thing to do would be to engage the services of an interior designer or a contractor. But how are they different? Though they seem to… [read more]

Pets in HDB Flats: What You Can & Cannot Keep

Many of us can’t imagine life without our furry friends - but if you’re living in an HDB flat instead of private property, you might just be illegally housing your pet without realizing as there a… [read more]

4 Unusual Ways The 'Unfinished' Look Work

It sounds like pretty warped reasoning, wanting an unfinished look for your home because it looks more stylish. But seeing as the trend of leaving homes looking as raw as possible has been picking up … [read more]

Kitchen-spiration: Creative Ideas to Revamp Your Cooking Space

They say that nothing beats a home cooked meal. But what if your home doesn’t inspire you to cook? People often make the mistake of thinking of the kitchen as a utilitarian space just for keeping gr… [read more]

6 Common Interior Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Interior design is an art and science of its own. While cultural preferences will always influence design styles to a degree, there are best design practices that everyone will agree on. However… [read more]

5 Reasons Why Your Career Advancement Depends on Home Environment

(Guest Writer: Estelle Liotard)Everyone dreams to advance in their career one day. Ambition and the desire to get promoted and receive a higher salary are part of the human’s identity. However, ca… [read more]

Around The World In 80 Days: A Quaint Spanish Abode

In this article, RenoTalk traverses across the steppes of Europe to bring you the urban refuge of an interior designer residing in Spain. Aptly titled Gaila’s Home, this project is the perfect blend… [read more]

Bertoia Bar Stool Graceful Casualness that Captivates the Eye and Enhances the Interior

(Guest Writer: Kristin Lewis)Designed in the 1950s by Harry Bertoia, this unique bar stool combines the opposing influences of a long, tubular, stainless steel base and the curved seat. Unlike most ba… [read more]

Doors - Arguably the Most Used Part of the House

In was reported in a TODAY article, published on 05th June 2019, that homeowners could expect ‘sleeker and more modern fittings’ as part of efforts by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) to pr… [read more]

Educate Yourself On These 5 Carpet Materials

Carpets are an excellent addition to any home: functional and stylish. carpets not only sit pretty in your living room or bedroom, but they’re excellent dust-collectors, keep cold floors warm and pr… [read more]

5 Important Steps To Creating Your Dream Nursery

For first time parents, planning a nursery can be both an extremely exciting and nerve-wrecking task, especially since there are so many factors to meticulously consider. Fret not, because with ample … [read more]

4 Clever Ideas For Spare Rooms

Most families think nothing of their spare rooms, often using them as merely an extra storeroom. It would be such a waste though, to have all that space and do nothing with it! So here are a few ideas… [read more]

This Steel Container Got Converted Into A Loft And It Is Brilliant Beyond Believe

It sounds impossible at first – transforming a cylindrical grain container into a comfortable home – but the architects at Christoph Kaiser LLC made it work. Before we get into the details… [read more]

Loft-Inspired Living In A Small Space.

Spaciousness greets visitors as soon as they step into Emily’s haven, an apartment in Taiwan. With light streaming in through the full-length windows awashing the airy space with sunshine, as we… [read more]

Inspiring Interior Design Theme Cafes and Restaurants in Taiwan

Apart from fantastic culinary, an appealing interior design can also help generate business for a cafe or restaurant. A special interior design will differentiate yo… [read more]

Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Interior

If you've seen photos of Scandinavian inspired home decor, you've probably been drawn to how simple but absolutely perfect everything is. Clean and simple, minimalist, Scandivanian interior design is … [read more]

A Scandinavian HDB Interior You Won't Want To Miss!

White-walled and bright, this scandinavian interior Hdb home was made more airy after the original walls were taken down to let more light into the kitchen. Homogenous wood grain tiles were used throu… [read more]

BFCM 2018: Crazy Year End Deals!!

Brace yourselves! Renotalk’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion is here! This promotion is starting today, 23 November 2018 until 31 December 2018.   Enjoy sweet deals for your favo… [read more]

Decorate Your Windows and Balcony with Premium Protection and Privacy From Belgium!

We value two things when it comes to our homes — privacy and protection. We need protection from soaring temperatures (a regular occurance here in perpetually sunny Singapore) and privacy from prodd… [read more]

7 Unique Ideas For The Perfect Balcony

Many think nothing of balconies due to their lack of space, but what they don't realize is balconies actually posses a whole lot of potential, easily turning into the coziest and most stylish spaces w… [read more]

Framing Photographs Without Conventional Frames

Framing pictures up the conventional way has started becoming passé, and we're witnessing more creative and contemporary methods springing up instead. So if you're in the midst of ditching regu… [read more]

How To Work A Studio Apartment

If you've got one of those cosy studio apartments, we envy you. These tinier homes are refreshing, especially if you make the lack of space work in your favour. Some fret over how it'll look, since th… [read more]

This BTO flat In Tampines is Traditional, Yet Modern

At a time when most homeowners are rolling back the details for an understated look, this three-room BTO flat belonging to a newly married couple in their 30s seems almost too defiant for its own good… [read more]

10 Must-See Ideas for Your Upcoming BTO Renovation

So, you’ll be collecting the keys to your new home soon. Congratulations! Yes, we’re looking at you, soon-to-be residents of Vine Grove, Palm Breeze, Compassvale Cape, Compassvale Helm, Ea… [read more]

12 Awesome Living Room Ideas for Your BTO Renovation

Whether it’s a living room; media room; theatre room; entertainment room; or family room – whatever you call it, the place where we gather to hang out with our friends and family is infini… [read more]

Home Tour: A Purr-fect House for Cat Lovers

WHERE A four-room BTO flat in Pasir Ris SIZE 93 sqm WHO STAYS HERE A couple and their six cats     “The house belongs to them. We’re just their servants!” … [read more]

8 Easy Ways to Maximise Space in a Small BTO Kitchen

According to this article by Channel NewsAsia, 60% of BTO flat buyers opt not to have a kitchen partition wall when given a choice. "One reason cited was that people do not cook as much as before, and… [read more]

Design Crosstalk: Bringing Hotel Luxury into Your Own Home

Design Crosstalk was held last 12th of January at Consentino City Singapore. This is the first ever Design Crosstalk held in an upcoming monthly recurrence.  The event was held to bring a few industr… [read more]

3 Ways to Remove Chewing Gum from Your Carpet

Chewing gum is notoriously sticky so it’s no question dropping it in your carpet can feel like the end of the world. It’s literally a sticky mess which soon becomes a large unsightly stain that ge… [read more]

Modern Living Home Expo 2019

Planning a home shopping spree shopping spree? Then get your credit cards ready because Modern Living Home Expo 2019 will be happening from 15th to 17th of March, 11am to 9pm @ Persada Johor. And i… [read more]

Pet-Friendly Ideas Good to Have in Your Home

Pet-Friendly Home Elements You Need To HaveIf you are reading this, you probably are an animal lover who are looking for pet-friendly home designs. You have scoured many online websites and material f… [read more]

Artificial Intelligence In Interior Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a wondrous tool indeed. AI is capable of executing simple human exercises that we’re always too busy i.e. lazy to do. And AI is capable of various feats that our simp… [read more]

Home Living Innovation You Need Now

Home Living Predictions You Have to FollowLess than 100 years ago, our homes and most other public buildings do not have electricity. Two decades into the 21st century, our homes have thermostats wher… [read more]

5 Ideas For A Livelier Bathroom

Bathrooms are typically kept simple, usually no one thinks to extensively decorate their bathroom area. It seems rather illogical to be spending a load of money on a space which the world isn't quite … [read more]

Kitchen Countertop : At The Heart Of Your Home

There are many countertops options on the market. It can become challenging to make the right choice, but with the right advice and information, the decision to choose a countertop might seem more man… [read more]

Granite vs Quartz - Which is better?

One of the most crucial things to consider when designing renovations for your new BTO or HDB flat is your kitchen countertop. It is essential that you choose a material that is tough enough to wit… [read more]

5 Types Of Interior Designers From Hell

If you are going to be renovating your house anytime soon, you would have probably already done the following things: started a Pinterest board titled “Inspirations For My New Home”, ogled at a fe… [read more]

5 tips to organize your kitchen and get more space

(Guest Writer: Jeremy Hood) Clutter. There is nothing worse than a kitchen full of clutter. I remember my days of having to nose dive into a mountain of pots and pans to find that one last non-stick … [read more]

These 8 Tips Will Teach You How To Paint Like A Pro

Taking on the task of personally filling your walls with colour may be fulfilling, but it's no doubt hard work. Get one step closer to achieving handyman-worthy results by following these easy tips.Re… [read more]

Top Tips when Restoring Antique Furniture

(Guest Writer: Jessica Williams)Antique furniture boasts a personality that can hardly be matched by modern and generic designs. Not only were these items built to last, but they can often have a mass… [read more]

Work and Play - Assembling a Conducive Home Office

Work and Play Assembling a Conducive Home Office ARTICLE BY: DCRS – DECORATIONS Today rapid technological advances has revolutionised the job industry as more people look for freelance work to … [read more]

Floor Plans And Renovation Ideas For Skyline I & II @ Bukit Batok BTO

A new BTO project is about to grace our city’s urban landscape, and this thrilling piece of news has gotten many Singaporeans excited. Aptly named Skyline 1 & Skyline 2, the towering buildin… [read more]

A Guide To An Eco Friendly Interior

We consume more than we can keep up with, and most times end up unnecessarily harming the environment in the process. Creating an eco-friendly home may not usually be our most important priority, but … [read more]

Brick Yard 33 1/3-A Modern Marvel In A Historic Setting

Brick Yard 33 ⅓, otherwise known as BY33 is a nostalgic space, and for good reason. Previously a club for American soldiers to gather, have a drink or two and rest their weary bones, the Br… [read more]

8 Best Bathroom Feng Shui Tips Summed Up In An Infograph

Moving into a brand new BTO flat soon? Or doing a bit of spring cleaning for the upcoming Chinese New Year? The time of the year has come where many Singaporeans seek the help of Feng Shui masters to … [read more]

Vertical Garden Wall

With lesser square footage in HDBs and condominiums today, have you thought of transforming your wall into a vertical garden? Excellent for the home or the office, a vertical garden wall can turn any … [read more]

Singapore Designers: Furniture Designers To Know

Singapore may be open to designs and brands from all over the world, but this city-state has a thriving furniture design scene too. Fuelled by dedication and passion, these designers have embraced … [read more]

Ideal Design Interior: A Private Home Gallery

With the living room's interior design centred around the owner’s collection of paintings, the ambience of an art gallery was created for this home. Home to a couple with two children, the condo… [read more]

Easy Solutions For Common Interior Issues

Hiccups come with the process of dealing with interior design, because like any normal project, problems are bound to occur. But there are simple solutions for most interior issues that pop up once in… [read more]

5 Splendid Damage-free Decoration Tricks

Certain decorative decisions, such as drilling holes for shelves, tiling floors with vibrant motifs or wallpapering an entire room, can feel too permanent for some of your liking. These won't work if … [read more]

5 Different Bathroom Ideas You Could Try

Your bathroom may be one of the tiniest spaces in your entire apartment, but it still deserves its own share of attention. And as difficult a the task as making it trendy may seem, in reality all you … [read more]

Quiz: Which Home Decor Style Suits You?

With so many home décor styles to choose from, renovation can be a daunting process. The rule of thumb is to make a list of what you’d like to have in your new home before working through… [read more]

Planning Your Kid's Bedroom for Your Upcoming BTO Renovation

Racking your brain thinking of how to do up your kids' rooms? Suitable for different ages, we gathered 18 of the best kids room layouts we could find with the 4 basic neccessities – 1)… [read more]

5 Inexpensive Ways to Personalise Any Home

Planning to keep costs down for your upcoming renovation? A feature wall wrapped in luscious marble may be at the top of your wish list, but it surely won’t discipline your budget – neithe… [read more]

8 Incredibly Unique BTO Flats for Your Renovation Inspiration

Want some fresh BTO renovation inspiration? We scoured our forum today and found these spectacular Singaporean homes oozing creativity, originality and innovation. Especially if you're into lofts, tak… [read more]

In Pictures: 'Starry Splendour' by Starry Homestead

EVENT Starry Splendour WHERE Starry Homestead showroom @ 140 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-01 AZ@Paya Lebar WHEN Saturday & Sunday, 24 & 25 September 2016 | 11am - 6pm   … [read more]

6 Essential Ideas for Organising A Small Home

60 sqm to 65 sqm, 90 sqm and 110 sqm. These are the sizes of a three-, four- and five-room BTO flat respectively, according to the HDB. You want more space, we know. While you can’t technically … [read more]

Top 10 Insanely Luxurious Bathrooms in the World

Crazy or over-the-top, the people who own these bathrooms definitely went all out to get the bathrooms of their dreams. With extra water outlets, colour-changing tiles, and more extreme (or extremely … [read more]

A Few Advantages of Renovation Contractors over an Interior Designers

A lot's been said about the advantages that interior designers offer over renovation contractors. But there has to be a reason why contractors remain popular! This article is an attempt to make sense … [read more]

The Living Room to Die For - Here’s How to Do It

(Guest Writer for this post: Matt Attenborough)Living rooms work for various purposes for different people. Some people get around in the living room most of the time, whereas others are only using it… [read more]

8 Best Practices to Fireproof Your HDB

Fireproofing their home probably is not something Singaporean homeowners want to be concerning about, but it goes without saying that it can be a matter of life or death. Indeed, the recent fire that … [read more]

Creative Ways To Jazz Up Your Wall

Wish to dress up plain household walls but not sure to use which method to do so? Bored of your house interior design but averse at the thought of a massive overhaul? Be it wall decals, wallpaper or s… [read more]

4 Tips To Make Print-clashing Work

Print clashing can be quite an exciting concept, be it for a single room or even the entire home. It's not the easiest technique, since it requires a keen eye for mixing patterns. But if you've always… [read more]

JIDA Announces Finalists for JDA 2019 - JIDA Design Awards and Gala Night 2019

Following their announcement of JDA 2019 last April, the judges of the event have announced the first five finalist for JDA 2019. Chief Judge, Dr. Leong, was invited to announce the first five … [read more]

Design Essentials For Your Home Office That Will Set You Up For Success

(Guest Writer: Ivas Cristian)You’ve heard people say “you are what you eat?” Well, that same logic applies to your environment too. Have you ever been at home or out somewhere where there was a … [read more]

How Is Sleep Deprivation Affecting Your Everyday Life?

(Guest Writer: Stacey Morgan)(This is a republished version of the article originally posted on Mattress-Guides.net.)While it may not sound too serious, sleep deprivation is currently affecting a larg… [read more]

Four Things Home Design Can Learn From Web Design

(Guest Writer: Robert Thompson)At first glance, home design and web design don’t have much in common. Home design is all about having everything in its right place. You want your front room to be wa… [read more]

Exstopod - Your Next Private Office Space

The Exstopod Expo kicked off with huge buzz and much anticipation on 10 July 2019, as part of the three-day Office Expo Asia. At the Exstopod booth, three samples were set up to allow visitors to … [read more]

What We Love About This Apartment At Seastrand Condominium

Less is definitely more when it comes to modern interior concepts, although some home owners might be misled to think it consists of complicated design plans. After a tour around this Seastrand Condo … [read more]

Awesome Renovation Projects Under $20,000

Sprucing up the interior of your home doesn't have to cost an extravagant amount, and with less than $20,000 you can play around with unique designs too. Here are two home projects which worked under … [read more]

One Big Open Industrial Space

While there are many ways to toy with the industrial look, a cool way to inject warmth is to balance the interior design with plenty of wood. Joe Tan and his wife enjoy the clean lines of their home w… [read more]

8 Ways To Make Your Home Look Like A Vacation!

  Bring the gorgeous interiors of hotel rooms all over the world to your home. Get inspired with these 8 holiday-themed interior designs specially hand-picked for you.   The New York Room … [read more]

Renovation Story: Couple Brings A Fireplace into their HDB Home

WHERE A three-room BTO flat in Sengkang SIZE 68 sqm WHO STAYS HERE A couple in their 20s     Kara-Anne Cheng has a theory about the look of her three-room BTO flat, which sh… [read more]

In Pictures: 'Your Dream Home Journey Begins Here' by Dreamvision Designer

EVENT Your Dream Home Journey Begins Here WHERE Dreamvision Designer showroom @ 61 Ubi Road 1, #01-10 Oxley BizHub WHEN Saturday, 17 September 2016 | 12pm - 5pm   … [read more]

A Clean and Contemporary BTO Renovation Story

One great thing about Renotalk, is the collection of renovation stories our Singaporean friends have shared through their Reno T-blogs. We checked out many of these real life renovation experienc… [read more]

6 Important Things to Do Before Renovating Your Home

Renovating your home can be a daunting affair, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. But don’t let the jitters bite you! The recipe for a smooth renovation journey – like… [read more]

6 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Your Home

Most kids crave huge amounts of movement because staying still is well … boring. But their voracious appetite for exploration is actually designed to develop their still-immature nervous system… [read more]

Evolve Your Home With Singapore Design Week 2019!

Every year, local design takes a step forward, aspiring to do more for society than just come equipped with a combination of aesthetic and function. As our homes change, design techniques are employe… [read more]

Bodega Living: Customising Your Very Own Little Wine Shop

Bodega Living Pte Ltd is a homegrown company in Singapore distributing and marketing wine cellars and wine related accessories that bring pleasure, conviviality and comfort to established partners acr… [read more]

5 Storage Space Solutions with IKEA Furniture

Every HDB homeowner is worrying over the same thing these days - limited storage space. We totally understand that. Not only is it a nuisance to see random stuff scattering around, it will also make y… [read more]

Omtänksam: Ikea’s Simple Approach to Home Living

Omtänksam: No Fuss Home Living You want a simple, unpretentious home and don’t want an over-elaborate household. Ikea has exactly that answer to what you are looking for. With their Omtänksam ran… [read more]


Have you ever heard of the magnetic board from Germantops? We have talked about the formica previously. In this article, I will introduce the classification of magnetic board serious and the installat… [read more]

Excitement - Designing An Escape Room

Escape room games have become popular over the last several years, especially among the younger generations. These escape room games are commonly known as ‘escape the room’ or ‘survival games’… [read more]


What is Taisho roman interior design? After the Japanese retro Showa-style interior design, I will share the “Taisho roman” interior design in this article. The Taisho era is different from the ot… [read more]

10 Essential Things Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Regardless of having a simple room or a master en-suite, the functionality should be at the heart of remodeling your bathroom. There are many things we need to know before remodeling a bathroom. 1… [read more]

5 Reasons To Love This SkyTerrace @ Dawson Unit

This scandinavian themed home in Dawson has caught out eye, for both its minimalistic touch and chic finishing. Here are the top five parts about the place we love most.       1) Pendan… [read more]

5 Incredible Movie Apartments You Will Definitely Want To Live In

Home owners are constantly scouring for apartment ideas, taking inspiration from various magazines and online sites. But how many have ever stopped to admire outstanding backdrops featured in movies? … [read more]
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Luxe Opulence

Ideal Design Interior's concept for this flat in Yishun carries both modern contemporary aesthetics with the function and budget in mind. Maintaining that rich opulent feel without bursting the budget… [read more]

Renovation Mythbuster: Can You Trust Result Photos on Contractor Websites?

  Let’s get it straight, NEVER trust photos you find on the internet. Since the birth of Photoshop, what you see is seldom what you get. Say, you go on a contractor’s website and look at… [read more]

Evoking the Arabesque: How to Bring the Moroccan Style to Life

  Born in a country with a wild mixture of cultural influence, the Moroccan style is the epitome of the exotic, a blend of African, Arabic, French and Spanish aesthetics. We probably can’t turn… [read more]

Soccer Fans Seeking A Bathroom Makeover, Look Here

Soccer Fans Seeking A Bathroom Makeover, Look Here You may have spent extensive potty time catching up with your late-night soccer matches. So why not have your bathroom wares designed after your f… [read more]

How To Bring Tranquility Into The Bedroom

Bedrooms are typically a place for serenity and relaxation, especially after a tiring day out. It's most probably your favourite area to retreat to for some peace and quiet too, so why not increase it… [read more]

An Alluring Mixture Of Themes For This Yishun BTO Flat

After staring long and hard at this 5 room BTO HDB flat in Yishun, we still can't quite pinpoint our favourite aspect of the place, especially since every room is filled to the brim with an array of r… [read more]

Colour Rules For Stylish Small Spaces

Constrained spaces and shrinking HDB sizes are becoming the norm, but these issues don’t necessarily have to translate to an unfashionable space. Homeowners in Singapore can take their cue from th… [read more]

Home Tour: Luxurious Open-concept Maisonette

Equipped with impeccable taste, the owner of this bachelor pad impressively picked out most of the furniture in his home. Together with Kimly from Renozone Interior Design House, the formidable duo br… [read more]

Designer House: Spacious Contemporary Tropical

The owner of this modern and spacious landed property also owns a well-known interior design firm specialising in the commercial market. Yet, he decided to engage Designer House to complete this renov… [read more]
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Advance 3D Panel: Truly Customise Your Walls And Furniture

Advance 3D Panel: Truly Customise Your Walls And Furniture       In a world of mass-produced mindless copy designs, you may feel like breaking out of an ordinary mediocre existence with… [read more]
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Nic & Wes Builders recreates the old world Colonial style

The Black & White Colonial Estate: Recreated, Resculpted, Revamped Rarely does a homeowner go the whole hog in nailing the classic look and feel of a colonial black and white bungalow. This is on… [read more]

7 Renovation Problems To Avoid

7 Renovation Problems To Avoid   Here are 7 renovation problems to avoid so that you will enjoy a smooth process from start to finish. Embark on your renovation at ease and see your dream home t… [read more]

An Eclectic Russian Renovation Story

Recently, we've taken to scrolling through the endless photos of gorgeous homes, and renovation stories from all over the world. It's astounding and truly inspiring seeing what so many have done with … [read more]

5 Burning Renovation Questions, Answered

Have you ever been caught with an unconventional issue only to be shrugged off with a nonchalant “well, it depends on what you like”? Wanting to leave nothing to chance, we get subject exp… [read more]

4 Spots That You May Have Forgotten to Decorate

There are plenty of spaces in our homes that we’d love nothing more than to decorate – the living room, the dining area and our bedrooms. But not all spots within these spaces are built eq… [read more]

Turn Your Walls Into Works of Art

  Bring Life to Your Walls   An empty wall is a playground for one’s imagination, so it’s no wonder we’ve been making features out of our walls. This usually means hanging… [read more]
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Secrets to Achieving That Holiday Feel For Your Home

Part of the reason why we love travelling so much is because of the hotels and resorts we get to stay in while we are overseas. Their beautiful interior and cleanliness always make us feel like living… [read more]
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Amperado | Your Ultimate Luxury Indulgence

A home is where your story begins. Amperado believes in that and they want to be a part of the beautiful journey to make your dream home a reality.Founded in 8th August 2017, Amperado is a luxury ho… [read more]

The 3rd Annual SIDA Awards | A Whimsical Event

Halls opened to a ‘Whimsical’ theme, Music cues the Dialogue, enters Designers and Guests to the 3rd Annual SIDA Awards  Image Credits – Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI… [read more]

10 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces from the #extraIKEAcatalogue

Two IKEA catalogues in the same year? That’s a first.To celebrate space-saving painted with bright, bold colours, IKEA will be releasing two catalogues in the same calendar year, with the first alre… [read more]

Single-coloured Interior Design

Have you ever imagined your home being painted in just one colour?Ever dreamt of having an interior design that is extraordinary and attractive?Not a fan of complicated and overly-decorated interior d… [read more]

Things You Don’t Know You Can Do with Your Kitchen Cabinet

Improving your kitchen cabinets can be impactful on the overall look and functionality of your kitchen. Since storage is a crucial element in designing a kitchen, contractors pay a lot of attention to… [read more]


Bleach is a must-have disinfectant at home. The main ingredient of bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which can degrade the protein of microorganisms, thereby killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Bleach w… [read more]

Crazy Door Designs for Dramatic Entrances

Everyday, homeowners walk in and out of rooms without thinking about the importance that a door has to their lives. In reality, doors form a core part of your home design as they have many functions: … [read more]

5 Super Cool Ways To Craft A More Personal Home

There will always be great interior trends to follow, hip themes which people often adopt. But if you've always been someone who sways away from what's typical, perhaps you could consider putting a mo… [read more]

This Industrial Themed BTO Will Make Your Head Turn

Industrial spaces are all the rage right now, their clean and sleek outlook attracting more and more home owners. This house at Punggol has headed in that direction too, and they've pulled it off real… [read more]

Studying Out Of The Ordinary

Impress your guests with these unique, space saving pieces of furniture. These pieces of furnitures are sourced from all over the world. Impress your guests with these unique, space saving pieces of f… [read more]

5 Ways to Make Your House Look Luxurious

(Guest Writer: Bethany Seton) Our homes are most likely the most important place in our lives, so it’s only natural that we strive to make them luxurious. No matter how functional the current desig… [read more]

How To Mix Vintage and Modern Elements in Your Home Renovations

(Guest Writer: Megan Hudson)There aren’t any rules when it comes to renovating your home, only that your end goal should be to have a space that reflects you and your family. If you want a ceramic t… [read more]

All You Need is Coffee: Chill Out with the Café Interior Style

The proliferation of cafés is a distinctly urban phenomenon. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, quiet cafés are like oases in a dry, scorching desert. Cafés often have interesting and creati… [read more]

5 Ways To Create A Home Filled With Happiness

A house isn't a home until it's filled with warmth, accompanied by an overall sense of happiness a family can easily bask in. The littlest of things can actually provide happiness in the most unusual … [read more]

How to Mix'N'Match to Meet Your Dream Theme

  Shabby chic or modern minimalist, sometimes our dream theme doesn't fall under any design category. Some love the quiet sophistication of an all-white look, but they might want a touch of wild … [read more]

Guide to Layout and Configurations for Your Kitchen

A good kitchen is where you minimise the steps needed to get a task done. Whether you are working with a small apartment kitchen or spacious one in a landed home, take note of the work triangle: hob, … [read more]

A Bright Scandinavian Renovation Project at SkyTerrace @ Dawson

This is a story that starts even before the renovation journey. A self-professed Ms. Perfectionist, Fion had a hard time finding a designer who was able to materialise her thoughts. “I created a… [read more]

5 Amazing HDB BTO Renovation Projects Shared By Homeowners

Our Renotalk t-bloggers have provided us with loads of insight into their renovation journey; from the planning and designing stage, all the way to the final lap. If you are about to receive keys to y… [read more]

Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence in Interior Design

More professionals across industries are becoming increasingly familiar with the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), and the practical applications it has to advance and improve upon human effort… [read more]

What Your Home Might Look like in The Years 2020, 2030... And Beyond!

The future is here! Well, it will be… Right now! Or how about… Now!? Time indeed waits for no one. What we thought was a distant and faraway era is now on the horizon. And we are now ever closer t… [read more]

Top 5 Tips for Planning a Family Kitchen

When designing a new kitchen, it is important to take everyone else’s needs into account. For family homes, it involves having an adaptable space that can fit your requirements and those of your chi… [read more]

Interior Design That Stimulates Learning

Famous Chinese philosopher Confucius once said to his mentees, “You do not open a book without learning something.” Since thousands of years ago, learning has always been such an important part of… [read more]

Several Home Renovation Tips for Beginner

Annually, at the beginning of the year, we will see a number of people move into a new home or give their home some renovation. In most cases, a home renovation package will be chosen but some may cho… [read more]

Furniture Made From Car Parts

Whenever you dump an item you think its usefulness is over, think again. That's what French designer Gab, from Passionmobiles did. Turning old car parts into modern, hip masterpieces. Car enthusiast? … [read more]

Money Not Enough for Home Renovation?

(Guest Contributor: Etiqa Insurance)Many millennials in Singapore place great emphasis on having quality of life (so do we!), but is creating an Instagram-worthy home more important than saving for re… [read more]

Create An Affordable, Luxurious Family Home With Eight Design Ptd Ltd!

Making a home both practical and pleasant to look at can be a challenge, especially if you are sharing the space with family members or friends or even roommates. How does one make a space look styli… [read more]

Amazingly Beautiful Ideas For Typography Decorations

Words can easily inspire, fast becoming one of the most popular decorating methods invading massive amounts of homes. And there are a multitude of ways to present typography, all attractive in their o… [read more]

How To Work With Compact Spaces

It's not the easiest task designing a two bedroom apartment meant for a family of three, but it's not impossible either. The home owners of this two bedroom SOHO unit at Boathouse Residences succeeded… [read more]

How To Work The Scandinavian Theme Into Small Spaces

Scandinavian design ideas and small spaces are truly a match made in heaven. The style's emphasis on functionality and simplicity helps transform tiny homes without burdening their interiors with… [read more]

This Home Is Made Up Of Several Interior Styles Fused Together

Welcome to the world of Maximalism – something you get when you fuse multiple renovation styles into a single home. No idea what we’re talking about? Endy, interior expert from The Wooden… [read more]

Renovation Story: 24k Gold-powdered Platform in an Executive Maisonette

When it comes to resale flats, most homeowners prefer purchasing one that’s either move-in ready or require little overhaul. This HDB executive maisonette that Christopher Chionh and his wife Ch… [read more]

Top 5 Smart Home Devices

28-03-2019Before he gave his keynote speech, AI For An Even Better Life, at CED 2019 on January 7 in Las Vegas, LG Electronics (LG) president and CTO Dr. I.P. Park asked, “Is technology making your … [read more]

Living in a Safe and Secure Home

In this era of modernization, technology has developed rapidly and we can easily access information anytime, anywhere. Other than portable electronic gadgets which we can take with us anywhere, home s… [read more]

Designing A Junkyard-Industrial-Styled Home

Heard of the junkyard-industrial style interior design? Are you a fan of vintage or junk items? Ever dreamt of making a wonderful space for your precious antiques? Ever wanted an industrial-styled … [read more]


You may be familiar with the classic Chinese style as we can always see the grand antique house in TV drama. Classical Chinese interior design combines both the solemnity and elegance. But what is the… [read more]

The ABCs of Interior Design

It is a known fact that there are 26 alphabets in the English language. But what about what each alphabet can represent in interior design? In this article, we will be looking at the ABCs of interior… [read more]

7 Brilliant Ideas For Your Balcony

Like every other space in a home, the balcony can be transformed into anything its owner desires. A second dining area, a relaxation spot, or a play space – you name it.   Not only are the … [read more]

Super Cool HDB Renovation Project At Anchorvale

It's only natural to have your passion scribbled all over the walls at home, after all your house is an interpretation of who you really are. In this Anchorvale Street home project, the owner has seem… [read more]

8 HDB Renovation rules

The statutes and general rules governing Singapore's HDB renovation rules may be found on the Attorney General's Chamber Website or the Housing and Development Board Website. It is important that ever… [read more]

7 Great Interior Decor Home Improvement Ideas

(Guest Writer: Ivas Cristian) You’re never really finished on modeling your house, are you? There is always something to add here, some new items to put on the shelf or a new remodeling idea floa… [read more]

Why Build Custom Furniture For Your Home? | Carpenter Werkz

So you're looking to fill your new home with space-transforming furniture and have been told that getting custom furniture built for it is the way to go. But, why buy custom furniture? In this art… [read more]

Helping The Community Through Project Container

One of RenoTalk’s goals is to reach out and help homeowners everywhere, especially the underprivileged and disadvantaged members of our community. We also aim to bridge the best renovators in town w… [read more]

Commune: In Motion - Enter the Future of Furniture Shopping With AR!

In recent years, brick-and-mortar stores have taken a backseat due to the rise of e-commerce. As consumer demand changes with technological advancements, retailers are finding ways to keep up with the… [read more]

Imposed Design: Design For Better Living

Established in 2005, Imposed Design (HDB Licence No. HB-05-3903H) is a Singapore-based interior design firm that has grown from strength to strength under the leadership of founder and principal desig… [read more]

How To Create A Gorgeous Nautical Setting

If you want something strong, nautical is the way to do it. The trend has been picking up, and it's bold enough to stand out without much effort. So if you're looking for a loud theme and are up for t… [read more]

How To Effectively Plan A Room For Siblings

Planning a children's room for two or more goes beyond decoration and design, since parents have to ensure their kids share the space harmoniously. It's a pretty exciting project, especially for the s… [read more]

Let Your Walls Stand Out With These Magnificent Murals

We'll never say no to outrageous decor, even if it means surrendering an entire wall, allowing it to be covered by large murals. There's an inexplicable power which murals posses, turning even the mos… [read more]

How To Care For Your Soft Furnishings: A Complete Guide

While soft furnishings may be relatively low maintenance, they do require regular care. Soft furnishings may include, but are not limited to, items such as curtains, rugs, bean bags, cushions and s… [read more]

Quick Guide to Popular Kitchen Countertops

Thinking of overhauling your kitchen or updating it with a new countertop? There are many options out there that are gaining popularity. We’ve put together the pros and cons of 5 kitchen countertop … [read more]

A Quick Guide To Condominium Renovation

A newly purchased home is like a blank canvas waiting to be decorated. There are plenty of things you can do, but renovation can differ greatly between public and private houses. If you just received … [read more]

3 Commercial Renovation Projects Too Cool Not to Look At

With the majority of our weeks spent in the office, it’s no wonder we want our offices to feel like home. Google’s new Asia Pacific headquarters – occupying two entire blocks of Mapl… [read more]
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As important as aesthetics are, homeowners Zhong Xun and his wife, Shu Juan, acknowledge that creating an abode which not only looks visually pleasing but feels absolutely comfortable to live in is co… [read more]

Light Makers: More Than Just A Lighting Store

Lighting up the future since 1986, Light Makers Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s long-standing lighting retailer and solutions finder. An established specialist in various aspects of lighting, Light Ma… [read more]

Zen Bedroom – 10 Ways to Create a Stress-Free Ambience

(Guest Writer: Holly Schaeffer)Unlike the living room, kitchen, and dining room, the bedroom is exposed to fewer eyes. That’s why we usually pay less attention to its design. However, sleep is immen… [read more]

Modern Living Room Ideas

Are you having trouble figuring out which interior design style works best for your living room?The living room is often seen as the highlight of home improvement, so many homeowners do not hesitate t… [read more]

Amazing Idea to Renovate Your Garage

People with a garage at home tend to use them as a space to keep their vehicles. In fact, keeping your vehicles indoor actually guaranteed more safety. What you did not know is, a garage is a potentia… [read more]

4 Ways To Create A Chic White Kitchen

You've planned out your living and dining areas, and have even collated some stellar ideas for your room. But when it comes to the kitchen though, you're drawing a blank. And the last thing you want i… [read more]

Auspicious Kitchen Renovation

Chinese believe that the kitchen is the second most important factor that affects the family fortune, relationships and wellbeing. The first being the main door. If you are a believer of Feng Shui, yo… [read more]

5 Ways to Soundproof the Bedroom

It’s bedtime, finally, you can take a rest, drift into peaceful oblivion.And then the noise comes, louder and louder as your ears adjust to the quiet of the night. The traffic outside, the clicking … [read more]

This Apartment Has A Slide And It Is Awesome Beyond Belief

Looking like every child’s dream (and also ours), this 2-storey apartment in Ukraine almost feels like it belongs to the birthday wish list of a kid. Yes, we are talking about a home with a main… [read more]

Unique Bathroom Trends To Experiment With

There's a misconception that nothing much can be done to bathrooms decor wise, but we've got a few interesting concepts that might change your mind. They're ideas which are fast growing in popularity;… [read more]

What Type Of Bedroom Best Suits Your Personality? Interior Design Ideas to Consider

Unlike common areas within the home, bedrooms are private spaces that don't necessarily need to look lavish. They should serve as a place where you can relax. It's best you adapt the interior design… [read more]

6 Walk-in Wardrobe Styles You’ll Instantly Fall In Love With

No longer a luxury only the rich can afford, walk-in wardrobes have become a norm in most Singaporean homes. The fact that so many are willing to convert an entire bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe sho… [read more]

7 Best Kitchen Interior Designs

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home – and we fully agree.   It is where we prepare food to fuel our bodies everyday; where we go to have breakfast before beginning our daily activ… [read more]

How to Manage Renovation Costs?!

Setting out to renovate your home can be truly daunting. Apart from all the considerations and decisions that have to be made – the first and most important thing to be done, is to learn to mana… [read more]


Emelie and Ellen Hedén, two sisters from Stockholm, Sweden, are the founders of Möbler, a Scandinavian vintage and antique furniture store based in Singapore. Their love for interior … [read more]


Emelie and Ellen Hedén, two sisters from Stockholm, Sweden, are the founders of Möbler, a Scandinavian vintage and antique furniture store based in Singapore. Their love for interior … [read more]

Carpenter Werkz: Crafting Furniture That Meet Your Needs

A newly-established carpentry company in Singapore, Carpenter Werkz is passionate about making furniture to meet your needs. They provide carpentry works with direct factory carpentry prices, built-… [read more]

Themed-Rooms 101 : The Basis and The Basic

 “My House, My Rules. My Room, My Theme.” RenoTalk EditorImage via: Srisasoft  Come on, admit it! There is something natively desirable when viewing the finished look of a themed-room. Or even… [read more]

Geek Bedroom, Geek Ideas

HOW TO GEEK OUT YOUR ROOM You probably grow up around a whole lot of fandoms. Are a huge fan of many universes and its characters and whatnot. When your friends walk into your room, the first thi… [read more]

6 Cartoon Characters' Bedrooms That We Want

No matter our age, we will always love cartoons. There is something about the power of animation that pulls us from this world and into another, entering an entirely different realm of colour, sound,… [read more]

O2O Home Expo + Carnival

Just moved to a new house and have yet to purchase any furniture or decorations for your home?Having trouble using or maintaining old electronic appliances, floor tiles, or wallpapers?Created a wishli… [read more]

Tips to Make House Ceiling Looks Fabulous

As we fill our homes with lovely decorations and comfortable furniture, we also see that other parts of the house are well-designed. Doing this is going to give your home a welcoming look. Pay at… [read more]


There are many types of wood flooring, including solid wood flooring, engineered timber flooring and seamless wood flooring. In order to avoid repair, waxing is the best maintenance method to block th… [read more]

Colour Choices for Your Living Room

The living room is a space that unites every single space of your home. It is a setting for numerous memories and peaceful moments. So it's not surprising that the paint colors in living rooms can aff… [read more]

Unbelievably Amazing Condominium Renovations UNDER $40K

You don’t have to fork out a large sum of money for a beautiful renovation project. All you need is a designer with a good eye to translate your dream residence into reality. Of course, it&rsquo… [read more]

Would You Live In This Private Beachfront Villa For USD 3 Million?

The scenic Halong Bay in Vietnam sees a new beachfront addition that’s all kinds of luxury. Comprising of 18 villas, Caye Sereno is a residential property that starts at a whopping USD 3 million… [read more]

Retail 2.0 – An Integrated Design Experience

 Online Shopping has transformed consumer behavior. Today’s consumers do thorough research online, have access to information, understand the products they want and make informed choices.E-co… [read more]

How to Keep Your Glass Furniture Shiny As New

Glass can easily be morphed into various styles and shapes, like wine racks, storage units and dining table.Glass furniture’s crystalline clarity can offset the claustrophobic feeling of living in a… [read more]

Big Or Small, Leong Yik Does It All!

Contractors are some of the greatest people in the world. Whatever you need for your home, be it carpentry or masonry or installations, they can perform renovation at mostly affordable prices. If you … [read more]

7 Commonly Made Mistakes When Selecting Wall Colours

We all know selecting wall colours is a majorly important process. And although it's mostly about picking shades you adore, there are some minor guidelines which can help make or break the overall out… [read more]

A Chat With Dreamvision Designer, The Creators Of This Mesmerizingly Beautiful Office Space

   Everyone aspires to work in an uber-cool office, complete with stunning decor, vibrant colours and quirky artwork. Every… [read more]

3 Stunning 4-Room Flat Renovations at Different Budgets

Are you struggling to find the best interior designer that can cater to your budget, without compromising on quality nor style? Thankfully, our designers at Renotalk provide BOTH quality and style whi… [read more]

5 Bold And Beautiful Designs For HDB

Not one for over-the-top designs yet unwilling to settle for something too ordinary? Try one of these ideas — they're not commonly seen in Singaporean homes but aren't too outrageous to implemen… [read more]

Themed Rooms: Movie Night!

Tired of your bland, old entertainment room? Need new ideas to spruce up an old space? Or perhaps you’re enamoured by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? If you answered yes to any of the above, th… [read more]

4 Elements You Can Replicate From A Grand Penthouse To Your Humble Abode

 "No Matter Where It May Be; A Home Is Where The Heart Is" RenoTalk Editor   Image via: KarinBohn  Penthouses sit proudly at the top of buildings. The view from the top capt… [read more]

6 Do's And Don'ts Of Interior Design

Some homeowners out there have dreamt of a customized home, so interior design is a perfect way to achieve that. If you are a beginner in interior design, don’t worry if you feel confused about… [read more]


We can always see the actors and actresses live in the American town in American dramas. Their big house is big, gorgeous and warm. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a 2-storey house to make i… [read more]


Wood flooring is natural, environmentally friendly and it is comfortable. However, its disadvantage is that it can form mould and black dots will appear if you don’t take care of it nicely. So how t… [read more]

4 Brilliant Lighting Tips For A More Beautiful Interior

As minuscule an issue as lighting may seem, it's actually a pretty large contributing factor to the aesthetics of your home. The way you do up your lighting affects the overall ambience, so ensuring i… [read more]

5 Mini Renovation Makeover Ideas That Will Make A Huge Difference

If you're beginning to feel like the outlook of your home seems a little stale, fret not because it's a normal reaction after having stared at the same decorations day in and day out. All you need are… [read more]

10 Most Popular Interior Design Themes For BTO Renovation (Part 1)

Plenty of BTO projects are about to TOP, and their floor plans sure look promising. If you’re receiving keys to your new BTO flat, you should be pretty excited about decorating its interior. The… [read more]

How to Renovate for a Children-Friendly Home

Kids are by nature inquisitive. They enjoy moving around, exploring unknown places. As artists, they have so much to express and sometimes, the walls are where they show off their artistic skills.If y… [read more]

Which Countertop Is Best For You?

(Guest Writer: Nikki Kingsley) How to Choose Which Countertop is Right for You Remodelling is always a fun project, but it can be difficult to choose the perfect countertop. Most homeowners wind u… [read more]

3 Newsworthy Homes On Renotalk!

3 Newsworthy Homes On Renotalk!HDB renovation in Singapore is one of those tedious ventures that are a big payoff when done right. This is why many people take to the internet for inspiration, and fin… [read more]

Introduce a Boho Chic aesthetic in your home with these beautiful light fixtures!

Introduce a Boho Chic aesthetic in your home with these beautiful light fixtures!The 60’s slice-of-life-Americana may have been the birthplace of the original Bohemian aesthetic, but its rebirth has… [read more]

What to Do with Your Bay Windows

Bay windows. Some people love them, some people hate them. Today, we give you 14 brilliant reasons to love bay windows.    Commonly available in most BTO flats and condominium apartments the… [read more]

Luxurious Condominium in a HDB Flat

Here’s something to inspire all aspiring homeowners: a luxurious condominium apartment in a HDB flat.     Located in the old town of Ang Mo Kio, homeowners Jack and Karen wanted a h… [read more]

This 75sqm Flat Proves You Don't Need A Lot Of Space To Create A Chic Home

75sqm is a small amount of space to work with. It is even smaller than a typical 4-room BTO flat one would find in Singapore, which usually measures 92sqm. But space isn't the only challenge the inter… [read more]

Can You Believe That Almost Everything In This Room Is Ink-printed?

Have you ever gone shopping for furniture, only to end up empty-handed because you weren't able to find anything that fits your idea of a dream interior? Perhaps the carpet you were eyeing would've lo… [read more]

Take A Peek Into This Retired Musician's Loft

A job may temporarily help you earn your keep, but a passion lasts an entire lifetime. The homeowner of this cosy abode managed to have the best of both worlds, having turned his passion into a full-t… [read more]

The 7 Best Hotels That Cater To Sports Lovers

Ah, sports. The pinnacle of human athleticism. For as long as the human race has been evolving, so have our sports. You’ll find a myriad of different sports channels to tune in to today compared to… [read more]

How to Have A Sports-Themed Room

Last week, I was invited to my uncle’s grandson’s baby shower. He is my wife’s uncle, whose daughter had just given birth to a healthy cuddly-bubbly boy name, Joshua. The small ceremony took pla… [read more]

5 Sports To Inspire Your Living Room Makeover

The 2020 Summer Olympics may be a long while away, but for some of us avid sports fans, no great meet will ever be too far off when we got all that excitement in our veins. We may even be breathing mo… [read more]

8 Fun Sports-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Charismatic players and the fast pace of sports ensure that girls and boys have sporting idols to look up to. Take your boy’s or girl’s passion for sports and incorporate these fun themes and idea… [read more]

Creative Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

Wallpaper is a commonly-seen interior piece in our homes. It is not just decorative but also a major deciding factor in making your walls look unique and clean.There are many different types of wallpa… [read more]

7 Proofs That Creative Thinking Is A Key To All Interior Design Problems

(Guest Writer: Frank Hamilton)Interior design, like any other area of design, is impossible without creativity. Yes, of course, each of the design areas has its own rules and canons, which are used by… [read more]


In previous article, we mentioned the Nordic style and mid-century modernism. In this article, we will talk about Shabby Chic, the retro girlish style.Shabby means shabby, and Chic means elegant and c… [read more]

Tropical-Styled Interior Decors

Ever visited a tropical rainforest for an amazing tour and got fascinated by the beautiful natural sceneries?Do you know that you can be in a tropical rainforest without having to travel for hours?In … [read more]

What Your Interior Design Style Says about You

(Guest Writer: Kelly Roland) Even though it is true that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it is becoming increasingly obvious that in some ways clothes do make the man. Whether what dr… [read more]


Art wall paint turns ordinary home into Art Place! We introduced Germantops magnetic board previously. In this article, the artists Joanne Chan and Ruby Law from MAGUS will show you how to transform a… [read more]


English country style originated from the 17th century. At that time, the British was bored with the luxurious aristocratic style and began to turn to the fresh and natural country style. It retains t… [read more]

10 Most Popular Interior Design Themes For BTO Renovation (Part 2)

So you're thinking of how to decorate your new BTO flat, and the different renovation styles are running through your head. Which is the most functional? Which is the best in reflecting your personali… [read more]

Designing The Perfect Games Room

(Guest Writer: James Green)For many of us, life is all about entertainment. We go to work to pay the bills, but when the essential bills are paid, we want to relax and have a little fun - whether that… [read more]

You Must Read These 6 Tips on Kitchen Remodeling

(Guest Writer: David Huner)Kitchen remodeling does not need to be a complicated thing. It also doesn’t have to cost too much money. If you’re wondering how’s this possible, the answer is that it… [read more]

Quartz Vs Granite Countertops: A Scientific Face Off

(Guest Writer: Michael Anderson)As a common man, you must have done much research while choosing worktops for your kitchen. However, knowing the scientific facts behind different materials and doing a… [read more]

How To Best Use Geometric Patterns At Home

Using geometric patterns has become popular modern trend, probably because of its versatility, and isn't all that difficult to incorporate. Just a little is enough to make a whole room feel louder, an… [read more]

Putting Together An Exquisite Bohemian Home

If you're the type who loves being openly expressive, a Bohemian home might be perfect for you. They're always put together in the most unusual ways, full of life, and a load of fun to plan out. So if… [read more]

Headboard Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom

Headboard Ideas For A Beautiful BedroomThinking of doing a bedroom makeover? Turn your bed into a strong focal point for your bedroom by focusing on its headboard. With most people holding busy profes… [read more]

Meet IUIGA, Singapore's Newest Lifestyle Brand That's All About Affordable Luxury

Meet IUIGA, Singapore's Newest Lifestyle Brand That's All About Affordable LuxuryIf you haven’t heard of IUIGA, it’s time to get on board! A home-grown lifestyle brand that celebrates fine living,… [read more]

How to Protect Your Renovation: Get a Reliable Renovation Contractor!

With news of nightmare renovation scams going around the internet like this, and this for example, we got to wondering: What are steps one can take to protect their renovation? &nb… [read more]

Would You Try Special Effects Walls?

  This here is Mr. Png Gek Liang (fondly known as Liang), a Dulux-preferred painter that specialises in special effects painting. Aged 54 with 34 years of experience, Liang has been in the indust… [read more]

Singaporeans' Go-to Materials When They Renovate Their Homes

Not quite sure what materials to use when constructing your new cabinets or wardrobe? Listed below are a few favourites among Singaporeans and how much they can benefit your home. For The Feature Wal… [read more]

The Wanderlust’s Home Inspiration

Travelling has become a passion, especially to young people these days who just can’t wait to explore the world. From the much-needed hiatus amidst hectic lifestyles, to the exhilaration that co… [read more]

10 Disney Room Ideas For 2019

Ever dreamed of having a disney-themed bedroom? We were all having that fantasy during our childhood. It’s not unusual to see kids today indulging in that fantasy because Disney, being a definitive … [read more]

10 Incredible Disney Hotel Rooms

Disney-inspired Hotel Rooms - The Most Magical Place On Earth (That You Can Stay For A Night!) The word “Disney” evokes a sense of magic and whimsical fancy. It is a word that you will immediatel… [read more]

5 Mickey-Mouse-Themed Furniture You Can Fit In A Small Space

The world of Mickey Mouse has filled us up with its timeless magic, unforgettable characters, and exceptional story-telling. It fills up our childhoods, lives, our dreams, and our memories, whether go… [read more]


After the American town style and the English country style, in this article, I will talk about Grandmillennial design. Minimalism has been popular for many years, but Grandmillennial s… [read more]

5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Home

(Guest Writer: Katherine Rundell) As a homeowner, the value of your property will have a huge effect on your life when it comes time to sell. That means that home improvements are an economic imperati… [read more]

7 Common Interior Design Mistakes

Making mistakes is unavoidable while decorating our homes, especially for those with little to no experience in interior design.However, that does not mean you should not follow your own style and pre… [read more]

Scandinavian Interiors - Big NO NOs

(Guest Post From: Möbler) Our interior style is such a misconceived phenomenon. Since we at Möbler - Scandinavian Vintage, often receive the question what Scandinavian interior style really is, w… [read more]

Big Ideas for Small Living Spaces

(Guest Post From: AkzoNobel) Space is precious in our little red dot of a nation, and this means that living spaces are constantly shrinking. However, having a small home does not mean that you hav… [read more]

Highlights of the Colours Symposium at SIDS Fest 2019

The Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) had their annual event - the SIDS Festival - as part of the Architecture & Building Series Expo at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, which ran from 1 to 3 … [read more]

ArchXpo 2019 SFIC Booth

The Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) had a booth at the recent ArchXpo 2019: The International Exhibition for Architecture & The Built Environment. The expo was held at Marina Bay Sands f… [read more]

6 Interior Design Ideas That Could Increase Your Home Value

6 Interior Design Ideas That Could Increase Your Home Value Buying a home is a cause of excitement for many homeowners. After all, there are plenty of ways to turn a property into a dream home. S… [read more]

5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality

5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep QualityAccording to the world statistics, more than 40 per cent of the populations aren't getting enough sleep. We're on average clocking in less than seven solid hours of… [read more]

Transform your HDB into a Private Villa

Transform your HDB into a Private VillaStandardised HDB’s are the absolute hardest to tackle when it comes to professional interior designing. They are usually small with a limited amount of space… [read more]

Get Inspired with INSIDE 2014's Interior Design Ideas!

Recently, we had the pleasure of attending INSIDE World Festival of Interiors 2014 (INSIDE2014), the global festival and awards event celebrating the best in interior design and architecture. Just ima… [read more]

7 Things To Look Out For When Buying Furniture Online

Online shopping has its own set of risks. To ensure you’re buying furniture from a verified website, and to prevent major issues from surfacing, make sure you take these steps before confirming … [read more]

4 Interior Ideas For The Fickle

No matter how minute or massive the change is, making an interior decision is undeniably tough. What’s more, with the inexhaustible design choices available, some homeowners find it difficult to… [read more]

Outstanding Interior Design Talents to be Recognized at JIDA Design Awards (JDA) 2019 - Media Partners MOU Signing Ceremony

Showcasing local interior design talents in Malaysia! Bigger and better than ever, the second JIDA Design Awards (JDA) 2019 Gala Night is coming! With the help of international judges, the chosen w… [read more]

6 Ways To Transform Your HDB Into A Perfect Holiday Home

Holiday homes are becoming increasingly popular, with many holiday enthusiasts searching for accommodation that makes their stay feel like a home away from home.In result, a growing number of homeowne… [read more]

8 Decorating Ideas To Steal From Holiday Homes

Whether you are part of the affluent or merely fortunate enough to be the owner of a lovely shack by the beach, holiday homes are a fantastic way to spend your hard-earned time off. And if that wasn… [read more]

7 Ways To Bring Metal Element Into Your Home

How do you bring the strong presence of the metal feng shui element into your home when you need it? It is best to express each of the five feng shui elements in your home in a subtle way with visuall… [read more]

Why Metal: Giving Your Home A Contemporary, Shiny, And Smooth Look

Metallic Elements In Your Abode - Offering A Modern, Sleek, and Pristine Appearance To An Otherwise Mundane SpaceWood. Stone. Glass. Processed materials. Natural materials.These materials have made th… [read more]

Amazing Game Room Ideas

Are you a gamer who can’t live without video games?Or would you like your friends and family to join you in interesting arcade games but you do not have a specific space for them?Here are some amazi… [read more]


After the millennialism and American town style, we will talk about Mid-century modern style (MCM).Where does the modern popular minimalist interior design come from? It is Mid-cen… [read more]

Handy Tools To Use For Interior Design

Confucius once said, “The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.”Tools are important when it comes to interior designing… [read more]

New Chapter Design: Reliable Interiors and Renovations

New Chapter Design is a seasoned interior design company established in Singapore. They have over 15 years of experience in satisfactorily delivering customer needs and wants. They are confident in pr… [read more]

Affordable European Furniture That Will Change The Way You Live!

On October 17, German-Singaporean joint retail partnership IBC Asia (working with SFIC) launched flagship stores featuring 3 well-known high-end European furniture brands - Bert Plantagie, Koinor and … [read more]

Looking To Stage A Lighting Intervention For Your HDB?

Looking To Stage A Lighting Intervention For Your HDB?A good light fixture can make all the difference between an awesome and subpar HDB interior design. More often than not, residents tend to overloo… [read more]

This 4-room Flat Blends Raw And Retro Together Perfectly

Glen and Brenda are the proud owners of this 4-room flat located at Compassvale Crescent. Preferring a classic look, both homeowners naturally gravitated towards monochromatic choices during the renov… [read more]

5 Interior Trends to Look Out for in 2017

The new year came and went, and with it, so did our resolve to give our homes a fresh look. It's never too late to start though, and here are 5 current interior design trends to get you excited to sta… [read more]

12 Life Lessons from Malaysia “Design King” - Dr. Eric Leong

In this exclusive interview, we have Dr. Eric Leong – an internationally renowned designer based in Kuala-Lumpur, who is also the creative mastermind behind numerous series of international de… [read more]


After the MCM style and millennialism, we are going back to simple and basic. Scandinavian is an interior design style that focuses on simplicity. It can split to two branches, one of which is Hygge. … [read more]


Lighting is one of the indispensable elements at home. Different kinds of lamps have their ownadvantages and disadvantages. How many types of lighting are there? How should I choose? Which lighting is… [read more]

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is furniture that realizes new or other functions based on the original functions of traditional furniture. It is basically a redesign of furniture.The four distinctive feat… [read more]

IUIGA - 5 Ways To Do Up Your Living Room

Since RenoTalk’s first conversation with home-grown furnishing firm IUIGA back in 2017, it has become one of Singapore’s top go-tos for furniture shopping. IUIGA has become nationally renow… [read more]

Launch of Cosentino's 2 New Colours - Exclusive Tour

Members of the media were treated to an exclusive tour at Cosentino Center, the warehouse holding Cosentino's colours and surfaces.This exclusive tour coincides with the launch of Cosentino's two new … [read more]

Celebrate New Beginnings and Being Human With SIDA 2020 and Dulux's Tranquil Dawn

It was a celebration of creativity, life, and being human when the 2020 cycle for Singapore Interior Design Award (SIDA), the prestigious design award from Society of Interior Designers - Singapore, w… [read more]

How to Use Lighting to Improve Your Living Room Décor

(Guest Writer: Emmy Noel) The right lighting can help to set the mood in your home. Having the right amount of light, especially when it is in balance with your circadian rhythm, can have a positiv… [read more]

Home Decor Ideas and Tips

(Guest Writer: Stella)There is no place like home, a sure answer from most people after a long day at work. A stressed person will surely be relaxed if they saw their house, especially with added home… [read more]

The Wall Luxury from Samsung - More Than Just A Display!

Samsung has just launched The Wall Luxury, a super-sized display screen to bring entertainment immersion to the the next level.The launch took place via a light media luncheon with speeches at AV Inte… [read more]

7 hotel inspired interior designs for your HDB

7 hotel inspired interior designs for your HDB’sSingapore residents are always looking for the latest, trendiest and freshest inspirations for their HDB interior designs, and nothing can ever quite … [read more]

5 Renovation Myths You Shouldn’t Believe In

Toggling between reno-facts and reno-fiction? We break it down for you by busting common renovation myths. Myth 1: You'll never go wrong with the latest home trends. Trends may fade off with the ever… [read more]

3 Ways to Pet Proof your Home

Although we aren't biologically related to our pets (we wish we were!), they're still our family, and it's our duty to pet proof our homes for our furry friends.  Baby Proofing Your pets may … [read more]

Designing Your Home This Easter

If you're a homeowner looking to enhance your interior, this event is for you. RenoTalk Live, a homeowner's gathering, covers all home renovation topics under the sun. Gather inspiration from differen… [read more]

Shop for your Easter Renovation Deals

Congratulations, you got the keys to your new house! Next up, the concern on how to transform the new, empty space into a home you can call your own. Interior design is now the utmost priority, so cou… [read more]


We have talked about the retro girlish style and warm Nordic style in previous articles. In this article, we will talk about Southwestern style.The origin of Southwestern style is the mix of American … [read more]

Carpet Replacement Design Tips

(Guest Writer: Zachary Weiner) What equates to the comfy and leg-warming feel of a carpet? – Probably nothing, right? Carpets provide a luxurious soft feeling that many homeowners crave for and l… [read more]

Keep Calm and Shop at Sony's New Store at Westgate!

November 1st saw not just the beginning of a new month, but also the opening of Sony Singapore's latest outlet at Westgate.Step into lush greenery complete with little trees, looming leaves, and even … [read more]

Kitchen Design Suggestions That You Can Use in Your Renovation

(Guest Writer: Nikki Kingsley)As one of the most common home improvement projects, a kitchen redesign can be an overwhelming project and a project that puts a huge dent in the home improvement budget.… [read more]

27 Visually Appealing Small Kitchen Designs

There are a lot of exciting things that can happen when looking for a new place, like you get approved for a home loan or you found your dream BTO that fits your budget. And then there’s moving in. … [read more]

Designer Secrets In Creating Fabulous Interiors On Small Spaces

Finally getting your dream house gives you stability and a peace of mind. Having a roof over your head and a permanent place you can call home also gives you a sense of security, as well as flexibilit… [read more]

Renovation Story: An Interior Designer's Abode

Here’s an interesting fact about this apartment: it’s both owned and designed by Sharon from Darwin Interior. As an interior expert herself, Sharon needed her place to look nothing short o… [read more]

Sports-Themed Interior Design

Do you like sports?Unfortunately for many sports enthusiasts, the rise of COVID-19 in many countries have led to many sports activities being limited. Interior design is a creative way to bring y… [read more]


After the southwestern style and retro girlish style, we will introduce the playful Memphis style.Memphis style first appeared in the 1980s. It was promoted by a group of quirky Italian designers t… [read more]

How to Install Storm-Resistant Plexiglas Windows

(Guest Writer: Nimra Kianat)  Introduction to Plexiglas - Shatter-resistant Glass You must be wondering what a ‘Plexiglas’ is or what sort of glass is it. Let me clear up one thing: it's not gla… [read more]

7 Renovation Items You Should Never Cut Cost On

Home renovation is like a full-fledged wild fire; it can eat up as much money as you can give. Of course you would want to keep the renovation cost at a minimum, that’s understandable, but cutting … [read more]

How to Tell if Your Home Appliances Have Expired

If you find it hard to keep up with the sheer speed of technological advancement, be assured you are not the only one. The rapid invention of novel home appliances greatly improves our quality of life… [read more]

Official Launch of GANI Singapore Showroom And Sustainable Design Forum

What is green design? What is sustainable design?How can interior design and the environment go hand in hand for future projects?These were discussed at the Sustainable Design Forum, which happened al… [read more]

Tips on Designing a Home Workspace

(Guest Post From: AkzoNobel) Working from home has a lot of perks – better work-life balance, zero commute time, and an opportunity for comfort as well as efficiency. However, designing an eff… [read more]

The Ceiling Fan Debate: 18 Stunning Ceiling Fan Designs

Whether you like it or not, there are people who are fans of ceiling fans. As the temperature starts to rise as well as the cost of electricity, there are just a handful of ways you can do to keep the… [read more]

Living The Paris Dream In Singapore

The Paris life is what many desire but few achieve. To be hopelessly in love in the city of romance, known for its stunning architecture and interior design. Homeowners Gek Hiang and Chih Heng saw… [read more]

This Couple Transformed Their Home Into An Industrial-inspired Haven

It’s as if Jane, interior designer at NID Design Studio, hit the jackpot when she was assigned to work on Mark and Agnes’ 5-room BTO flat. As creatives in the events industry, both homeowners were… [read more]

Which Curtain Fabric Suits Your Home Best?

(Guest Writer: Javed Soni) While decorating your home, one must not simply overlook their windows and leave them as is. They are still a part of your home. Decorating them properly would help as a n… [read more]

Designing A Homestay Interior

During this Covid-19 pandemic, most outdoor activities, including travelling, have been limited.Although we are unable to enjoy our trip across the borders freely, for now, we can turn our home sweet … [read more]


The colour scheme of Tribal Chic styleWhenever we mention Africa, you may think of a wild thatched house and a large area of earthy land. Therefore, linen, earth colour and desert colours are the main… [read more]

Home Interior Designs For Dog Lovers

(Guest Writer: Kay Mills) Is your dog a major part of the family? If you answered yes, you are certainly not alone. Many dog owners consider their dogs to be their best friends. So much, in fact, tha… [read more]

Cheap Ways To Design Your Apartment

(Guest Writer: Cynthia Young)Is your home due for a design update, and you don't even know how to go about it? If you are on a shoestring budget like most of us, it can be a somewhat intimidating tim… [read more]

ArtDecor Design Studio Pte. Ltd: Your First Choice For Interior Design

ArtDecor Design Studio offers high-end interior design solutions. They are a Singapore based company. The company is involved in every single stage of the design process. They're there from consulting… [read more]

eDD+ Singapore: Furniture and Decor Designed By Nature

eDD+ Singapore will change the way you see furniture. Bet you never knew furniture could be so sexy. All of their pieces are inspired by nature. You get the great outdoors and experience earth’… [read more]

23 Absolutely Exquisite Living Room Renovation Ideas

With the right decor, any home can be anything but boring. Hotels are surely within reach, but why not make your home into a 24/7 staycation paradise without the hassle of packing bags and mounting bi… [read more]
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Home Tour: Breaking Boundaries

Homeowners Kenny and Michelle believe the less segregation there is within their home, the better. Led by Irene from Its Design and Built Associates, the couple’s home renovation process started wit… [read more]

11 Ways To Design Your Baby Nursery

(Guest Writer: Alistair) Imagination is running rife through the 21st Century child’s room! Calming splashes of colour adorn the walls, met with a tropical landscape for your baby to stare at as th… [read more]


If you like spacious, well-lit and airy spaces, you will want to jump on the bandwagon of open-plan layouts. But this lack of visual and physical boundaries can mean that they aren’t the easiest to … [read more]

Singapore’s First Smart Blind Gallery mc2 Is Now Bigger

Your curtains and blinds just got smarter.On 29 November, local curtains-blinds retailer mc2 saw the expansion of its smart blind gallery from 4,200 square feet to now 7,000 square feet, along with… [read more]

Best Decoration Tips For a Stunning Home Office

(Guest Writer: Tess Cain) Having a home office means you have to strike the fragile balance between aesthetic appeal and distraction-free productivity. The trickiest part of having a home office is se… [read more]

Living Room Layout Ideas For Your BTO Floor Plan

On the lookout for some living room layout ideas for your BTO floor plan? We have some awesome tips and suggestions coming right ahead. In planning the living room layout of your new HDB apartme… [read more]

Colour Me Impressed: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Colour For Your Interior

So you've moved into a new home, and are yet to fill the blank canvas of your walls.  You have a gauge of what you want your interiors to be, but are completely clueless about what colour your wa… [read more]

Bring Art Deco To Your Home

 Art Deco is a much sought after style of architecture and design, and is fairly popular amongst homeowners. Singapore itself possesses a variety of monuments done up art deco style, such as the … [read more]

6 Design Tips for Beach Vibe House Decor

(Guest Writer: Kay Mills)Depending on your home, you may want to make it fit into a certain theme that appeals to you. Some people will try various modern themes, but there is a charming appeal about … [read more]

4 Design Tips for Kindergarten Interior Design

INTRODUCTION According to the international ‘Kindergarten Work Regulations’, a kindergarten is an institution that provides care and education for preschool children aged three to six years old. … [read more]

Get Interior Design Right With First Dot Design!

(Guest Writer: Zee Noor)Have you ever tried to bring someone in to help with an interior design project? Perhaps, you have engaged an Interior Designer? For one, there are many interior designers out… [read more]

Do It Right: A Complete Guide To Scandinavian Design

   Image source: Pinterest "Scandinavian interior","Nordic design","IKEA style house," are some phrases oft repeated by homeowners and designers alike. So why exactly is a concept that orig… [read more]

7 Renovation Estimating Tips To Help You Save More

(Guest Writer: Nichelle Antoque) After making comparisons on whether to build or renovate, you may end up settling on renovation as the perfect option for you. That is because renovation tends to s… [read more]

Interior Design Tips: Making The Most Out Of Your BTOs And Increasing Its Estate Value

BTO’s have become a dime a dozen in Singapore these days. But although the home allotment system has become common, the need for individuality remains the top priority with the residents. So today, … [read more]

Pop Art: Liven Up Your Interior

  You're flamboyant and larger-than-life. You're an eclectic mish-mash of David Bowie's unorthodoxy and Freddie Mercury's eccentricity. And you need a style of interior design that matc… [read more]

Trending: Japanese x Minimalist Designs

Trending right now in terms of interior design is the fusion of Japanese-inspired and minimalistic interiors. Characterised by bright, white walls, wooden furnishings and uncluttered spaces, such des… [read more]


In order to separate toilets and showers, shower screen is the popular choice. Even in public housing, shower screen has become the mainstream. There are many types and styles of shower screens. In th… [read more]

CASE - What To Do If Your Renovation Goes Wrong?

Getting your dream home may be on your bucket list and is one of many life goals in this age. However, your dream house may turn into a nightmare if something drastic happens during your renovation… [read more]

5 Small Touches You Can Add to Your House for a Quicker Sale

(Guest Writer: Bethany Seton)You’ve decided to sell your home and of course, you’re hoping for the best possible outcome. Not only do you want to get your investment back, but you need some additi… [read more]

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

What do interior designers do when it comes to your renovation? What are their roles in making a successful home renovation or revamp? We have looked around and spoken to a few interior designers … [read more]

Lights Will Guide You(r) Home: Strategic Lighting

Lighting is a crucial component of any house, yet an oft-neglected component because more attention is paid to making sure that the house is painted the correct shade, and the furniture is intact. Hom… [read more]

Renovating Your Home? Check Out These 7 Decor Trends That Will Rule 2020

(Guest Writer: HappyShappy) Put your hands up in the air if you just don't care. Or, on a serious note, if your home is a continually evolving mix of all the things you love – as it should be. Just … [read more]

12 Attractive Horoscope-themed Interiors

In this article, we are going to take a trip to the world of horoscopes. The horoscope-themed interior has become popular recently so let us take a closer look at it and get some design tips for the r… [read more]


In the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a fierce space race. Research has shortened the distance between humans and space, making cultural and artistic design obsessed with spa… [read more]

5 Benefits Of Renovating Before You Move In

(Guest Writer: Amanda Wallace) Have you just bought a new home that needs a couple of updates, a fresh coat of paint? Or, maybe the entire house needs a total redo? If you have found yourself in this… [read more]

What To Look For In An Interior Designer

(Guest Writer: Hamish Ash) Are you planning to move into a new home? Or do you wish to revamp your old home? Investing in an interior designer can be a great idea. If you think an interior designer w… [read more]

Tips to Style Your Bed Like a Designer

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle) From ultra-sleek minimalist style to warm modern rustic decor schemes, here are some basic and foolproof tips and tricks to style your bed like a designer. 1. I… [read more]

One Shade To Paint Them All: Monochrome

Monochrome interiors are definitely one of the hottest trends in interior design today, with people flocking to have their homes designed in a "no-frills","non-fussy", and "clutter-free" manner. Defin… [read more]

10 Steps To Post-Purchase Home Improvement

(Guest Writer: Jennifer Holland) Several reasons warrant a home remodel. Some people renovate a house before relocating to increase its monetary value in the market, while others renovate to increase … [read more]

8 Interior Design Industry Trends To Look Forward To In 2021

(Guest Writer: Michael Gorman) We’ve had a long year in 2020, but thankfully we are getting to the end of it, and we can now start looking towards 2021, knowing it will be better. We had some excit… [read more]

5 Highlights of the SIDS Design Convention 2020

“2020 has been a strange year, a year of change for all of us. In a time like this, we just have to keep moving forward.” Moving Forward - the theme for this year’s supposed Singapore Interio… [read more]

What 6 Animated TV Bedrooms Would Look Like In Real life

(Guest Contributor: BudgetDirect.com via NeoMam Studios)Maybe you remember some time back when we daydreamed, on this blog, about the cartoon characters’ bedrooms that we would love to have in real … [read more]


When diving into each kitchen renovation, everyone wants a durable countertop that comes with aesthetically pleasing designs. There is no doubt that picking out a countertop material that can withstan… [read more]

How Are Quartz Formed?

Image Source: :  https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/rotator-stone-italiana-21-2yrqmmych4slav8mj3eo00.jpgYou're probably curious about how the quartz is produced when you're ga… [read more]

Cool Curtain Fabrics To Experiment With

Matching the correct kind of curtain fabric to the rooms in your house can be deceivingly difficult. You do not want the curtains to seem out of place in the room. Curtains are a great investment from… [read more]

How To Put Together A Japanese-inspired Interior

So many homeowners are taking the minimalist route these days, and a few have even constructed their very own Japanese-inspired interiors. If you’re itching to do the same, scroll down for furni… [read more]

5 Ways To Make Your Office Space Cooler

Image credit: Pinterest The word 'office' brings to mind images of a dreary black desk with papers stacked on it, files cabinets containing folders in complete disarray, and heap of wires dominated t… [read more]

Marble-ous: How To Incorporate Marble Into Your House

Marble has definitely acquired a reputation of being the choice of material for the wealthy, of being a material only used in palatial homes of yore or in grand old sculptures made by Renaissance-era … [read more]

5 Highlights from the SIDA 2020 Awards Presentation Ceremony

The Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2020 Awards Presentation Ceremony was the evening event that commenced after the SIDS Design Convention 2020 on 3 December 2020. Like the Convention before,… [read more]

How Often Should You Clean The Façade of a High Rise Building?

(Guest Writer: Lara Graham) The building's location will have a lot of an impact on how often it needs to be cleaned. Those close to highways or in an industrial area get a bigger hit of pollu… [read more]

8 Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Home before the End of the Year

(Guest Writer: Kristina Marshall) Our homes are meant to be an oasis where we can vanish away from the world. This year, more than any before, we've had to put that to the test. Everyone's homes fe… [read more]

The Curtain Boutique - Protecting Your Windows and Balconies

Are you looking for the latest looks for your windows? Do you want to secure and spruce up your balcony? Are you looking for ways to keep heat, wind, dust, and insects out of your home? Looking for… [read more]

Aurastone Gives You 8 Terrific Terrazzo Colours!

Terrazzo has been around for quite a while. You may have seen this flooring type in schools, community centres, offices, and even airports. You may have even walked on one in your childhood home. F… [read more]

Atelier Architecture - What 8 Buildings From Famous Paintings Would Look Like In Real Life

(Article Source: Atelier Architecture: What 8 buildings from famous paintings would look like in real life) Everybody wonders whether the real Mona Lisa’s smile was so enigmatic, or whether the fi… [read more]

RenoTalk Discover Dec 2017

(Photos courtesy of Mazel Galerie)Are you seeking an artistic touch to your BTO? Looking for a modern, sophisticated feel for your new home? Or perhaps you have saved enough in your CPF to indulge in … [read more]

Sheet Smart:5 Bedsheet Types To Know About

Credits: Northwest Interior If you have ever gone bedsheet shopping, you would have surely noted the vast amount of colours, varieties and types that bedsheets come in. While the array of colours an… [read more]

Romantic Homes: How To Get That Fairytale Look You've Always Wanted

As a child, you were all about Disney movies and non-hardcore things such as Hello Kitty. As an adult, you enjoy the occasional weepy love story, adore fairy lights, lace, stuffed animals and pastel s… [read more]

5 Magical Monochrome Designs That Will Make You Jealous

The popularity of monochrome designs has reached dizzying heights, and is predicted to become even more popular in time to come. Adore it or abhor it, you cannot deny that minimalist homes make for so… [read more]

2 Tips for Picking Out Kitchenware to Match Your Interior Design

(Guest Writer: William Davis) So, you've recently built or renovated a shiny, brand new kitchen or decided your kitchenware needs upgrading. Don't get overwhelmed by endless choices and narrow down t… [read more]

Audio House Singapore Launches in Ubi

Audio House Hub has launched at Ubi! Sporting a whopping seven storeys and over 100,000 square feet of space (including a high-tech Online-to-Offline (O2O) showroom, a warehouse, and office space), t… [read more]

5 Efficient Cleaning Hacks That Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze

(Guest Writer: Nora Mitchell) It can be a constant battle to keep your house as clean as it can be. I know I’ve been there before, finding myself taking hours and hours just to get everything … [read more]

How Image Creative Gets Ahead in The Digital Age

Being in a rapidly digitalising age calls for upgrading of skills, processes, and campaigns, regardless of which industry you are in. The design industry, especially in the interior and renovation dep… [read more]

These Dreamy Pastel Homes Will Leave You Wanting More

There’s no escaping pastel hell: it’s been in our clothes since the Eighties and has since moved on to conquer items such as hair, food, stationery, accessories and Instagram filters. And … [read more]

Top 7 Time Management Tips to Implement in Your Architecture Practice

(Guest Writer: Jennifer Holland)Being an architect is a career that requires intelligence, creativity, and a sense of style. Becoming an architect is a journey full of unslept nights and designs and t… [read more]

25 Incredibly Simple Bedroom Storage Tips

(Guest Writer: Susanna Balashova) The winter holidays are a great time to start planning, dreaming, and changing your life, as well as your home interior. As it’s getting colder and colder ou… [read more]

8 Best Interior Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

(Guest Writer: Michael Gorman) Since the COVID-19 lockdown and the eventual rise of more people spending time at home, everyone seems to have taken up an interest in redecorating their homes. There a… [read more]

3 Tips for Singaporean Homeowners to Optimize Outdoor Spaces, Independent of the Weather and the Heat

In the season of the COVID-19, health authorities have advised the public to spend time outdoors rather than indoors, as fresh air is good for the family. With Singapore’s humid and unpredictable we… [read more]

When Should You Replace Your Mattress? 8 Signs To Look Out For

(Guest Writer: Dimple Malhotra) Mattresses are often a significant investment, so people try to use them for as long as they can. But that is not healthy. Another thing that people believe is that yo… [read more]

10 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

(Guest Writer: Beatrix Potter) Moving into your dorm room is an exciting time. But fitting all your essentials in it, whilst trying to create a functional and stylish space, can be a tricky task. Her… [read more]

Start Up Your Smart Home With Domo7!

With smart home systems being in trend today, there are many retailers offering products that will wire up your home for the future. Whether it is through weather-sensitive sensors, lights that activa… [read more]

5 Items To Have In Your Home This Christmas!

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start picking out the gifts. Yes, shopping for your relatives and close friends is a must, but what are you planning to gift yourself? If you’r… [read more]

10 Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

(Guest Writer: Molly Gibson) Are you a student and worried about your room décor? Here are some exciting ideas for you to design your room. Ideas that will help you relax, have fun, and work in your… [read more]

Partnerships app BEAMSTART lets renovation industry connect with business owners

A business partnerships app, BEAMSTART lets renovation industry players such as architects, engineers, interior designers, material and furniture suppliers connect with business owners around Asia onl… [read more]

The 5 Best Indoor Plants for Decorating

(Guest Writer: Kurt Walker) Have you grown tired of your lifeless interior? Or maybe you moved into a new blank house that is waiting for you to add some colour in all the rooms. The best indoor pl… [read more]

FortyTwo - 9 Furniture Must-Haves for Every New Home

Moving into a new place is always exciting, especially if you are moving into your new home. Whether you are single or a newlywed or just entering a new phase of life, decorating or customising somet… [read more]

He says, She Says: Designing A Bedroom with Feminine And Masculine Accents

The bedroom is the embodiment of peaceful rest and relaxation. And for any couple who lives together and shares the same bed, the bedroom should also encapsulate fun and romance. When designed right, … [read more]


In Hong Kong, land is probably the most expensive thing there is. For a lot of young aspiring home owners, smaller flats are their first choice because of the relatively affordable price.To cooking en… [read more]


Water faucets as a tiny home item is one of the most used household essential even in a normal day.Therefore, when renovating their houses, most home owners pay a great deal of attention to what kind … [read more]


It is expensive to renovate your home. Floor tiles, wall, kitchen and toilet, every part of it can cost a lot. However, we may overlook some tiny bits that can be done at low cost to upgrade our home.… [read more]

RenoTalk Discover Dec 2017 - What Did You Miss?

Missed out on RenoTalk Discover last weekend? Then read on, because here is what happened! Let us first explain what RenoTalk Discover is; it is our bi-annual event for new and aspiring homeowners… [read more]


There can be no TV in the living room, but not coffee table. A coffee table can be the storage and decoration at the same time, and it affects the style and atmosphere of the entire living room. Apart… [read more]

Buying Furniture from Home

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle)The process of interior design is a long one, and getting from conception to the finished product is often much harder than it looks. Alongside circuit-breaker measure… [read more]


Japanese interior design always brings a sense of harmony and tranquility. Under the influence of reconciling beauty and light and shadow effects, the home can be rich in design and colors. In the Jap… [read more]


The owner of this apartment is a foreign business executive. As he traveled a lot for business purposes, he often stayed in different hotels. He is fond of the sedate style of the British classic deco… [read more]
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Renovate with Renotalk!

Read the latest issue of Renovate with RenoTalk here! Get up to 5 quotations from interior designers here. … [read more]

Dress Your Interiors In Style With Moss Living’s Decorative Wall Art

If you have ever felt like the typical ‘paint-the-wall’ approach is too conventional for your tastes? Then it is time to give Moss Living’s decorative wall art a chance! The importance of wall … [read more]

Getting Back Into The Interior Design Business - Perseverance and Passion

In the interior design industry, forging connections and proving reliability are two of the most important things you can do for your business to thrive. Unfortunately, there were not enough ways in… [read more]

Choosing the Perfect Countertop

One of the most important decisions when remodelling your kitchen is what material to choose for the countertops. This choice will have a huge impact on the look and functionality of your kitchen … [read more]

Five 3-Room Flats With Attractively Spacious Designs

3-room flats are some of the most sought-after properties in Singapore, especially for couples aiming to grow and nurture a family. While the compactness of the space may be appealing for some, its sm… [read more]

A Stay-Home Hari Raya

(Guest Writer: Luigi La Tona, Chief Operating Officer, StorHub Self Storage)The first few months of 2020 have not been the easiest, but when it comes to festivals and holidays, a celebration with our … [read more]

Selecting The Right Tiles For Your Bathroom

Did you know that bathrooms are the most underrated part of any renovation project? While the mainstream spaces – living room, kitchen, dining and even bedrooms – are given the utmost precedence, … [read more]

Picking Out The Best Accent Chairs

There are many small things that make up a wholesome interior design, and furniture is only one of them. Aside from the walls, it is an important aspect of the overall design, and has a direct impact … [read more]

Renovation Ideas For A Show Stopping Ceiling Design

The ceiling might not be on your list of priorities during the renovation process, but know that it is just as important as the walls or the furniture. However, since most homes in Singapore are of th… [read more]

How To Soundproof Your Bedroom With Style

Bedrooms are the most private zones of any home, and their interior design has to be pragmatically relevant in order to provide a wholesome ambiance for the user. Most people tend to focus only on … [read more]

SIDS Symposium - IFI World Interiors Day 2020

2020 has become an interesting year for Singapore’s interior design industry. With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, the economy has slowed which led to manpower shortages, postponement or cancelling of… [read more]

D'SOL Deco – The Heart of Eclecticism

Our home means many things to us – and it would mean even more with the right ambience and atmosphere. But in a world replete with a limited variety of designs and styles, it's possible, amidst the… [read more]

10 Exceptional Home Renovations

Let’s take a look at 10 exceptional home renovations!1. The Dull EffectInterior Design Company: Atas DesignsThis beautiful home interior design by Atas Designs looks absolutely gorgeous. High concep… [read more]

Kitchen Layout Ideas In Renovating Your HDB

Usually, all the spaces within a typical HDB in Singapore have been carefully proportioned to facilitate a comfortable living. But when you decide to invest in a renovation venture, you must reconside… [read more]

Top 10 Furniture Designs For Your Living Room

(Guest Writer: Claudia Jeffrey)Do you spend most of your time, lounging? Are you bored with your old style living room? Are you looking for ideas to ramp it up? If you answered 'Yes' to the questio… [read more]

8 Fantastic Tips For Home Renovation And Extension

(Guest Writer: Lucas Smith) Without a doubt, home extension renovations are among the most expensive things you can do with your house. There is no room for mistakes when a considerable amount of mon… [read more]

Child-Friendly Homes: Advice for New Parents

IntroductionQ1: Can you tell me more about architects and what they do?A: An architect is registered with the Board of Architects in Singapore.  Typically, any plan to enlarge or alter any building i… [read more]

Things to know before hacking your HDB walls

If you’re new to the HDB renovation scene, chances are that you’re not very well-versed in some of the general knowledge that comes with it. The whole renovation process may seem like an easy task… [read more]


Owners may overlook the importance of the primer easily. In fact, the role of primer is very important. Firstly, it strengthens the adhesion between the base and the topcoat. It can go into the pores … [read more]


Many of us will use plants to decorate their homes to add a natural feel. But in general, we may only place one or two pots of small plants or to place potted plants outside the balcony to keep the in… [read more]

8 furniture stores in Singapore for your new home

Furniture is an essential home interior design accessories. Without it, your spaces are literally incomplete. There are many typologies of furniture you’ll find in the Singapore market – from pref… [read more]

How to Transform a Small Space into a Spacious Environment Within Your Home

Living in a cramped space can create stress and often, makes you cranky. Who wants to wake up in the morning in a room which makes you feel claustrophobic? Right, no one. Regardless if you are renting… [read more]

Excel Hardware: Hardware Trading to Concept Designer

Excel Hardware is a Singapore premium furniture hardware wholesaler and distributor founded in 1998.  They started as a hardware supplier with 50 humble products, and today they provide quantity … [read more]

DONT BE A VICTIM! Ultimate Guide On How To Spot Counterfeit Excel Products

On Jan 3rd, Director Mr Kaden Choa declared war on unethical distributors and vowed to expose them to the public for creating fake products. The list of Excel’s products being replicated comprised o… [read more]
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Crème de la crème - The Story Of 13 Creative Design Award Winners

It’s always good to see homegrown companies gaining recognition for their amazing contributions and innovative skills. This is why the Creative Design Award has been presented to a grand total of 13… [read more]

Elderly-Friendly Home Design: Home Lifts & Staircases

Introduction Q1: Tell us a bit about your company’s design philosophy for elderly-friendly homes. A: We help the elderly to live comfortably with their families in their own homes and to intr… [read more]
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Stylish Space - Yesterday Once More

This industrial-style apartment might seem like the quintessential bachelor’s pad. But the little touches of nostalgia dotting the place reflect its owner’s sentiments for the good old days.Who st… [read more]


In this article, we will share the important information that you want to know about the floor tiles.1.Slip resistance of the floor tileDifferent floor tiles have different degrees of slip resistance … [read more]

Stylish Space - High Style

Elevated from a one‐storey to a towering triplex, this nest was built to hold all three generations of the homeowner’s nearest and dearest.Who stays hereA three-generation familySpaceThree‐store… [read more]

Stylish Space - Gallery Glamour

Keeping true to its clients-first approach in service, 3D Innovations’ sprawling showroom allows homeowners to enjoy a sensory experience of their works. Incepted in 1982 as Chern Hock Renovatio… [read more]
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Talk Shop - Cafés

Café-hopping isn’t just for hipsters anymore. With the invasion of quirky coffee houses each with Instagram-worthy interiors, we think you should start recreating the café style du jour you so cov… [read more]


We get up to work at sunrise and get rest at sunset. If you choose the wrong color temperature, it may hurt your eyes and seriously affect your health.For those who pursue a healthy life, you should t… [read more]

MCO Is Over! Time to Talk About Anti-Virus Step-by-Step With ZAZACORONA Now!

WHAT ZAZACORONA IS?ZAZACORONA contains a synergistic combination of benzalkonium chloride and glutaraldehyde benzalkonium chloride. Glutaraldehyde is active ingredients utilized in healthcare faciliti… [read more]
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In Conversation - Fancy Floors

Flooring, hacking and ceiling maestro Jonathan Choo may be running a packed schedule, but he is ultra committed to his work. We finally caught up with this affable man and discovered some surprising f… [read more]

Objet d’Art - Circle of Life

A carefully curated collection of wall art and décor pieces strewn in your stylish shack defies a rigid interior. Bright, airy and spacious, the ultra modern minimalist style is a hit with tastemake… [read more]

Stylish Space - Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

An undiscovered dream to run his own café spurred the homeowner to fashion an interior in its very likeness. Who stays here A bachelor Space A 4A HDB apartment in Choa Chu Kang Size Approxi… [read more]


It is always not easy to buy your own apartment in Hong Kong. Even if you can afford to buy, it may be a little one. Since you are living in it, you should treat yourself in a nice way. The followings… [read more]

FortyTwo - Furniture Shopping During COVID-19

For homeowners, new and existing alike, 2020 has become an impactful year for buying homes and planning renovations. When COVID-19 hit our shores, many plans were put off due to the rise of coronaviru… [read more]

Stylish Space - The Show Must Go On

Despite his packed schedule, the super talented Mark Lee persists on dedicating his precious time to his home’s renovations (done by Weiken.com) – to ensure his kinfolks are comfortable, happy and… [read more]

Stylish Space - Make An Entrance

Nothing spells glamorous quite like gold, glitter and everything glitzy. Revamped in a speedy span of one month, this terrace property made its royal debut in time for the homeowner’s huge family re… [read more]

3 Common A&A Works

Whether you want a dreamy veranda or a movie-star swimming pool, everyone wants to customize their homes at one point or another. This is where A&A comes in handy. A&A is an acronym for ‘Addition &… [read more]

3 Space-saving Tips for Families

(Guest Writer: Commune Lifestyle) With the overall size of HDB flats getting smaller over the years, many Singaporeans have found themselves cooped up at home with multiple family members without any… [read more]

How to Turn Your Kitchen into A 5-star Cooking Space

                                      1. GOOD LIGHTINGThe first tip in turning your kitchen into a 5-sta… [read more]

5 Landed Properties To Inspire Your Renovation!

Landed properties are few and far between in Singapore, which is why people try very hard to emulate the same look in their smaller renovations. Their spaciousness is inspirational, and homeowners ten… [read more]

5 Tips On Saving On Your Resale Renovation!

Resale HDB flats might be a common home-ownership investment, but once you’ve bought them, it doesn’t feel like our own home unless you splurge a little on a few renovation works to add some perso… [read more]

Stylish Space - Lofty Ideals

Interior design agency and eco warrior Sky Creation proves that adopting and integrating the three basic principles of green living into a home makeover is achievable. Who stays here A couple in t… [read more]


Apart from being an owner of a restaurant, he is also a pet owner for 4 big dogs. In order to be a pet-friendly home, he decided to decorate his new home in his favorite Nordic style.In order to give … [read more]

2020 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

        Interior design has recently become more popular. In fact, the pursuit of beautiful homes is no longer limited to traditional interior styles anymore.There are already many different and … [read more]

RenoDiary - Careful Considerations

Creativity and skilful planning comes together to ensure every inch of this apartment is put to good use. Think spacious open spaces decked with full-length windows and purposely fitted sans doors. Th… [read more]

Stylish Space - Big On Style

A little over 500 square feet, Greg’s apartment appears cavernous despite his penchant for somber shades. After all, the science of space dictates that lighter colours should be employed in small sp… [read more]


The owner of this home is an interior designer. After acquiring his new home, he decided to make good use of his knowledge to design his home. To integrate the Japanese style with modern style, and re… [read more]


Wallpaper is a commonly seen at home for decoration material. As it has a good visual effect and it is easy to hang, therefore, many people like having it for wall decoration. However, as time goes, p… [read more]

Talk Shop - Beauty Parlours

Helena Rubinstein once said, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” But the truth is, these jaunts to the beauty parlour aren’t just an essential for the ladies; they’re a treat now especi… [read more]

Can Feng Shui Help in My Studio Apartment?

Feng Shui for Studio ApartmentI am often asked about the application of Feng Shui for apartments. After all, the theories of Classical Feng Shui were created before living in high-rise buildings becam… [read more]

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Stone Countertops

One of the most important decisions when remodelling your kitchen is what material to choose for the countertops. This choice will have a huge impact on the look and functionality of your kitchen — … [read more]


It is the bounden duty of interior designers to highlight the distinctive personality of the owner of the home in a limited space. In this small apartment, the design team made use of calm colours and… [read more]

For The Young and Pretty——Ideal Bedroom Design For Girls

How many of you have dreamt of being a princess living in a luxurious bedroom in a castle? In this article, we are going to help you make your dreams come true by sharing some useful tips in doing up … [read more]

Top 3 Most Unsuitable Floorings To Have If You Live With Your Grandparents

It’s always important to take care of your family, especially the older generation. Grandparents are the cornerstone of our childhood, so it’s definitely our duty to make our homes as safe as poss… [read more]

Insider Tips: Renovation Planning & Mistakes to Avoid

Renovation of your home is one of the pivotal moments in your life. Not to be dramatic here, but depending on how well-prepared you are, it can either be an enjoyable journey and memory... or it can b… [read more]

5 Things Interior Designers & Contractors Are Frequently Accused Of

When it comes to taking their home renovation projects for professional consultations, most residents of Singapore are inherently wary. Their home is the center of their life, and to entrust its whole… [read more]

Homegrown Interior Design-and-Build Studio Craft By 3 Officially Launches

An amazing new phenomenon has hit the city of Singapore. Craft by 3, a homegrown interior design and build studio is now open for business. The fledgling design firm is headed by Founder and Creative … [read more]
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Pros & Cons Of Quartz Countertops

There’s a million things to be said about the pros and cons of Quartz countertops. Some praise its virtues as if they were the physical manifestation of everything right the world of kitc… [read more]

For The Bold and Handsome——Ideal Bedroom Design For Boys

Speaking of interior design, many women may have plenty of design ideas for their home, but it is often easy to ignore men’s ideas sometimes. In fact, men also have a lot of expectations for interio… [read more]

Smart Home 101 - Must-Use Items For Your Futuristic Home

Have you ever wondered what the future will be like?Have you ever hoped for an easy lifestyle which does not require you to do everything by yourself?If the answer is yes, you are in luck, because we … [read more]

Cosentino Releases an All New Dekton Industrial Collection and Updates the Natural and XGloss Collection

Cosentino Releases an All New Dekton Industrial Collection and Updates the Natural and XGloss CollectionLook out Singapore, because here it comes. Cosentino is about to bless Singaporean homes with br… [read more]


The owners of this apartment are fashion bloggers. In the beginning of the home design, she specifically requested to have a space for photo taking at home. Later, the couple found some photos on inte… [read more]
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A Luxurious Bedroom On A Budget | Singapore Bedrooms

A bedroom represents rest and every one of us has a place there at night. Now and again, even I myself, feel as though I would really enjoy a luxury bedroom. A bedroom that's pleasing on the eyes … [read more]


In order to let the retired parents to enjoy their life comfortably, the owner bought this apartment and requested the designer to design a cozy space for the retired parents to live in. The designer … [read more]

Trendy Colours and Awesome Guides For Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most frequently-used space by the family. When designing it, it is necessary to consider not only the user’s experience but also the overall visual matching effect. If the bathro… [read more]

FAQ For Saving Space In A Small Home

(Guest Writer: Luigi La Tona, Chief Operating Officer, StorHub Self Storage)Our families may be growing, but not our homes. To save space on our tiny island nation and to meet a growing population, ma… [read more]

Renotalk's Life By Design Renovation Fair 2018

The Joyden Hall | Bugis+, 29 July 2018The Joyden Hall | Bugis+, 29 July 2018 – Life By Design is Renotalk's new spinoff on an exclusive Renovation Fair meant for homeowners interested in a 1 on 1 pl… [read more]

Home Renovation Guide Singapore 2020 - [Practical Tips for 1st Time Homeowners]

SINGAPORE HOME RENOVATION TIPS 2020 - THE PRACTICAL GUIDE Renovation of your home is one of the pivotal moments in your life. Not to be dramatic here, but depending on how well-prepared you are, it c… [read more]

Traditional Chinese Paintings VS. Western Paintings

Now that interior design and house renovations have inspired homeowners today to add a touch of art and elegance to their homes, perhaps you are inspired to give your own a makeover? One of the e… [read more]

Lessons in Renovation: Cosentino Remodels the Iconic Cap Ferrat of Ipanema With Dekton

Lessons in Renovation: Cosentino Remodels the Iconic Cap Ferrat of Ipanema With DektonIpanema, the iconic stretch of beach in southern Rio de Janeiro has a reputation for beauty. In fact, many a singe… [read more]

Who Are The Luxx Newhouse Group?

  Luxx Newhouse Group is the exclusive distributor of LG Hausys HI-MACS® Solid Surface, COMPAC Quartz and they are about to launch their new product, DiDio Engineering Marble soon. Leading the… [read more]


Lighting is a must-have must-have element for every home, but most people despise the influence of lighting on the overall design and atmosphere at home. To understand the effect of light to peop… [read more]

Paradise For Gourmet - Food-inspired Household Items

Food is very important and essential to us as it is our main source of energy and nutrients. To allow us to keep growing and stay energetic and healthy, we need to consume sufficient amounts of health… [read more]

FortyTwo - How Many Interior Styles Can You Get For Your Home?

How many interior design styles can you name off the top of your head? Over the past decade, we have seen many different styles appear in homes across the world, with some making their way to our isl… [read more]


When it comes to French-style decoration, everyone will think of elegant, luxurious and exquisite antique decorations, or the flashy Rococo style. However, if the French style is combined with the mod… [read more]

Designing A Bedroom for Your Little Ones

“Great design answers a question, offers a solution, and solves a problem,” Dana Hughes, an Australian interior designer, once said.Some parents have playful kids at home who refuse to sleep or ta… [read more]

IKEA’s Catalogue Launch Episode 1 : Make Home Count

IKEA Singapore recently launched the first of the four catalogue launches, that will address different challenges, tensions, needs and dreams of everyday living in Singapore to make home cou… [read more]

7 Must-Have Features of A ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home

It takes more than just an affluent location for your home to qualify for the ‘Crazy Rich’ status. I believe that most of you already saw the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. If you haven’t, go c… [read more]


When it comes to Bohemia, you may naturally think of a big tent in the field. And then the gypsies lay on the cushions and carpets with pattern and sing. You may think that the structure of houses in … [read more]

The Sofa Diaries

Sofas have existed for longer than we could imagine. Millenia ago, thrones were created for the sultans of ancient Arabia, leading to the creation of our modern-day sofas. The ancient Egyptians had al… [read more]

HI-MACS Acrylic Solid Surfaces – Limitless In Design

It’s a late Sunday afternoon. You’re sipping some tea and about to take a quick look at Architectural Digest.Hoping to be struck with a transcendent moment of inspiration by the titans of architec… [read more]


Many people like to stay in hotels because the spacious room. But in a typical 400-foot apartment, how can we design our home which is similar to a serviced apartment? Here are some tips.1.Hidden stor… [read more]

COSENTINO: Villa Omnio with Dekton and Silestone

If you don’t already know it, Cosentino Group is a global, Spanish, family-owned company that produce and distribute high-value innovative surfaces for the world of design and architecture. They wor… [read more]

Sustainablility-Eco-friendly Interior Design

As life is precious to us, we should strive to make the quality of our lives better. To do so, we must first give our respect and love to our Mother Earth. Due to global warming and climate change, ou… [read more]

Eye-catching Colour Ideas for Your Home

Do you know that communicating without words is possible?Colours are everywhere and there are approximately 10 million colours in existence. In fact, they play a vital role in our lives as they form a… [read more]

Ice of Genesis | Primordial Earth Encapsulated in an Engineered Surface

Ice of Genesis | Primordial Earth Encapsulated in Engineered Surface The Ice of Genesis. A name so mystical, it oozes power with every recitation. A power so immense, it brings forth a feeling of wond… [read more]

9 Charming Ways to Vastly Improve the Look of Your Kitchen

(Guest Writer: Michael Murdy, Founder of Robust Kitchen)Kitchen aesthetics can feel like a constant work in progress. Even after you think you’ve perfected the look of your kitchen, styles get old, … [read more]

7 Must-Have Features of A ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ HDB Home

Simple yet essential tips to upgrade your 'Crazy Rich' HDB home!Have you checked my previous article about the 7 Must-Have Features of A ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Home? Well, if you haven’t checked it… [read more]

Renotalk & SIDS Signs MOU Regarding Collaborative Media Production

Renotalk has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Society for Interior Designers Singapore to solidify the media alliance at the first Interior Design Festival, SID Fest, held at Marina Bay S… [read more]

5 Ways To Live Big In A Small Space

As the size of apartments continue to shrink, today’s new homeowners and families are forced to make more out of less compared to previous generations. However, short of becoming an extreme minimali… [read more]

5 Fun Ideas To Revamp Your Home

Thinking of revamping your four-to-five room HDB? Renovating a HDB flat is really a booming business nowadays. Most of the design ideas these days have been used again and again. You don’t want to… [read more]

4 Ways To Build Cat-Friendly Playgrounds At Home

When it comes to setting up a cat-friendly playground at home, you must first understand their behavior. In general, you will find out that your feline pets demand freedom more than anything.If they a… [read more]

Japan Food Matsuri 2018: An Immersive Dining Experience

Attention Foodies! The Annual Japan Food Matsuri 2018 was held just last week Friday on 28th September 2018. For the lucky folks that attended the event, I’m sure you felt delighted by the sights an… [read more]

6 Ideas to Transform Small Space into Large Storage

We all know the struggle of having too much stuff at home with nowhere to put it, cluttering up on any available flat surface. This visual disarray can cause us to become stressed and unorganized. Not… [read more]

4 Design Tips to Build a Yoga-Friendly Home

Do you know that dedicating a space to yoga in your home can help you cultivate awareness? As you practice in the same spot day after day, you will begin to notice how your body feels on different day… [read more]

Singapore's Top 3 Property Trends in 2018

Ever wondered the trends that influence the property industry in 2018? They are namely integrated properties, sustainability and innovation which play an essential role in redefining our living spaces… [read more]

7 Comparisons Between Past and Current Singaporean Home

We all know that the world keeps changing and improving every day. From the way you buy groceries online, booking a taxi from an app on your phone, to the way you live in your house. Well, today we wi… [read more]

IKEA’s Space-Saving Solutions for Your Dream HDB

Imagine yourself as a 4-room HDB BTO homeowner. You just collected your keys yesterday. If you could have any combination of IKEA products, how would you design your dream home to make sure it appears… [read more]

Apartment Design Ideas for Young Couples

Moving in together with your other half can be exciting. In the meantime, it is also stressful considering you just started out in your career and had to tighten your belt to rent or buy your first ap… [read more]

DiDio Engineering Slab by Luxx Newhouse: The Ingenious, Stunning Innovation

Have you heard of Luxx Newhouse? If you haven’t, then let me enlighten you! Luxx Newhouse has been the leading surface industry for the past 20 years and counting. What’s so unique about Luxx Newh… [read more]

Interior Designers: SIDA Wants You!

If you are an interior designer, space designer and or an architect who believes in creating better spaces for mankind through sensible, responsible, and innovative design solutions, take up the chall… [read more]

SIDFest 2018

SIDFest 2018, organized by the Society of Interior Designers (Singapore), is the first interior design festival that aims to gather and inspire local Architects and Interior Designers to exchange th… [read more]

Cooking Tips: Turbo’s Guide to the Best Flame to Cook Your Favourite Dishes to Perfection

(Guest Contributor: Turbo Italia Singapore) Cooking for the upcoming Lunar New Year Season is fun when doing it for your family and friends, but ever considered the correct intensity of the flames … [read more]

6 Best Ideas for Effective Remote Learning At Home

(Guest Writer: Ryan Pell) Recent events around the world have changed our lives in more ways than one, leading to many people spending much more time at home. Workers have been forced to adapt thei… [read more]

Tips On How To Design A Home With Dogs In Mind

Designing A Dog-Friendly Home - Who Let The Dogs IN?As pet owners, we strive to provide only the best for our furry and non-furry friends. We pamper our companions with decadent treats and spoil them … [read more]

6 Types of Doors for the Home and Office

These days, a door is not just a panel that swings open and close for movement and security. Plenty of options out there cater to the function and aesthetics of the home. Available in various sizes an… [read more]

FortyTwo - Find Your Best Furniture Online!

We have a love-hate relationship with online stores. On one hand, there is the convenience of not having to walk all the way to a brick-and-mortar set-up and scrolling through multiple items at once.… [read more]

How To Create The Perfect Family Entertainment Room On A Budget

Got an extra, unused room in your abode? Or perhaps you need a place for your family to chill and watch movies together? Maybe you’re eyeing a new home theatre system but don’t have the set up for… [read more]

FortyTwo - Homely, Your Life-Sized Interior Moodboard!

This year, 2021, some of us may finally see our new homes complete their renovation. For others, it may be heading out to the showrooms and stores for interior design inspiration. Of course, for some … [read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Calculating Square Footage

(Guest Contributor: Home Advisor)Buying, selling or renovating your home often involves calculating the square footage of the property. It’s common for folks to hire a home appraiser to find the val… [read more]

How To Design A Productive Home Office

(Guest Contributor: NeoMam Studios) The COVID-19 outbreak raised many challenges. And the responses to those challenges brought up another set of issues. For example, those who switched to home wor… [read more]

7 Tips for Organizing Your Remote Working Space at Home

(Guest Writer: Jessica Fender) There are more and more specialists who don’t go to the office and work remotely. Some are frankly jealous of them, while others understand that working from home is … [read more]

7 Styling Secrets To Make Your Property Look Amazing

(Contributed Post)If you love design, then you may also want your property to be a beautiful space. This is a great goal to have, but sometimes things can get tricky.It can be hard to work with awkwar… [read more]

10 Interesting Solutions to Store Books in Small Apartments

(Guest Writer: Michael Gorman) Life can be hard for enthusiastic readers living in small apartments. If you love reading, you probably know that books mean more than just a leisure activity. They are… [read more]

Key Tips to Estimate House Remodeling Costs In 2021

(Guest Writer: Ahmad Raza) The home renovation cost is one of the top priorities in the minds of those who want to transform their home or build a house from scratch. And if you are hoping to live in… [read more]

10 Tips For Architecture And Design Students

(Guest Writer: Heather Clark)If you are a design student, then late-nights and project crams may have become your best buddies. As you manoeuvre this important stage of your life, what are some tips a… [read more]

How To Get More Business As A New Architect

(Contributed Post) Finding business opportunities as a new architect can be quite difficult. It’s a competitive market and a lot of professionals are vying for the same clients. However, there are … [read more]

How To Incorporate Old Furniture Into A New Home

(Guest Writer: Hanna Matthews)Moving to your new home can often be a daunting and stressful task. There are so many things to think about, from paperwork and packing to relocation itself. And one of t… [read more]

5 Superb Home Decoration Ideas

(Guest Writer: Mirela Boston)Are you starting life in a new city but aren’t sure how to decorate your new home in an innovative and streamlined process? Or you have been living in the same place but… [read more]

How the Pandemic Is Reshaping Interior Design

(Guest Writer: Tiffany Harper)The global pandemic took everyone by surprise. All the trends that were predicted for the last year gained little momentum or not at all. And this is because no one could… [read more]

3 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home More Comfortable

(Contributed Post) If you are changing up your home and you are trying to come up with ideas for that, one of the things to consider is how comfortable your home should feel. Being at home is when yo… [read more]

How To Organize Your Kitchen In 5 Easy Steps

(Guest Writer: Mirela Boston) Just like a car’s steering wheel, dashboard, and levers fit around the driver, the space and kitchen cabinets around your oven and hob must be comfortable and easy for… [read more]

5 Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Tips This 2021

(Guest Writer: Mike Powell)Did you know that more than 60% of U.S. households, which amount to 85 million families, have pets? According to the National Pet Owners Survey, more than 60 million househo… [read more]

SIDFest 2021 Press Conference on 30 Mar 2021

After the turbulence of 2020, Singapore’s interior design industry is ready to get back on its feet. With Operation DE-COVID-19 done and dusted and the campaign’s cheque presented to our migrant… [read more]

Plant Power: 5 Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep Better

(Guest Writer: Holly Schaeffer) We all want to design the perfect space for ourselves; however, as we’re not professional interior designers, we often don’t know where to start. Sometimes the sim… [read more]

How To Add Value To Your Home With Renovations

(Guest Writer: Kurtis Wilcox) With the real estate market still waiting to return to its old glory, it seems logical that so many people have decided not to sell their homes. Instead, they have dec… [read more]

Top 5 Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners

(Guest Writer: John McGill) The profession of an interior designer can help you earn money remotely. In addition, you can also study online remotely, only occasionally ordering architecture assignmen… [read more]

Chromesthesia Décor - Living Room Colour Palettes Inspired By 10 Music Genres

(Article Source: Chromesthesia Décor: Living room colour palettes inspired by 10 music genres) Imagine a world where colour and music go hand in hand — where each note has a corresponding visual s… [read more]

5 Steps to Creating a Business Office On A Small Budget

(Guest Writer: Nancy Howard) Money makes the world go around. It takes a special place in the business world as … [read more]

6 Tips for Writers to Equip Their Working Room

(Guest Writer: Daniela McVicker) Whether you’re a novelist, a freelance blogger, or a copywriter, an adequate work environment can be beneficial. This is why equipping your working room properly… [read more]

The Home Office: 5 Factors For Creating A Comfortable Place For Productive Work

(Guest Writer: Carrie Duncan) Today the home office is no longer a luxury, but an everyday necessity for many people. The reason for this is the rapid development of information technology: people … [read more]

4 Mistakes You Can Make When You Are Moving Home

(Contributed Post) Are you thinking about moving home shortly? This is a big change in your life and it’s definitely easy to make some mistakes here. The good news is that it’s possible to avoid … [read more]

7 Tips for Creating A Stylish Kid's Room on A Budget

(Guest Writer: Sandra Mason)We all want the best things and experiences for our kids. We want them to be happy, healthy, and satisfied. Most parents want to create nice kid's rooms that will be safe, … [read more]

10 Ways To Create An Instagrammable Bedroom

(Guest Writer: Alicia Burmeister) With a new season, most people desire some changes in their life. Of course, this also applies to the interior. But how to do everything without resorting to repa… [read more]

Long Distance House Remodelling - How To Make It Work?

(Guest Writer: Kathlyn Rogers)If you're often abroad or buying a home in another country, you've probably wondered about long-distance house remodelling and how to make it work. Luckily, you'll avoid … [read more]

4 Budget-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

(Guest Writer: Ramona Hartley) If you are a keen DIY operator you must already be on the way to saving money. However, by using the right planning you will be able to transform the look and feel of… [read more]

How to Bring Your Kitchen Into The Future

(Guest Writer: Sarah Hollenbeck)Out of all the rooms in your home, you likely spend the most time in the kitchen. From whipping up dinner for the family to experimenting with a new dessert recipe, the… [read more]

7 Modern Design Ideas For Small Apartments

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts)Small apartments have a lot of advantages. You can usually find them in the hearts of big cities, close to all important places and events. What's more, they're practical, … [read more]

3 Colours That Foster Learning and Focus

(Guest Writer: Mila Evans) Everyone knows that the wrong colours for our interior or clothing may cause disastrous results for our lifestyles. You've probably noticed how colours affect our lives… [read more]

5 Creative Ideas to Upgrade the Look of Your Old House

(Guest Writer: Summer Wilde) If you have been living in a house for a long time and you have not done any renovation in a long time, you might be looking for a way to upgrade the look of your house. … [read more]

Why A White Metal Boltless Rack Is The Best Choice For Your Storeroom

(Contributed Post) The trend for young BTO couples is moving towards white, boltless, metal racks for their HDB bomb shelter. The installation is done after completing their renovation. These racks… [read more]

5 Fun Ways to Camouflage Eyesores Around the House

(Guest Writer: Susan Melony) Do you dream of having a home that looks just like the ones on your favourite remodelling shows? Chances are, no matter how hard you try to make your space look like it w… [read more]

Top 5 Frameless Wall Mirrors Shapes For Your Home

(Guest Contributor: Fab Glass And Mirrors)Frameless wall mirrors come in many unique shapes and sizes. They are a beautiful and minimalistic way to display your reflection in any space around your hom… [read more]

FortyTwo - Enjoy FortyTwo's First Great Furniture Sale in June 2021!

As the iconic Great Singapore Sale takes place online, local furniture firm FortyTwo is joining the fun with its first GFS - Great Furniture Sale. What is The GFS? FortyTwo’s Great Furniture Sal… [read more]

A Mediterranean-Styled Home With Silestone's Sunlit Days

The breezy wind and salty air of the Mediterranean sea, and the lighthouses that once watched over it. The warm, inspired touch of a carpenter on his craftsmanship. The strong clay soil that gives l… [read more]

6 Wall Decoration Ideas to Consider This Summer

(Guest Writer: Jessica Fender) When summer comes, we all get that sudden hit of inspiration and start thinking about renovation projects. Loving the space we live in is essential for having a bal… [read more]

How To Design A Perfect Minimalist Home

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts)Many of us live busy and hectic lives; we live a lot faster and have less time to relax and enjoy. Therefore, it's no wonder that countless people want to make their homes … [read more]

7 Top Interior Designing Apps to Download

(Guest Writer: Jasmine Miah) Your home carries a lot of special sentiments for you. So you may want it to look its best. You can ensure this with excellent interior designing. However, getting inte… [read more]

10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Kitchen Smarter

(Guest Writer: Colin Matthews) It is no secret that the families that consistently eat main meals together, will build strong, emotional, and personal bonds – both collectively and individually. … [read more]

How To Create A Mood Board For Interior Design

(Guest Writer: Karl Murphy)Our home can become not only a place of relaxation but also a source of inspiration and harmony. A well-chosen mood board will help you in this direction. Here are the steps… [read more]

Minimalist Design Ideas for Your Home Office

(Guest Writer: Jennifer Archer) The global Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things in all spheres of our lives. It has also forced us to change the way we do almost everything. One of the areas t… [read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Renovating Your Home with Virtual Tour

(Contributed Post) Are you thinking about renovating your home to increase its value before listing it for sale, to make it a more environmentally friendly place to live in, or to restore its former … [read more]

10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Level Up Your Home Office

(Guest Writer: Anna Johnson) A home office is an investment into comfort and productivity. However, it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to have an exquisite working space. In some cases, it is … [read more]

11 air-conditioning companies in Singapore that you can trust

The tropical climate of the island of Singapore is quite heavy-handed. Summers are long and intense, and most of the time the heat is stifling enough to make us sweat buckets. While most HDB renovatio… [read more]

5 Unique Solutions to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

(Guest Writer: Souline Harris) A composed apartment is one of the many repercussions you face, for living in a big city. One's home is a reflection of one's personality. No matter how big or how… [read more]

Taobao, Lazada and Qoo10 DIY-ers: The New Threats to Interior Designers. Or Are They?

Image via nishagarg.comThe mushrooming of online shopping or e-commerce websites has been significantly affecting how home renovation works in recent years. There is a growing tendency where homeowner… [read more]

[Know More about Renovation] Points to note for getting a tiling quotation and buying tiles

Table of ContentsPoints to note for getting a tiling quotationPoints to note when buying tilesSelf-inspection of ceramic tile quality methodThe cost of tiles and tiling take up quite a large proportio… [read more]

[Know More about Renovation] 2 must-know points to consider for small kitchen renovation

 Table of ContentsThe list and size of kitchen appliances need to be prepared in advanceThe range hood should be installed at the position closest to the windowMany Asian homes have a small kitchen a… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] 5 ways to clean thermos bottle

Table of ContentsUnused thermos bottles cleaning methodUsed thermos bottles cleaning methodPrecautions for using thermos bottleSome say drinking warm water can improve wellbeing and many use a thermos… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] Kitchen cleaning: 6 easily-ignored black spots

Table of Contents1. Range hoods2. Cooking stove3. Brick and countertop stone4. Cutting Board5. Kitchen wipes6. Sink and faucetEveryone adopts different methods and steps when cleaning up the house. Wh… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 300-sq.ft Apartment with Wooden Simple Style, Bringing the Nature into Living

 Table of ContentsBasic informationWooden elements integrate into the home to combine the two bedroomsWooden tree pattern feature wall, an imitation of Japanese shoji, but more durableEntrance glass … [read more]

8 Home Improvement Ideas For Sports Enthusiasts

(Guest Writer: Jordan Fuller) If you are a sports fanatic, professional player, or hobbyist, incorporating your passion for recreation into your home design can make for an exciting renovation proj… [read more]

How to Brighten Up a Window-Free Bathroom?

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts)Let's be honest - nothing can beat natural light. It inevitably makes any room look more spacious, while a windowless room can seem quite dark and uninviting. However, with… [read more]

Renovating Your Bathroom Cabinets: All You Need to Know

(Guest Writer: Dan Martin)Renovations, in general, are a long and exhausting process. In most cases, it is also costly. But it helps revamp a space. Renovations help in utilizing any given space in ho… [read more]

Does Your Bedroom Have What It Takes to Be Your Safe Haven?

(Guest Writer: Holly Schaeffer)An American designer primarily known for residential interior design work for many celebrities said once that “real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every roo… [read more]

4 Useful Tips To Make Your Laminate Cabinets Last Long

(Guest Writer: Kathleen Sharp)From cost-effectiveness to durability and low maintenance appeal, laminate finishes are becoming increasingly popular for kitchen cabinetry, countertops and other inter… [read more]

9 Ways To Design the Perfect Nook Space for a Writer

(Guest Writer: Emily Henry) It shouldn’t be a surprise that a writing nook is a crucial part of any writer’s toolkit. What is a painter without his easel, after all? Making sure that your writi… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] How to wash thick duvet? Duvet cleaning and storage methods

Table of ContentsCotton quiltDown duvetSilk duvetWool duvetFiber quiltSummer arrives and it’s time to put away the winter quilt and take out the summer duvets. Everyone will wash the cover before st… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] 5 Major taboos and maintenance methods of induction cooker

Table of ContentsWays of Cleaning an Induction CookerPrecautions for Maintenance Work of Induction Cooker5 Major Taboos When Using Induction CookerMore and more people in Hong Kong love to use inducti… [read more]

4 Kinds Of Modern Lighting To Achieve A Better Home

(Guest Writer: Tifanni Ong, Illuminating Asia) When it comes to installing lighting fixtures inside your home, don't use the same kind of lighting throughout the entire area. Different parts of your … [read more]

Why You Should Move Out During a Remodel

(Guest Writer: Trevor Lawson) Remodelling your home, particularly if the remodel is extensive, is not easy. You have to take care of the budget, come up with reasonable improvements for your home, fi… [read more]

Top 9 Home Remodeling Apps For Your Next Project

(Contributed Post) When it comes to deciding what your next home project should be, knowing where to start is always a challenge. With so many of us spending more time at home, there has never been… [read more]

6 Things to Fix in House to Refind Inspiration For Art

(Guest Writer: Amanda Dudley) Finding inspiration for art can be a tough call for any creative person out there. One minute you're creating a masterpiece. The next minute, you're struggling to dood… [read more]

[Maintenance tips] Air con is not cold enough? 3 steps for testing out

Air conditioner is a common electric appliance at home, and are you facing problems like the air conditioner is not cold enough? People often say that if the newly bought air conditioner is not cold s… [read more]

Interior Colours to Boost Productivity and Academic Performance

(Guest Writer: Emma Brown) Have you paid attention to the important roles different colours play in our life? Scientists have constantly studied the direct relationship between a person's mood a… [read more]

How to dry clothes under the humid weather? 5 ways for you!

In the summer rainy season, it is not feasible to dry the clothes on the terrace. We can only dry the clothes indoors, but they can’t be dried easily when the windows are closed. Let Deco-Man teach … [read more]

How to Equip the Ideal Bathroom According to Your Needs

(Contributed Post)When it comes to bathroom design, this space needs to look beautiful and have things to fulfill your specific needs. Whether you’re looking into bathroom décor ideas for a child o… [read more]

Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen with Pastel Colours

(Guest Writer: Jennifer Clark) This is the time where pastels are simply creeping into the spotlight, especially where interior designing is concerned. They are once again ruling the home décor scen… [read more]

[Mosquito Repellent Strategy] 4 Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes in humid places are active, especially in the SE Asia. Everyone tries their best to kill mosquitoes at home or use natural mosquito killers such as baking soda to make their own mosquito ki… [read more]

Aurasink - The Revolutionary Sink From Aurastone

Leakage is a pain to deal with, no matter where it happens and what tools you use to try to fix it.Many a time, we may have looked on in horror as little rivers of water mysteriously materialise on yo… [read more]

6 Rules to Build a Dream Room for Children

Parents always want to build a dream room for their children when planning for renovation. You should bear in mind that the children’s room design actually affects the growth of children, so there a… [read more]

8 Tips For A Beautifully Black Kitchen

Black is in. And it does not have to cramp your style. Homeowners today enjoy a spacious, bright feel to their homes, opting for either white or bright colours good at reflecting natural light. So wh… [read more]

Small in Size. Big on Security. AirKey.

As home automation systems develop, so must our home security. Over the years, we have seen a wide variety of digital and smart door locks released into homes both old and new. Depending on the bran… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] How to Get Rid of the Smell of Shoe Cabinets and Shoes Inside?

Southeast Asia has a humid weather, especially in summer. Sweat on the feet causes the smell of shoes, and the biggest impact on the home is the accumulation of smell and mold in the shoe cabinet. Bes… [read more]

5 Things That Will Give Your Rental Apartment a New Look

(Guest Writer: Love Austen) Renovations are a great opportunity to improve or repair things in your rental apartment. You don't have to wait to move out or break the bank. Instead, you can transform … [read more]

What makes CrownLivin different from its competitors?

When CrownLivin was founded in 1991, it was a modest TV cabinet maker. Today, the company has evolved into a world-class modular furniture producer, distributor, and retailer. With more than 30 years … [read more]

5 Ways To Bring Natural Elements Into Your Home Decor

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts)Are you about to decorate your living space and are looking for ways to bring natural elements into your home decor? If your answer is yes, you've clicked on the right arti… [read more]

Power Saving Tips! 8 Electric Appliances that are Consuming more Energy than you Thought!

Household electricity consumption is not low, especially if you have appliances that consume a high amount of energy, even when it is in standby mode. Let Deco-Man share 8 electrical appliances that c… [read more]

Exercising More Autonomy Over Your Home Space

(Contributed Post) When people learn to drive a car, they learn how to operate it, but not necessarily how to take care of it. However, any driver learning to check their oil levels, fill their tyr… [read more]

[Pest Control!] How to Get Rid of silverfish at home?

Have you ever seen some holes on the clothes in wardrobe, which you haven’t worn for a long time? Or have you ever seen a long-shaped insect working fast when you open a book? The insect is actually… [read more]

Silestone Ethereal - Ascend Your Countertops!

What do you think the colour of Heaven is? If Heaven is your kitchen or bathroom, what will it look like? Should a white countertop or marble-looking wall be on your must-haves for your home renovat… [read more]

[Typhoon Season] What to do When Typhoon Arrives? 3 Stages of Precautions

What should I pay attention to during rainy typhoon season? The typhoon always catches houseowners by surprise. Why don’t you take measures to prevent leakage before the typhoon hits? Let Deco-Man s… [read more]

[Maintenance Tips] The Cause of the Washing Machine Breaking Down: 3 Major Maintenance Methods

Do you have a washing machine that always have problems like the washing machine vibrates greatly or the door does not open. The user can’t tell whether the motor is broken or the panel is broken, a… [read more]

[Maintenance Tips] Curtain Cleaning Methods for 5 Different Materials + Expert Answering Curtain Cleaning Questions

Almost everyone has a curtain at home, but only few will pay attention to its cleaning. Long-term exposure to dust and sunlight is making the curtain actually very dirty, and long-term uncleaning will… [read more]

Are Ceramic Tiles Good for Bathrooms?

(Guest Writer: Kathy Cooley) Whether you are embarking on constructing a new bathroom or remodelling your existing one, deciding on the flooring material and finishes is crucial. One popular option av… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 400 sq. ft. Sea View Apartment with Open Design

Basic informationScenic Crest in Mui Wo / Saleable area 394 sq. ft. / Open Design / Cost is about HK$400,000 / Number of occupants 2 adultsAll Open Design, Fully Coordinated with Movable FurnitureThe … [read more]

If 6 Disney Characters Joined the Tiny-House Movement

(Article Source: Angie's List - If 6 Disney Characters Joined the Tiny-House Movement) Adults may think they’ve outgrown their beloved Disney characters, but the truth is their childhood games of… [read more]

Debunking Myths: Working From Home Is Less Productive Than Working From Office

(Contributed Post) As we prepare ourselves for this festive season, we wonder: Will the restrictions be extended yet again? Is Christmas going to be cancelled? With social gatherings still kept at tw… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 350 sq. ft. Public Housing Transformation With Warm and Simple Interior Design

People who are living in public housing in Hong Kong always feel that there are many restrictions, so few people bother to decorate their homes. This time, Deco-Man takes you to visit the housing unit… [read more]

FortyTwo - Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 Storewide Sale

Whether you are waiting to move into your new home or waiting for a chance to revamp your current one, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend is a great chance to go furniture shopping and enjoy huge d… [read more]

How to Write and Paint Description of Your Living Room to Make It Perfect

(Guest Writer: Anna Medina) Writing a convincing description of your property that will help you sell it quickly can be quite a difficult task. Not only do you have to be precise with your wording, b… [read more]

Why Co-Living Will Trend in 2022

You may have heard of places popping up all over Singapore comprising fully furnished bedrooms with shared facilities like kitchens and bathrooms. Some of these bedrooms may have their own kitchenette… [read more]

8 Creative Book Display Ideas For a Small Apartment

(Guest Writer: Michaela Wong) If you live in a small apartment, you know how important it is to make the most out of every space. Decluttering, buying multi-functional furniture and optimizing yo… [read more]

9 Easy Home Improvement Ideas That Make Your Home Feel Like New

(Guest Writer: Katherine Guzman) Are you bored with your current home décor? If yes, then we will be giving you some unique and easy home improvement ideas that make your home feel new and without b… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 440 sq. ft. Unit in Discovery Bay with Simple and Exotic Interior Design

Hong Kong people love to travel. It would be better if they could bring the exotic style home, but how can we incorporate the exotic beauty into the home interior design without feeling messy? Deco-Ma… [read more]

Highlights of the Singapore Interior Design Convention 2021

The Singapore Interior Design Convention (SIDC) 2021 was held in conjunction with the Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2021 on 17 December 2021 at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and via a Zoom live… [read more]

5 Steps to Make Your Flat a Yoga Room

Do you have a yoga mat at home not used for long? In recent years, yoga sports is so popular that it attracts people from all ages. During the worst pandemic period, people cannot do outdoor sports, a… [read more]

Highlights of the Singapore Interior Design Awards 2021

The Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2021, also known as the fifth edition of SIDA, was held after the Singapore Interior Design Convention (SIDC) 2021 on 17 December 2021 at Shangri-La Hotel S… [read more]

The Ultimate Guide to Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is just as vital as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance and brain function.… [read more]

6 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge in 2022

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts) If you are looking for inspiration to redesign your living space or you simply want to give your home a fresh and in-style look, we got you covered. In this article, you'… [read more]

[Renovation Case] 500 sq ft flat Fit for Both Pet & Human

Pets need space to run. Man needs space for storage. How to balance the two is a hard question for small flats like Singapore. Landlord of this 500 sq ft has a lovely poodle, and has Lego collection t… [read more]

What Education is Needed to Become an Interior Designer?

(Guest Writer: Pearl Holland)Becoming an interior designer requires great expertise. Their goal is to make any place aesthetically pleasing. An interior designer plans and researches to manage a proje… [read more]

8 Nice Ideas to Decorate and Organize a Nursery: Walls, Room Layout, and Accessories

(Guest Writer: Emma Miller) To welcome the newest family member, parents often look for the best ideas. Decorating and designing a nursery can be an emotional experience that culminates into a conven… [read more]

Pandemic Precautions & Tips For Sanitizing Winter Clothing

As the COVID pandemic strikes our city again, it’s time to raise our alertness and keep on fighting.  Let’s revise some of the vital precaution measures in order to prevent infection and goin… [read more]

Improving Drinking Water Quality with Viessmann

Today, many of us are keenly aware of green living and sustainability and how they can positively impact the way we live. But what about the way we use our water? Is it possible to improve the way we … [read more]

10 Exterior Home Repairs That Will Increase Your Home's Value

(Contributed Post) If you want to increase your home's value, there are many exterior repairs to consider: from painting to porches and from gutter guards to landscaping. The tasks can seem overwhelm… [read more]

Why Nippon Paint COOL-TEC? Keep Cool, Save More!

(Guest Writer: Angel Chai)In recent years, according to research, climate change and global warming have become increasingly urgent concerns.Located on the equator, Singapore has a tropical climate. T… [read more]

5 Most Commonly Forget-To-Clean Domestic Items

It’s 2022 now! It’s time to clean your house thoroughly to start a brand new year. Yet, no matter how careful we are, there are items that we’d miss out unavoidably. Let’s find out what they a… [read more]

8 Decor Tips from Home Staging Experts

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts)When selling your home, the first impression it makes on your buyers makes all the difference. Rather than focusing on the aesthetics, a house shopper looks into the overal… [read more]

Create a Bedroom Conducive to Sleep

Had another sleepless night? Read on to find out more on how to create a bedroom that promotes good sleep.  Many studies reflect that a large percentage of people around the world are not getting su… [read more]

10 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Design in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Looking at someone’s personal style kitchen cabinets can tell a lot about them.Some prefer the detached, clean, and smooth look of white glossy cabinets, while others like the warm and coz… [read more]

5 Surprising Benefits of Digital Locks

Digital locks are getting popular nowadays. There are many benefits of digital locks. Traditional locks are easier to manipulate, and burglars have learned how to break in, and they can get … [read more]

7 Stylish Storage Solutions For Your Tiny Home

Storage solutions are a must if you live in a small home, from cabinets to shelves to concealed units in or under furniture. If built-in storage is not your thing, you can look to soft furnishings to … [read more]

11 Tiny Homes To Stay In During Your Australian Vacation

Tiny homes are in trend, whether they are stand-alone on a plot of land, parked near the sea, up in a tree, or on wheels. They have become popular due to their ability to maximise space in creative wa… [read more]

Space-Saving Furniture Ideas For Your Home

(Guest Writer: Lisa Roberts)Finding a suitable home in a big city might seem like an impossible thing to do. When you find an apartment that you like in a location that suits you, you might have an is… [read more]

Top 5 Benefits Why You Need To Buy A New Office Chair

(Contributed Post) You know the situation right? Coming home on a Friday evening after a full week of 9-5 and overtime, you’re worn out, can’t think straight and, most annoyingly, your back is … [read more]

How To Set Up A Small Backyard

(Guest Writer: Donald Mena) Whenever one thinks of a beautiful house, everything there is seen as big and beautiful, especially the garden and yard. But in reality, you may have to be content with a … [read more]

How To Keep Cool and Comfortable with Solar Films

With climate change around the corner, temperatures are not going down. Research has shown that Singapore is one of the countries with rapidly rising temperatures; maximum daily temperatures can reach… [read more]

Homegrown Luxury Brand Marano Furniture Launches New Collection Inspired by The Flow Of Time

Discover timeless artistry with nature’s kaleidoscopic creations, the passing of an age etched in the canvas of timeSINGAPORE, 12 May 2022 — Local luxury furniture brand Marano Furniture is launch… [read more]

6 Ways to Make a Cozy and Ergonomic Dorm Room

Moving to university is fun until you realize that you can't take your home with you. As a university student, you will have to leave all the comforts of home behind, from your cosy bed down to your f… [read more]

[Cleaning Tips] 4 important steps to clean for a window

Table of Contents1. Plastic edge cleaning2. Window frame cleaning3. Window hinge cleaning4. Glass cleaningWindows are an important source of light in the home, so it is very important to maintain the … [read more]

Singapore Bespoke Lighting Gallery - Lune Brillante

(Guest Writer: Tifanni Ong, Illuminating Asia) Outside Lune Brillante. Photo by Lune Brillante Singapore Brand Philosophy Lune Brillante, a contemporary lighting gallery where art meets classicism… [read more]

Christmas Gift Guide - 15 Gift Ideas For A Cozy Merry Christmas

Christmas 2021 is around the corner; no matter where you are spending it, it’s a season for gifting and a season to be jolly! Here's a gift guide for 15 gift ideas for you and your loved ones to hav… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] Pillow cleaning: Teaching you how to clean 4 types of pillows

Table of ContentsFour Common Pillow TypesCleaning MethodsTips for Machine-washing PillowsThe Life Span of PillowsA high-quality pillow is a must for a good night’s sleep, but if the pillow is used f… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] Dust removal methods + 4 useful tools for removing dust

Table of ContentsDust removal methodDust removal toolsDust is a great enemy of household cleaning. Many people will have a question in mind: “Why is there dust even after cleaning?” In addition to… [read more]

Storage Space & Logistic Mover Service from just $99/month with Work + Store!

Work+Store Space is a storage rental platform in Singapore that serves both personal and commercial needs, hosting compact storage units with all-inclusive monthly rental rates and flexible rental ter… [read more]

[Cleaning tips] Purchase tips + 7 rules to pay attention when using non-stick pans

Table of ContentsAdvantages of non-stick pansDisadvantages of non-stick pansHow to choose a safe non-stick pan?What should I do if the non-stick pan is burnt?Non-stick pans maintenance methodNon-stick… [read more]

[Hong Kong Renovation Case] 450-sq.ft Apartment with Japanese Industrial Style

 Table of ContentsBasic informationCompartment changes: Positions of kitchen and toilet are swapped, utilising the space more wiselyVisual levels: Japanese space culture cleverly divides regions by h… [read more]

8 Ways To Place Living Room Furniture Like A Pro

Is your living room not giving you what you need in terms of design? You may find it difficult to get around, or the placement of the furniture just doesn't look right. Whatever it is, you can make it… [read more]

How to Mix Modern and Traditional Furniture for a Stunning Effect

(Guest Writer: Lisa Robert)Because traditional and contemporary design features are on opposite extremes of the design spectrum, most people believe they're impossible to combine. Not only are the lin… [read more]

7 Best Flooring Options for Your Bathroom

(Guest Writer: Lisa Robert)Most people only consider ceramic tiles for bathroom flooring. In fact, most people are unaware that there are other options. We don't hold it against them. Ceramic til… [read more]

Create the cosy bedroom of your dreams with IKEA

Recharge your mind and body for the second half of 2022 with the right bedroom essentials. From July, IKEA isbringing you new mattresses and bedroom essentials that will give you the best comfort and … [read more]


Time to renovate your kitchen? If you are looking for aluminum-based sliding doors and window panels, you wouldn’t want to miss our promotion at our AmpQuartz Aluminium Festival (AAF) 2022… [read more]

Month-long Online To Offline Shopping Experience With KOHLER

KOHLER, together with Lazada Singapore, to bring 30 leading lifestyle brands under one roof in month-long online to offline shopping experience Curated showcase offering exclusive deals reflects shi… [read more]

SHARP's New Multi Door Fridge Prevent Nutritional Loss and Keep Energy Consumption Low for Fresher, Healthier

Refrigerators come with Moisture Capsules to keep vegetables fresh and freezers are equipped with Deep Freezing Mode to prevent nutritional loss by rapidly freezing food.Food storage and subsequent fo… [read more]

Creating Greener and Smarter Homes of The Future with the Küche Smart Collection

The future of the kitchen is now with the Küche Smart Collection, an eco-friendly, new state-of-the-art line of kitchen solutions that blend sleek design with intelligent features. Inspired by German… [read more]


There have been many who wonder about how to choose their aluminium kitchen cabinets, as there are many types of them. Many people ask this question as no one like to be taken advantage of, and i… [read more]

5 Differences in Wooden VS Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets 2022

Between Aluminium and Wooden Kitchen Cabinets, which is more suitable for your kitchen? The battle of wooden vs aluminium cabinets is known by many and many demands an answer to this ba… [read more]

Kitchen Cabinet Design: 5 Untold Things You Should Know

A kitchen cabinet is an important piece of furniture for your kitchen. With the right kitchen cabinet design, you can find your essentials within seconds, and you shouldn’t be twisting yourself int… [read more]

The Biggest Dos and Don'ts of Loft Conversion

(Guest Writer: Lisa Robert)Loft conversions can be a great way to increase the value of your property, but it's essential to understand how to get them right. If you're planning on converting your lof… [read more]

7 Reasons People Love Open Kitchen Concept Malaysia 2022

An open kitchen concept Malaysia is becoming a popular design option. It gives you more visual space to collate with a closed-up kitchen type and unlike an enclosed kitchen, an open kitchen also b… [read more]

Top 3 Interior Design Trends You Wouldn’t Want To Miss In 2019

Where has the year gone? 2018 is flying past and it’s about time to look at the interior design trends we will be swooning over in 2019. Of course, one of the most stylish ways to spruce up your spa… [read more]

5 Important Things To Take Note Of Before Getting Your Kitchen Cabinet

Looking for a new kitchen cabinet for your kitchen? Your kitchen cabinet design plays an important part in your kitchen. You wouldn't want to mess it up as the kitchen cabinet takes up most of th… [read more]

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Surface: 5 Terrible Mistakes To Avoid

The kitchen countertop is one of the most important elements in a home renovation project. Quartz kitchen countertop have been growing in popularity over the years and has no sign of slowing down. Its… [read more]

Kitchen Design Mistakes: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

It is worth investing in a kitchen for your home, especially if you love to cook. Besides that, it can add value to your house. But sometimes, with so many choices you can choose from, it can be very … [read more]

Kitchen Island Designs: 5 Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If your kitchen space is big enough, having a kitchen island can be a huge advantage. It can be a great way to add extra counter space or storage space to your kitchen. Besides that, if you love socia… [read more]

Deck the halls with IKEA’s new VINTERFINT 2022 collection, delicious Christmas treats, in-store activities, and more!

· Inspired by Scandinavian folklore and handicraft, IKEA launches the VINTERFINT 2022 collection to get the home r… [read more]

6 Factors You Should Consider When Building a Garage

When building a garage for your home, it is important to consider what you will store and the available space. A garage holds vehicles, lawn care supplies, and other garden items. Other things to cons… [read more]

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